Black Betty (Pics Of Me)  

TrucknLuvn 57M/39F  
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10/13/2016 4:27 am

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Black Betty (Pics Of Me)

A timeless classic...

I have always been a fan of black and white photos. I especially love sexy black and white pics. I have always found them enchanting and have always been drawn to them aesthetically.

Recently, I thought it might be fun to take a few of my personal favorite photos and filter them into black and white versions of the originals.

I was quite pleased with the outcome of my experimentation, so I have decided to share a few of them here.

Do you prefer color or black and white pictures?






♡Jess: The Trucker Babe


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Shavedcock3434 42M

11/28/2016 7:55 pm

very sexy black

TrucknLuvn replies on 11/28/2016 8:21 pm:
Thank you.

SexySWCouple 64M/63F  
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11/5/2016 5:14 am

Jess - wow! You're B&W treatment of these pics are hot...thank you for that.

We have done some shots originally in B&W and love the look - we're going to consider doing more of fact, maybe you'd like to hold the camera?

janey and david

TrucknLuvn replies on 11/19/2016 11:49 am:
Hey there!

Thank you for the flattering compliment!

Joey & I would love to be your photographers sometime soon! Hope y'all have been doing well!

Han54boat 69M
11637 posts
10/13/2016 9:04 am

Either way, it is nice to see gorgeous body.

Cum to my blog and respond. Have a great kissing fun time.

TrucknLuvn replies on 10/13/2016 10:51 am:
I like it! The man that calls it how he sees it!

Thank you for the compliment!

gardenboy321 58M  
41936 posts
10/13/2016 8:57 am

Nicely done...

I love black & whites as well!

Thoughts from the Garden...

TrucknLuvn replies on 10/13/2016 10:50 am:
Thanks! There's just something sexy about a good black & white photo.

mc_justmc 62M  
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10/13/2016 5:42 am

I like b/w pics, too. These are very sexy!

TrucknLuvn replies on 10/13/2016 6:00 am:
Thanks for the compliment!

txslowpoke 68M  
2558 posts
10/13/2016 5:03 am

just a thought, if in houston , i am 10 miles off I-10, if you an hubby ever need a shower, or jacuzzi an a bed to have alittle down time outa truck... never hurts to have a friend ..

TrucknLuvn replies on 10/13/2016 5:58 am:
That is a very generous offer, but we are all set in our 96" custom sleeper. It has all the bells and whistles. Thanks though!

txslowpoke 68M  
2558 posts
10/13/2016 4:54 am

your pics are beautiful an sexy... but i for one like color... seems to bring out more, skin color, see more of the texture, the contrast between skin an clothes or lingere...

TrucknLuvn replies on 10/13/2016 5:56 am:
Color definitely has its place! I do love the b&w pics with a splash of color. Think black lace and a red rose.

TrucknLuvn 57M/39F  
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10/13/2016 4:30 am

This might just be me...


♡Jess: The Trucker Babe


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