A Common Wish List  

TangoLuver 99M
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10/17/2021 8:47 pm
A Common Wish List

Many dating sites have a heading entitled "My Perfect Match" or similar category waiting to be filled by the prospective searcher for online-generated romance. I read the same qualifications over and over again. Among the most common is the request (or is it a demand?) for "someone who is honest, down to earth, has a sense of humour and is financially independent." Well, all I can reply is, "C'mon girl, don’t bore me already!"

-- Would I really admit it if I were a lier who was just after your money or your body? Well, for the record, I am after your body, but I don't need to be dishonest about that.

-- And what, pray tell, does "down to earth" mean? Let me check the dictionary. Ah, it says here, "with no illusions or pretensions." But aren't you, by virtue of being on a dating site, already full of illusions? And aren't you pretending just a li'l bit to be a perfect li'l package for your knight in shining armor who's bound to rescue you upon your sweet cry for "help!" Well, I won't be your man because I have my head in the clouds just like you, and all I've got on for armour is a UA sweatshirt.

-- Finally, why does your guy need to have a sense of humour if you don't? You proved it by writing a dull profile.

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