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A sneeze
Posted:Jan 13, 2014 7:49 pm
Last Updated:Jan 29, 2014 5:52 pm

When you sneeze have you felt how your whole body seems to shake? With my partner, I pushed all the way inside her and paused for a second when out of the blue she sneezed. It was incredible. Her vaginal muscles moved and did things to my cock that I can't describe.

Guys have you had the same experience?

Ladies have you? What does it feel like for you?

Hopefully as good as it was for me.

Enjoy and have fun...
Stuck in the Snow Part 1
Posted:Jan 11, 2014 6:46 pm
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2014 8:26 am

We had planned a quiet meal, a couple beers and good food and each other's company. We met and decided to use my car to go to the restaurant. As we ate and drank we talked about the really cool times we had so far and the more memories we brought up the harder my cock became. I assumed you were getting pretty worked up too because every now and then you would reach down and your arm would move slowly. I slipped off my boot and pressed the heel of my foot between your legs and rubbed your jeans into your crotch. you grinned and said we better get going before we started fucking right there on the table. The image of us fucking on the table or my eating your wet cunt while all the people ate their meal and watched us made my cock dribble even more.
We stood at the checkout with the bill you behind me and me in front. There was a short line and we waited. I felt a hand on my ass then between my legs rubbing my balls and up again to my ass. I was almost delerious as I waited to get out of there.
Finally outside we found that it had snowed like crazy while we were eating. There must have been five centimeters of snow. We brushed off the car and got in to leave. We had parked far off in one of the corners and the snow had really piled up. As luck would have it we got hung up and started to spin. It was snowing so hard that the car was already covered in snow again. I turned the engine off and looked at you. "I guess we may be here a while so should we get comfortable?"
Knowing that we couldn't be seen with the snow covering I watched you stare bright eyed as I pushed down my zipper and unsnapped my jeans. Lifting my hips I pushed them down far enough to free my cock. Covering it with my hand I rubbed the foreskin up and down the burning head. Precum dribbled from the tiny hole at the tip. Your burning stare and being in the car like that had me so excited I was almost ready to burst. "C'mon Belle, suck it for me." I coaxed as I ran my hand up and down. You pushed off your jacket and pulled up your t-shirt. "I want you to play with my nipples then" you said as you unsnapped and shrugged off your bra. I pushed my seat back as far as it would go as You leaned over me. I could feel your hair tickle my thighs and your hot breath as you neared my throbbing prick. I moved my hand away and put it on your head as I felt the tip of your tongue make its first contact......
"Oh yeah." I moaned as I closed my eyes....
Road Trip Part 5
Posted:Dec 27, 2013 6:37 pm
Last Updated:Jan 11, 2014 8:01 pm

"Oh Babe, your cock is ready again.." you grin wickedly sliding off the car fender.

"Lie back on the hood, I want to show it how much I love it." You say closing your hand around the head and guiding me to the side of the car.

I slide up on to the hood and lie back, knees apart and my staff standing in the sunshine. I close my eyes and try to control my breathing as you lean over me. I feel your hair sascade over my thighs tickling and exciting me. Then your warm breath is close to the head of my prick.

"Ohhhh wow." I groan as your lips cover just the head and your tongue rubs over it inside your mouth. You tease the head and press your tongue against the tiny hole coaxing precum as you cup and play with my full nutsac. I open my legs wider and enjoy the feeling of your lips and tongue and your soft hair rubbing across my thighs as your head bobs taking my cock in and slowly releasing it.

Then in an instant you are gone. I open my eyes and you have moved back from the car and are standing in a clump of grass and dandilions.

"Jerk off for me babe. I want to see you play with your cock and make yourself cum."

"Ok, but you will need to keep me entertained" I reply.

