Venusphoenix 30F
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1/16/2022 2:30 am

"Are you decent now?" He spoke through the door.

"No. I got clothes on now though". She said from her room.

He walked in awkwardly. Closing the door behind him, he walked to her desk, taking a seat.

She was on her bed, knees held to her chest and face hidden.

A clock ticked quietly in the background.

The silence between them interrupted by the sound of each second passing. He felt he had to say something.

"You really are a woman. Sorry, I mean, you always were, it's just, I think you're different from back then. No wait, I mean like in a good way. You look good. Sorry, I should've knocked..." he was starting to ramble. It was cute.

"It's all good dude." She said, laughing a little.
"Thank you by the way".

They began to carry on as they always had. The distance between them closed. The conversations didn't matter, they were back together. So what if he saw her underwear. She was just happy he was here. She was happy to be with him.

Time seemed to be an afterthought with him in her room. He had that effect on her. She hadn't seen him in forever yet there he was, still him.

Unlike some people she knew, he was hilarious, a credit to his intellect. More than that, he listened, he listened to her talk about her clothes. He listened to her talk about her artwork. He listened to her talk about her transition. He listened to her talk about her coming out to her family. He listened to her. He listened.

She didn't know if him seeing her changed things. She only knew that she missed him. She missed being the one he told his worries to. She missed being the one he told his jokes to. She missed listening to<b> music </font></b>with him. She missed silence with him. She missed how safe he made her feel. She missed him.

She knew they were still friends but now she was beginning to know she was in trouble.

Grr8kissrr 47M  
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1/19/2022 12:23 pm

Is this a continuation from the last post? It seems to link (and link well).

Either way, I quite like your style. You draw the reader in visually and viscerally. It's a great story. Hope you continue!

Venusphoenix 30F

1/20/2022 12:53 pm

Thanks for reading. Yes it is. I'm not sure when I'll end the story since I don't plan that stuff out. Appreciate the compliment also.

TWandKatie 68M/67F  
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1/23/2022 6:58 am

very interesting !!! will keep following

gibber10 62M
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1/24/2022 9:05 am

this is a continuation from the last one I like the way you keep it going there is a story behind all of it a personal story I think feels like it's coming from the heart

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