Conversation starters...versus outright vulgarity  

afloribamayho 53M
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9/10/2021 1:23 am
Conversation starters...versus outright vulgarity

I know humor for the most part can be easily misconstrued using the written word. But what do you use as a conversation starter?

I try to listen well, be inquisitive, (but not too much), and enjoy the back and forth in a playful manner. I portray up front my frankfuless, honesty and truthfulness. And even that is often misunderstood - what's up with that?

Often times people ask what am I doing here, duh, it's an adult site and obviously I'm here for the same reasons as them. If you want to just date - go to a dating site... not here. If you're single, married or otherwise and looking for a change, hookup or a better right fit... you're here.

Then there is the topic of "bad boys". You probably already learned bad boys are abusive, egotistical and self involved. They are not anykind of relationship material. Naughty on the other hand - is really fun, in & out of the bedroom, furniture, car, or public. Very similar edicts, but totally different ethics. Plus you get the benefits of knowing you'll not be harmed or threatened and treated as an equal with dignity and respect...and the flavor you desire. It's not a dichotomy.

Ladies, what is your preferred method of conversation starters? Gentlemen what methods do you employ?

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