You rock your hips from side to side as you move your hands along your hot body, rubbing them over the skin as I close my hand around my cock and start a slow steady stroke. With your eyes glued to my hand and your hands sliding over your breasts, teasing and pinching the hard dark nipples you kneel in the grass. I am mesmerized by your movements as I run my hand up and down my cock, sliding the foreskin along, covering the head with it in the upstroke then pulling the foreskin down so the wet red head pushes through. My breath is now in short gasps but you continue your sexy show, kneeling in the grass you pull a large headed dandilion and drag it over the skin of your tits and run it across your nipple, first the one then the other.
With a smile you draw the dandilion between your mounds and along your belly over your naval and towards your puss. My hand moves faster now. I feel the load start to build as your show gives me such wonderful thoughts. The dandilion disappears between your thighs then reappears as you rub it over your smooth pussy lips.
Holding the dandilion in your teeth you use both hands, one to hold your pussy lips open and the other to strum your clit. I watch, jerking off faster now as your finger glides along between your open lips.

"Oh yeah Belle, fuck your hot cunt. I love watching you too"

You wimper slightly then push two fingers into your wet hole. I watch and my hand speeds up and down my cock. Smiling broadly with the yellow dandilion in your mouth your fingers move in and out and you slide your knees farther apart as you kneel in the clump of grass.

I feel the pressure in my balls and slide off the hood of the car and as I get close to you my hand pulls the foreskin tightly back and the first jets of cum start. They land on your tits and I aim my cock lower so they hit your belly then your pussy. Your fingers move in and out of your hor cunt and the dandilion falls from your lips as you moan and start to cum too. I jack off sending my load down to cover your hand and puss as your fingers work you through a hot orgasm.

When it is over you fall onto your back into the grass and lie there gasping. I kneel next to you and cover your mouth with mine searching for your tongue and we kiss with the lust that consumes us. Then I slide my mouth down your chin and neck and lick my way down your chest, licking up the cum that I splattered on your tits and belly. I leave your puss covered though, it looks so hot covered in cum and glistening in the sunshine.
Alone in my hotel room...
Posted:Dec 19, 2013 6:38 pm
Last Updated:Dec 27, 2013 5:58 pm

Alone in my hotel room I remember watching a woman on her cam on Heated Affairs instant messanger. My cock hardens and reaching inside my jeans I rub the foreskin over the wet head. I feels so good I need more. I log into Heated Affairs and check out the cams but there is nothing worth watching. I connect my laptop to the TV in my room and start up one of my favorite porn movies about MILFs. In this one a middle aged woman and her neighbour get together in the afternoons while their hubbies were away and the are at school.

They start slowly with lots of kissing and touching each other's bodies then as they get hot one peels off the other's top and suckles her titties. She uses her hand to rub her friends crotch pushing her flimsey panties between the wet lips. In no time they are both naked and one is eating the other's pussy while they both moan loudly in pleasure. I just love eating pussy and by now my cock is hard and throbbing. I remove all my clothes and lie on the hotel bed naked. I go to Heated Affairs instant messanger and start the webcam on my laptop and start broadcasting. With it on the bed I lie close to it and spread my legs so there is a good view of my hard cock and balls. Rubbing my balls with one hand I start stroking my cock.

Watching the movie as I jerk off I see the women have found a nice vibrator and one is using it on her pussy as she eats the other. The buzz of the vibe and their moans fill the air of the small hotel room. The only ones watching my cam are a few men which is disappointing. I love being watched by women. But I decide to give a good show. I have the mike turned on and describe to them what the women in the movie are doing as I stroke my wet hard cock. It is very wet now and makes a slushy sound as I slide the foreskin over the glistening head. When I feel close to coming I slow down and rub my balls and finger my ass until i've calmed down a bit.

Finally a woman starts watching and I am careful to stroke slowly. I move my cock close to the cam for a closeup, showing the wet head and how my hand slides the foreskin over it. I imagine her rubbing her clit and giving herself pleasure as she watches my throbbing cock being rubbed. I wish she had a cam and we could watch each other as she fingers her wet cunt but she doesn't.

