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Caming and Heated Affairs IM works great now
Posted:Jun 28, 2014 7:27 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2014 5:46 pm

Hey I switched from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome and now IM and caming work perfectly. Apologies to Heated Affairs, I thought it was their fault ..... Watch for me...Love being watched..
Lu Visits Part 3
Posted:Jun 28, 2014 7:23 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2017 6:48 pm

I lie flat on my back on the bed. You look down at me. "My babe, you are still hard. We shall have to do something about that". With that you lean over and cup my balls in one of your hands. Tugging and teasing them you close your right fist around the shaft. Stroking slowly up and down you eventually slide all the way over the head and gripping tightly slide the foreskin down. The head gleams with precum and anticipation. You lean over my thighs and I feel your hot breath then the tip of your tongue as you touch it to the sensitive head. You lick around it like an ice cream cone, then opening your lips take it in. With just the head in you lick around it with your luscious tongue then slide downward taking as much as you can into your mouth. I moan aloud at the wonderful sensations your mouth give my cock and the feel of your silky long hair as it cascades over my thighs.

Lu watches wide eyed as you suck my cock. "Yes Belle, that's it fuck him in your sexy mouth, make him cum hard". She cradles your breasts in her hands and massages your nipples in her soft palms. I watch the two of you as your face lights up from her gentle touch. I can't take my eyes off you both as you suck my cock and she massages your nipples.

"Oh Belle, that is so awesome. You are the greatest". I moan and hearing my pleased voice you straighten up and in a quick motion stradle my hips with your firm thighs. I watch as you hold my cock and slowly lower yourself until it contacts your very wet lips. You slide the head up and down your slit so it rubs over your hard clit then you hold it steady at the opening to your sweet pussy. Biting your lip you lower your hips and it slides into you. Stopping with just the head in you move your cunt muscles making me gasp. Then with a grin you lower yourself all the way down until you are sitting in my lap, plunging my cock all the way in. You start a gentle rocking motion so my cock rubs along the inner walls and now and then you lift your hips till it is almost all the way out then swallow it up again.

Lu watches fascinated by our lustful fucking and loud moans. She is ready again and swings her leg over my head and gently lowers her wet pussy to my hungry lips. I reach up and holding her lips apart press my tongue into her. I tongue fuck her as you, sexy, exciting Belle ride my hard cock. Licking her clit I feel on top of the world as my ultimate fantasy plays out, eating one hot woman's cunt with another beautiful, exciting woman riding my cock, her long hair swirling in the air as she moves on top of me.

Unable to see anymore with Lu sitting on my face I just lie there and enjoy the pleasure of you and the excitement of licking her pussy. Then I hear a buzzing and as Lu touches her vibrator to your clit, feel the vibrations on my cock as they reverberate through you. It is a most wonderful feeling. The sensations intensify for me. Then I hear Lu tell you that she wants to suck your nipples. I envision her leaning foreward her hungry lips tugging your perky nipple between her lips as she runs her tongue over it as you slam up and down on my cock with the vibrator between your sexy pussy lips making your clit harder and your pussy needing to cum.

I slurp my long tongue over Lu's clit and with three fingers inside her hot cunt fuck her until it they are in as far as possible then withdraw slowly and fuck her hard with them again until I hear Lu's muffled cry, "I'm cuming" with your tit filling her mouth as she starts to gyrate her hips over my face. That and your hot pussy fucking my cock and the feeling of the vibrator through your flesh has me start to cum too. Feeling me start to shoot my juices up into you and the vibrator on your clit makes you cum too. We all three shudder and our groans fill the air as we cum together. Lu lifts herself from my mouth and falls over onto the bed spent from so many orgasms as you and I finish each other and you fall over onto me, our faces come together and out mouths drawn together like magnets. We kiss a long passionate kiss, trading tongues, you tasting Lu's juices.

