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Alone Together Part 11
Posted:Aug 22, 2015 6:21 pm
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2016 6:49 pm

I lean between your open thighs and you lift your legs and put your feet on my shoulders so your thighs are parted as far as possible. I blow gently at your moist bush and some of the water droplets evaporate. You take a deep breath feeling my warm breath on you there. Then you reach down and open your silky pussy lips for me and say "ummm Eat my cunt. Don't tease me and make me wait" I look into your pink pussy with your fingers holding the lips apart and move into it. My tongue touches the bottom just under the hole and I stab into you. It enters you and I push into your wet pussy as far as I can. It is sweet and clean after our shower and I enjoy it immensely. You push your feet on either side of my neck and I lift my head slightly so my tongue slips out of your cunt and I lick upward. The clit stands hard and ready glistening with precum and I touch the tip of it with the tip of my tongue. I roll it around on the tip of my tongue then press my face in, and in hard strokes cover it from bottom to tip licking hard. You squirm your ass on the counter top and I feel your feet on my neck...I run my tongue around your clit savouring the sounds that you make as I enjoy you. As I lick up and down your clit I bring my hand under my chin and slide two fingers into your wet cunt. You squeeze my neck with your feet as I slide the fingers in past the knuckles. I rub the inside upper wall of your pussy as I press my tongue against your clit. You pull your pussy lips apart as if to give me better access and I purse my lips and suck your clit between them. Running my tongue over the tip I suck on it and finger fuck your hot pussy hole. I open my eyes and look upward and can see your face is lost in the pleasure you feel. Rewarded I suck harder and lick over your clit then let it slip from my lips and slide my tongue over it and around it as my fingers move inside you. I feel you move your hips to meet my fingers as I stab them into you. With a loud groan you start to shake and I feel your clit quiver as you start to cum. I lick more slowly and keep my fingers inside you just rubbing the inside as you go through what is obviously a great orgasm. As you groan and shudder your feet go limp against my neck and as I slide my fingers out there is fresh cum on them. I slide my tongue from your sensitive clit and cover your wet hole with my mouth and kiss it l then I stick my tongue into you tasting your fresh juices as you start to recover.
I rise and you sit there panting. I rise and put my arms around you and pull you from the vanity top and back to stand on the floor. We hold each other close feeling so good and then we kiss again and hold on to each other tightly. I run my hands down your back as your tongue pokes into my mouth and your hands travel down my sides and one of them takes hold of my hard cock......
Alone Together Part 10
Posted:Aug 7, 2015 8:01 pm
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2016 6:49 pm

The bathroom is full of steam, I like to think that it is from our steamy sex and from your hot body but the hot water from the shower probably made a lot of it. I gaze into your eyes happily feeling so good from having cum inside you and making you cum. We put our arms around each other and kiss, a long passionate kiss with our tongues reaching into each other's mouth. Your breasts push into my chest and i love the feel of your body against mine. Your nipples pushing into me. Our hands caress our shoulders and backs as our lips mesh and we feel the pleasure of being so close.
As the steam disapates we start to feel a chill and move apart and reach for towels. I start on you, dabbing the water droplets from your cheeks and neck then over your shoulders and over your exciting chest. I spend lots of time on your breasts, not that they are more wet but that I enjoy touching you so much. Then I slide the towel over the soft smooth skin of your tummy and down to where your soft hairs are covered with pearly droplets of water. I think of licking them away and pass your crotch to your thighs and down your legs. You turn around and I do your back, enjoying the small of your back that is so soft and tender and over your firm ass cheeks and gently through the crack. I open the cheeks and slide my finger over the tight pucker of your asshole and think of pushing inside but decide to wait. After I finish your legs you say it is time to do me. You turn back to face me and with a towel wipe the water off my chest and down to where my cock hangs limp now having had the pleasure of feeling the inside of your pussy. You wipe me dry and I turn around so you do my back. After I am dry we step out of the tub and stand back and look at each other. "Hummmm, I missed a spot" I say pointing to the water droplets on your thin glistening bush. "Well, what do you have in mind?" you ask. With that I take you under your arms and lift you up and sit you on the bathroom vanity next to the sink. You open your thighs and I kneel and lean foreward to finish the job.....
Alone Together Part 9
Posted:May 18, 2015 7:46 pm
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2016 6:48 pm

