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An Ongoing Fantasy Part 9
Posted:Feb 16, 2012 8:07 pm
Last Updated:Aug 11, 2022 11:31 am

Our lips grind together and our tongues play as I feel your hand run down my chest and alonng my thigh until you touch my cock. I am so hard after your wonderful mouth and only want to please you. I rub your nipples one in each hand as you stroke my hard cock. Then you rise and as I slide down till my ass is at the edge of the chair you straddle me lowering your hot pussy on to my cock. I hold my breath as you hold my cock in your fist and lower yourself down to take my in. The head pushes through your wet lips and you run your hand over the shaft teasing me more then you lower all the way and my cock pushes into you all the way. We stop there feeling me inside you and you let go of my cock and run your hands over my chest and put one hand on each of my nipples tugging and squeezing them. It feels so good I take your tits in my hands and rub the hard nipples pulling at them as you start to raise and lower yourself on my cock. I move my hips with yours starting a slow fuck as we play with each others' nipples. You lean to me and kiss me pressing your tongue into my mouth. I remember the last ice cube in the glass and reach for it. Your tongue in my mouth is so exciting and your hands play with my nipples as touch the ice cube to your left breast. You move a bit slower and I circle the nipple with the ice leaving a trail of water. I lean down and suck up the water and take your nipple in my lips sucking till you moan. You take the ice from me and i feel your hand down between us. You lift up and my cock pops out of you. I feel the ice on the head such a contrast form the heat inside your hot pussy. You slide it around the head melting it quickly and making my cock harder if that is possible,. Then with aa grin you touch the ice to your clit and rub it over the hard nub as you raise and take me into you again. It feels so hot inside you after the ice and we move slowly together as you rub the ice along your clit. I feel the cool water that has melted trickle down to may balls and bury my tongue in your mouth again. Pulling you to me we move together the ice having melted and our bodies moving is a slow fuck as you ride me on the kitchen chair. You keep pinching my nipples and I squeeze yours as our tongues move in our mouths. I feel your hot pussy grip my hard cock every time you move above me and soon I can't help but start to cum I groan and my cock shoots into your hotness and as you feel me cuming you start to shudder and cum with me. You move with me as I stab my cock into you and we moan loudly hearing nothing but each other. As I start to relax I feel you relax above me and we kiss agian, this time it is more passionate you with your arms wrapped around me and mine around you holding each other close. Your pussy is still so hot as my cock softens and slips out of you, It feels so awesome
An Ongoing Fantasy Part 8
Posted:Feb 11, 2012 8:29 pm
Last Updated:Aug 11, 2022 11:31 am

Your knees loosen their grip on my head and you go limp. I look up and your breasts are rising and falling slowly now as your breathing returns to normal. I see the nipples still hard standing out and have such a desire to suck them. Above your breasts I see your face with its happy, satisfied smile.
You slide your legs from my shoulders and I rise to stand in front of you. I lean down and cover your left tit with my mouth sucking the nipple between my teeth and gently nibbling on it. I touch slide my hand along your leg and up your thigh to your pussy still quite wet from my hungry lips and the ice. Feeling your breath quicken and hearing your heart puund I move over and take the other nipple and nibble and suck on it as well By now my two fingers have entered you and I search along the upper wall with my fingertips. You move your hips to get more. I leave your breast and cover your mouth with mine. Our kiss is full of the lust we feel, tongues rubbing and lips grinding together. Your hand closes around my hard cock once more and the gentle strokes turn to rapid jerks. The wet head emerging from your fist as you push downward. You slide off the counter and rub against me. I move back and bump into the chair and sit. You stand over me looking at my hard cock standing waiting for attention. Kneeling you lean over and with the tip of your tongue touch just the head. Licking forth and back you cover the top and then circle around the head. I can't help a moan as you carress my cock with your tongue. I try to reach your breasts but you are leaning too low and have to be content with rubbing your neck and back. You lick my cockhead and with both hands cup my balls and tug at them then you open your lips wide and engulf my cock taking it in slowly. I nearly hit the roof as you pull at my nutsac and slide your mouth down the shaft of my cock, the head feeling the warmth of the inside of your mouth. Your hair falls along the inside of my thighs tickling and adding to the awesome erotic sensations. I massage your neck and run my nails along your back as your head bobs up and down giving my cock a wonderful workout. All the while you rub my balls with one hand and the other is around the lower shaft jerking me off. I look down and see your pretty face moving on me and tell you that you that I am so close and I want to cum inside your pussy. You give my cock a final lick and your hands leave my balls and you stand again. Looking down at me with my cockhead covered in your saliva and my precum you cover your breasts with your hands rubbing your nipples and kiss me again. Our lips pressed together and our tongues finding each others I am ready for your pussy.....
An Ongoing Fantasy Part 7
Posted:Feb 2, 2012 7:08 pm
Last Updated:Aug 11, 2022 11:31 am