The woman being eaten starts coming and her moans fill my ears and envisioning the woman watching me with her fingers strumming her clit and her free hand pinching and tugging her nipples I start to cum too. The hot jets spurt from the tiny hole in my cockhead and sail through the air to land on my stomach. It is so warm and I keep jerking off, milking all the cum I can until the last bit just dribbles out and covers my fingers.

The woman watching my cam goes away as do the guys watching and I am alone again. I rub my balls with my dry hand then swing my leg over the laptop and go to the bathroom to get cleaned off.....
Road Trip Part 4
Posted:Nov 30, 2013 7:51 pm
Last Updated:Dec 29, 2013 7:04 pm

We hold on to each other tightly, your breasts still heaving as you breath making your nipples rub against my chest. I feel them hard and probably achy as you grind against me. Your hand cupping my ass cheeks as my knee slides up between your thighs to the wetness there from where I filled your cunt with my cum. We kiss and our tongues probe each other's mouth and I feel the blood filling my cock once more.
Picking you up under your arms I lift you to sit on the car fender again. You lie back in the warm sun and wait as I lean over you and tease your hard nipples with my teeth.
"Eat me baby." you moan, "I love your tongue inside my cunt teasing my clit."
I lick downward as I hear you gasp whenever I stab my tongue agaisnt your soft skin. When I get to your pussy I pull the lips apart and cover your cunt with my mouth. Pursing my tongue I stab into you, tasting your sweet juices mixed with the salty taste of the cum I shoot into you. I tongue fuck your cunt and use my fingers to rub your clit. Hearing your moans I alternate and use my tongue on your clit and fuck your puss with my finger. Then I use two sliding them in to the knuckle then pulling them out. As you start to pant I use three fingers, your cunt is so wet and open.
Then sucking your clit between my lips I flick my tongue ovr the tip and use my other hand as well. Two fingers from each hand push into you and you lift your hips to meet them as they fuck you slowly. When the fingers of my right hand are nice and wet I slide them down between your legs to your tight asshole.
Licking and sucking your clit and two fingers fucking your wet cunt I press one wet finger agaisnt the tight rim of your ass. It slides in and I feel you flinch from the new intrusion. When I feel you relax again I press in farther and my finger goes in to the first knuckle.
My tongue presses against your clit and two fingers fuck your cunt as I gently ease a finger into your virgin asshole. It pushes in all the way and I wriggle it until you seem comfortable. Then I pull it out and use the two fingers, soaked with your cunt juices and while one hand fucks your cunt the other ravages your asshole as my lips and tongue pleasure your clit.
Having cum in your cunt I taste my juices as well as yours and the taste excites me. My cock grows as my mouth sucks and licks your clit and my fingers fuck your cunt and asshole. You tug at your hard nipples and you lift your legs over my shoulders so your cunt and ass are totally exposed to my pleasure. I lick hardar and my fingers move in and out of you until I hear your breathing quicken and you groan that you are going to cum again. I move my fingers more slowly and lick hard anticipating the warm flow that will cum. Your hips move off the car as you push your ass towards me wanting more then you start to cum, first just a shudder then your juices shoot from your cunt alongside my fingers and cover my face. I lick harder as you cum and twist my fingers inside your wet cunt and in your asshole.

"Holy fuck, baby." you moan. "That was so hot."

I have to agree. But as I stand back you look down at me and see that my cock has become hard again......
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Road Trip Part 3
Posted:Nov 23, 2013 6:11 pm
Last Updated:Nov 29, 2013 7:06 pm

