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Back to being the perv I am
Posted:Feb 22, 2014 6:56 pm
Last Updated:Feb 24, 2014 6:01 am

Ahhh another four years and the olympics are nearly over. Canada had a great Olympics with good medal count and the curling and hockey supremacy is ours. Well after tomorrow for sure. Sweden will enjoy the silver..

So its me back to being a perv and so many stories floating around in my head. Thank all who read them and those who commented. I hope you are having as much fun and pleasure as I am...

After all it is all about enjoying life and having as much fun and pleasure as we can. We deserve it!!!

canada vs us hockey
Posted:Feb 21, 2014 8:26 pm
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2014 7:27 pm

So i'm working downtown when I get an email on my Blackberry. It is from the CEO of my company and says "Everyone is invited to the second floor boardroom to watch the Hockey Game and have a pizza lunch. Please respond so we know how much pizza to order."

Yep I'm in Canada. I wish everyone was as lucky...

Have a great weekend all Go Canada get gold and leave the silver for Sweden...
Canada at Sochi Olympics Wohoooo!!!
Posted:Feb 19, 2014 7:31 pm
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2014 7:25 pm

Wonderful!!! I don't get to see the games but I can catch the highlights. We have Jennifer Jones (The pride of Manitoba) in the gold medal round for woman'e curling. Not to mention she has gone through the round robin and playoffs undefeated. A first.. Then we have Brad Jacobs and his men's curling team in the gold medal final and the men's Hockey team in the gold medal final.
Canada Rules!!!!!
All the best to our Olympians. Be proud Canada...
Online chatting and phone sex with Belle...
Posted:Feb 18, 2014 7:28 pm
Last Updated:Mar 1, 2014 11:24 am

Powering up his computer he hoped the timing was right. It took forever but finally the desktop appeared. As he logged on to the Yahoo site he held his breath in anticipation. There were no messages so he clicked on her name and sent an instant message to Belle telling her how horney she made him and how hot she was. In a couple of moments he was rewarded with the loud sound that she was online and replied to his message.
At first there was small talk then it turned hotter and hotter. Belle told him how she was wet and ready and his cock pushed up in his pants against his shorts and zipper needing to be stroked. As the chat got hotter and hotter and Belle described in the most exquisite way how she would lick his chest and his nipples then move her head down where she could take his cock into her mouth. He had to unzip his fly and unsnap his jeans and lower them and his shorts so he could jerk off as she described in such detail how his cock would be treated by her lips and tongue.
He stroked it faster and harder as she typed how she would take it deep into her throat and fondle his balls. then as she described taking his balls into her mouth he ran his hand over the wet head so covered in precum that it was so lubricated. He stared at the screen and stoked his cock even harder as she described taking the head back into her mouth. At that he started to ejaculate. She typed and he read as he rubbed his cock and it spewed out its cum landing on his thighs and jeans.
The relief of cuming was so strong in both of them as the talk turned to curling then he mentioned how very sexy her voice was and as he started to remember it his cock straightened and started to harden again. He fondled it and rubbed the foreskin over the head that was now so wet from coming before and from more dribbling as they talked.
Not able to stand the strain and being so horney he asked her to call and she easily agreed. He rushed for his cell and it rang as he hurried to pick it up . Her voice made his erection complete as he pushed his jeans and shorts down again. He could imagine her lying in her bed, phone cradled on her shoulder and her hand between her legs doing what he would like to do with his tongue. She started to describe how she would suck his cock again and as he stroked it and slid the foreskin along the head the juices and precum flowed freely. He told her how he liked sucking her clit and using his fingers inside her as he sat there jerking off to the sound of her voice. She described how her fingers were rubbing her hard little clit and she would use two to fuck her wet hole., holding the phone close to her pussy so he could hear the slurpy sounds as her fingers slid in and out. "Umm Babe, hear what it sounds like when you fuck my hot cunt" she sighed. Then as he told her how he would like to rub her clit with his fingers and fuck her with his tongue his cock started to throb and was ready to cum. She started to moan as he talked and her voice and his hand stroking his cock made for the most powerful orgasm. "Ahhhh Babe," she moaned huskily "I'm cuming, Cum with me hun". "I'm fucking my cunt and rubbing my clit like your wet tongue does and I am starting to cum".The cum started to shoot from the head of his cock as he rubbed the foreskin over the head and her moans made the moment so hot. He told her how his cock was so hard , "I'm cuming too, Belle, My cum is shooting all over your tits. I can't wait to lick it off and suck your nipples." He came and came and it seemed like he wouldn't stop until she started to calm down from cumming with him and he returned to earth as well. It was so hot and exciting as he hung up the phone and was already anticipating the next chat online or the next phone call.
Roses and Chocolate for Valentine's Part 3
Posted:Feb 16, 2014 7:23 pm
Last Updated:Feb 19, 2014 7:25 pm