Holding the ice cube between my teeth I kiss my way between your beautiful breasts and down your tummy. I sumtimes drag my lips kissing and now and then let the ice protrude from between my lips so it touches your soft skin. Leaning slightly I pause as you open your thighs and put a leg on each of my shoulders. My mouth gets to the top of your curly hairline and I pause there inhaling your scent and feeling your hand on my cock leisurely jerking me off as you moan while I make my way downward. You slide downward so your ass is at the edge of the counter and your legs rest on my shoulders so I can fit between your thighs and access your hot pussy. I lean foreward and taking the ice cube into my mouth stick my tongue out and press it between your wet lips so I can feel your hard clit on the tip. Then I push the ice out and holding it between my teeth touch the cold ice to your clit,. I feel your reaction to the sudden cold and your hand grips my cock harder. I run the ice between your lips from your clit downward to the hot opening and back upward again. Then I take it into my mouth again and use my tongue to lick up and down over your clit and down to your opening. As I slide my tongue around your pussy hole I push two fingers in, first to the first knuckle then as you relax i insert them farther. Once they are fully inside I move the ice between my teeth again and press it agaisnt your clit teasing it as my fingers explore your wet insides. As I use the ice and my tongue on your clit and inside your pussy I use my hands one on each breast to squeeze your nipples and tug at them. Your hand moves along the shaft of my cock making me moan into your hot pussy. In no time the ice has melted and there is nothing left but water running down your slit. I lick along the wetness ans press my tongue agaisnt your clit running around it as my two fingers move in and out of your wet hole. You start to move your hips to meet my fingers and mouth as I cover your clit with my lips and suck it into my mouth. Holding it between my lips I strum it with my tongue fucking you with my two fingers. Your hips move faster now and I hear your moans as my fingers play with your hard nipples. I feel your spasms start and lick harder on your clit as your knees clamp my head between them and you rock your ass on the edge of the counter cuming and moaning and making me so happy.......
An Ongoing Fantasy Part 6
Posted:Jan 31, 2012 8:02 pm
Last Updated:Aug 11, 2022 11:31 am

I am so excited by the feel of you foot on my cock rubbing over the head and driving me crazy. My tongue presses into your mouth rubbing against yours as I reach for an ice cube out of the water glass. Breaking the kiss I lean back and ask you to close your eyes. With that perfect smile and eyes closed you wait. I take the ice cube and carefully touch it to just the tip of your left nipple. You stiffen and suck in air as I run it around your now really stiff nipple just barely touching the areola. Then I bring the ice to the top of your breast and leaving a wet trail as the ice melts against your hot skin slide it along in ever smaller circles covering your tit with the water. As my circles bring me back to your nipple I replace the ice with my mouth sucking the nipple and as much of the breast inside to warm it with my mouth. Your hand on the back of my head pulls me to you pushing more of your breast into my mouth. I circle the nipple with my tongue and then pulling my mouth away purse my lips to suck on just the nipple. I tease it between my lips and then move over to the right breast running the ice cube over the nipple and areola as I had done with the left breast. When the nipple is hard I replace the ice with my mouth there as well. Sucking and nibbling with my lips. By now the ice cube in my fingers has melted and reaching into the glass for another I back away from your wonderful breast and plop the ice into my mouth. I put my lips to yours and we kiss each feeling the tingly cold of the ice. I feel your hand on my cock again and move my lips along your neck down between your breasts, holding the ice between them I slide the ice along your hot skin making my way down your tummy to the treasure I so love to touch.....
An Ongoing Fantasy Part 5
Posted:Jan 28, 2012 6:43 pm
Last Updated:Aug 11, 2022 11:31 am

