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Who masturbates more often
Posted:Apr 1, 2014 7:58 pm
Last Updated:Jun 22, 2014 8:29 pm

I really love masturbating and it got me wondering. Do woman like to masturbate as much as men do. What do you think??
Masturbating is evil and you will go blind
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Camping Part 4
Posted:Mar 27, 2014 8:02 pm
Last Updated:Mar 30, 2014 10:20 am

After fighting with the wet zipper of the tent we are finally inside. The rain makes a popping sound as it bounces off the nylon material of the tent. I find the flashlight and get it turned on. We find a towel each and start to dry ourselves off. I drag the towel across my chest as I watch you dab the droplets from your breasts. Your nipples are hard and pointy, I don't know if it is a chill or the fact we are naked in the tent together and I cannot take my eyes from them. I reach up with my towel and ask you to turn around so I could do your back. You inhale deeply at my first touch. With slow strokes I rub the towel across your skin, over your shoulders, down your back and finally over your firm buttocks. You wriggle them as I dry the rain away then turn and say it is my turn. With you behind me i feel the towel move softly across my skin. I also feel the warmth of your hand as you rub me after the towel has passed. The blood starts to fill my cock and it starts to rise. You sense that I am getting worked up and press yourself against my back. I feel your breasts against me with your wonderful nipples then I feel your hand on my hip sliding around to find my cock. I push my ass against you as you rub your hand over my cock and take my balls in your hand and gently squeeze them. You run your hand back up my cock and squeeze the head and stroke it gently. "Oh god Belle, Jerk me off. That feels so good." When it is fully rigid I turn and face you. You look down and take it in your hand again and keep rubbing it as I move against you putting my arms around you. Our lips come togther and our tongues meet. The first taste of you makes my cock throb in your hand. The kiss is long and wet, our tongues searching and rubbing as we grind our bodies together. Finally I move my head back breaking the kiss and put my head on your shoulder. I open my lips and press my tongue against the soft skin. You hold my head in one hand and rub my cock with the other as I kiss and lick my way down your shoulder and over the mound of your breast. Leaning now I take the nipple into my mouth and press my tongue against it. With my mouth open and pressed against your breast I lick over your nipple then make circles around it. My hand slides along your thigh to find your pussy so smooth, moist and ready. I lick downward from your breast and with my hand on your ass pull you to me as my mouth gets to your pussy. You put your hand on my head and hold my hair as I try to get to your moist lips with my tongue. Kneeling, I kiss your thighs and the area just above your pussy as I slide a hand between your thighs and rub you gently. You put one foot on the cooler opening your thighs for me to find you. With your one leg raised now it is easy to get my head between your thighs and press my mouth agaisnt you. I stick my tongue out and lick over your swollen lips up to the soft shaven skin above them. You moan and pull my head to you. Hungry to taste you now I open your lips with my fingers and press my mouth to your cunt. I push my tongue in as far as I can and flick it over your soft flesh. Then I lick along your slit to your clit. It is so hard as I lick over it from bottom to top. I run my tongue over it until you squirm and moan, than take it between my lips and tug at it as I run the tip of my tongue over it. I look up and see you with your eyes closed and one hand is holding your breast the fingers pinching and twisting the nipple as you pull my head to your pussy with your other hand. I go back to licking that marvelous clit and finger fucking your pussy as you rub your nipple. Soon I feel your hips start to shake and your moans get louder. Encouraged I press my tongue agaisnt your clit and lick slow and hard pressing against you as you move your thighs along my face. Then with a loud groan you stiffen and I lick more slowly and gently as your orgasm wracks your body. You shudder and with loud moans cum beautifully. Fearing that we will alert other campers you cover your mouth with your hand until it is over and you start to go limp. I move away and wiping my mouth with the back of my hand look up into your eyes. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who has just cum....And Belle, you are very very beautiful.....
Camping Part 3
Posted:Mar 22, 2014 8:35 pm
Last Updated:Mar 25, 2014 6:53 pm