You and I lie there, you on top our lips locked, tongues exploring as our cum, mixed inside your pussy trickles out and runs down my softening cock and balls, while Lu massages your rock hard nipples.

Lu Visits Part 2
Posted:Jun 22, 2014 7:58 pm
Last Updated:Nov 13, 2017 5:47 pm

As we kiss I grind my thigh between hers against her pussy. Soon she is rocking her hips up to get more stimulation. I purse my tongue out and leaving a line of saliva lick my way slowly down her chin and neck. I stop at each nipple to give them a long suck into my mouth and run my tongue around them. Then down the soft skin of her firm belly stopping again to tongue fuck her navel. I hear a new sound and out of the corner of my eye and see you, Belle, standing beside her bed. You have one hand inside your top pinching your right nipple and your right hand under your skirt pushing your black thong to one side so you can feel your hard wet clit. I go back to licking my way down Lu, leaving her naval and sliding my tongue through the fine black pussy hairs until I get to her wet lips. She opens her legs wide and I lean foreward. She makes a light whimper as my tongue darts out to taste her sweet nectar.

I lick her pussy in long slurps, starting at the bottom and sliding slowly up to her clit where I stop and suck it into my mouth and nibble it with my teeth. Two of my fingers push into her cunt hole and fuck her gently. Looking up I see her eyes are closed and she hasn't seen you yet. Her one hand is guiding my head while the other pulls and twists her hard long nipple.

"That's it, babe, eat that gorgeous pussy". you say and she starts beneath me. Letting go of my head she she sees you holds her hand out to you. You pull your hand from your crotch and touch it to her lips. Taking your fingers in she makes a loud sucking sound then licks and rolls her tongue over them.

"Ummm That tastes good" she says with wide dark eyes. You step out of your short skirt and pushing the thong down kick it off too. Pulling your top up and off you lean over her face so she can suck your tits. I go back to eating her hot pussy as she suckles your nipples and touches you gently on your thigh. Sliding her hand upward she covers your pussy with it then kneads the wet hot lips with her palm. As you start to rock on her hand she groans and rewards my hard licking with her hot pussy juices.

I rise wiping my mouth with the back of my hand and watch as she goes from breast to breast kissing and sucking your nipples. Her hand grinds into your wet cunt as you rock foreward to get all the feeling you can. I roll off her and kneeling behind you pull your firm asscheeks apart. Now you have two of us to complete your pleasure. Lu uses both hands on you now, one on your clit and the other finger fucking your wet cunt. "Wait," you say and get onto the bed with Lu and swing your leg over her head. I watch with joy as you lower your pussy to her hungry lips. I see her tongue snake out and she takes great delight in covering you with her mouth. You lean over lying on top of her enabling me to get back to what I had in mind. I join the two of you on the bed and bury my face between your asscheeks. Holding them apart with my thumbs I press my tongue against you. I lick slowly around the rim then pursing my tongue push it into you. I stab quickly at your bumhole as Lu eats your wonderfully wet pussy.

I back off to look at the exciting sight of the two of you. "Isn't she terrific Lu? She has the most wonderful cunt." I say. Lu only nods and continues on your clit with her tongue. I go back to tongue fucking and licking your beautiful asshole until Lu has you gyrating and moaning. I can feel your body tense then you groan and Lu gasps from the pleasure of having given you a powerful orgasm. Smiling I sit up and watch as she licks the last of your lust then I kiss her pushing my tongue deep into her mouth so we can trade the tastes of you. Then I turn to you and pulling you against me push my tongue between your lips. "Babe, show her how wonderful she tastes," Lu says huskily.