Using my thumbs I pull your cunt lips apart and start a long steady stroke licking from the opening up the length of your clit and back down again. Then making small circles around your clit and over the tip with my tongue. I press my finger against your wide open, waiting hole. It slides in easily and I explore the wet warm interior. As I lick your clit my finger moves in gently to find your open wetness. First one finger then two move in and out fucking your wet hole as my tongue eats yor hard clit. Your legs pull me tight as you massage and pull at your nipples. Your moans fill the air and I feel my cock throb with a need to cum, but I have to get you there first.
Relishing the taste of your wet cunt I lick your clit from the base along it to the tip and around it. My fingers move in and out as your ass slides along the hood seeking more. I cover your cunt with my mouth sucking and licking first your clit then getting some of the warm juioes from inside you from my fingers onto my tongue. Soon you start to moan and buck and I know you are close. You pull me to you with your legs in a scissor grip and grab my head in your hands holding me tight against you. I lick harder now knowing that I will be rewarded with your cum. You rock and buck on the hood as your orgasm overtakes you. I lick more slowly now as the spasms start to decrease and you start to level off.
I lean back and smile as I wipe my mouth and wait for the shudders to finish...... I look up and am overwhelmed with the way your glassy eyes look and your breasts move with your heavy breathing. There is nothing better than the look on a woman's face after she has just cum.

As I look down at you you slide your hands down across your breasts and sides to let them rest over your pussy. As if by instinct you start to rub yourself gently at first then with more intensity. "Oh wow, you moan, I think I'm having a second wave!" I back away and you slide off the car. Turning, you lean over the fender and rest your chest on the metal. Your hands move to your crotch as I move in behind you. As soon as I am close enough I feel you fumble for my cock. Gripping it tightly you move your hand up and down the shaft and over the wet head covered with my precum. I move against you and feel the warmth of your buttocks as you tug at my cock. When we are in position you guide the head toward your wet swollen lips. I move foreward and you move to meet me and take the head in. We pause feeling the excitement and the heat together. I knead the firm flesh of your buttocks as we move together and my cock fills you completely. You move your vaginal muscles to grip me as I slide slowly outward until just the head is in then we slam together. Under the warm sun we move with a renewed urgency. Our moans and the slapping sounds of out bodies coming together fill the summer air as we fuck. You seem to keep cuming as we fuck and I feel my balls about to explode. I put my arms around you and rub your nipples as you reach under and rub my balls. It doesn't take long for me to loose control and I feel the first spasms of my orgasm fill me. I move quickly now plunging into you as you move your hips and ass to fuck me back. As I fill your love channel with my cum you rock with me and moan that you are cuming again. Our juices mix together as we shudder and moan under the warm sun. As I collapse on your back you relax on the hood and we stay there until the blood starts to flow and my legs regain their strength. I back off and withdraw my withering cock covered with our cum. You turn and we hold each other as our breathing returns to normal...
How many Winnipeggers does it take to screw in a lightbulb???
Posted:Nov 20, 2013 7:05 pm
Last Updated:Dec 28, 2013 3:06 pm


A sexy lady.
And a pretty large lightbulb........
Road Trip Part 2
Posted:Nov 19, 2013 7:36 pm
Last Updated:Nov 23, 2013 6:44 pm

You lean over and rubbing my balls with one hand take my cock back into your hot mouth. I drive more slowly as my cock throbs from your attentive tongue and lips. Your rubbing my balls makes them feel full and the need to cum is so great. I struggle to hold back so I can cum as I plow into your wet cunt. Squeezing your nipple inside your blouse I steer with one hand and finally see a turn-off that leads into a clump of trees. Feeling the car slow down you sit up and look around. I smile and say "Hope you are ready, I found a spot to stop and take care of you."
Off the highway and behind a dense clump of trees that a farmer probably planted for a windbreak I bring the car to a stop and open my door. I get out leaving my pants open and cock bobbing in the cool air. You open your door and I go around and taking your hand lead you to to the side of the car and help you sit on the front fender. You sit looking into my eyes awaiting my next move. I lean over and press my mouth to yours. Our lips touch and tongues play against each other's. I start at the top and unbutton your blouse and open it pulling the hem from your jeans. You reach behind and unclasp your bra and lift it up so your breasts are free. Hungrily I move my lips from yours, slowly down your chin and neck, paying special attention to the soft skin on your shoulders under your ears. I lift my head slightly and whisper how beautiful I think your tits are into your ear as I cover one nipple with my hand and press the nipple into my palm. I lick around your ear and pull on the ear lobe with my lips then inch my mouth downward.. Caressing your breast with my hand and lickling and kissing my way slowly downward toward your cleavage and those beautiful mounds. Your hand closes around my cock and rubs gently forth and back over the head and shaft as I lick my way up the firm tissue of your breast to the reddish rosette and the hard nipple waiting for me.......

