Living in the Land of Unicorns  

UnicornAnn 36F
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8/11/2016 6:46 am
Living in the Land of Unicorns

I keep updating my welcome message above and for some reason it keeps disappearing so like some other bloggers here I've put my welcome message in a post.

I define a unicorn as a single woman in the lifestyle, a swinger. She may be straight, bisexual or a lesbian. She may be attached, but when she comes out to play she plays as a single. Other people may have a different definition, but that's mine.

For more about me read my post: Unicorn Ann Answers Your Questions

Thanks for stopping by.

Sometimes I want to be a naive young woman and sometimes I want to be a slut, but I always want to be treated with respect.


forgotforgetting 55M  
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8/11/2016 1:06 pm

Darn site! (Shaking fist.) Always messing with nice people.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

overandunder23 74M
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8/12/2016 10:18 pm

do you catch a unicorn? In the old days the unicorn would lay her head down on the lap of a beautiful maiden.

mnmvbcouple 45M/38F
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9/10/2016 1:17 pm

Thanks for that. Enjoyed it

nicecocktheysay 62M
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4/6/2017 10:06 pm

hi Unicorn

I love your definition, I have moved in with a younger woman and I think she is close to breaking out and becoming a unicorn herself. just who she is I think.


markg109507 38M
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6/2/2017 6:48 pm

What land are you in I want join

UnicornAnn replies on 6/7/2017 8:57 pm:
Land of Unicorns

markg109507 38M
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6/2/2017 6:48 pm

How do I join

Uwant2Bblacked 47M
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6/18/2017 7:17 am

Very Beautiful and born in England too! Thanks for sharing! One brit to another!

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