Lu visits part 1
Posted:Jun 15, 2014 7:18 pm
Last Updated:Nov 11, 2017 6:48 pm

Lu is so gorgeous. Her breasts are firm, not large but ample. I envision her nipples long and so suckable with a dark areola that makes her tits so inviting. She has been widowed for a long time and I imagine she has relied on toys for self pleasure. I see her with a wonderful little egg vibe on her clit as she fucks her cunt with her fingers. She lies there with the egg exciting her clit and her fingers sliding in and out as her dark titties crave a mouth to suck and tug at the nipples. Standing in the doorway I watch as she pleases herself, hearing the soft buzz of the vibe and her sweet moans. I unbuckle my jeans and slide the fly down and as they fall around my ankles I push my briefs with them. With my cock in my hand I start to stroke as she continues not knowing she is being watched and so adored. As my cock gets wetter it starts to make a slushy sound and she opens her eyes and seeing me smiles and opens her thighs wider so I can see more of her pussy with the vibe teasing her hard clit.
"Oh wow, How long have you been watching?" she asks and takes her fingers out of her cunt and holds them out for my mouth.
I cannot answer as I take her juucy fingers between my lips and lick her pussy taste form them.
She leans foreward and my cock easily presses between her lips as the buzz of the vibe never stops.
"Oh babe, I love this vibe so much."
I take the vibe to free up her hand and as I nestle it against her clit she cradles my balls on one hand and with the other takes my cock and guides it to her sexy lips. Once inside her mouth her tongue laves and runs over the head as I finger fuck her cunt with one hand and rub the vibrator over her clit. She soon starts to shake and buck as she starts to cum. She squeezes my nuts and her body shakes until she has finished and she starts to relax. I take the vibe away and she moves her head back to catch her breath.
With her mouth gone my cock is ready for me. I touch the vibrating egg to the head and rub it around it as she rubs my shaft and tugs at my nutsac. It is a wonderfully new experience for me to have a vibrator on my cock and the sensations are tremendous.
"Oh fuck cum for me babe. Shoot your stuff on my tits." With that she takes the vibe in her soft hand and massages my cockhead with it. I look into her sexy eyes and she has so much lust for me, as I do for her. She runs one hand up and down the shaft of my cock and the other holds the vibe giving me a whole new world of feeling.
"Oh fuck Lu, i'm cuming and she aims my cock at her tits and gives the head a long lick as it starts to spurt. She guides the vibe over the head as the spasms wrack my body then as I start to relax she turns the vibrator off and lets my cock shrink in her hand. I let her lie on her back then lean over her and lick all the cum I can from her tits as she holds my head and hair telling me how hot it was and how she enjoyed making me cum. When I have laved her tits I put my lips to hers and as our tongues play I feel her taught nipples against my chest and smile.....

Posted:Jun 9, 2014 7:30 pm
Last Updated:Apr 16, 2017 7:18 pm

Laying alone on the couch he closed his eyes and dozed. As his mind became filled with thoughts of sex they quickly turned to sexy exciting Belle. He could see her in his mind, sitting at work in her office all alone. She takes a quick look at his last email and as she reads it she cannot leave it. It describes to her how he had a shower alone and how wonderful it felt to think of her and jerk off with the spray of the shower hitting his cockhead making the sensations so undescribable. She reaches under her desk and lifting her short skirt pushed her thong aside to expose her wet and lucious cunt. Two fingers slide into her wet hole and her thumb rides over her clit. She reads and dubs and her fingers fuck her wetness.

Of course his cock hardens and needs to be pleasured. He unbuckles his jeans and pushes down the fly and eases them down kicking them off. His briefs follow along with his t-shirt. Lying naked he turns on the TV and pushes in a DVD of his favorite porn where two women are making out. They kiss at great length and rub each others breasts and nipples. When one lies down and the other nestles between her smooth thighs to eat her he cannot wait and with his hard cock in his clenched fist strokes slowly. The audio is just perfect and their moans of pleasure fill the room. He reaches for his butt plug and lube. Watching the two on the screen he spreads some lube over the surface and raising his ass eases the tip of the butt plug into his asshole. It enters easily and he slides it all the way in. Inspired by the women and their moans of pleasure he fucks his ass slowly with it for a few strokes then pushes it in all the way and lies back with it inside his tight asshole.

