A Fun Meeting Part 1  

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1/8/2022 6:06 pm

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A Fun Meeting Part 1

I lean toward you and inhale your scent. My cock stands out pushing the front of my shorts out. You relax and lie back sliding down so your butt is just at the end of the chair. You stretch your right leg out and put the left one on my shoulder. I run my hand over it and kiss the soft flesh of your calf. Sliding upward I leave a wet trail with my tongue along the inside of your leg and lick under your knee before moving along your inner thigh. As I get close I once again get a whif of your pussy and my cock pushes the cotton of my shorts more.
I get to your crotch and press my tongue against your soft pussy lips. As I lick upward I press them agaisnt your clit then lick downward again separating your cunt lips with my tongue. I run my tongue along your slit and find your wet hole. Pushing the tip of my tongue in I stab inward as far as I can. With my thumbs I pull apart your lips and cover you with my mouth. I tongue fuck your pussy for a bit then slide my tongue upward along your slit. You flinch when my tongue touches the tip of your clit and I press against it. Holding your lips open I lick hard pressing my tongue against the base of your clit and running up the length to the tip then back down again. I look up and see your hands on your tits pinching and rubbing your nipples. I get back to your pussy and as I lick your clit I press the tip of my finger at the opening to your wet hole. It slides in easily and I push it in to the last knuckle. Twisting it slowly I move it out and in as I keep licking your clit. Then I use two fingers pushing them in and rotating them around to explore the wet walls of your pussy. My tongue slurps over your clit as my fingers move in your hole. You moan and keep playing with your breasts as I eat your wet cunt. Soon I feel you stiffen and your hips lift from the chair. You let go of your tits and gripping my head pull it into you. I lick harder keeping my fingers inside and moving them around rubbing the upper wall as my tongue works your clit. You start to shudder and hold my head tight as you moan and shake through a powerful orgasm. I slow down my licking and eventually stop when your shakes end and your body seems to go limp in the chair.
I lick my lips and look up smiling. You may need a bit of a rest before the next round....


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1/9/2022 4:24 am

The next round is On Me Hun.Whew!!!! What a hot read.Thanks for taking my body there as you seduced my mind.xoxo

able202 replies on 1/10/2022 6:32 pm:
Thanks, how did that great song go? "leave your cares behind and come with us to find the pleasures of a journey to the centre of your mind"

The mind is so powerful and creates the most magical imagery. Keep warm XOXO

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