I look at your breasts covered in my cum. You grin and wipe it into your skin as I watch. The sight of you is exciting and I want to make you cum again. But you have other plans. You jump up and say we better shower before we get too messy. I couldn't agree more as I follow you to the bathroom.
I stand in the doorway as you lean over the tub adjusting the taps to just the right temperature. It is all I can do to keep from rubbing your firm cheeks and fucking your hot cunt from behind. You turn the shower on and as soon as you are in I follow. I take the soap and lather you, starting with your breasts and down your tummy to to your pussy until your nipples and breasts are covered in a white foam and your fine hairs are hidden by the soapy lather. You move back under the spray and rinse off the soap and your gorgeous body is again visable. Then you soap me up, paying lots of attention to my nipples and belly button, then you soap up my cock and balls. I look down at them and they are covered in foam. You move away so I can get under the spray and rinse off then we come together. We press our lips togehter and the kiss is more lust than anything else. As we kiss I feel your hand between us and it closes on my cock. I can hardly breath as you rub along the shaft and get to the head. Not wanting to be left out I rub both your breasts with my hands as our tongues mesh in our mouths and you rub my cock in your hand. Then I slide one hand down to the wet hairs and between your hot pussy lips. As I rub your clit we press our tongues together. Then I move from your clit and push my finger into you. It slides easily into your wet cunt until my hand can't get any farther. I move around inside you searching then slide in out and back in again. As you stroke my cock under the spray I finger fuck you and rub your clit with my thumb.

I finger fuck your pussy you jerk my cock off gently under the warm spray. Then You turn me sideways and the spray falls between us. I see the water run down your breasts and drip off your hard pointy nipples as you aim my cock into the water and the droplets bounce off the throbbing head. Then you lean over and kneel in font of me. With the shower spraying off my cock and chest you lean your head against me and touch my cock briefly with your tongue. I stiffen from the new sensation then put my hands on your head and run my fingers through your now wet hair. You lick around the head and down the shaft. I wish I could reach your pussy as you kneel and take one of my balls into your mouth and suckle it gently. Your hand strokes my cock in long strokes as you mouth my ball and run your other hand between my legs along the sensative area to my ass. Then with one hand teasing between my legs you use the
other to hold my cock steady and close your lips over the wet head. As the spray bounces off my chest and your head you move your mouth over my hard cock
taking it in as far as you can with out gagging then sliding it out until your sweet lips just encase the head. Now you pull agaisnt my ass so I am pressing against your face as you suck my cock with more vigour. Your lips slide from the head and down the shaft and back out again as your tongue slides over the head making all the nerves in my prick come alive. Your hand on my ass teases me and the spray of water tingles on my skin as your get more of my cock into your mouth. It is especially good when you just cover the head with your lips and run your tongue around it. It feels so good having your tongue excite the head of my cock. It isn't long before I moan that I am about to cum and you give the head a final lick and moving your head back close your hand over my cock. Still kneeling you move your hand gently but firmly over the head and down the shaft as I move my hips with you, fucking your hand. With a loud groan I start to shoot and look down at you. My juices mingle with the shower spray and land on your forehead and nose. Some gets on your chin and cheeks and As you lick your lips I assume a bit made it into your hot mouth. You continue massaging my cock until it starts to soften and your face is covered in my cum. After releasing my drooping cock you stand and we face each other again. I look at my cum on you and feel a twinge of new excitement and take you into my arms and we kiss under the spray of the shower. I can taste my cock on your tongue as you push it into my mouth then we move apart so you can rinse the cum from your face and hair.......
As I watch you swirl the water over your head I feel so much like wanting to make you feel completely happy.. You look into my eyes as if to read my thoughts and say "We have many times ahead."
Valentine's Day
Posted:Feb 14, 2014 8:40 pm
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2014 8:41 am

