Xsick69 61M  
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12/15/2021 7:46 pm

My life seems in turmoil no matter what I try
are times I feel 's best let sleeping dogs lie.
My feelings I keep deep inside never see the light of day
and all the time in the back of my head I know the I'll .
For things stuffed inside but not forgotten can make them worse
and when they come out and they always do can hope you don't need a hearse.

My time is so limited for the long list of things I should do
and the list grows ever longer as one week turns into two.
The load seems overwhelming with no relief in sight
I sometimes lose patience and turn things into a fight.
It isn't my intention to be short tempered or cross
but when the load becomes too much my intentions tend to get lost.

I try to understand your needs and always be for you
but sometimes I get so lost in me I forget that we are two.
I let pride rule my life never wanting admit that I'm wrong
and when I do I push myself away from places I belong.
hurt the ones that I hold dear causes me such pain
and once again I feel the turmoil slowly driving me insane.

My life is one long<b> lesson </font></b>from which I must always learn
and I've found that holding old grudges means their doomed always return.
The lists we make of ways we were slighted
hurt ourselves and into our lives turmoil is invited
Upon close examination I am shocked to find
almost all of the turmoil was caused by my very own mind.

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