You lick your lips and look into my eyes lying there on the picnic table with your breasts heaving and your breath in short gasps as your orgasm subsides. You slide down to the edge of the table and press your groin to mine. "Now babe,fuck me good" I don't have to be asked twice. "God Belle, you are so beautiful." I lean toward you and my cock pushes against your pussy. You open your legs and put them on my shoulders. I hold your hips as you reach and take my cock in your hand. Sliding the foreskin back the exposed head gleams with precum under the flashes of lightening. You rub the reddish knob up and down your slit presssing it between the wet lips. I moan and press foreward when I feel the opening of your love channel. You push toward me and in it pops. The warmth on the head contrasts with the cool wet rain as it falls on us. I press foreward and it slides inward. We move together, the rain falling on us, the lightning fills the sky and we fuck on the table. With a steady rythm the friction feels so good on my cock. I can see by the look in your eyes that it is good for you too. "Ummm Belle, naughty sexy Belle. You make me feel so good." Holding your hips I plunge into you and then back out so that just the head is in then slide in again. Soon you are moaning something about a second wave and pulling at my hips as we slam together. You moan aloud and press to me clenching my cock with your cunt muscles. I am close too and my heart pounds loudly. You sigh as your contractions end and push me back until my cock is all the way out. In a quick motion your hand closes over it and starts to rub up and down. The head feels so good as your hand slides across it. I move my hips in step with your hand as you jerk me off. Your other hand covers my balls and rubs them gently. I keep moving, fucking your soft hand until with a loud groan stiffen and cum. The ejaculate splatters from my cock and lands on your tummy and down on your smooth beautiful pussy. I keep moving my hips and your hand strokes me gently until I start to relax and move back. I look down at the cum on you and watch as the rain slowly washes it away. I rub your tummy and pussy and help the rain clean it off. Then we make a mad dash for the tent to find towels to dry off.....
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Camping Part 2
Posted:Mar 18, 2014 7:00 pm
Last Updated:Mar 19, 2014 7:24 pm

I rub your lips over the hard nib of your clit as your foot moves on the pump. You moan out loud as I massage your clit with your wet lips and thong. "OK your turn" you say as you back away. I rise and continue where you left off. As my foot moves on the pump I feel the familiar sensation of your hand as it slides up my thigh. Cupping my balls and stroking them gently you move your head in front of me and stick out your tongue. I look down as you start at my balls and lick slowly up the shaft to the sensative head. You lick like that in long excruciating strokes as I fill the mattress with air My cock bounces under the pressure of your tongue every time it glides along the length of it. You keep up that wonderful treatment until I manage to say that the mattress is full enough. You move away from me as I push the plug into the hole of the mattress and stand to look at you. Your breasts heave from your excitement and your nipples are hard and pointy. I take you hand and pull you after me. "God Belle, you are so beautiful and hot. I just want to fuck and suck you all the time." I crawl through the small opening of the tent and pull your hand after me. Outside it is a very warm night and there is still a slight drizzle. The clouds cover the moon and it is very dark. I lead you to the picnic table and you sit on the end and lie back. As the rain falls gently on us I lean down and pry open your thighs. You lay on the table and put your legs on my shoulders. I lean down and suckle first one nipple then the other as I I push your thong aside and rub my cockhead against your pussy lips. The rain covers our bodies and you sigh as I lick my way downward to where I like to be. I hook my thumbs in the waistband of your thong and slide it downward. You take it and hold it in your hand. Opening your legs as far as I can I stab at your pussy lips with my tongue. It penetrates them and I taste the juices mixed with the rain. With my fingers I open your lips and with long strokes I lick along the length of your slit, from the opening to your pussy to the base and up the length of your clit. Long steady strokes as I hold onto your ass and pull you to me. The rain falls harder now and we move faster you thrashing your hips into my face to get more and me pressing into you to give more. You grab onto my wet hair and hold me to you. "Lick harder babe, Eat my hot cunt. I'm close to cumming. I want you to taste my lust for you" you moan as I comply as best I can. I close my lips on your clit and suck it into my mouth as you rub your hard nipples with one hand and pull at my hair with the other. In time you start to shake and I feel your hand pull me into you even more. There is a loud crash and the sky lights up with lightening as your orgasm overtakes you and you press your hips into my face so I can eat you more. As the crashes surround us and the light fills the sky I lap your clit and you rock and thrash your hips on the picnic table.....

