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Lactating even if you are not pregnant  

TheRightMan_4U 67M  
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5/15/2020 11:02 pm
Lactating even if you are not pregnant

It works for all size Breasts. But, easier with full B cup or better.Methods to self induce besides a partner(and inducing is NOT just sucking a nipple...its putting your mouth over the<b> areola </font></b>with her nipple on the roof of your mouth...your mouth induces the milk glands to produce the hormone, your tongue brings out the milk from the nipple from the inside of your mouth):
herbs...the best ones I know are Motillium or Domperidome(outlawed in US, you can still order online from UK from inhousepharmacy.org)...fenugreek(bonus is that it makes your milk sweeter!..over the counter even at Wal Mart)...mothers milk tea(also over the counter at Wal Mart...not to be confused with milk thistle that is NOT for breastfeeding)....goats rue....alfalfa....ones I know and I caution you to read the side effects...google for your safety, all effect different people)...
eat lots of oatmeal and drink lots of water
snake bite kit...available at hardware store even maybe at your WalMart...principle is that there are suction cups in the kit that you place on the skin and it sucks out the poison....instead place them on your nipples and it sucks out your milk...am told VERY EROTIC as well by ladies...
Tens unit or electrical stimulation
a doctor told me and I am sure it is relative to a person, but basically to keep one lactating it is each breast 15 to 20 minutes every 3 to 4 hours...I know schedule permitting, but if done more than that it makes the nipples quite sore and this is not a no pain no gain situation...there is cream available for the ones who go there...again its relative to the person...
No, you do not have to be pregnant to have milk, just the proper method to do so....no it does not stop after menopause, you can produce the hormone always unless you have a medical problem..
Also a breast pump to pump at least 15-20 mins every 2-4 hours. can be helpful. But, not by itself...

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