I lie over you as you lean on the table, my hands still holding your breasts under you, feeling your warm back agaisnt my chest and no sounds except our soft breathing. Leaning against your sweet bum, my cock now soft nestles between us, I feel the warm cheeks against me and the aroma of your hair fills my nosttrils as I inhale you. I am so relaxed I never want to move. We stay like that just touching skin to skin, each feeling the other's body and enjoying the closeness. Then I fear my weight is too heavy on you and straighten up. You turn and stand and say you are thirsty. After getting a glass you get three ice cubes from the freezer and after plunking them into the glass fill it with water and take a long drink. Refreshed you offer the glass to me. I take it and finish the water leaving the ice rattling in the glass as I put it on the counter. I turn and look at you standing there with that gorgeous smile and that hot body and the blood starts to flow to my cock once more. You see the obvious effect you are having on me and reach over and take my cock in your hand. I move to you and pull you to me crushing your breasts against my chest pushing my tongue between your sweet lips. My breathing is becoming more hoarse as you stroke my cock and our tongues wrestle throughout our long lustful kiss. I reach between us and slide my finger between your swollen pussy lips and find your hard iittle clit. As I press against it you strengthen your grip on my cock runbbing the foreskin over the head and drawing the precum out. I put my hands inder your arms and lift you up to sit on the counter. You sit there with your legs hanging down, thighs slightly parted. I lean over to you and press my mouth to yours. I feel your bare foot rub along my thigh, then it touches my cock and you use your soul to press and rub my wet cockhead. I squeeze your breast in my hand and witht he other hand find your pussy wet and ready. My finger slides between the hot wet lips and into your hot hole searching. Your foot rubs the sensative wet head of my cock as I finger your pussy, then I open my eyes and see the glass on the counter with the ice cubes.......
An Ongoing Fantasy Part 4
Posted:Jan 23, 2012 7:13 pm
Last Updated:Aug 11, 2022 11:31 am

"Now I bet you are really ready for me" you smile up at me.
I couldn't agree more as I take your hand to help you up....You lead me to the kitchen and with a grin lean over on the table. Your butt sticks up and your breasts are squished under your chest as you wait for me to get into position behind you. I move slowly behind you and rub your ass with my hands. I reach between your legs and get your sweet pussy juices on my palms and smear it on your ass. Then I lean against you with my stiff cock jutting between your legs. As I move forth and back the head rubs along your lips and against your clit. You groan and move back with your hips wanting me to enter you. I move forth and back a few more times then lean into you and press my cock foreward. You reach under yourself and I feel your hand on my cock. You rub it in your fist a few times then guide the head to your pussy. It slides easily between the wet swollen lips and the head pushes into your tight pussy hole. I pause feeling the hot tight muscles grip my cockhead then with a groan push in hard. My hips bash against your ass and my cock fills you. You sigh and rest your head on your forearm as we start a steady rythm. Holding on to your hips I push into you with all my force so my cock slides in as far as I can get then I withdraw slowly then slam it home again. I bite my lip and push harder with each thrust feeling your hole loosening up as we fuck so hard. Your juices cover my cock and I even feel some dripping off my nutsac as we slam together. I push into you and you move your hips back to meet me. You reach under yourself again and this time I feel your hand on my balls, tugging and squeezing them gently, coaxing the cum from them. I put my arms around you and my hands find your breasts and hard nipples. I rub them between my thumbs and fingers as I slide in and out of you. It isn't long before I have to cum and I moan loudly as I start to shoot into you. You feel the hot cum inside you and give my balls a tug as you start to cum again too. We fuck harder now trying to relieve the pressure of our orgasm and getting as much stimulation as we can. After an eternity of cuming I feel drained and lie against you squeezing your breasts I gasp for breath. You go limp under me with only the table holding us up as our gasps fill the air.
An Ongoing Fantasy Part 3
Posted:Jan 12, 2012 6:56 pm
Last Updated:Aug 11, 2022 11:31 am