Wow, its Friday evening and Valentine's day. So here we are my friend and I, she all gogglie about the roses I bought and gives me a box of chocolates knowing that I am so addicted to chocolate. The hug, kiss and expressions of "Happy Valentine's Day" seem to be endless but so warm and nice to feel inside.

We climb downstairs and she spreads a blanket on the floor in front of the fireplace as I light a nice crackling wood fire. I didn't see where she had them but she shows me the package of marshmellows and while I find the long sticks to roast them she opens her wine and pours herself a glass. I get a beer from the fridge in the laundry room and when I get back she is sitting on the blanket, marshmellows at her side, stick ready and wine half gone already. Humm wonderful...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Love, peace, happiness and long health.

Thanks for reading my blog and all the wonderful comments.

Next week back to the hot stories... Luv you all....

Roses and Chocolate for Valentine's Part 2
Posted:Feb 12, 2014 6:58 pm
Last Updated:Feb 15, 2014 7:02 pm

As your climax subsides you look at me with a wicked grin. "Lie back and close your eyes" you say and as we trade places on the bed you lean over and give my cock a gentle squeeze. As I close my eyes I hear you shuffling around, then you put a scarf over my eyes and tie it behind my head. I relax and await your pleasure, heart pounding and cock throbing with the excitement.
I feel you move down and you take my cock into your mouth and push down so the head is against your throat. Your breasts rub against my stomach as your mouth and tongue work at my cock. You suck it gently and rub my balls as you let your saliva cover the head and along the shaft. Then you get up and off the bed and I hear you leave the room. I lie there for what seems like an eternity until I hear your heavy breathing again. You kneel on the bed and I feel something warm on first one nipple then the other. I wonder what is happening but the thrill of not knowing is so exciting. I feel your hand on my cock now and the feeling of warm liquid on it then I feel something very cool. The anticipation is building in me as I lie there waiting, not knowing and my cock is so hard as are my nipples. Then you ask "Are you ready baby?" and with that remove the scarf.
I look up and into your grinning face then look down at my body. You have covered my nipples in chocolate and put a strawberry in my naval and coated it with whipped cream. Farther down I see what you have done to my cock and I gasp.....
It is covered in chocolate, brown all over and on the head there is a pineapple ring. You look down at me and smile then cover the pineapple ring with dream whip from the can. I can only lie there and enjoy as you lean over my chest and suck the chocolate from my nipples. They are so hard and sensative as you lick the brown chocolate from them. Then you move to my naval and slowly clear the dream whip from the strawberry and then with a very sexy grin pick the strawberry up with your lips and make a big deal out of biting into it and eating it. I want to touch you but wait as your head moves to my groin. You stick your tongue out and just touch the tip of my cock licking away at the dream whip that covers it. As the precum dribbles from the tiny hole at the tip you munch away at the pineapple ring and eventually get to the chocolate. I lie there in seventh heaven as you lick the chocolate from my cock and swallow it mixed with my cock's juices. Then, when all the chocolate is gone you cover the head with your lips and slide them across the wet surface. I hold your head and guide you as you take my cock into your mouth and lick the head. You rub my balls and lick the head of my cock as I moan and reach for your breast. As I rub your nipple you awaken every nerve in my cockhead with your lips and tongue. Rubbing my balls and fucking my cock with your mouth soon has me on the verge. I moan that I am ready to cum and you move your head back and with one hand holding my balls you jerk me off with the other hand. As your fist moves over the head I start to shoot. You aim it at your tits and as the ejaculate lands on your nipples and breasts you rub my cock until it stops shooting.....
You keep rubbing my cock until it starts to soften in your hand. I lie there enjoying the whole thing....