With his ass taken care of he finds the nifty little egg shaped vibrator and with the control in one hand touches the egg to his hard wet cockhead. He turns it on the first speed and the gentle buzz sound mixes with his low moan as his prick responds to the vibrations. He runs it over his cockhead and as the precum dribbles from the tiny hole at the tip he turns it up and it stimulates him even more.

The two women on the screen now are in a passionate 69 eating each other and one has a giant dildo fucking the other as she licks her friend's clit. He watches fascinated as his ass twitches with the butt plug and the vibrator gyrates on his wet cockhead. His mind sees wonderful Belle, her pussy so wet as she reads his story and her fingers explore her wet cunt finding all the right spots and making Belle moan loudly as she fingers herself under her desk.

He slides the viberating egg around his hard cock head then down the shaft to excite his balls and along the soft skin to his asshole until it presses against the butt plug. The vibrations travel through the plug and into his ass and he groans loudly. Then with pleasure he brings the vibe back to his cockhead and runs it around the tip till the vibrations have his cock trembling and spasming and as the juices shoot from the little hole he takes the shaft of his cock and jerks of with such gusto groaning Belle's name and remembering how she felt as she read his shower story. As the two women on TV cum together so does he and he lies there exhausted with his cum all over his belly and thighs. He turns off the viberator and lies back with his ass still stuffed with the butt plug and turns the TV off with his remote and thinks of Belle with her pussy so wet and open for her fingers as she masturbates with him......Reaching down he runs his fingers through the cum on his stomach and brings them to his lips.. He slowly slides two cum covered fingers into his mouth and his tongue cleans them off and with the taste on his lips and tongue slowly dozes into a sleep and dream..

Hey Heated Affairs has improved IM
Posted:May 28, 2014 7:33 pm
Last Updated:Jul 13, 2014 6:34 pm

Now I can't get on at all. Am I the only one? Got to love progress and improvements and software updates. Now where am I going to cam?

in the mirror
Posted:May 27, 2014 7:52 pm
Last Updated:May 28, 2014 7:31 pm

The reflection in the mirror shows me standing naked, my cock has hardened and the head pushes against the foreskin anxious for the feel of a hand to pleasure it. I reach down cupping my balls tugging the soft skinned sac downward stretching the skin on my cock downward even more. The head now exposed glistens from the droplets of precum that have dribbled from the little tiny hole in the head. I slide my hand upward fron the nutsac and close my fist around the shaft. As I slide upward and get close to the head I squeeze tightly and more precum oozes from the tiny hole. Now well lubbed with my own juices I grip tightly and slide the foreskin down exposing the head, purple/red and shining with the juices from within Opening my laptop I go to my hotmail and look through the messages then settle on the one "I like to watch" I see you watching me as I rub my still cock and the thought excites me greatly. I envision you with your legs spread, knees raised, your hand covering your hot pussy. A finger pushes into you and your other hand covers your clit. You finger fuck your hot pussy hole as you strum your clit. I can hear the juices slush against your fingers as I rub my cock. Maybe its my juices that make the sound I hear as I am so wet and ready to cum soon. I watch in the mirror as I jerk off my hand moving over my cock pulling the foreskin along up and down running it over the sensative head making me moan aloud. "Oh Belle, fuck your hot cunt with your fingers and watch me as I cum for you." You start to groan and your hand works faster, your fingers rub your clit harder as you raise your hips to get more of the sensations.
I feel the buildup in my balls and stroke harder, watching my every movement in the full length mirror until with a loud groan I start to cum. I pull the foreskin back hard and my hand strokes over the bare head. It is so sensative now and as I start to ejaculate I moan your name again as the cum spurts from the head of my cock and splashes against the mirror. The image becomes blurred as my cum covers my reflection but I keep cumming until my knees weaken and my cock is spent. I stumble to the bed and sit as my mind reels with the wision of you wracked with spasms of an equally wonderfully powerful orgasm. You close your legs slowly and pull your hands away, looking at the ceiling with that same glassy look that I have.
Pizza Delivery to my Hotel room
Posted:May 19, 2014 7:27 pm
Last Updated:May 26, 2014 7:21 pm