Sucking your nipple and pulling at it with my lips as my hand caresses the other tit I feel your hand rub my hard cock making me groan. I alternate between covering each nipple with my mouth moving slowly from one to the other across your mounds and cleavage. I enjoy your breasts so much I almost forget what else I should do. Almost..... But as I devour your tits I move my hand down your tummy. Slowly at first running small circles around your naval then finding the hem of your jeans. I run my hand over your crotch cupping it and pressing against it as I move my hand up and down. Once you start to squirm I slowly pull down the fly and undo the snap. I back off from your chest as you slide off from the fender and stand against me. I bring my mouth to yours for some of that great tongue action as you help me push your jeans downward. They slide down your hips and we have to break our kiss so I can push them downward past your thighs and knees so you can step out of them. YOu unbutton my shirt and kiss my nipples as I run my hand over the front of your thong, pressing the soft material into the slit between your cunt lips. You unbuckle my belt and unsnap my jeans and I help you push them down ao I can step out of them. you grasp my cock as it protrudes from the leg of my gotch and rub it gently as I kiss your lips once more before lowering my head. Impatiently you push the elastic of my shorts downward past my hips toward the ground. My cock is caught in the waistband and once you push far enough it is freed and rebounds bouncing in the cool air.
You sit on the fender once more and spread your thighs. I bend and move my mouth slowly down your chest and torso, licking from your beautiful mounds, past your tummy and naval until I get to the sliky material of your thong.........

You lie back on the hood feeling the warmth of the engine as I lean over you. I move my mouth from yout smooth skin and lave my way across your thong. I finally get to the wet spot at the crotch from where I pressed them into the slit between your wet lips. I lick up and down savouring the taste of you and making you squirm as you feel my tongue through the thin material. You start rolling them downward and I straighten and take them from you so I can pull them along your thighs and past your knees, finally over your ankles and feet and off. Dropping them to the ground I lean over you. I kiss your tummy and move downward licking and leaving a wet trail as I go. You put your legs over my shoulders and pull me in to you closing your ankles in a scissor grip behind my head. I lick and kiss my way into your soft hair and finally get to your wet swollen slit.

I am in seventh heaven as I press my tongue between your wet lips and slide it along the length of your cunt. I feel your wet hole at the tip of my tongue and press my tongue into it. As I tongue fuck you I catch a glimpse of you rubbing your breasts with your hands, pinching and tugging the hard aching nipples. I smile and go back to your tasty cunt. I push my tongue in and out of your wet hole then slide it upward between your lips to your clit.
Our moans fill the summer air as I ravish your wonderful puss with my tongue and fingers preparing it for a wild fuck, my cock hard and oozing its precum knowing what is to follow..
Road trip Part 1
Posted:Nov 17, 2013 2:19 pm
Last Updated:Nov 19, 2013 8:54 pm

You are sitting in the passanger seat, the window down and your hair flowing in the wind. "Born to be Wild" fills the car..... ...Steppenwolf rules.....
I watch the road and turn to catch glimpses of you as your upper body dances to the music. As we turn onto highway five your hand covers my knee and slithers upward toward my crotch. As you slide the zipper downward I feel your knuckles graze my cock as it pushes against my jeans. I know you felt it too and it excites me so. You then unbuckle my belt and undo the snap. Then you push the front of my shorts down exposing my cock. The cool air and your burning eyes on it make it throb and I gasp. You cover the head with your hand and run the foreskin up and down over the head. As dropplets of precum dribble out of the tiny hole at the tip you rub your palm over the sensative head spreading it over the whole surface. You lower your head slowly under the wheel and I feel your hot breath on me. Your hand strokes up and down as your tongue flicks across the head.........
I run my hand through your hair and moan as your lips close over the round knob. Oh Belle, I am going to have to find a side road and pull over.........I want to taste you too.