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Do you like to sleep naked???
Posted:Mar 15, 2014 7:23 pm
Last Updated:Mar 17, 2014 6:42 pm
I do!! And sometimes when the dreams are hot so am I..

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Camping Part 1
Posted:Mar 13, 2014 6:46 pm
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2014 7:13 pm

We found a beautiful campsite. It was in a quiet part of the park and totally surrounded by trees so we had complete privacy. We spread out the small tent and just as we were putting it together it started to drizzle. Working as fast as we could we managed to get it up as the drizzle turned into a steady rain. With both of us carrying sleeeping
bags and the air mattress and a few other things we would need we got it all into the tent in one trip and quickly clambered inside. It was quite a warm night but our clothes were soaked and we were feeling the chill. With the same thought we pulled our t-shirts over our heads and undid our jeans and pushed them off. I pushed my shorts down and off and moved over to give you room as you unhooked your bra and took it off. Your nipples were hard, I wasn't sure if it was the chill or excitement but loved the way they looked. "Please, Belle keep your thong on. You are so sexy in it" I said as the rest of our wet clothes lay in a pile in the corner of the tent. We spread out the air mattress and hooked up the foot pump to blow it up. I took the first turn. As I crouched in the low tent pressing down and up on the foot pump you knelt next to me and started to run your hand up and down my thigh from my knee up to just below my balls. You licked your lips as you started to get the desired effect and my cock stood at attention. I pumped faster now as you moved your hand farther upward and cradled my balls. You gave them a gentle squeeze then slid your hand up the shaft of my cock and circled the head. Your other hand disappeared between your thighs as you knelt and your smile widened. I asked you to open your thighs so I could see but you said all in good time and continued whatever you were doing to yourself. I pumped the footpump for a while as you stroked my cock and rubbed yourself then I asked you to take over. I laid back as you crouched in the low tent and started pumping. I loved the way your breasts jostled as you moved your foot and reached between your thighs and covered your pussy with the palm of my hand. As you pumped I pressed your your thong against your pussy lips and clit and rubbed them. You started to squirm so I pushed my finger under the thong and between your now wet lips and found your hard clit waiting for me....

International Womens' Day
Posted:Mar 8, 2014 7:49 pm
Last Updated:Mar 15, 2014 7:02 pm

Its a day to salute women everywhere!! Here's looking at you!!! All PEOPLE need to be happy and comfortable in their lives regardless of where they live or with whom they live. Let's get that happening. None of us are any better or any worse that others. Peace!!!!Love!!! Pleasure!!!
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Camming in my Hotel room
Posted:Mar 6, 2014 7:13 pm
Last Updated:Mar 15, 2014 7:19 pm
Alone in my hotel room I remember watching a woman on her cam on Heated Affairs instant messanger. My cock hardens and reaching inside my jeans I rub the foreskin over the wet head. I feels so good I need more. I log into Heated Affairs and check out the cams but there is nothing worth watching. I connect my laptop to the TV in my room and start up one of my favorite porn movies about MILFs. In this one a middle aged woman and her neighbour get together in the afternoons while their hubbies were away and the are at school.