I Lie on the bed after the shower and close my eyes. Soon thoughts of lovely sexy Belle fill my mind. I feel my cock grow and harden again. I slide my hand down my naked chest and rub the foreskin over the head. It grows wet and my balls feel full again. Just as I start to feel the pleasure again there is a knock on the door.

"Damn I forgot about the pizza".

I quickly put on my blue jeans, not bothering with briefs. I slip into my shirt and leaving it unbuttoned open the door. The delivery person is a younger looking guy and he comes in and puts the pizzza on a table. He looks at me and sees the way my hard cock is pushing out the front of my jeans. "Looks like your mind is full of happy thoughts", he grins. "Yes I was thinking about someone special and this is usually the result when I think of her", I blush.

"I better help you relax", he says as he comes over and pulls down the fly of my jeans. My cock springs out and he kneels and unsnaps the snap. "Ummm, uncut. I like those most of all. The head is so sensative for my tongue."

He slides my jeans down till they are in a pile around my ankles. Then he cradles my balls in the palm of his left hand and his right slides the foreskin away from the now glistening head. I feel his hot breath as he leans foreward then feel his tongue on the head. We are in front of the full length mirror and I look and see his tongue travelling over the head. He licks it first like an ice cream cone then covers it with his lips and slides his mouth foreward. until just the head is inside. Now he swirls his tongue around the head again awakening all the nerves in the it. All the while his left hand kneads my nuts and tugs them downward. Then he slides my cock farther into his mouth until the head reaches his throat. I feel him move his throat muscles then he pushes down hard and takes me all the way in. He pauses and moves his throat muscles again teasing my cockhead. I groan from the new feelings of having someone do that. He backs off slowly and when it is all the way out of his mouth, he slides his tongue along the shaft licking his way to my nuts. Watching our reflection in the full length mirror I imagine you, Belle, are there watching as he sucks and works my stiff cock. You sit in the armchair out of our sight but can see us in the mirror. I wish you could join us but have to be content to imagine you sitting there with your eyes glued to our reflection in the mirror and your fingers pleasuring your wet beautiful pussy.

He takes one of my balls inside his mouth and rolls it around as his hand strokes along the shaft and rubs the head. He alternates both balls getting the skin very wet with his spital then licks back up the shaft and purses his lips and takes me into his mouth again. I feel his tongue on the head then he swallows the whole cock again. He backs off slowly letting his teeth drag along the shaft as he withdraws it from his mouth. The feeling nearly sends me screaming. Then with gusto he takes me back in so the head is in his throat again and fucks it hard using his throat muscles to massage the head as he moves his face to slide over it.

"Oh fuck, Belle, I'm cumming, I'm cumming" I groan as I start to release my lusty juice into his throat. He gags slightly then starts swallowing frantically. I imagine you in the mirror thrusting your finger into your pussy and your other hand's forefinger strums your perky clit. You have one leg draped over each arm of the armchair and your open pussy is clearly visable. "Yes Baby, fuck your hot cunt and watch me get sucked. Let's cum together."

The pizza man gives my nutsac a tender tug and lets the head drag slowly out of his mouth licking with his tongue as my cock slides out over it. He pauses when just the head is in and gives it a long pleasurable swirl of his tongue then he lets it out with a plop.

He looks up and says "That was awesome".

