A Boy and his Toys Part 2  

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1/4/2022 6:22 pm

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1/10/2022 6:29 pm

A Boy and his Toys Part 2

The two women on the screen now are in a passionate 69 eating each other and one has a giant dildo fucking the other as she licks her friend's clit. He watches fastinated as his ass twitches with the butt plug and the vibrator gyrates on his wet cockhead. His mind sees wonderful Belle, her pussy so wet as she reads his story and her fingers explore her wet cunt finding all the right spots and moaning loudly as she fingers her pussy under her desk.

He slides the viberating egg around his hard cock head then down the shaft to excite his balls and along the soft skin to his asshole until it presses against the butt plug. The vibrations travel through the plug and into his ass and he groans loudly. Then with pleasure he brings the vibe back to his cockhead and runs it around the tip till the vibrations have his cock trembling and spasming and as the juices shoot from the little hole he takes the shaft of his cock and jerks off with such gusto groaning Belle's name and imagining how she felt as she read his shower story. As the two women on TV cum together so does he and he lies there exhausted with his cum all over his belly and thighs. He turns off the viberator and lies back with his ass still stuffed with the butt plug and turns the TV off with his remote and thinks of Belle with her pussy so wet and open for her fingers as she masturbates with him......


sweet_VM 64F
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1/9/2022 4:50 pm

Mmm keep it coming.., hot

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able202 replies on 1/9/2022 5:52 pm:
Thanks, so nice to see you again here.

author51 59F  
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1/5/2022 3:20 am

Hot read Hun.and even hotter photo..Great way to start my day..xoxo

able202 replies on 1/5/2022 6:53 pm:
Thank You, you truely bring joy. Have a safe and Happy 2022

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