In the Park (Fantasy...or is it?)  

SymonHasNeeds 50M
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11/28/2021 6:04 pm
In the Park (Fantasy...or is it?)

You and I are walking through a<b> park. </font></b>is a lovely summer's evening. The temperature is warm and is a full moon in the sky, giving a romantic soft white light. We come a<b> park </font></b>bench and sit down. I put my arm around you and ever so lightly start playing with your ear. You close your eyes at the touch. I also start whispering sweet nothings in your ear, nibbling it a , but not too hard. You don't stop me so I take as a sign that you are up for anything that may happen. My mouth moves down from your ear and onto your neck. You lean your head sideways to give me more access. I start kissing neck, kisses, one after the other. I move around and deep into your eyes, looking for a sign that you want me to go on. I see ...a sparkle as you break into a beautiful smile. My lips search for yours and on contact our mouths open and we embrace in a long and passionate kiss.

I bring my hand up against your breast and I notice your erect nipples. I know is not from the weather as is not cold. I unbutton your top and slip my hand inside your bra. They are so soft and sensuous to the touch. I start massaging them slowly, wilfully. is then that we break our kiss and move my head down take in your breast. My mouth seeks that hard nipple with vigour. I find it and latch on with eagerness. You groan at the feeling and let out a yelp as I tenderly bite it. I up and apologise for hurting you and you tell me continue as is making you so wet. I remove your top and bra and expose both your breasts. I latch onto the one that I previously ignored and with my hand I rub the other. You arch your back to give me full access.

You start opening your legs, ever so slightly. You take my hand and guide it . I stand up and remove all of my clothes and then help you remove your pants. I notice how wet you are and excites me. You see my cock rise as you lean back and spread your legs. You put a hand between your legs and start rubbing while staring at my hard cock. I kneel down between your legs and move your hand away. My mouth covers your mound and my tongue searches for and finds the bud of excitement. While flicking your clit with my tongue, I slide a finger inside you and then two. I find that sweet spot and start massaging it with my fingers. You start gyrating your hips as the feeling intensifies. It's driving you wild and I feel your muscles contract as wave after wave takes over your body.

You start cumming down from your high and make me sit on the bench. You spread my legs and kneel between them. You take my cock in your hand and slowly start moving your hand up and down along the shaft. With your other hand you start playing with yourself again in rhythm with your hand. You take me in your mouth and start massaging my dick with your tongue. My cock strains at the sensation and I am desperate to enter you. My cock strains in your mouth and you feel the hardness. You finally stand up and straddle me and with your experienced hand you guide my hard manhood deep into your wet pussy. With you sitting on me it allows me use my hand stimulate your clit. You start riding me faster and faster knowing that we are both closing in on orgasm. And then it happens. My cock throbs one last time as it explodes all my juices deep into you. As the first shot of hot cum hits the back wall of your pussy, you explode with a huge orgasm that causes your body to go ridged with pleasure. You pussy muscles contract and suck more juices from my cock.

As we both relax and let the tensions melt away, you slide off my still pulsing cock. You kneel before me again and take my cock into your mouth suck the last of my juices from me. We get dressed again, realising that anybody could walk past at any moment. And as we walk away we walk past a tree with a man standing behind it. He has his eyes closed with his cock in his hand, and we realise that he must been watching us. We walk away not disturbing him, leaving him his thoughts and visions of us fucking each other like two hungry beasts.

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