Holding you tightly to me under the shower I get my breath back. I feel your breasts against my chest as I hold you and you tilt your head back a bit so I can cover your mouth with mine. We rock together under the spray holding each other close and enjoying the warmth of the water and the awesome feel of each others' wet skin. Our kiss is gentle at first but as we rock and our tongues wrestle our breathing gets more laboured and my hand travels down your back to cup you asscheeks and I pull you to me. My thigh slips between yours and I massage you by moving it from side to side rubbing your sweet pussy lips over your clit which I am sure is hard and throbbing. I feel your hand between us and it closes around my cockhead rubbing it gently. I respond by pushing my tongue as far as I can into your mouth and increasing the pressure on your pussy with my thigh. You move your head away to catch your breath and I lick along your wet neck to your chest and suck on first one nipple then the other covering as much of your tit as I can and licking around the nipple and over the tip with my tongue. Then sliding my mouth away and sucking hard on just the nipple. I move my hand beside yours between us and push your pussy lips apart and slide a finger into you. I move it in and out and use my thump to rub your hard clit. You move your hips pushing against my hand to get more finger as I finger fuck you. "I want you inside me" you moan and turn around and lean foreward and lean against the tiles. The spray hits your back just above your ass and runs down the firm cheeks of your gorgeous ass. I watch and admire how beautiful your body looks like this. The I lean foreward and press against you from behind. You use one hand for support against the tiles and with the other reach between your legs and holding my cock guide it to your hot hole. The head nudges inside and we pause there for a second savouring the feeling then you move back and I move foreward and it slides into you all the way. You move your hand to my balls massaging them and tugging at my nutsac as we fuck slowly at first. I pull most of the way out so just the head is in then we come together so it fills you. As we move together I reach around and take your breasts in my hands I squeeze and tug at your nipples as we move together. The water sprays down hitting your ass and running between us as we fuck running down our legs and dripping off your hand that holds my balls playing with them making me nearly scream. I get so turned on playing with your nipples and fucking you from behind that I am close to cuming in no time. I let go of your nipple with my right hand and press my finger against your clit. As I strum it you groan and tug at my balls and push your ass against me to get more of my cock. I slam into you harder now and rub at your clit as the water runs off my knuckles and down to your pussy where my cock is pumping into you. My left hand keeps squeezing your nipple with my thumb and finger. You start to groan that you are going to cum. I feel the pressure in my balls and soon i start to cum inside you. You rub your ass against me and we move together as I feel your pussy spasm and you move your legs as the orgasm overtakes you too. We cum under the warm spray of the shower filling your beautiful pussy and some of it dribbles out and runs down my balls and is washed away by the water. As my spent cock softens and slips out of you you turn the water off and straighten up and turn to face me......... Your smile is so beautiful i just smile and enjoy the moment.
Alone Together Part 8
Posted:Apr 5, 2015 8:01 pm
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2016 6:48 pm