They start slowly with lots of kissing and touching each other's bodies then as they get hot one peels off the other's top and suckles her tits. She uses her hand to rub her friends crotch pushing her flimsey panties between the wet lips. In no time they are both naked and one is eating the other's pussy while they both moan loudly in pleasure. I just love eating pussy and by now my cock is hard and throbbing. I remove all my clothes and lie on the hotel bed naked. I go to Heated Affairs instand messanger and start the webcam on my laptop and start broadcasting. With it on the bed I lie close to it and spread my legs so there is a good view of my hard cock and balls. Rubbing my balls with one hand I start stroking my cock.

Watching the movie as I jerk off I see the women have found a nice vibrator and one is using it on her pussy as she eats the other. The buzz of the vibe and their moans fill the air. The only ones watching my cam are a few men which is disappointing. I love being watched by women. But I decide to give a good show. I have the mike turned on and describe to them what the women in the movie are doing as I stroke my wet hard cock. It is very wet now and makes a slushy sound as I slide the foreskin over the glistening head. When I feel close to coming I slow down and rub my balls and finger my ass until i've calmed down a bit.

Finally a woman starts watching and I am careful to stroke slowly. I move my cock close to the cam for a closeup, showing the wet head and how my hand slides the foreskin over it. I imagine her rubbing her clit and giving herself pleasure as she watches my throbbing cock being rubbed. I wish she had a cam and we could watch each other but she doesn't.

The woman being eaten in the movie starts coming and her moans fill my ears and envisioning the woman watching me with her fingers strumming her clit and her free hand pinching and tugging her nipples I start to cum too. The hot jets spurt from the tiny hole in my cockhead and sail through the air to land on my stomach. It is so warm and I keep jerking off, milking all the cum I can until the last bit just dribbles out and covers my fingers.

The woman watching my cam goes away as do the guys watching and I am alone again. I rub my balls with my dry hand then swing my leg over the laptop and go to the bathroom to get cleaned off.....

a bit of wind and snow
Posted:Mar 5, 2014 7:00 pm
Last Updated:Mar 12, 2014 6:22 pm
Driving back to the city today...

Flat Tire Part 3
Posted:Feb 28, 2014 7:21 pm
Last Updated:Mar 9, 2014 6:31 pm

"Oh god, Belle" Is all I can say as you cradle my balls in your hand and slide your mouth along the shaft of my cock. You pull back until just the head
is inside your puckered lips and swirl your tongue over the head. Then move downward taking it into your mouth as far as you can. You pause there flexing your throat making every nerve ending in my cock come even more alive. It is when you pull back and lick around the head while rubbing my balls in your hand that I look up into the clear sky and feel the pressure build until I am so close to cuming. I ask you to stop so we can fuck and I can cum in your pussy. You ease your mouth back and hold onto the shaft with your hand. You lick around the head and pull it out of your mouth dragging your teeth across the tender flesh. I nearly shoot then and there but manage to restrain myself. You look up at me as you rise and licking your lips look into my
eyes. I move to you and our lips touch, gently at first but soon our tongues are inside each other's mouth and our breathing is in short gasps. I can taste my cock on your tongue as you push it into my mouth and it makes me more excited. I feel your hand on my cock again and as you jerk me off slowly I reach under your dress and slither my finger through the wet hairs and into your slit. Downward it slides until it enters your cunt and I move it in and out fucking you with it as our mouths grind together and your hand pleasures my hard wet cock. Then without a word you turn and with your arms against the SUV and you rest your head on them. I move behind you and lifting your dress press close to you. I feel your hand between your legs searching for my cock. I move closer and feel your tight grip as you tug it foreward and press it against your wet cunt lips. I feel the heat of your flesh as you drag the head along your slit, from the hard clit down until it rests at the opening to your pussy. "Now" you pant and I take hold of your hips and push hard....