I sit on the floor looking up at you as you slowly come back down to earth. You stand and look down at my. "My, and you still have your shorts on." you say. I stand and wait, my hands at my sides. You come to me and we kiss again. This time with passion and lust. We can't seem to get enough of our tongue into the other's mouth. You grind against me rubbing your breasts against my chest driving me crazy. I hold onto your ass cheeks pulling them apart and rubbing the firm mounds with my palms. You back away and putting your thumbs into the elastic of my shorts push them downward. My hard cock pushing out gets caught in the elastic waistband and is pulled down with it. After the shorts clear the head it bobs up and bounces a few times. A small drop of precum flies from the head and lands on your thigh. You brush it off with the tip of your finger and touch it to your tongue and look at me wickedly.
Then you come to me again and we kiss lightly, just brushing lips then you move your lips across my neck and down my chest. You suck one nipple and squeeze the other as you make your way downward. You leave your lips open and lick your way down my stomach and to my naval. There you back away and I close my eyes as I feel your hand on my balls. You lift them gently in their sac and caress them. I feel your other hand on my cock. It covers the head and pulls the foreskin down and away from the head. The cool air hits the moist sensative flesh as you pull the foreskin down as far as you can stretch it. Then you cover the head with your palm and run it around in cmall circles. More precum dribbles out to lubricate your hand. You then close your hand around the shaft and start a lslow downward motion. Once you have the foreskin pulled all the way back you lean foreward.
I feel you warm breath on my cockhead just before your tongue snakes out and licks the top where the juices ooze from the little hole. You lick around the head and press your tongue against the little hole then take it into your mouth and cover it with your warm lips. You hold my balls in your hand and rub them as your mouth engulfs my cock slowly swallowing it up. You take it as far as you can then withdraw slowly. I hold onto your hair as you fuck my cock with your mouth. You release lots of drool and spital and my cock slides easily. I just stand there, eyes closed, enjoying the sheer pleasure you give me with your mouth. You make me feel so good I don't ever want it to end but when you feel the throbbing in it you stop and look up at me.
An Ongoing Fantasy Part 2
Posted:Jan 9, 2012 6:58 pm
Last Updated:Aug 11, 2022 11:31 am

I lean toward you and inhale your scent. My cock stands out pushing the front of my shorts out. You relax and lie back sliding down so your butt is just at the end of the chair. You stretch your right leg out and put the left one on my shoulder. I run my hand over it and kiss the soft flesh of your calf. Sliding upward I leave a wet trail with my tongue along the inside of your leg and lick under your knee before moving along your inner thigh. As I get close I once again get a whif of your pussy and my cock pushes the cotton of my shorts more.
I get to your crotch and press my tongue against your soft pussy lips. As I lick upward I press them agaisnt your clit then lick downward again separating them with my tongue. I run my tongue along your slit and find your wet hole. Pushing the tip of my tongue in I stab inward as far as I can. With my thumbs I pull apart your lips and cover you with my mouth. I tongue fuck your pussy for a bit then slide my tongue upward along your slit. You flinch when my tongue touches the tip of your clit and I press against it. Holding your lips open I lick hard pressing my tongue against the base of your clit and running up the length to the tip then back down again. I look up and see your hands on your tits pinching and rubbing your nipples. I get back to your pussy and as I lick your clit I press the tip of my finger at the opening to your wet hole. It slides in easily and I push it in to the last knuckle. Twisting it slowly I move it out and in as I keep licking your clit. Then I use two fingers pushing them in and rotating them around to explore the wet walls of your pussy. My tongue slurps over your clit as my fingers move in your hole. You moan and keep playing with your breasts as I eat your wonderful pussy. Soon I feel you stiffen and your hips lift from the chair. You let go of your breasts and gripping my head pull it into you. I lick harder keeping my fingers inside and moving them around rubbing the upper wall as my tongue works your clit. You start to shudder and hold my head tight as you moan and shake through a powerful orgasm. I slow down my licking and eventually stop when your shakes end and your body seems to go limp in the chair.
I lick my lips and look up smiling to see your face with a satisfied look and it makes me feel wonderful knowing I could make you feel so good.
An ongoing fantasy Part 1
Posted:Jan 7, 2012 8:43 pm
Last Updated:Aug 11, 2022 11:31 am