We rest together, I'm not sure how long. All I know is that it is so good feeling you tight against me with your breasts pressing into my chest and your leg over my hip so your pussy is tight against me. We each have our arms stretched over the other's body and you rub my ass slowly. I move my hand along your back caressing the small of your back just above your butt where the skin is so supple. We kiss gently at first then our breathing quickens and we press even more tightly together. You grind your crotch against my hipbone and I feel your hand between us taking my cock and sliding along the shaft, up and down until it is hard and stiff. You slide down and cup my balls tugging them gently foreward stretching the skin of my cock off the head. It glistens with precum becoming wet form the touch of your awesome hand. "Umm you smile, you sure get hard quickly" Must be the exciting hot lady I'm snuggling with" i answer and then I move back and take your hand and help you sit. "Let's take a shower and get some of this sweat and cum off". Holding hands we head for the bathroom.
As I lean over the tub turning on the water and adjusting the temperature I can feel you eyeing my butt and my cock gets even harder. When the water is just right I step in and take your hand as you step into the tub with me. You close the shower curtain and we stand under the spray facing each other. You take the soap and lather my chest running small circles until it is covered with white foam. Then you work downward soaping my cock and balls driving me crazy as you run your hand over my cockhead covering it in lather. You tell me to turn around and you do my back, Paying lots of attention to by ass. and the sensitive area between my legs. You stand back and say "There now you are clean enough for me now rinse." The spray clears all the lather off with the help of your hand rubbing the water over me. Now it is your turn.
I take the soap and cover your shoulders and over your breasts. Your nipples stand hard and pointy and stick through the lather and refuse to be covered. I think it makes you hot and beautiful. I lather down your tummy over your naval and down to the soft fine pussy hairs and run my hand with the soap between your legs over your sweet pussy lips where I had just licked and adored. You squirm as the warm water and soap covers you there. Then you turn around and leave your back to me. I lean over and cover your soft shoulder with my mouth kissing and licking along the shoulder and over your shoulder blades and down the small of your back. Your skin there is so soft and I love the feel of it. I lick and kiss down your back until i get to where your ass crack starts and straighten up and use the soap to cover you. The warm water and soap must feel so good as I hear you moan and move your shoulders. We move together under the spray and get rinsed. As the soap washes off I look down at your naked body. Wow!!! you are so gorgeous, my cock stands at attention as I gaze at your hot bod. You see my excitement and take my cock in your hand and jerk me off as I slip my hand between your thighs and rub your pussy lips against your hard clit. We move together using our hands to give the other pleasure. The look in your eyes makes me so happy I lean foreward and as our lips meet our tongues touch and we nestle together under the warm spray of the water. Then Remembering how you like your tits sucked I lick my way down your chin and across your neck until i get to the beautiful mound. Feeling what I am up to you squeeze my cock tightly and continue the wonderful hand job as my mouth sucks your nipple between my lips. I suck hard and run my tongue over the tip of your nipple and move my hips with your hand as if to fuck it as you jack me off. My finger now slides between your pussy lips and into you feeling the heat and wetness inside you I run my tongue around the nipple feeling it get so hard. Soon I hear you moan and i feel your hips start to move and you stroke my cock faster as I move my hips starting to cum as well. Under the warm spray I lick your nipple and finger fuck your pussy while you cum and you stroke my cock as I shoot my cum into the warm water spray. My knees get week as I cum so intensly from your hand and your orgasm seems to last an eternity but eventually you settle down and let go of my cock and put your arm around me I take you into my arms and we hug as if we can never get close enough as the water sprays over us........
Alone Together Part 7
Posted:Mar 14, 2015 7:38 pm
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2016 6:47 pm

You look into my eyes with such lust and say "Wait, I want to cum all over your cock. Don't cum yet".

You lift your legs and put one on each shoulder. I look down at your wet pussy as my cock moves in and out. Your hand moves down between us and your finger massages your clit as only you know how. I move my cock in and out as you finger yourself. Your moans fill my ears as your finger gets you closer.
"Stay in my cunt babe until I cum." you command and I plunge into you and fill you with my hard cock once more. Your finger moves faster now as does your breathing and I feel your vaginal muscles start to move as you get there. You jump my cock and your finger rides over your clit until you seem exhausted. You scream my name and rub yourself as your orgasm continues.

Then without warning you lower your legs and look at me and say "Ok. pull out and jerk off on my tits. I want to feel your cum on me."

I pull out and as I wrap my hand around my hard cock i find it well lubed with your cum and my juices. I stroke the foreskin over the wet head as you glare into my face waiting. You put one hand on your tit and squeeze your nipple as the other hand cups my balls and tugs them as I jerk off under your gaze. You even move your hand from your tit to your pussy and opening the wet lips slide three fingers inside and start to finger fuck yourself.

It is all too much and my cock is so hard and ready. I run the foreskin over the head and soon it starts to shoot my heavy load. Some land on your chin and neck then as the pressure lessens, on your tits and nipples and finally down your belly. You put your hand on mine for the final strokes and we hold my softening cock together .

