In the wind  

Will44824 47M  
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10/13/2021 5:29 am
In the wind

I have been looking for another Harley , come spring, it's been a few years since I rode and I want to get the right fit solo's are nice but a cruiser is even better, feels better to have a woman slide on top of the bike behind me.

I have a thing for the old school pre A M F Harley Electra Glides and did come across a few was checking out one over by Cleveland the guy was nervous about letting me take it on the street after it had been raining he didn't want it coming back a wet mess and it would be easier to handle on dry pavement so I'll get on it and nail it another time.

Besides there are plenty of other bikes to hit give a inside out going over look for dripping oil / fuel so I don't blow it on a basket case like some guys do.

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