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Posted:Apr 1, 2008 7:44 pm
Last Updated:Apr 5, 2008 9:52 am

I made some friends on this site. I think that is the coolest thing. They seem to be awesome people. (You know who you are) And I am having the time of my life messaging and blogging and just having someone with the same interests that I have. Someone with whom I can say how I feel and think and what I like and not have to worry about whether they will be offended or think less of me. I'm just me this is it and changing is not an option. Finding great friends is.

Thank you for connecting with me and making me feel this good. May I add as much to your days as you do to mine. If we ever meet bonous if we just remain online friends fantastic. Thanks for being there.

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Earth Hour
Posted:Mar 30, 2008 9:59 am
Last Updated:Apr 5, 2008 5:40 pm

Her house is dark as I make my way to the faint glow coming from the open bathroom door. As I enter I see a candle on a stool and three more around the rim of her bathtub. They give off a faint lavender scent and a dim orange light making the athmosphere just perfect. She sits in the tub with water and soap bubbles covering her to just above her breasts. With deliberate slowness I unbutton my shirt and let it fall. She runs her tongue along her upper lip as she gazes at me and anticipates what is making the bulge in my jeans.
Posted:Mar 29, 2008 5:12 pm
Last Updated:Apr 4, 2008 9:59 pm

She rolls over and presses her back against me. She is hot and damp from the sweat of our lustful exertions. I press agaist her feeling the firmness of her ass against my hips, my cock still glistening with the mix of our juices pressed against her cheeks. I put an arm around her and cover one breast with my hand, rubbing her hard nipple in my palm and nestle my face against her neck inhaling her pleasant scent. We lay like that coming back down to earh and start small talk that will go on and on until I have to go home or until we start again.....

An experience at AQ
Posted:Mar 24, 2008 2:15 pm
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2010 9:56 am

I live in a city that is lucky enough to have a spa and bath house. It started out as a place where gays met but then turned co-ed three days a week. One Sunday morning as usual I was on one of the adult chat sites and connected with a local woman. She agreed to meet for coffee and if things worked out we would go to the bathhouse. We met and were pleased with each other and ended up at the bath house. In our room we undressed, She wore a small nightie and I had a bath towel wrapped around me. We went out to check the place out and see what was happening. There was a public gathering room on the main level with a large TV showing hard porn and a long circular couch. We sat in the middle of the couch, there was a couple next to her and a few single guys, all watching a pair of hot women suck and fuck a young well hung stud on the movie. I reached over and pushed my hand under her nightie and started to finger my friend. She responded by opening my towel and stroking my cock. She opened her legs wide and pulled her nightie up so I could reach better. All eyes turned to us from the TV and watched as I fingered her into the first orgasm of the night. She let go of my cock and pulled her feet up on the couch and moaned loudly as she came. When she settled down we got up, I rewrapped my towel and we went downstairs to explore. We came to a large room with a board with pegs on it for one to tie their partner against. Once tied there could be a whipping or whatever. Beside that was a basket swing with four ropes suspending it from the ceiling. My friend squealed in delight and snuggled into the basket. I tied her ankles to the two ropes so her feet were in the air and her legs well spread. I kneeled between her legs and pressed my face to her wet hot pussy. She moaned so loudly that we attracted quite a crowd of onlookers as I ate her to another orgasm. In another room we found a fireplace, a round table and a long leather couch. There were a few couples and a fair number of single guys standing around. We sat on the couch and she looked at me and said it was time to liven the room up. Kneeling in front of me she opened my towel and licked her way down my stomach to my throbing hard cock. Pulling the foreskin back she took me into her mouth and down her throat. She made a big deal of servicing my balls as we both felt every eye on us again. Some even moved closer for a better look. As she had done I did a lot of moaning and rubbing her head to give the show a little more excitement. As I started to cum she pulled her head away and stroked me as the cum jetted out and on the floor and my thigh and leg. She stood up and said it was my turn and sat up on the round table . Lying back she hiked up her nightie and I eagerly leaned over to eat her again. A group of the guys gathered around the table and one even had the courage to rub her nipples through the top of her nightie as I licked and sucked her hot pussy. She cam again and this tme was so excited that she actually squirted. It was one of the hottest times I have ever had and I won't soon forget her.
Fantasies!!! Can they come true? I sure hope so...
Posted:Mar 23, 2008 12:41 pm
Last Updated:Nov 16, 2014 11:32 am

