She Deserves a Toy  

Thikrthanmost7 61M
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11/24/2021 1:43 pm
She Deserves a Toy

how wonderful it must feel experience multiple orgasms. know that once you reach that level of ecstacy, there is no turning back. It is true that I am envious of my lady lovers. But the<b> extreme </font></b>joy and excitement I share in their pleasure would be an understatement. share in her moments of uninhibited orgasms again and again is so fucking hot and erotic it makes time stand still.
So as wonderful as she can make me feel about my cock and stamina I know it pales in comparison her sexual marathon abilities and desires... And yes, I can and do use my lips and tongue to please her. I enjoy her exquisite taste and the beauty of her hot wet pussy inches from my lips. Taking that she delivers my mouth trying capture every drop.
So with my ego in check and my desire pleasure her into a sexual frenzy. My mission is to exhaust her sexual drive if only for the night.
As I reach for the first of many fully charged toys...
She smiles that wickedly beautiful smile. She raises her hips as I place the beach towel under her sexy ass. Yes the level of orgasm is about to shower us beautifully.
The bullet vibrator in hand, her legs spread open she shows her excited clit. Sliding her fingers along her body she knows what a tease that is. I enjoy watching her as she caresses her beasts and squeezes her nipples a hard erect state. With purpose she continues down her ribs, fingers spread wide the way her wet pussy lips. She slowly separates her pussy lips exposing her clit. She knows and she wants.
With the push of a button the sound of pleasure buzzes in the air. She gasps in anticipation for that first electric feeling as it erupts upon her clit. My mouth and lips engulf her pussy as my tongue fucks her G spot. The vibrator sliding with my tongue I find that perfect spot of ohhhh fuck. Louder and louder are her moans with words of encouragement to not stop. I know just what she wants, what she needs. Oh so wonderfully wet her pussy is. My face dripping with her pleasure.... it is time, I the button. The vibrations on the bullet maximized as my tongue continues swirling around her clit, pressing the bullet into that sweet spot of no return for her....
Fuck is screamed as she pulls my hair and my face into her exploding pussy.
Cumming and squirting she shakes and bucks as the control is lost and the orgasm takes over.. Beautiful is the moment. Undeniable the pleasure.
How long can she go?
That is the beauty of toys as it goes on and on and on.

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