"Ummmmpppphhhhhhh god It feels soooo good" you groan as my cock fills you. I push in as your hand holds the shaft guiding it into you. You let it slide through your hand and let go and move your hand down to my balls. I feel your firm ass cheeks against me and pause savouring the feeling of your wet hot cunt clenching my cock as your hand rubs my balls. Then I slide out slowly until just the head is in. I reach under you and find your breasts swaying under you as you haunch over against the SUV. I Tweak each nipple and and pull them between my thumb and forefinger. Then when you start to relax again I shove my cock into you hard. You gasp and I hear your head hit against the SUV fender as you lean against it. I wriggle my cock around inside you feeling the wet and heat inside you. I lean my head against your back and lick along the base of your neck as I withdraw my cock again. You rock your hips against me and at all times I feel your hand holding my balls. I wish We could fuck like this all night. With long hard strokes I pound into you then slide out only to slam in again. My hands rub your breasts and fingers rub your nipples as they are so hard, just the way I love them. You push your ass against me to meet my strokes as I shove into you as hard as I can, filling your hot cunt with my hard cock then pulling out and ramming it in again. You rest your head against your arm and lean against the SUV as I fuck you from behind as hard as I can. In the distance we see headlights as a vehicle approaches. Not bothered by them we fuck hard. You stroke my balls with your hand as my cock slams into your cunt. The headlights grow closer as we move together fucking with a lust that consumes us. "Oh god babe I am so close to cuming fill my cunt with your hot cum" you gasp into your arm as I feel the same pressures build in my balls. I grip your tits and move fasted pushing the head of my cock into you and pulling it out as the friction makes every nerve in my cockhead want to cum. I feel the first spurts start to shoot as you start to shake and groan. I close my eyes and fuck you hard as you push your ass against me to meet every stroke. We cum together screaming into the night as the headlights speed past. If they saw us they didn't care speeding along the highway as we moan and cum. My cock pumps all my fluids into you as you shake and shudder from your own wonderful orgasm. We stay that way, You holding my balls and me squeezing your nipples as my cock dribbles its last juices into your now very wet pussy.

Flat Tire Part 2
Posted:Feb 26, 2014 7:20 pm
Last Updated:Mar 11, 2014 8:15 pm

Your moans seem so loud in the still night. I lick slowly until you stop sheddering and seem to go limp. I give your pussy a last affectionate rub with my finger then stand and face you. Still leaning against your SUV you put your arms around my neck and pull me to you. Our lips touch gently at first then they grind together tongues pushing into the others mouth searching, rubbing. I press my hand against your breast and feel the hard nipple under your dress and bra. I moan with pleasure as I feel your hand run down my chest then press against my balls through my jeans. You rub hard against my cock as we kiss,knowing exactly how and where to put your hand. I open my legs to give you access and you reward me by pulling down my fly and pushing your hand inside. With our tongues rubbing I squeeze your nipple as you grope inside my pants, through my shorts and finally I feel your hot hand against my cock. It throbs at the first touch and I know there is a wet spot on my shorts where my cock presses against them and left some precum. You slide your hand along the shaft pulling the foreskin down baring the head and awakening all the nerve endings in my cock. You rub your palm over the wet head coaxing more juices from the tiny hole at the tip. Then you guide it out through the fly and I feel the cool night air against the wet hot head. We switch places with me leaning against the SUV and you pressed against me. You grip my tongue between your teeth tugging and pulling it making me moan then move your mouth from mine and crouch in front of me. When you kneel and lean foreward I feel your warm breath on the head of my cock. You blow against it gently teasing it as you take the shaft in your hands. Jerking me off with both hands you put your mouth close to the head and my mind reels as I feel the first contact of your sweet tongue against it. You run your tongue over the wet head licking it as you would an ice cream. The feeling is exquisite as I hold your head twirling my fingers in your hair. Frantically I reach for my belt and unbuckle it and unsnap my pants as you purse your lips and cover my cock with them. I push my pants down and you back away so I can push the shorts down as well. I get them down as far as I can and you take my balls in your hand and slide my cock between your open lips again. I groan loudly as you move your head up and down fucking my cock with your wonferful mouth using your lips and tongue to drive me crazy. I love what you do to my cock with your mouth but can't wait to fuck your pussy. I know it must be very wet and ready.....
Has Hell frozen over yet???
Posted:Feb 25, 2014 7:17 pm
Last Updated:Mar 6, 2014 6:20 pm

Holy crap with all this cold even Hell cannot be immune. When it warms up a tad we get 10 cm of snow otherwise, its -35.
I used to enjoy winter, curling, skating, making snowangels and walking along on the trail on the ice on the river.

