Keeping the bedroom hot and alive extended version  

WaHotWifeCouple 44M/44F  
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9/8/2021 12:12 pm
Keeping the bedroom hot and alive extended version

Last night my mind kept turning about how I could add to my blog post yesterday, so here I am extending on my post.
Please remember these are just ramblings from a woman that has been married twice (one previous to the one I am in now) and from my own personal thoughts and opinions. Everyone is different and these are solely my perceptions.
I hate to admit this outloud and again my personal opinions here, but women don't need sex like men do. Men are physically wired to procreate and hump anything and everything. Me, I can go without and not feel as if an appendage is going to rupture. Truthfully, I could go a much longer time without physical penetration, however, the emotional side of the physical contact I get from being with my husband (or another man) is another topic all together. I feel bad for men. They go through life with this innate desire until the day they die, and women start needing less as they physically change with age. Not fair I say! And this is where so many problems in relationships go awry.
Another whammy ... guess what, people are selfish by nature. You may read this and disagree, but hello pot you are also blac No matter who you are, you will always think about number one first. Everything we do is for us/me/I/you. You may give freely but that is because it makes YOU feel good, circling back to this being about I/you/me. It's okay to be selfish it's in our DNA, but the trick is to push beyond what you get out of an experience and help your partner out.
I like to think that I am way too out there to fit into any box, thusly, I try to stretch from the mold everyone thinks we should squeeze ourselves into. Yes, I fall into the mundane and cook, clean, and do my daily household servitude, but I really try to step back and place myself in my husbands shoes. Hey what did he go through today and is there anything that could make him get out of that dreaded work mood and make him smile?
ANSWER: My mouth. Always my mouth. I love getting on my hands and knees and sucking his socks off. Many women don't understand the power they can hold over a man with a toe curling, leg cramping, BLOW JOB. I love holding my husband or any man's pleasure in a simple control hold between my lips. When they squirm and twitch uncontrollably, because I make them that crazy .... mmm, there is nothing better. I have the power! Selfish yes, but again, I'm okay with being selfish. I've come to terms with it. But my selfish desire to rule over a man's steel-hard cock leads to their happiness as well. It's about getting in the right mindset and stepping out of the mundane.
I implore you to try something new today. Go for a drive and get in the back seat somewhere, go out into the woods and get naked with one another, rub your other half down with shiny, slick mineral oil and take a couple snapshots of it. We all fall into complacent behaviors, but if you're sick of it, fix it. Get off your phone and explore one another. How long has it been since you played dress up? As we speak, I dressed up in a slutty outfit and I am impatiently waiting for my husband to get home so I can use my secret powers and rock his world.
Keep it alive. There was a reason you got together in the first place, don't forget what those reasons were for.(image)


sirenprime 66M/47F  
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9/8/2021 12:48 pm

Can't say we completely agree with everything you say here, but we will say this. It's good to see someone like yourself who gives these kinds of questions and ideas thoughtful consideration. We should never stop trying to expand our knowledge, because, as they say, "knowledge is power".
Maybe not as much power as a blow job...But nonetheless.

gspotfinderyyc 58M
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9/8/2021 1:53 pm

Well written and so true.

1seeking1 56F  
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9/8/2021 3:01 pm

Yes always good to keep the relationship interesting. Not all men enjoy bj. I am single, my sex drive same since I am 16, and good penetration leads to amazing orgasms and I absolutely need them. We are all different, finding good match is key. FYI I divorced my husband, because his sex drive did not match mine.

WaHotWifeCouple replies on 9/8/2021 6:13 pm:
I love that you still have a strong sexual drive. And good point that not all men want a bj. I love starting these conversations because it makes people think about who they are and where they are. We are all wonderful in so many aspects and each individual brings their own personality to the table. Thank you for responding to my blog!

Luv2bottom4u2 65M  
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9/8/2021 4:43 pm

I have to agree with you on your observations. I know we all change as we get older and after being with someone for a long time we get shall we say Comfortable !
It does seem that women lose interest in sex as they season more. and it's always that { is sex all you think about } speech.
Both should spice things up and keep it alive, like you said you got together and im sure this was one of the reason you did !

drewbttm 63M  
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9/8/2021 10:07 pm

what a woman wow

exsquid46 62M
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9/9/2021 12:38 am

A very interesting read young lady. Most of your insights are right on the money.

Now that is not to say that everything is. While it is true that women can go far longer than men without needing sex, that is not always the case.

Women do hold all the cards in the sexual part of a relationship, and they know it. They will for the most part only have sex when they want to. They might start out giving their man sex when he wants it, but slowly they will decrease the amount of sex in the relationship. They are conditioning their partner slowly, to accept only the type and amount of sex that she desires.

Now when a woman does this over years of being with a man, that man if he truly loves her will just accept what she gives him and when she gives it to him. He might stop doing the little things that at one time lead to sex, i.e., the non sexual physical contact, the compliments, the random gifts, and most importantly, the listening to mundane and routine talk. He does this knowing that, no matter what he does it will not make a difference.

You see, when a woman turns down the man she is with often enough, he just stops trying. Then they settle into a kind of routine where they are now just friends, not lovers.

What a woman does not know is that subtle conditioning could lead to long term acceptance by the man, as viewing every other woman as not wanting sex.

It makes me wonder if those men see what they have been missing all these years and change, or if they silently go about life no longer missing sex.

niceguy4umd 46M

9/23/2021 10:13 am

love the sheer black lingerie!

dansch2009 50M
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12/14/2021 5:03 am

"When they squirm and twitch uncontrollably, because I make them that crazy .... mmm, there is nothing better. I have the power!"

You have this power over me when I just think about you under your table teasing with your amazing oral skills! I crave being on the receiving end...a man can dream x

guy4funmd45 45M

1/3/2022 8:49 pm

love your writings!

HornyLykeYou 41M
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3/14/2022 12:44 am

I like how honest and open. You are in order to help others see and understand something they may have not thought of or seen it in the perspective that you put it. Your husband is a lucky guy a d so are the men, women, couples that have the pleasure to meet and enjoy time with you.

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