Maybe time for a shower.....

Roses and Chocolate for Valentine's Part 1
Posted:Feb 8, 2014 6:05 pm
Last Updated:Feb 9, 2014 6:47 pm

Smiling you place the long stemmed rose between your breasts and reach for the box of chocolates. I sit on the side of the bed watching as you open the box and choose one. You bite it in half and as you move you hand with the half chocolate from your mouth it leaves a long trail of caramel that strings from your mouth to the piece in your hand until it gets too flimsy and breaks. Half of the string of caramel falls along your wrist and the other hangs from your lip and down your chin to your neck. You take the half chocolate filled with carmel cream and place it on your left nipple. Then you slowly and seductively lick the caramel from your wrist and with your fingers in your mouth make a loud sucking noise as you clean them off. I lean over you and lick the caramel from your lips and away from your chin and down your neck. Then I kiss my way along your skin and up the mound of your breast and nibble at the half chcoclate on your nipple. Swallowing the chocolate I lick at the carmel that remained clinging to your nipple. The more I suck and lick it away the harder your beautiful nipple gets. I love licking your breasts and sucking your nipples and cannot get enough but eventually sit up and take the rose from your cleavage. Slowly I draw it agross your skin. It leaves goosebumps in its wake as I slide it over your soft skin from one breast to the other, teasing the nipples then along your neck to your chin and over your lips and back down to your breasts that heave from your heavy breathing....

I kiss your tummy, a long wet kill with my tongue licking between my open lips. Then I slide my head upwards first to the right breast. With the tip of my tongue I lap at the dream whip, slowly clearing it away until only the chocolate remains on your nipple. I cover it with my mouth and lick softly at it. As It melts inside my mouth the chocolate runs down the white skin of your breast and I have to retrieve the brown sweet trails with my tongue. Then I clear the dream whip from your other breast and close my lips over the chocolate there. I suck it from your nipple and as it melts in my mouth swallow it and suck your nipple between my lips. As I suck on your hard nipple I rub the other between my fingers. I so enjoy your hard nipples but there are more sweets below. I get up and move between your outstretched legs. Your knees are lifted slightly and your pussy is so beautiful with the pale skin and the white dream whip contrasted by the dark chocolate. Holding on to your hips I lean my face in and set to work. I hear you sigh as my tongue touches the soft skin just above where the dream whip starts. I press my tongue through the soft hairs and lick away at the white cream As I clear it away I get more and more of your taste mixed in with the sweet dream whip. Once the white has all gone I open your pussy lips with my fingers like a soft flower. Your slit is slick with your juices and the clit still has chocolate on it. With your clit inside my lips I lick the chocolate away until all that remains is your sweet taste. I lick harder now tasting only you and loving it most. Your clit is so hard and as I lick your juices away more appear to keep you very wet. I stick my tongue into your hole and push in as far as I can then go back to licking your clit and fingering your hole. I hear you moan and glancing up see you rubbing your breasts and squeezing your nipples as I eat you. Then as usual I am rewarded with a moan and your hips push foreward into my face as you start to cum. I lick harder and work my fingers in and out of you until you start to relax and settle back down on the bed. Then I go very gently running my tongue along your slit and over the wet opening until you go limp and let go of my head.......I look up at you smiling and know that after you have caught your breath it will be my turn to feel the pleasure of your tongue and mouth.....

The Importance of Speaking Clearly
Posted:Feb 1, 2014 6:42 pm
Last Updated:Feb 9, 2014 6:48 pm

A male patient is lying in bed in the hospital, wearing an oxygen mask over his mouth and

A young student nurse appears to give him a partial sponge bath.

"Nurse,"' he mumbles from behind the mask, "are my testicles black?"

Embarrassed, the young nurse replies, "I don't know, Sir. I'm only here to wash your upper body and

He struggles to ask again,"Nurse, please check for me. Are my testicles black?"

Concerned that he might elevate his blood pressure and heart rate from worrying about his testicles,
she overcomes her embarrassment and pulls back the covers.