I knock timidly on your door. I am so nervous and my heart is pounding so loudly I fear you may hear it from inside. The door opens and there you are. You usher me in and as you close the door we come into each other's arms. Our hungry mouths find each others and as our lips grind I feel your tongue push between my lips and I suck gently on it before pushing back with mine. We rock together as our breathing gets heavier and our lips and tongues trade our passion. I grip your asscheeks and pull you tightly to me. I feel your hard nipples against my chest and my stiff cock presses into you. The thought that you can feel it against you excites me even more and I pull the hem of your t-shirt up and we have to separate so I can pull it between us. You lift your arms and it clears your head and hands and I drop it to the floor. You pull my t-shirt in the same way and we face each other naked to the waist. You left your bra off knowing I was coming you explain.

We come together again and the kiss is wet and just as passionate as I unsnap your jeans and push the zipper downward. I back away and push them down your hips to fall at your ankles. You lean and unbuckle my belt and undo the snap of my jeans. As you slide the zipper down I feel your knuckles rub against my cock through the denim and my shorts. My cock throbs as you push the jeans downward and I step out of them. You cup your hand over my cock through my shorts and rub it gently. A wet spot appears where it has dribbled from my cock. You rub my nuts through my shorts too and get me really worked up. I lean and take one of your nipples into my mouth. As I suck it between my lips I run the tip of my tongue over it travelling around it and over the tip. Then I move to the other and give it the same treatment.

Still sucking on your nipple I take the elastic of your panties and roll them down your hips. I move them slowly savouring the nipple in my mouth as you squirm and pull my head to your breast. Once you have stepped from your panties I run my hand downward and find your moist bush. I trail my fingers through it and press your soft pussy lips against your clit. You pull my head tightly as I rub your lips against your clit. I crouch lower and leaving my tongue out lick my way slowly from the breast, down the mound to the soft skin of your tummy. Leaving a wet trail as I go I lick slowly along your belly downward. I pause at your navel and flick my tongue into it and gently tongue fuck it briefly before continuing my travel downward....

Kneeling now my mouth finds its way to the edge of your hair. I run one hand up the inside of your thigh and kiss my way through your hair. "Wait" you say and move to a kitchen chair. Sitting you open your thighs and with a glassey look in your eyes say "Ok now I'm comfortable. come and get it".

Smiling I move to the chair and kneel in front of you. You close your eyes as I lean foreward.....
What a fantastic Christmas and New Years.
Posted:Jan 2, 2012 7:33 pm
Last Updated:Jan 2, 2012 7:38 pm

Now on to 2012.
SEX, fun, sex, excitement, SEX,Pleasure better eat a bit too to keep up our strength.

Let's have a great year. Have fun and enjoy!!!!

Happy New Year All
Posted:Jan 1, 2012 9:11 pm
Last Updated:Jan 6, 2012 7:25 pm

I hope everyone had a great New Year eve and day and that 2012 is a fantastic year for you all. Health, happiness and lots of fun. Be good to each other we are all we have.

Another weekend for me
Posted:Dec 29, 2011 8:15 pm
Last Updated:Aug 11, 2022 11:31 am

Wow, I'm off work until Tuesday Morning. So here I am with 4 evenings of crazy horney jerking off on cam and watching the hot cams here on Heated Affairs.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!
A fantastic Christmas
Posted:Dec 27, 2011 8:25 pm
Last Updated:Aug 11, 2022 11:31 am

Had a fantastic Christmas. Hope everyone had one too. Had so much time off work that am looking foreward to going back tomorrow and seeing everyone. I still have a four day weekend over New Years and plan to have a great time. I really hope that everyone has a great and safe New Years and all my best wishes for a happy, healthy, and fun 2012 full of all the things they want whether it is meeting someone fun and exciting and plenty of great fun sex or whatever they wish....

Enjoy and have fun!!!

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