The Elevator I

I stand gazing at the ceiling waiting. Finally with a ding the elevator arrives and the doors slide open. I see a stranger leaning against the wall in the corner. She is tall with nice hair and sparkling eyes. She has a skirt past her knees and a smart looking blouse. I stride in and push the button for my floor. The elevator is quite small and has floor length mirrors on all three walls. With nowhere to look our eyes eventually meet. We smile and turn away kind of shyly. I look back and admire your pert breasts and nice hips and your tight ass that is visible in the mirror behind you. I catch you examining my crotch and my cock hardens causing an uncomfortable bulge. We look into each others eyes again just as the elevator lurches to a stop between floors. You press the emergency button but nothing happens. I move to you and say it appears we are stuck. You lean seductively against the wall and open your legs slightly. I move to you and put my lips to yours. My tongue pierces your lips and finds yours. As we kiss I cup your breast and squeeze you gently through your blouse and bra. Your breathing gets coarser and I bring my thigh between yours and rub you with my knee.
Once I feel your hand on the front of my jeans I pull you to me and press my tongue against yours. My hands slide up your blouse and push under your bra to find your wonderfully hard nipples. You unbutton your blouse and find the clasp for your bra and your breasts are free. I kiss my way slowly down your chin and the soft skin of your neck. I push the blouse from your right shoulder and lick along the skin on the top where it is so soft. Then I move my mouth slowly kissing and licking to the firm mound of your right breast. The nipple stands inviting me as I close my lips over it and tug it into my mouth. I feel your hands on my crotch again rubbing my cock and lift your skirt so I can reach between your hot thighs.
As I lift your skirt I find that it has a slit up the side all the way to the waist. I turn it so the slit is in front and open it. As I suck on your nipple pulling it into my mouth I put my hand on your pussy. With the heal of my hand I grind your panties against you. Sucking harder on your nipple and rubbing your panties against your lips I feel the moisture build up on my palm. I rub harder pressing the lips so they rub against your clit working the panties against them. Your hips start to move with my hand rubbing forth and back. You now push the zipper of my jeans down and I feel your hand inside searching. It closes around the head of my cock and pulls it out. The cool air contrasts with your hot hand and I know the head is already very wet under the foreskin. You push the skin down exposing the head and run your palm over it as if polishing a small ball. I groan loudly the sounds escaping between my lips and the globe of your breast. I push my tongue against your nipple and twirl it around inside my mouth as I rub your panties against your pussy. I push the crotch of your panties aside and insert my finger roughly into your wet hole. You stiffen then rub my cock harder panting that you will cum soon. I work my finger in and out of you as I rub your clit
with my thumb. Your nipple is so hard against my tongue as your wet juices cover my finger and thumb. Out of the corner of my eye I can see your face in the mirror on the wall. You bite your lip and groan as your knees seem to buckle. I fingerfuck you harder as your orgasm starts. My finger thrusts in hard rapid strokes as you shake and moan through what is hopefully a wonderfully powerful orgasm..

To be cont.....
Do you enjoy giving oral
Posted:Mar 21, 2008 7:06 pm
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2008 12:29 pm

Do you really enjoy giving oral. Or is it something you feel you should do because your partner enjoys it and he or she will please you later. Both men and women, what are your feelings? I really love getting down there and when my partner cums and shudders and then goes all limp and I look up into her face and see that look that something wonderful has happened it just adds to the pleasure of licking and touching her in all the right places. I am so lucky to have found someone who enjoys receiving what I love so much. How about you?
is it cheating
Posted:Apr 19, 2005 9:07 pm
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2008 6:14 pm

Ok so I am married. My wife has lost interest in sex and I found Heated Affairs and started to look for someone. (OK I know you all heard the ramblings of the unsatisfied husband) But really? Am I cheating on her if she no longer wants it. What do you think? Should I remain faithful to her and with that not have sex again except by my own hand. Which begs the question is masturbating cheating on your spouse? wow this could go on forever. Thoughts please....
What women like
Posted:Apr 16, 2005 9:16 pm
Last Updated:Aug 26, 2018 2:25 pm

I love eating pussy. I think one of the most rewarding things in the world is when my partner tenses up, lifts her hips and pushes my head into her with both hands gasping and moaning from an intense orgasm. Ladies what are some of the best ways to give you oral? What turns you on, what do you like to feel down there. How can I get it just right for you. I like how it has been going so far but hey we all can improve. Since we all like it a bit differently let me know your hot spots and how to tweak them...
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