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A very free woman
Posted:Sep 16, 2013 7:23 pm
Last Updated:Nov 17, 2013 6:29 pm

I'm driving down Portage Avenue and it is a very windy day. On the sidewalk I see a woman with a nice sundress, short with dark stockings. A gust of wind comes up and lifts the dress showing what's underneath. She has a thong and the white cheeks of her ass are so visible against the black thong and dark stockings. She makes no effort to push down her dress but struts proudly as the wind tugs at her dress. I was so impressed at her confidance and freedom...

Manitoba has the most beautiful and exciting women and I am lucky enough to live here.

Hurrayyy for short skirts and high winds!!!

And Hurrayyy for all you gorgeous women here. Be proud you are the greatest
Restaurant in Morris Manitoba closes
Posted:Apr 2, 2013 8:24 pm
Last Updated:Aug 26, 2013 8:18 pm

Now how irritating can this be to an intelligent person?

Ok so I'm an athiest. And I believe that we should harm no one and let others live and be who they are, we are all here to enjoy life and do the best we can.

But it really burns my ass when religions can stand up at their pulpits and preach hatred against gays and lesbians. If I, as a simple citizen got up on a soapbox and preached that people should hate a certain segment of society I would be arrested. Yet the local Catholic priest can convince his flock that gays are an abomination. Then he removes his robes and buggers the alter boy. (Isn't that same sex fuckin?) What the fuck makes that ok? Not that Catholics are the only ones. There are religions lining up to decry bill 18 of the Manitoba Government designed to try to slow down bullying. It seems that It is against their religion to let gays live and it is their god given right to suppress them.
And it pisses me off that the proprieters of a restaurant in Morris have to close because they have no protection from a society that is supposed to be understanding and open to all people.

god bless us every one. Especially the assholes who are hollier than us....Go to church on Sunday and kill, maim and hurt the rest of the week..

By the way, I'm straight. And I'll eat any ladies out there to prove it... I just had to say it is about time that real peole say what the fuck has religion done for the world except for the wars and the hatred they spread.???
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The Beach part I
Posted:Jan 13, 2013 4:25 pm
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2022 10:17 am

The sun has gone down and the beach is totally deserted. Looking over to the east I can see the moon rising at the end of the lake creating a silver ribbon across the lake. I roll over on the beach blanket and you seem to be dozing again. You look so sexy in your two piece bathing suit, your breasts move up and down as you breath. It has been such a warm day and the night air is cool and feels so good finally. Without a word I lean over you and kiss your naval pressing my tongue out and teasing you with it. Then I lick upward along your tight stomach until i get to the top of your bathing suit. I skim over it and press my lips against yours as your eyes open. You put your arms around my shoulders and pull me to you as we kiss, our tongues teasing each other's as our lips grind together and tongues play...
Like a magnet my hand is drawn to your breast and I massage it through the material of your bathing suit. I feel the nipple harden and press through the thin cloth. I want to suck it so badly but keep up our tongue play as you unsnap the front clasp and the top falls along your ribs. I run my hand down the soft skin and up the mound of your breast and find your nipple waiting. As our kiss intensifies I squease your nipple between my thumb and finger, rolling it between them and tugging it gently. I move my head downward kissing your chin and licking my way down your neck and along your chest until I get to your breast. I press it out as far as I can and slide it up your breast to your nipple. I hear you gasp as I cover your nipple with my mouth and suck it in. I run my tongue over it teasing it and getting it wet as my other hand massages the other breast. I feel your hand move over my chest as i suck your nipple and tweak your other one. Your hand moves downward and finds my hard cock pressing against my trunks. I groan at the sensation and move my hand down your tummy and press it against your crotch. I push my fingers against your swim suit bottoms and rub your pussy through them.
You raise your hips slightly and I hook my thumbs in the waistband and slide them downward and over your hips and thighs. I can't wait to touch your pussy which I know must be wet and waiting for my fingers and tongue.....
Alone in a hotel room
Posted:Jan 6, 2013 8:18 am
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2022 10:17 am
Alone in my hotel room I remember watching cams on Heated Affairs instant messanger. My cock hardens and reaching inside my jeans I rub the foreskin over the wet head. I feels so good I need more. I log into Heated Affairs and check out the cams but there is nothing worth watching. I connect my laptop to the TV in my room and start up one of my favorite porn movies about MILFs. In this one a middle aged woman and her neighbour get together in the afternoons while their hubbies were away and the are at school.

They start slowly with lots of kissing and touching each other's bodies then as they get hot one peels off the other's top and suckles her titties. She uses her hand to rub her friend's crotch pushing her flimsey panties between the wet lips. In no time they are both naked and one is eating the other's pussy while they both moan loudly in pleasure. I just love eating pussy and by now my cock is hard and throbbing. I remove all my clothes and lie on the hotel bed naked. I go to Heated Affairs instand messanger and start the webcam on my laptop and start broadcasting. With it on the bed I lie close to it and spread my legs so there is a good view of my hard cock and balls. Rubbing my balls with one hand I start stroking my cock.