As I drive looking for a secluded spot to turn off onto you rub my balls in the palm of your hand and swirl your tongue around the head of my throbbing cock. I try to conentrate on the road as you drive me crazy. We meet a big Kenworth and he can see down into the car and your head in my lap. He blows his air horn as he speeds past. It seems to spur you on and you increase the frinction with your lips and tongue. I push one hand into the neckline of your blouse and into the cup of your bra. As I run my palm over the hard nipple you bob your head in my lap giving me the best blowjob ever. I pinch your nipple between my thumb and finger rolling it between them as your tongue rubs across the head of my cock. I am getting more desperate to find a sideroad as we go......I know you must be very wet and want to make you cum so badly.

"Belle, Belle", I moan as I try to stay on the road. "I've got to find a nice place to park and fuck you". You lift your head from my lap and give my cock a couple of strokes and run your hand over the head. Then you reach into your purse and holding up a cock shaped vibrator grin and say "How about this until we get there?"
You have no idea how exciting it is for me to watch a woman pleasure herself. I nearly ejaculate right there. I smile as you lift your short skirt and push the tiny thong to one side exposing your wet cunt. Then you put your feet on the dashboard and look at me as I watch you. You turn the vibrator on its lowest setting and place it on your chest. Then in a slow deliberate motion you move it from breast to breast teasing each nipple before dragging it across your tummy and off your blouse to your soft skin just above your smoothly shaven pussy. I have a hard time driving as I want to glue my eyes to yours and to the toy as you slide it over your soft wet cunt lips. You move it down all the way then back up and then with a lustfull grin push it between the lips and a little way into your wet pussy. You sigh and push it in farther as I watch. My cock justs out from my jeans where you left it and a small bit of precum dribbles from the head as you push the vibrator as far as you can into your pussy. Then you withdraw it and run it over your clit as I reach over and put my hand inside your blouse again. As I rub your nipple you tease your clit with the vibrator and now and then ease it into your really wet cunt and fuck yourself with it. Your feet push against the dash as you work the vibrator against your clit and in and out of your wet pussy. I take my hand out of your blouse and when you are using the vibrator on your clit slide my finger into your cunt. As you move it down and are ready to fuck yourself with it again I slip my finger out and put it to my thirsty lips sucking your juices as I watch you. "Belle, fuck your hot wet cunt for me. I want to see you pleasure yourself totally". Seeing me enjoy your taste and the feel of the vibrator on your clit and fucking your pussy has you start to cum. You moan loudly as your juices seep out alongside the vibrator and down your thighs. I put my hand on you and get more on my fingers so I can get more of your taste as you shake and press your feet against the dash. You plunge the vibrator in and out of your cunt as you rub your clit with your thumb. I watch fascinated and so turned on I feel the juices run from my cock as you come down to earth and turn to look at me...
Fun on the Floor with Belle Part 3
Posted:Nov 14, 2013 7:15 pm
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2014 8:54 pm