But this is really starting to suck!!!!
I'm either shovelling or huddling inside to keep warm....Enough already...

Flat Tire Part 1
Posted:Feb 23, 2014 6:39 pm
Last Updated:Mar 1, 2014 11:25 am

It was a warm night in April. I was on my way back to the city after working on a computer at a Hydro generating station. In the distance I see an car on the shoulder. I turned off my CD player and decided to stop and see if they needed help since the highway was pretty deserted. I pulled over behind the car that looked like it had a flat tire. A woman was jacking it up preparing to put on the spare. I came around the back and asked if I could help. She turned and smiled.

I said "Hi" as I finished jacking the car up and reached for the wheel wrench. You said "I'm Belle, I was on my way back to to the city. I must have ran over a nail." I couldn't take my eyes from you as I fumbled with the lug nuts and finally got the wheel off. Every time you leaned over to talk to me I could see your breasts inside your loose sweater. And as you paced around while I worked, your skirt seemed to be getting shorter and shorter or at least my mind felt that it was. You leaned against the fender as I finished putting on the spare and tightening the lug nuts. "There, that should do it" I said looking up at you. All I could see were your legs that dissapeared under your skirt and my cock started to harden. I moved toward where you were leaning on the fender and put my hand on your leg. As I eased it upward I felt your hand on my head. Encouraged I slid my hand under your skirt and as I got to your crotch to my great pleasure i found you wet. You spread your legs more and I rubbed my hand over your pussy through your thong. You moaned softly and I pressed my finger against your thong pushing the material into your lips, getting them wetter. My cock, so hard now secreted juices as I rubbed your pussy under your thong. I moved closer and crouched between your legs, slipping my head under your skirt licking along your inner thigh. A car sped past as I first touched your wet thong with my hungry tongue. I put my hands on your ass as I crouched under your skirt pressing my mouth to your wet pussy through your thong. You leaned back against the fender and waited for what I would do next....... I hear you make a soft moan as you lean back against the car. I press my tongue against you, pushing the thong between your pussy lips. You rub your hips against the fender as I run my hands up your legs and rub the firm globes of your butt. Then I find the elastic of your thong and slowly peel it downward, past my face and down your thighs. I have to back away as you put your legs together so I can roll them down past your knees and finally they fall at your feet. You pull one foot out of them and open your legs again and pull my head back to your aching pussy. Sticking my tongue out as far as I can I press it between your lips. I can taste your sweet juices as It probes into your hot cunt. Rubbing your asscheeks slowly I tongue fuck you as you sway your ass against the fender. Then I slide my tongue up your slit and as it makes first contact with your hard clit I feel you stiffen. "Oh god, I want to taste your cum so badly, Belle" I lick hard around your clit pressing against it with my tongue. "Oh yes, lick my wet cunt." you moan, "It feels so good in the night air and your hot tongue. Lick me, suck me, fuck me...". I use my fingers to hold your wet soft pussy lips open as I concentrate on licking your clit and trying to get you to cum. I hear you moaning and imagine you are rubbing your breasts as I lap at your clit. You move your hips faster pressing foreward to get closer to my face and I feel you start to shudder. I hold on to your butt and press my face tight into you as I lick hard on your clit. My cock throbs so hard and presses against the front of my jeans as you start to moan loudly and the juices trickle from your wet hole. I slow down and lick gently as you gyrate and shudder then as I feel you go limp I hold on to you and move my head back gazing at your beautiful wet pussy that just came so wonderfully for me.

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