"More so for me". I say as he wipes his face with the back of his hand and soon he is gone and I am there in the hotel room alone again with thoughts of wonderfull, exciting, sexy Belle.
I love masturbating on cam
Posted:May 11, 2014 8:12 pm
Last Updated:Aug 8, 2014 10:13 am

Do you??? or do you like watching. Do you like watching a guy or do you like watching a woman?
In a hotel room dreaming
Posted:May 10, 2014 8:33 pm
Last Updated:May 12, 2014 7:22 pm

I get back to the hotel after doing all the service calls for the day. It feels so good to just crash but I feel rather sweaty so decide to shower. First though I open my laptop and sign on to hotmail and read the wonderfully hot episode from Belle,"I want You" I read of her lying being eaten by sexy Sue as I watch then I fuck Sue's ass and my cock is throbing hard needing attention. I unbutton my shirt and pushing it off unbuckle my belt and unsnap my pants. Pushing them down I stand and remove my socks and push down my shorts. My cock sways standing hard waiting for my hand. I go into the bathroom and lppking over I see myself in the full length mirror. I get into the tub and facing the mirror take my cock in my hand. I slide the foreskin back and the head glistens in the mirror with its wet precum. I rub my palm over the wet head feeling the the nerves awaken as I rub. I rub my balls with my other hand cupping them and feeling their fullness. I wish Belle was here to watch but continue alone. Watching the mirror I see my hand stroke slowly along the shaft, tugging the foreskin downward exposing the head. Then I push it back upward covering the head again. I continue stroking and watching in the mirror. My prick is so hard and my full balls bounce under my other hand as I masturbate.
"Oh god Belle. It feels so good. Watch when I cum. I want to shoot all over your hot tits baby."

In the mirror I see the reflection of you in the main room. You are sitting in the large armchair, your legs open, your one hand holding your thong over so your fingers can rub your clit. You smile at me as I jack off then go back to rubbing your clit, your eyes never leaving the mirror.

Knowing that you are watching excites me even more. I stroke my hand over my cock rubbing the wet head making every nerve ready to cum. My other hand tugs at my balls I feel the pressure build as my cock starts to shoot its load.

"Watch Belle, I'm cuming for you baby." You gyrate in the armchair watching my reflection. Your finger slides into you and rubs your clit as you wtch me.

I start cumming, the first spurts hit the tiled wall and the rest run down my hand and over my balls.

I keep stroking as the cum shoots watching the mirror in fascination as my cumming excites me more. When I have been totally spent I relax and in the mirror watch as my cock slowly shrinks. I put my hand to my mouth and lick the cum from my knuckles and fingers. "Oh Belle, you should taste this."

I turn on the water and leave the shower curtain open so I can watch as I shower and clean off my now flacid cock and happy balls.

I can see the reflection of my Belle as she finishes rubbing her clit and fingering her cunt. She shudders and as she cums she pushes her fingers into her pussy as far as she can before bringing them to her mouth to taste. I watch jealously as she licks her cum form her fingers.

Finishing the shower I towel off and feeling hungry order a pizza...
spring and summer is here yippeeee
Posted:Apr 30, 2014 8:00 pm
Last Updated:May 22, 2014 7:19 pm

Sorry I'm not spending as much time online as I have been. I will read blogs and do some posting of my fantasies whenever I can. Love you all Enjoy the weather.....
Fantasies in the shower
Posted:Apr 20, 2014 6:40 pm
Last Updated:Apr 28, 2014 7:24 pm

I awaken to the music of my clock radio. Opening my eyes I look around. I'm in my bed and it was a dream. It was the most wonderful dream in which I was sleeping and beautiful Belle was sucking my cock and massaging my full nutsac to wake me. I look down at the tent my hard cock makes of the blanket. I reach down and rub the foreskin over the wet head feeling the delicious feelings I had in the dream. "Oh Belle, If only you were here to make it real", I sigh and get up and head to the basement bathroom where my shower is, stopping at the laundry room to push my briefs down and step out of them. Bending to put them in the laundry hamper I wonder what Belle would do if she were behind me looking at my ass as I stoop. How I long for the feel of her hands on my ass teasing me.
In the bathroom I shave quickly and brush my teeth using my free hand to stroke my cock now and then. It stays hard as my mind is filled of the image of hot sexy Belle with her hand around the base and her lips pursed around the head licking slowly.
In the shower I lather all over with soap and rinse off then soak my hair and work up a good lather with shampoo. I rinse it off but keep some lather on my hands and cover my cock and balls with the white foam.