She raises his gown, holds his manhood in one hand and his testicles in the other. She looks very

closely and says, "There's nothing wrong with them, Sir. They look fine."

The man slowly pulls off his oxygen mask, smiles at her, and says very slowly,
"Thank you very much. That was wonderful. Now listen very, very closely:

Are - my - test - results - back?

Stuck in the Snow Part 4
Posted:Jan 29, 2014 6:53 pm
Last Updated:Feb 6, 2014 6:04 pm

You look down at me. My cock head stands up between my thighs. You put your hand on it and close your fist around it. As you squeeze a bit of liquid oozes from the tiny hole. You rub your palm over it getting the whole head wet before you move your hand over it again. I close my eyes and revel in the sensations that course through me as you jerk me off again. When you have me good and hard again I slide the seat backwards and lower the seat back. As I lie there you push your pants off your ankles and crawl over the console to stradle me. Holding on to the steering wheel you hover while I guide my cock toward your swollen pussy lips. You ease downward slowly and take me in, Your heat covers my cock as it glides into you.
When you have me in as far as we can get you pause and reach down to rub my balls between our legs. I cover your breasts with my hands squeezing and kneading the firm mounds. Your nipples push into my palms as I move my hands over them. My fingernails leave red trails as I scrape across them. You grip the wheel again and lift yourself upward. When you get to where just the head is inside you move downward more quickly now. We build up a frantic pace you supporting yourself on the wheel as you bounce on my stiff prick. I rub and squeeze your nipples and enjoy the feel of your pussy around my cock.
You start to vibrate and moan that you are ready to cum again. I press upwards with my hips to meet your every thrust as the blood rushes to my cock head. You bounce faster as the wave courses through you and my orgasm is just as intense. I shudder and grip your breasts as my juices fill your already wet hole. Coming to a stop you grind your hips around giving my cock a last rub and tug with your vagina pulling at my cock with your cunt muscles milking all my cum as we fall back in the seat. My happy cock starts to shrink and slips out of you and our juices, mixed together dribble from you and drip down to cover my cock and balls.
We know we have to get dressed soon and leave but we enjoy the moment a bit longer........
Stuck in the Snow Part 3
Posted:Jan 25, 2014 6:09 pm
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2014 5:58 pm

I take you into my arms and we our mouths come together in a passionate wet kiss. Your tongue teases mine and I can taste my cum in your mouth. As we kiss I rub your nipples and start to undo the snap to your jeans. You move back in the seat as I slide down the zipper.
"Push them and your panties down." I say, "I want to eat that wonderful cunt of yours. I want to make you cum and taste your juices."
You raise your hips and push the jeans and panties down to your ankles. Opening your knees you look at me invitingly. As the snow falls outside I lower my head to you anxiously wanting to return the pleasure you gave me....

You put your hand on my head guiding it toward your wet pussy. I breath in and inhale your fragrance. As my cock starts to relax from the pleasure your wonderful tongue and lips gave it. I lean over you determined to give you more than you gave me. I put a hand on each of your knees and slide them slowly upward. I hear your breathing get more laboured as my hands get farther up your thighs. Your skin is so smooth and soft between your thighs I marvel as I move my hands enjoying the feel.
"Oh yes, eat me, babe" you command as I lick up the inside of your right thigh. My tongue moves slowly, the way I like it, savouring your skin and your scent. You open your knees farther as my head presses between then. I lick along your smooth skin until I get to the wet lips. Pressing gently they part for me and my tongue enters your slit. I press it into your pussy tasting the juices that are there then slide it upward pushing the lips apart as I move. At the base of your clit I stop and use my thumbs to pull the lips apart. You hunch your hips upward to meet my thirsty tongue and it slides along your clit to the tip. I purse my lips and pull your clit into my mouth sucking on it gently. Holding it between my lips I strobe my tongue across the hard tip. over and over I slide my tongue as you moan. I reach up for one of your hands and taking it guide it to your pussy. I hold your wrist and push it so your finger presses into your wet hole. As I lick and suck your clit I move your wrist so you fuck your pussy with your finger. Once I pull your finger out and Slip it into my mouth and suck the juices from it. Then I quickly get back to your clit, licking and sucking. You feel so good on my tongue. Soon your hips move as if they have a mind of their own. Pressing upward to meet my tongue and craving every lick. You press my head into your crotch. "Oh yeah, that's it. I'm cuming" you hiss through your teeth as I lick your clit.
Just as your hips start to shudder and your breathing seems out of control I hear a loud male voice. "Hey is anybody in there?" there is also the sound of a hand pounding on the windshield....As the snow gets brushed away........

