TippyToes59 63M
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12/18/2021 2:56 pm

As predicted, it's been a chilly, grey, WET day here Cape Cod.

The personalization of NightWitch continues with the installation of a phone holder, the storage of my work badge/van key in the center console.

I plan on adding a jack, four-way lug wrench, seat-covers, a rear view mirror extension, etc., all from Betsy's corpse when I clean her out on my way home come Monday morning.

Hopefully the rain will stop during the day tomorrow, and I'll get a chance to refuel NW while Bambi's at church or her book group in the evening.

Haven't turned the radio on all day, in favor of listening to My Music, with my phone/wireless speaker. I do have a quite eclectic music collection!

Looks like half-days at work for me all four days this coming week, unless something happens to change this, like the assignment of another route to me, or the simple addition of a or two from another driver. We'll see. . .

Got my laundry done, and stowed in the bedroom upstairs. Now comes the chore of putting it away.

NW is still unregistered or insured, much less inspected. This pretty limits her uses to my daily commute and short, backroads only jaunts to avoid the<b> police.

</font></b>Not a big deal, actually, as the local cops rarely, if ever, bother to enforce traffic laws unless you get into a wreck or something. One of MANY things they don't bother with, come to think of it!

Sometimes I think the word 'pig' does apply to them, much like it did in the seventies when I was growing up, but I don't dare use that moniker in polite company. . .

Respect is EARNED. It can't be demanded if it's to mean anything. Our last president taught me that in spades.

Among many other unpleasant lessons.

, well; as we used say during my year military time; 'PAYBACK'S A MOTHERFUCKER!'

Sometimes the hardest thing do is also the RIGHT one.

Quite often, come think about it. . . . .

author51 59F  
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12/19/2021 1:27 am

You got rain and I got snow my friend..Have a good week leading up to Christmas my friend.xoxo

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