For Doug  

TippyToes59 63M
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12/18/2021 11:59 pm
For Doug

You came into my life
earlier this year,
reaching out to me
through the void;
one of many,
but the only one
who's hand found my heart.

We've talked about many things
since then,
even when I going
through The Darkness
You shone your light,
guided me safely
back into the sunshine.

We've made plans
several times
to meet in person
but damned Reality
in all it's myriad forms
always interfered.

You're the first Man
I've said the words
"I love you!" to,
the ONLY one
I to sleep with
so badly I can taste it.

You're my Master,
Best Friend,
oh yes indeed!

I love you,
and someday
I'm going to be
your Bitch,
in person. . . . ..


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