Watching the movie as I jerk off I see the women have found a nice vibrator and one is using it on her pussy as she eats the other. The buzz of the vibe and their moans fill the air. The only ones watching my cam are a few men which is disappointing. I love being watched by women. But I decide to give a good show. I have the mike turned on and describe to them what the women in the movie are doing as I stroke my wet hard cock. It is very wet now and makes a slushy sound as I slide the foreskin over the glistening head. When I feel close to coming I slow down and rub my balls and finger my ass until i've calmed down a bit.

Finally a woman starts watching and I am careful to stroke slowly. I move my cock close to the cam for a closeup, showing the wet head and how my hand slides the foreskin over it. I imagine her rubbing her clit and giving herself pleasure as she watches my throbbing cock being rubbed. I wish she had a cam and we could watch each other but she doesn't.

The woman being eaten starts coming and her moans fill my ears and envisioning the woman watching me with her fingers strumming her clit and her free hand pinching and tugging her nipples I start to cum too. The hot jets spurt from the tiny hole in my cockhead and sail through the air to land on my stomach. It is so warm and I keep jerking off, milking all the cum I can until the last bit just dribbles out and covers my fingers.

The woman watching my cam goes away as do the guys watching and I am alone again. I rub my balls with my dry hand then swing my leg over the laptop and go to the bathroom to get cleaned off.....and feeling oh so good......
on the road
Posted:Dec 1, 2012 7:33 pm
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2022 10:17 am

Here I am having to be on the road in west Man until the end of March. Got a lot of good porn vids on my laptop and masturbation feels so good. I even have a great little vibrator that I use on the head of my cock that gets me off. Its going to be a fun and exciting trip alone in the hotels with my hand and vibe. Hopefully cam with someone on IM.

Have fun all..
Fun at AQ
Posted:May 19, 2012 6:24 pm
Last Updated:Mar 14, 2014 7:54 pm

One Sunday morning as usual I was on one of the adult chat sites and connected with a local woman. She agreed to meet for coffee and if things worked out we would go to Aquarius. We met , had coffee and talked and ended up at the bath house. In our room we undressed, She wore a small nightie and I had a bath towel wrapped around me. We went out to check the place out and see what was happening. There was a public gathering room on the main level with a large TV showing hard porn and a long circular couch. We sat in the middle of the couch, there was a couple next to her and a few single guys, all watching a pair of hot women suck and fuck a young well hung stud on the movie. I reached over and pushed my hand under her nightie and started to finger my friend. She responded by opening my towel and stroking my cock. She opened her legs wide and pulled her nightie up so I could reach better. All eyes turned to us from the TV and watched as I fingered her into the first orgasm of the night. She let go of my cock and pulled her feet up on the couch and moaned loudly as she came. When she settled down we got up, I rewrapped my towel and we went downstairs to explore. We came to a large room with a board with pegs on it for one to tie their partner against. Once tied there could be a whipping or whatever. Beside that was a basket swing with four ropes suspending it from the cieling. My friend squealed in delight and snuggled into the basket. I tied her ankles to the two ropes so her feet were in the air and her legs well spread. I kneeled between her legs and pressed my face to her wet hot pussy. She moaned so loudly that we attracted quite a crowd of onlookers as I ate her to another orgasm. In another room we found a fireplace, a round table and a long leather couch. There were a few couples and a fair number of single guys standing around. We sat on the couch and she looked at me and said it was time to liven the room up. Kneeling in front of me she opened my towel and licked her way down my stomach to my throbing hard cock. Pulling the foreskin back she took me into her mouth and down her throat. She made a big deal of servicing my balls as we both felt every eye on us again. Some even moved closer for a better look. As she had done I did a lot of moaning and rubbing her head to give the show a little more excitement. As I started to cum she pulled her head away and stroked me as the cum jetted out and on the floor and my thigh and leg. She stood up and said it was my turn and sat up on the round table . Lying back she hiked up her nightie and I eagerly leaned over to eat her again. A group of the guys gathered around the table and one even had the courage to rub her nipples through the top of her nightie as I licked and sucked her hot pussy making her hard clit wet with my saliva and her juices. She came again and this tme was so excited that she actually squirted. It was one of the hottest times I have ever had and I won't soon forget her.
I so love eating pussy and making someone so excited that they squirt is such a bonous , watching and being watched was great too, what a rush.....
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Fun at the Lights
Posted:Apr 29, 2012 2:25 pm
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2022 10:17 am