I kiss you, a long passionate kiss, our tongues meeting and we taste my cum in each other's mouth. Holding you tight to my I feel your rock hard nipples poke into my chest. The cum on your tits that didn't get licked by our greedy tongues spreads on my chest as well. We hold each other, I looking into your dark eyes as they gleam from the pleasure we have shared. "Its my turn." I smile with my horniest grin. "I want to eat your steamy cunt and make you cum all over my face."
You look around then get up and with a sly smile, lift yourself up so you are sitting on the kitchen counter. Opening your thighs you use the fingers of one hand to hold the beautiful lips of your pussy open and with your other hand start to rub your clit. I stand watching, I could watch you rub yourself like that for hours. Soon you are moaning and with your head back and your long hair fanned out you insert two fingers into your wer juicy hole. "Ahhh Belle, fuck yourself. I love watching while you use your fingers to fuck your hot cunt." By now my cock is rigid again and I stroke it slowly. "Watch, Belle, watch me jerk off. You make me so horney." You raise your head so you can see. I slide the foreskin over the ruby head as I watch your fingers move in and out of your pussy and listen to your moans.
"You are so hot baby" I lean in and letting go of my cock I nestle my head between your smooth thighs. You open them and as I move closer I snake my tongue out and while you hole the lips of your wet pussy open I stab at your clit. You gasp at its first contact then you relax as I press my tongue against the opening of your wet pussy and push it inside as far as I can. I wait there feeling the warmth of you and then slide it out and upwards over your hard clit. You lift your hips to meet my lick and I press hard against it. Pursing my tongue I lick around it then over it pressing hard as you hold the lips open with one hand and with the other you tug and rub your perky nipples. I lick at you and run my hands along your thighs then I suddenly stand. "Why don't you keep yourself happy while I get something." I straighten up and watch as your fingers go back to work fucking your puss. "Close your eyes. I have something for you." I stand watching in awe as you sit there on the counter, eyes closed and fingers moving in and out of your hot wet pussy. "Wow, Belle, you are so amazing."
At the fridge I put some ice cubes in a glass then rush back to you. With one of the ice cubes in my mouth I go back to eating you. I press my tongue against your clit and give it a few licks then holding the ice between my teeth touch it to your clit. "Holy fuck!!" you clinch and your dark beautiful eyes open wide. I pull it back into my mouth and lick some more with my tongue then pres the ice agaisnt your clit again. This time you are expecting it and you moan feeling the heat of my mouth then the cool of the ice. I alternate between licking with my tongue and rubbing the ice agaisnt you hard clit. You slide your hips down so your ass is exposed over the edge of the counter. I see this as a hint and taking the ice in my hand rub it along the tender skin from your pussy down between your asscheeks and touch the tender tightness of your asshole. As I lick and tongue fuck your hot pussy I rub the icecube along the crack of your ass and touch it to the tight pink opening. The water that has melted runs down my fingers as I press the ice to your asshole. I lick harder and you gyrate your hips as I massage the ice against your bummhole.
"Holy crap, lover the hot and cold is so erotic. Lick my cunt and make me cum babe." I strum your clit with my tongue and rub the ice into your bum until it has melted and gotten quite small. Then I push it inside and rub my finger around the rim as the water from the melting ice trickles out of your sweet asshole. Licking your clit and the sudden cold inside your ass has you grabbing my hair and pulling my head into your crotch. As your hips raise to meet my tongue I stab at your clit and rn my tongue over it as you groan and your orgasm takes you ovr the edge. I keep licking and rubbing my finger agaisnt your asshole as the ice melts and the water covers my finger. Only when the shudders have stopped do I lean back and look into your face. Your eyes are glazed and I feel so fullfilled. I take you into my arms and holding you close feel your warm breath on my shoulder. Turning I cover your mouth with mine. I so love kissing.......
Fun on The Floor with Belle Part 2
Posted:Nov 11, 2013 6:01 pm
Last Updated:Nov 17, 2013 6:27 pm