You run your finger over your chin and gather some cum and bring it to my lips and I take it into my mouth and suck it clean. Then I lower my face to your chest and lick along your neck and along your tits cleaning up as I go. I leave your nipples for last and suck them into my mouth licking and savouring the taste of my cum as I go. After all the cum has been licked away I bring my mouth to yours.

We kiss gently at first then you move downward and take my limp cock into your mouth and pulling the foreskin away press your tongue against the head. it feels so good as I hold your head against me then you pull away and bring your lips to mine again

We kiss long and hard, tongues pressing together as we relax and regain control of ourselves. I feel your hard nipples like pebbles push into my chest and move my hips to get my soft cock into you as much as I can. we taste each others' juices then just enjoy the feel of our tongues playing in our mouths.

I lean back breaking the wonderful kiss and look down at you, hair spread around your head, eyes dark and filled with happiness and joy as are mine. I move off you and over to lie next to you. You lie on your side and I next to you as close as I can, with my arm over you pulling you close to me and feeling your warmth mix with mine.

We rest for now......
more than 14000
Posted:Mar 7, 2015 7:35 pm
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2015 10:42 am

Holy cow one of my posts has more than 14000 views. Wow
Thank you all I am so honoured and thank the watchers. you are the greatest with your comments....
Alone Together Part 6
Posted:Feb 26, 2015 7:24 pm
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2016 6:46 pm

I lie back taking in the beautiful sight of you, naked, your long hair falling around your shoulders, your breasts heaving with your excited breathing, the nipples on each firm globe hard and probably aching for my hungry mouth. I smile opening my mouth and you lean foreward until I can feel your breasts against my face. One has fallen on each side caressing my cheeks as you move rubbing my face between them. I want to scream from the joy and excitement as I roll my head to one side and take the hard tip of your breast into my mouth. I scrape my teeth along it then run my tongue over the tip licking and savouring its taste and feel. I feel your hand on my cock and know you are aiming it into you as you lower yourself onto me. Closing my eyes I lick my lips and wait as you gently touch the head of my cock to your wet pussy lips. It slides between them as you move downward then it enters the wet warmth that I love so much.

Arching my back as you settle down on top of me I get in as deep as I can. You move your vaginal muscles teasing and playing with my cock inside you as I tug at your nipple with my lips and teeth. You straighten up and look down into my face. "Oh baby I love sucking your tits." I groan.

"Yes I love it too. But I love watching your eyes and face while I ride your cock", you respond. We move our hips slowly in a nice slow rythm each feeling the others pleasure as our expressions give away how we feel. I reach up and tweak your nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, tugging and twisting them gently as you rock on top of me. Your breasts sway with our movements and I am so enthralled with the feelings of pleasure that run through me.

"Belle, let's change and you lie on your back. I want to fill you with my cock while you lay there."

We change positions and with you lying on your back, legs open wide for me I enter you. I move slowly at first feeling the hot wetness of your pussy. You move your hips rising to meet my thrusts as I massage your tits. You reach around my ass and holding on to my cheeks pull me into you with our every stroke.

As our lust and passion builds I feel the pressure build in my balls and know I will come soon... "Baby, do you want me to cum inside you or should I pull out and jerk off and come on your tummy and tits?"
Alone Together part 5
Posted:Feb 13, 2015 6:14 pm
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2016 6:46 pm

With my heart pounding I lie there, you straddling my face with your firm thighs as I tongue fuck your awesome bumhole. It glistens wet with my saliva as I lick around the hole and stab my tongue into it.

You meanwhile have your lips encircling my cock head and your tongue rides over the velvety surface making every nerve ending scream with pleasure. I lift my hips to get more and you hungrily comply, taking my cock deep into your mouth and running your hand along the shaft. Your other hand snakes behind my balls and creeps its way between my ass cheeks to find my asshole. You run circles around it making ever smaller circles until your fingertip rides over the rim only and then with ever so much gentleness it pushes inside. I wait as it slowly slides in until it can go no farther. You rub along the inside finding just that right spot and as your fingertip massages that special place I squirm and moan with sheer pleasure.