We sit in my car waiting for the light to change.
You look at me and with a devilish grin unzip my fly
and unsnap my jeans. I lift my hips from the seat so
you can push them and my shorts down to free my
bursting cock. You just pull the foreskin back and
stretch it as far down as you can. Then move you
head close and when I feel your warm breath my cock
starts to throb. You poke your tongue out and touch
me with just the tip as your long hair falls around
your head and feels like silk on my thighs. you lick
around the head teasing and coaxing the precum from
the tiny hole at the tip. Then taking the head into
yur mouth you continue licking around it as you let
some of your saliva ooze out and run down the shaft of
my hard cock. Holding the head in your mouth you run
your hands down the shaft from your lips to my balls
then releasing me and starting from your lips again
stretching the skin downward and using your saliva as
a lubricant. When you have me very hard you take
as much as you can into your mouth and move up and
down in slow steady movements as you fondle my balls.
You take your mouth off and moving sideways down
the shafe as you would an ear of corn you lick your
way down the shaft. Holding the head in your hand
and squeezing and rubbing it gently you take one of my
balls into your mouth licking and swirling it in your
mouth. Then you do the other ball before holding me
in your hand and taking the head in your mouth again.
By now I am so hard that the precum is dribbling out
and mixes with your spit. You hold the skin
stretched down and move your lips over the head
fucking me with your hot mouth until my body tenses up
and the semen starts to spurt from my cock. Using
your tongue and cheeks you take it all into your mouth
and milk it until there is no more to come out.
Swallowing slowly you liift your head. Running your
hands over my cock you smile and lick the cum from
your lips just as the light turns green. The car
behind us impatiently honks his horn as I try to drive
off with my pants down and my cock so very happy.

Should I write another fantasy?
Posted:Apr 20, 2012 7:33 pm
Last Updated:Sep 1, 2013 3:37 pm

Should I write another fantasy.
Yes, Enjoyed reading it
No, Not my thing
Don't care, won't read it
Anything you have to say...
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An Ongoing Fantasy The End
Posted:Apr 15, 2012 8:19 pm
Last Updated:Jun 29, 2014 8:17 pm

We fuck hard, groaning and moaning like the lust crazed animals we have become. I slam into you and you raise your hips to meet my thrusts. I hear the swishy sounds as my cock moves in you as you are so wet as am I. You put your hand on my ass and I pause. In a quick movement you slide out from under me and tell me to lie on my back. I lie there, cock sticking in the air as you stradle my chest and slide downward, rubbing your wet pussy lips along my chest and tummy. Reaching behind yourself you take hold of my cock and as you slide downward to where it waits guide it into your hot hole. We both gasp at the feel of each others' heat and wetness. Then you lower yourself all the way down engulfing it totally. I can now see your face and watch as you smile as you take me in. Once you have me in you lift slowly and start a steady rocking as I move to keep up. We move together to keep my cock sliding in and out. I watch your face as you grin and rub your nipples, one in each hand squeezing and tugging at them. As if being told I reach down between us and find your clit between your swollen wet lips. I slide my finger around it and over it as we move together sliding my cock in and out. You squeeze mu cock with your pussy muscles as you ride me and I feel close. I tell you to move faster and rub your clit harder all the while watching your beautiful face. You move up and down with me and your hands never leave your titties tugging and squeezing as we fuck. All too soon I feel the pressure release and my cum fills your hot hole. I give your clit a rub and you groan and start to move rubbing youself against my finger. Our cum mixes together inside you and we keep moving until our orgasm starts to subside. You let go of your tits and wrap your arms around my shoulders and I hold yours and pull you to me. My chest feels your hard nipples against it as we cuddle and wait for our breathing to slow down. We hold each other close and my cock starts to soften inside you and shrink as our juices run down the shaft and down my balls.....
An Ongoing Fantasy Part 13
Posted:Apr 7, 2012 7:25 pm
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2022 10:17 am

You lie there with your head on my thigh, I feel your hot breath on my cock rapid at first then it slows to normal as you start to relax. You give the wet head a squeeze and lift your leg over my head and lie back. I look over at you as your hair is fanned out and your knees raised and open so I can see the hot wet swollen lips of your pussy. I move over ann kneel between them and with my stiff prick pressing between your thighs I cover your mouth with mine. Our kiss is long and lusty, tongues pressing together and our bodies grinding against each other. I press against you feeling your tits and hard nipples against me. You reach between us and take my cock and guide it to your wet opening. I nudge foreward and it pushes in easily. I slide in as far as I can and pause feeling your wet heat then pull outward until just the head is in. We start a slow steady rythm and feel the heat from each other. Then you lift your legs and put them on my shoulders so your pussy is very open and I can push in farther. Holding on to your legs I stroke in and out fucking you hard. You move back rocking your hips to meet my thrusts.
An Ongoing Fantasy Part 12
Posted:Mar 2, 2012 7:45 pm
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2022 10:17 am