"I said is anyone in there?" the voice boomed. "Oh god, I can't stop cuming" you moan as I keep licking you. The hand brushes snow away from the windshield as we move together my mouth and tongue hungrily working on your pussy. You tense up at the thought of his seeing us but then relax and mutter "Oh wow the windshield is all fogged up on the inside. No one can see in." and you pull at my hair holding my head between your thighs. I lick in long strokes from your hole along the slit and over your clit, savouring it most of all and spending more time there.
The person outside must of thought the car was empty and left because I couldn't hear him anymore. All I could hear is our breathing and my heart pounding as you pull me to you. As your orgasm subsides I sit up and look at you. Your face is so flushed and your nipples are rock hard. I lean over and take one into my mouth and suck it in as I run my palm over the other. You rub my head with one hand and the other goes to your pussy. "Now I really feel like having a hard cock inside me" you say.
I have to agree, I love the feel of your vaginal muscles around my cock.....
Stuck in the Snow Part 2
Posted:Jan 19, 2014 7:35 pm
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2014 9:04 pm

I ran my fingers through your silky hair as your fist closed around my cock. You pushed downward pulling the foreskin from the now very wet head. As your mouth covered it you ran your tongue across the head. I moved my hands to your breasts, kneading the mounds and rubbing your nipples in my soft palms as your mouth slowly took in my hard cock. I could feel your tongue along the shaft as you moved your mouth over it. I moaned aloud and squeezed and tweaked your nipples. I started to raise and lower my hips in sync with the movements of your head. You used one hand to jerk me off as you licked and laved the head and shaft with your tongue and lips. Your other hand cupped my balls and gently toyed with them. I rubbed your tits and pressed one hand down your tummy until I got to you jeans. Pushing my hand inside I felt the warmth there.
You moved your head in a steady rythm as your hand stroked along the shaft. You rolled my nuts in your other hand. It was so exciting as your worked every nerve in my groin. I pushed my hand into your jeans and inside your panties finding the soft tuft of hair inside. One finger pressed between your lips finding you so wet and hot. I rubbed it over your clit teasing the hard tip before sliding it down your slit to your wet hole. I love fingering you there. You get so wet and your moans let me know that you like it too. You slurp over the head of my cock as your hand slides along the length I am so ready to burst. What will you do if I start to cum I wonder as I fuck your pussy with my finger.....

Feeling my cock start to pulsate you know my orgasm is about to begin. Holding my balls with one hand and jerking me off gently with the other you lick the underside of the head and purse your lips as they slide over the sensative knob. I thrust my finger into your pussy and rub the upper wall of flesh as I use my thumb to rub your clit as it nestles between your pussy lips. In quick gasps I moan "Oh wow, Belle that is so good. I'm cuming!!! You are so good!!! Help me cum!!!"
You move your head slowly in sync with my hips as I gyrate through the orgasm. Your hand rubs my nuts milking my juices as they burst from the head of my hard cock. Your tongue teases around the head as you gulp the first gushes of cum. I finger your pussy as my cock releases its juices into your mouth. You moan as your mouth fills and I feel your throat move as you gulp all that I release. Too soon I start to relax and you stop moving your head and just use your lips and tongue to get the last of my juices. You keep your lips around my cock and keep licking the head even as it starts to soften and shrink.
You sit up and wipe your mouth with the back of your hand and we smile at each other.
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A little Friday humour
Posted:Jan 17, 2014 6:52 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2014 8:23 pm

I keep getting this spam email that tells me if I use their product I will have a nine inch penis.
I finally wrote back and said I wouldn't cut two inches off for anything or anyone.

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