I increase my attention on your ass, licking around it and when your are sufficiently wet I bring my finger to my mouth and soak it with my saliva and touch it to your bum hole. As the tip penetrates you flinch and I stop until you are used to the new intrusion. I feel your hips relax and slide it in a tad farther until with no effort it is all the way in. We explore each others' ass with our fingers as you take my cock in your mouth licking and fucking it.

I move my face downward to find your pussy wet and ready, the lips swollen with the need to cum. I lick along the outside of them, first on one side then the other, then with a lusty need press between them to find your clit, hard and waiting for me. I lick it with gusto, pressing my tongue against it then moving my tongue around it and then pushing against it with the tip of my tongue again.

With all the tongue work we give to each other and the excitement of the "forbidden" ass play we are both close to cuming.

I move my face away and look through your thighs at your face devouring my cock. "Belle let's fuck. I want to feel my cock in your beautiful cunt. I want to cum in you and feel your juices all over my prick.

Reluctantly you let my cock slide from your sweet sexy lips and turn around so your pussy is hovering over my cock. ......
Alone together Part 4
Posted:Feb 8, 2015 6:43 pm
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2016 6:45 pm

We lie next to each other, our bodies snuggled close as our mouths are locked in a lustful kiss, tongues thrashing into each other's mouth. As our bodies rub together my cock hardens between us pressing against you. I feel your hand push between us than it closes around my cockhead squeezing gently. I know that there is precun dribbling out into the palm of your hand lubricating it as it starts to slide down along the shaft pulling the foreskin away and downward. Then you slide your hand upward bringing the foreskin with it covering the head again. The feeling is exquisite.

"God Belle, You have such marvelous touch." I gasp breaking our kiss.

"Babe, I want to suck your cock." you say as you crawl over and straddling my chest with your thighs lean over my groin. I feel your hot pussy against my chest and your beautiful long hair dangling across my thighs. The feel of your soft hair on my skin is so erotic. But nothing compared to when you take my cock in both hands and stroke downward until the purple head is exposed wet and glistening. Next the tip of your tongue touches the little hole in the head where the cum is seeping out. You lick, pressing your tongue against the head and around it as I try to lift my hips to get more. Opening your lips you slide my cock in, tongueing is as it moves into your mouth.

"Ahhhh Belle, suck my cock, fuck your mouth with it, it feels so good. Use your teeth."

You lower your head taking my cock in then close your teeth against the shaft and withdraw slowly using your teeth against it. When your teeth get to the head and scrape against it I nearly scream in ecstsasy. You take my nuts in your hand fondling them as your awesome mouth pleasures my cock. Then you release my cock and take my nutsac into your mouth. You roll the balls around one at a time as only one fits in your mouth at a time. I lie back feeling like I will totally lose it as you work so hard to give me such pleasure.

As you move your body administering to my cock and balls your tight asshole hovers over my face. I watch as the pink hole seems to open and close as you move.

"Baby I want to lick your asshole, please let me use my tongue up there."

I hear a muffled grunt and am unsure what you said but bring my face against you. I snake my tongue out and dab it against your tight pucker. The first feel of your bumhole on my tongue makes me hunger for more. I push against you licking long strokes over the opening and along the crack. You press down against my face and give my balls a tug as you take my cock into your mouth once more. You lick the head awakening every nerve and making the cum dribble even more out of the tiny hole. I want so much to cum and shoot into your mouth as you lick and suck my cock.

My tongue rides aross your tight asshole and over the crack then I purse the tip and press it into your tight bum. The feel is new for me and I am so excited with this new naughty and very lusty feeling. I tongue fuck your tight ass as you rub my nuts and lick my cock... I feel your finger slip from my nuts between my legs to find my tight bumhole and know what is to come.....

Alone Together Part 3
Posted:Jan 26, 2015 7:44 pm
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2016 6:45 pm

We rest breifly, our breathing returns to normal and we feel so good laying against each other our skins exchanging our heat and the wonderful feel of each other's naked body.

I look over and you are lying on your back, chest moving slowly up and down, my cum still glistening on your tummy and breasts. Your nipples still hard and pointy making my mind want to suck them.