Now my time is here and closing my eyes and envisioning you in front of me watching I run my hand over my chest and downward. Stopping to squeeze each nipple as I would love to squeeze yours, Belle, I move my hand downward until it cups my balls. I give them a gentle squeeze and slide my hand up along the shaft to the wet head hooded in foreskin. I slide the foreskin down and the head gleams in the lights of the bathroom. I adjust the shower so it is a gentle spray and turn into it. The dropplets of water fall and awaken my cock even more. I gasp at the feel of the first drops and holding my cock by the shaft below the head move it slowly under the spray. As the spray hits the head and runs along the shaft and my hand I clench my eyes shut dreaming of you standing in front of me watching as the water massages my cockhead. "Oh Belle, I wish you were here jerking me off." I groan as the water is making my hard cock dribble precum which mixes with the shower spray and runs down my cock. I stand back from the spray and rub my finger over the small hole at the tip of my cock and bring it to my lips to have a taste of what I wish you were tasting right now. "Ummm you could be savouring this taste and sucking my hard cock while the shower soaks us" Then with a need to cum I stand facing the spray again and with one hand start to jerk off hard and fast while I adjust the spray to fall harder on my cock and rapidly moving hand. Feeling the familiar feeling as the blood rushes to my cock and my balls getting ready to release their heavy load I open my eyes and can almost see the vision of you through the steamy glass of the shower door. Then with my fist moving hard on my cock I fell the weakness in my legs as my cock starts to spurt into the shower spray. I move my hand more slowly now savouring the feeling as the water falls on the head and my hand moves along the shaft coaxing the last shots of cum out of my prick and I watch as it mixes with the water and goes down the drain.
Now my knees feel really weak and I lean against the shower wall and turn off the water. As I regain my composure I open the shower door and get out to towel off. I feel so good having just had such a powerful orgasm and my head full of the vision of beautiful sexy Belle. Jacking me off with one hand and with her other she rubs her pussy making me so pleased.
Daydreaming of sexy Belle
Posted:Apr 10, 2014 7:10 pm
Last Updated:Apr 20, 2014 8:17 am

I lie back and unzip my fly. Reaching in I take my cock out and rub the foreskin over the sensative head as you watch. Your dark eyes have a burning gaze as the wet head protrudes with every stroke of my hand, tugging the foreskin down to expose the wet head with it's precum glistening. You lift your short skirt exposing the thong with your pussy lips pushing it out. Now with my eyes glued to your crotch I jack of faster, my fist gripping my hardon rubbing it as I moan your name. "Oh fuck Belle, you are so beautiful, rub your self. Cum for me. I want to taste your cum juice on your fingers." You push the thong to one side and your fingers open your pussy lips rubbing your clit and with the other hand your fingers slide inside the treasure I so like to lick and fuck.
You finger fuck your wet pussy as I jack off watching you. Our eyes are on each other's genitals as we pleasure ourselves. Me jerking off and you fingering your pussy and rubbing your hot clit. I so want to lean between your thighs and lick that beautiful clit.
You look at me, "hey babe do you want to eat me?" you ask.
That's all it takes, I lean foreward and as my face nears your fragrent cunt I inhale and my cock twitches with the excitement of touching you and making you cum. "Oh babe, eat my wet cunt." you hiss as I stab at you with the tip of my tongue. My cock, now so hard nearly ejaculates as I press against you, licking, tongue fucking, wanting you to cum
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