You torture my cock with your magic tongue, teasing it through my thin cotton shorts before hooking the elastic with your thumbs and pulling them downward. You ease them down until my cockhead appears. and pause with the tight elastic band pressing against the base of my cock as you move your head within inches of it and with your thumb and forefinger draw the foreskin down to expose the glistening head. Then you blow gently on it, the column of cool air hits my cock and I gasp from the feeling. I look down to see you you stick your tongue out and the next thing I feel is when it touches the tip of my cock. You lick around the head cleaning away the precum and rub my nuts through my shorts. Then with a giggle you pull the shorts down past my knees and they fall at my feet. I step out of them and open my legs as you kneel before me. You grasp my cock in one hand and stroke up and down the shaft, taking care to guve the head and extra rub. I hear you moaning and see your other hand between your thighs as you kneel before me. As you strum your clit and finger your pussy with one hand you jerk me off with the other then take my cock into your mouth. Moving your mouth and hand in unision you fuck my cock in quick strokes all the while your fingers play in your pussy too. My precum mixes with your saliva and there is a squishy sound as your head and hand move up and down my cock. I can see your hand move between your legs and it excites me to know you are finger fucking yourself. I hold your head in my hands as it bobs up and down bracing myself for what will be a powerul orgasm. I feel the pressure start to build and when you feel my body stiffen you move your head and hand faster. As the first jets of cum shoot out you pull your head away and aim my cock at your tits. Your hand finishes the job, stroking my hard cock as it blasts my cum onto youru chest covering your breasts and nipples. While my cock is shooting onto your breasts you start to cum too, your hand moving faster between your thighs. You open your legs wider and plunge your hand in rubbing feverishly. As you jerk the last of the cum from my cock you fall back onto the floor, opening your legs wide and rubbing your pussy as I watch. I almost cum just seeing you with your tits covered in my cum and your fingers making you cum while you writhe on the floor in front of me......
I lean over you and while you use your finger to scoop up my cum as I lick and move my tongue over the firm mounds of your tits licking and savouring my lust for you my sexy hot Belle.
Fun on the floor with Belle part 1
Posted:Nov 10, 2013 6:54 pm
Last Updated:Nov 17, 2013 12:23 pm

We stand facing each other. "Oh Belle, your eyes are so dark and lusty. I want to make you cum over and over."
You come to me and our arms circle each other pulling us into a hug. We look into each other's eyes and closing them our mouths come together. As our lips touch i feel your tongue press between mine probing. I respond with mine finding the inside of your mouth hot and wet. Our tongues play as my hands travel down your neck and each hand finds a breast and a hard exciting nipple to caress. I groan into your mouth as I feel your hand cup my balls through my jeans. You rub them gently then run your hand over my hard cock as it strains against my jeans. You rub my through my clothes until you hear my breathing so jagged that you know that you have excited me sufficiently. Then With relief I feel your hand at the buckle of my belt. You unbuckle my jeans and unsnap them. Your hand snakes the zipper slowly downward rubbing against my cock as it unzips my fly. Then without warning you back away and put your hands on my shoulders. I close my eyes waiting and feel you run your palms over my chest and down to my hips. You take my t-shirt and pull it up. I raise my arms and you raise it over my head and toss it aside. We come together again. This time when we kiss I feel your nipples press into my chest and pull you tightly to me. You press your tongue into my mouth and tease me some more then with a grin kneel and take the waist of my jeans and tug them downward. As you lower my jeans you put your head against my crotch and with deliberate movements kiss my thighs following my jeans downward journey with your lips. I feel the denim sliding down my legs and your lips and tongue kissing and licking after them. "Ummmm, fuck Belle, you are driving me crazy." My cock gets so hard and wet from the sensations. As you lick and kiss along my upper legs you push my jeans down until thet are around my ankles and I can step out of them.

"Suck me Belle. suck my cock and make me cum. I want to cum all over your beautiful tits."

I stand waiting as I feel your tongue and hot breath on my legs. You put your hands on my knee and slide them up my thigh until your knuckle brushes my balls through my shorts. I think you will pull my shorts down but you lick along my thigh and when you get to the shorts keep your tongue out and leave a wet trail along them as you move over my balls and along where my cock is making them stretch. You get to where the head has left a wet spot on the cloth in front and lick around it making the spot bigger. I feel your tongue through the thin material and gasp as you send shivers through me...........You take my cock into your mouth through my shorts and lick around the head as I rock my hips to get farther into your mouth. Belle's wonderful mouth that does such fantastic things to my hard cock.....
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How many times
Posted:Oct 4, 2013 7:55 pm
Last Updated:Nov 17, 2013 10:32 am

I jerk off a lot sometimes 2 or 3 times a day How about you? I just love cuming....So many hot fantasies and such a rush....
more than that
is is a sin
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