I lift myself on one arm and leaning over take one nipple between my lips. You moan softly and I feel your hand on the back of my neck encouraging me. (As If I need encouraging) I suck your nipple as far as I can between my lips running my tongue over it, tasting my cum and starting to feel the blood flow into my cock hardening it once more. It isn't long before I start to lave your tummy with my tongue licking the seeds of my lust that was splashed there from your jerking me off as you fucked my bum with your strap on. The thought of that act has my cock totally hard again and it presses against your thigh as I lean over you licking and kissing your stomach. You slide your finger over one of your breasts and bring it to your sweet lips licking my cum as well.

Withdrawing your finger from between your lips your husky sexy voice asks "Why is it we cannot get enough of each other?"

I have no answer and continue licking my way from your left breast across your tummy to where the smooth skin of your thighs invite me. Instinctively you open your legs to accomodate my head and I nestle between them and inhale your wonderful womanly scent. With the taste of my cum on my mouth I lean foreward and as my tongue touches you there I feel the excitement we both experience. My tongue pushes between your smooth shaven lips and I stab at your hot hole. Pushing in as far as I can I try to tongue fuck you. I use my thumbs to open your lips so I can press in farther. I feel your hand on my cock as I stab into you with my tongue. As my exitement builds I use two fingers to fuck your wetness and lick your hard clit. My knuckles rub my chin as the fingers move in and out while I lick at your clit, first licking around it and pressing my tongue against the tip. Then I purse my lips and suck it between them as you would suck my cock pulling at it while my tongue slides over the end.

I move my head up to look at you and say "Beautiful Belle, Your pussy is so wonderful, Play with your tits and nipples while I enjoy you." Your hands cover your breasts, I hear your soft sighs as the fingers and thumbs squeeze and tug, doing to your nipples what I love to do. I go back to licking your clit as you lift your hips to meet my tongue. My fingers slide in and out of you as I grin enjoying the pleasure I must be giving you.

Then as your hips move faster I hear a groan and feel your hand on my neck pushing my face into you. Relishing the thought that you are coming I lick and move my fingers faster until you start to shudder and buck as your hips thrash against the bed while I lick you to a wonderfully satisfying orgasm.

"Oh god Belle, I can't get enough of you either. I could lick your pussy for hours. You are so hot and exciting." I look at you with your knees raised, your thighs open and your breasts moving with your breathing, your long hair fanned out around your head and have the irrestible urge to kiss you. I move around and when we are next to each other take your face between my hands and as our lips touch push my tongue to find yours. The kiss is long and lusty, our lips grinding and tongues searching as we cuddle, each holding the other close and feeling that special feeling......

Alone Together Part 2
Posted:Jan 17, 2015 7:14 pm
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2016 7:06 pm

I am sorry I have been away for so long. I so enjoy writing my fantasies and reading your wonderful comments.

My finger teases your clit, pressing against it, rubbing it as your soft hand covers the head of my cock inside my briefs. Hastily, with my free hand I push them down until they cascade around my ankles. You pull your hand from my cock and with your thumbs in the elastic, ease the thong, with its crotch, wet from having my finger rub your pussy and clit coaxing the juices into it.

Naked we face each other. As if with magnetism our lips come together, our tongues pressed inside the other's mouth. I feel your hard nipples against me and run my hands over your ass cheeks. You do the same, your fingers running over the globes of my ass, pulling them apart until your index finger rims my tight butt hole. From my reaction and gasps you know i'm enjoying your finger there.

"Oh Belle, that feels so good. I love the way you touch my ass like that."

"Close your eyes" you say huskily, "I have a surprise for you."

With eyes firmly shut I feel you slip away. I stand there in the silence with only my excited heart pounding until I hear your voice laden with lust "Ok baby, what do you think?"

I open my eyes and the sight makes my cock throb and my heart pound even harder. You stand there with a broad smile and your dark eyes betray the enormous lust you feel. Your breasts heave with every deep breath and around your hips is a strapon with a black plastic cock. "It also has a small butterfly vibrator that presses against my clit. We can both feel the vibrations as I fuck your ass."

