January 1, 2016  

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1/13/2022 9:20 pm
January 1, 2016

Three<b> phone </font></b>calls from London and a Fed Ex package with first class plane tickets were quite tempting, but I still recovering from my recent shoulder surgery and used it as an excuse to turn down Robert's gracious offer. My big out of town new year plan fell through at the last second, so I found myself alone on the night of the 31st, and I always heard that what you are doing when the ball drops will mirror what you'll be doing the most during that year. And with that stuck in my brain I quickly found my submissive sissy self all made up and dressed in crotchless panties, a lacy garter belt, stockings, high heels and lowering myself down over a thick penis-shaped dildo suction cupped to my bathroom floor. Feeling the helmet head of the cock rubbing my pussy lips brought out my desperate lust to release the feminine to control my every move.

The lower that my juicy hole descended down the veiny shaft made my growing erection sticky with precum. I teased my cunt for a bit just rocking the first few inches of dildo inside my slick asshole. The motion became a bit more frantic as Kate's forbidden desires became overwhelming. I battled with myself, knowing the lower I went the more frantic I would become to fulfill my kinky needs to be dominated by every horny throbbing cock Kate could imagine. I could hear girly moans fill the darkness of the condo when my cell<b> phone </font></b>suddenly rang...sending me down balls-deep on the erection filling my slutty fuck hole. As I shivered and cried out the second ring brought me a bit back to reality when I finally recognized that ring tone. It all became too much to handle as my clit began shooting cum across the floor as Mr. Paul waited on the other end of our impending connection.

My body still rippling with a female orgasm on top of my throbbing clit still oozing had me passionately crying out, but knew I had to reach the<b> phone </font></b>before it went to voice mail or face the consequences. Fortunately, it rang again within reach so that I didn't have to unplug my pussy and barely managed to answer it before the fourth ring. I breathlessly said hello and waited for a reply. I heard Robert clear his throat before starting, "Sounds like your being the slutty sissy we all love." I wasn't expecting to hear his voice, but I couldn't disguise the fact that he had caught me fucking and all I could manage was a soft reply filled with humiliation, "My other plans fell through." I could hear a bit of sadness in his voice tinged with anger, "Don't think your contract with us is expiring at midnight. I had one of my lawyers draw up a new contract for another months."

I protested that I never signed any contract a moment before my<b> phone </font></b>chimed with a new message, "Go check what I just sent to you." I fumbled with my<b> phone </font></b>before seeing a picture, "Can you see that? It's a legal document signed, notarized and filed in both England and California." I just stared at it dumb founded as he continued, "And I can keep doing this every year now that my forger has learned to do your signature perfectly. It's a contract agreement between you and our video company." I looked closer at the signature and he right. It did look exactly like one of my own, "Since we are going more legit everything has been merging together for me to protect our assets. Turning more legitimate does have it's advantages, but maybe not for you. Everything now has more lawyers involved, which is how we are using that to our advantage."

It all looked official to me, too official, as Robert dropped his next bombshell, "We have a U. S. test auction scheduled in Palm Springs in late February now that the heat has lightened up. Plus, several of your Dominant fans expect to see their favorite French Maid, unless you prefer we go ahead and release 'The Pink Room' starring Slut Kate." I froze with fear as my pussy gripped the dildo, sending me over the edge with another female orgasm shaking me to my core. As I panted and moaned and lost myself in the feelings building inside me Robert laughed, "From the sound of it I take that as a yes. Get healthy and be ready, or your video will be put in full release, starting with adult bookstores in Southern California. Then we will see if you can hide from your xxx-rated past, or should I say embrace your destiny."

I never felt more trapped in my whole life and searched my brain for the proper response. I couldn't focus as I continued to quiver from the latest orgasm, "You're missing a great party. Expect another Fed Ex package in the next couple days with your copies of the contracts and a short one minute promo I expect you to eventually post somewhere on-line, or the whole world will start seeing who the real slutty porn star is in Los Angeles." I settled back on the dildo, pressing fully down until I could feel the balls pressed between my ass cheeks as Robert hung up and couldn't stop reading and rereading the legal document that appeared to have no easy way out for Kate . . . or me . . . or both.

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