I lift my hips to meet your hand as you stroke my hard cock. Your mouth sucks my nipple driving me crazy. But most of all your wet pussy is just above my mouth and I stick my tongue out and it pushes between your wet lips and into your hot hole. I stab into it tongue fucking you feeling your hand jack me off. I use my thumbs to pull your pussy lips apart and your clit glistens above me wet with your juices. I lick along the channel of your wet pussy and when I get to your clit I press hard agaisnt it licking along it to the tip. My tongue works around it and over the tip and you start to move your hips to get more stimulation as I lick. I feel you lean against me your tits rub along my stomach and the nipples press agaisnt me then your hot breath is close to my cock. You slide the foreskin down exposing the head and as I lick at your clit I feel your lips encircle the head of my cock. You push your mouth over my cock and i feel your hand on my balls massaging them as you take me into your mouth. I lick harder now and use two fingers inside your wet pussy hole. I slide them in to the knuckle then pull them out all the while licking your clit. you groan and lick the head of my cock and stroke your hand along the shaft. Licking harder now and fucking you with my fingers you start to have those wonderful spasms that tell me you are going to cum. I press harder against your clit with my tongue and soon you start moaning and thrashing your pussy agaisnt my face as you let loose. I push my fingers inside you and lick your clit as you go through your orgasm and as you start to go limp I pull my fingers out and give your clit a final lick......
An Ongoing Fantasy Part 11
Posted:Feb 22, 2012 7:27 pm
Last Updated:Mar 2, 2012 7:32 pm

I look into your eyes and you look so happy and contented. I smile back as you slide off my lap and stand looking down at my now hard cock. "We shall have to do something about that" you say wickedly. And turning you walk away. Seeing your so sexy ass as you walk away I couldn't agree more, what a perfect ass. "Oh and I'll need these" you say and take the glass with the ice cube and the vibrator. You lead and I follow unable to take my eyes of your naked body. It is like a dream that I am here with you. You get to the den and the fire is crackling in a big fireplace. On the floor is a large oval rug. "Lie down" you say and as I settle on my back on the warm rug you kneel next to me and leaning over my face plant a long hot kiss with lots of tongue. I so enjoy your tongue in my mouth and my cock twitches from the excitement. Then I feel your hand on my chest and it traces a line from my neck to my right nipple. You take the ice cube and touching it to my nipple make it hard and achey. You use your thumb and finger to tug and pull at it and use the ice on the other one. My cock stands above my thighs and the precum dribbles out the tip and lubricates the head. You put the ice cube back in the glass and I feel your hand, cold from the ice on my cock. It closes around the head and runs down the shaft coaxing more precum out. You move your mouth to my chest and take my still hard nipple between your teeth. Tugging at it and running your hand along my cock is sending me into space. I lift my hips to meet your hand as it jacks me off. Then in a quick move you swing your leg over my head and your gorgeous pussy hovers above my face.
An Ongoing Fantasy Part 10
Posted:Feb 18, 2012 8:36 pm
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2022 10:17 am

There on the kitchen chair we hug and hold each other close as we recover from a super hot fuck. This is such a great position for me, I can feel you on top of me and I can touch your breasts and we can see each other's eyes and faces and it is so hot. We kiss so hotly as our naked bodies feel the other's and the air is so erotic. I lean down and suck your nipple into my mouth and just want to suck it forever. I feel your hand between us finding your clit and slowly moving over it rubbing your wet swollen lips against it as I suck your nipple. My cock starts to rise again and I reach over and open a drawer and inside I find my favorite vibrator. It is and egg shaped one with a wire going to a control. I hand the egg to you and you take it ad hold it against your clit. I turn it onto its lowest setting and I hear the low hum as you rub it against yourself. The look on your face tells me that it feels great and I hand you the control as well so you can use it as it feels best for you. I go back to sucking your tit and hear the buszzing get louder and faster as you turn it up. I leave your breast and look down to watch you pleasure yourself with the vibrating egg. Your eyes have that beautiful glassy look and you hold the vibrator against your clit nestled between your pussy lips. My cock hardens again and presses against you. Feeling the hardness you move the vibrator down and hold it against the head of my cock. I nearly groan in pleasure and just sit there feeling the sensations. You move the viberator between us sometimes against your clit then tuching it to the head of my cock. Eventually you are so close that you keep it on your clit pushed between your swollen pussy lips and hearing your moans and knowing that you are close I press my mouth to yours. Using my tongue i push into your mouth against your tongue as you press the vibrator against your slit. With a loud moan you start to move your hips on me and I know you are cuming I push my tongue into your mouth and play with your tongue as the vibrator takes you over the edge and your orgasm takes over. I feel your body as it moves while you cum rubbing over the head of my now hard cock. Ready for more...

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