Without a word I move over to the bed and lie down with my legs high in the air and open. You move close and with kneel before me with your face close to my ass and balls. I wait and take my cock in hand as I feel your hands pull the cheeks apart. Gasping I rub the head of my cock as I feel your hot breath then your tongue at my bum hole. You lick around it laving and lubing it with your sweet saliva then your tongue penetrates gently. You tongue fuck my ass slowly then I feel your mouth move away and your tongue is replaced by your finger. It slides in easily and the sensation has my cock dribbling precum onto my hand.

"Ummm baby, I think you are sufficiently warmed up there and ready for my cock" you say rising. With my knees draped over your shoulders you have my ass in perfect position. You apply some lube to your cock and spread some around my butt hole then holding on to my hips you press the head in. It glides in easily and you pause waiting for me to get used to the intrusion. Then you gently ease foreward until I have taken all of your cock in. You stop and replace my hand on my cock with your right one, squeezing the head, milking the precum as it runs down your wrist. Then you start a slow rythm, fucking my ass and jerking off my cock. As you move i see your left hand holding a remote and it turns on the small vibrator that presses against your clit inside the strapon. Your breathing betrays the sensation you feel there.

Too soon the feel of your cock in my ass and your hand jerking me off have me close. You feel it too and as the little butterfly vibe buzzes on your clit, you fuck my hard, pushing in until your hips slap against my asscheeks, then pulling out until just the head rests inside. You seem to gather speed as we near our climax and my cock is the first to let go. The cum jets out and lands on my stomach. You move your hand along it and aim it at your body so the droplets land on your tits and on your stomach. As my cum shoots all over your breasts you start to cum too, shuddering and moaning my name as you jab the cock into my ass. You keep jerking me off until my cock has been completely spent and starts to soften in your wonderful hand. Letting it go you pull your cock from my ass and fall to your knees clutching the strapon where the butterfly vibe is working your clit. You manage to turn it off and as I put my legs down, lean against me gasping.

We both catch our breath and while I crawl up onto the bed to lie you remove the strapon and come and lie next to me. I look down at the cum on your tits and stomach and your satisfied smile and feel so very contented.

I look into your dark wonderous eyes and whisper "Je t'adore aussi, ma Belle."
Happy Thanksgiving
Posted:Nov 27, 2014 6:55 pm
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2015 6:39 pm


To all the cool Americans that I have been fortunate enough to come to know over the years....
Alone together Part 1
Posted:Nov 23, 2014 7:20 pm
Last Updated:Apr 16, 2017 8:25 pm

On meeting our kiss is passionate and lustful, tongues playing tag as we hold each other close, me pulling your chest against mine until I feel your hard nipples against me. My cock hardens and your hands on my ass pull our groins together until you feel my hardness against you.

"Oh Belle, how I've missed your touch." I say, breaking the kiss and pulling your top up and over your head. Your tits stand firm in your bra as I look adoringly at them. 'I bet you don't need a bra' I think to myself as I reach behind you searching for the clasp. Unhooking it the bra falls fore ward and you hunch your shoulders as it comes away from your beautiful breasts. I stand back and look at you, dear Belle, your hair falling around your shoulders and dark eyes with a glint of mischevious fire with your breasts free and hard nipples standing out as if waiting for my hungry mouth.

You take the hem of my t-shirt and pull it up and over my head tossing it aside as I take you back into my arms. Our lusty mouths come together again, lips grinding and tongues searching as I feel your hands on my belt buckle. It comes free and the jeans are unsnapped and you guide the fly down as I fumble under your short skirt finding the wetness of your pussy pressing agaisnt your thong. You push the jeans downward and I step out of them as I in turn push your skirt down your hips and it cascades around your feet. You cover my cock with your hand through my shorts and rub over the length of it teasing me until I groan.. "Put your hand inside and jerk me off, Belle, please you are making me crazy."

My eyes see stars as I feel your hand creep between the elastic waistband and my groin then I feel you close around my cock stroking me as only you do. I push my hand inside the elastic of your thong and feel the wetness of your pussy lips as I search until my fingers glide between the smooth shaven lips to find your clit so hard and ready. I rub your clit with the tip of my finger then slide it down to enter your wet hole. It slides in easily as I explore your inner heat feeling around until you are squirming and rubbing my cock with wild abandon.

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