Lil country, Lil classy & Lil crazy..My Real!  

StayingKinky2 49M/46F  
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1/16/2022 2:40 am
Lil country, Lil classy & Lil crazy..My Real!

This weekend I feel sexy, empowered, and super sexually charged! This is and will continue be such a much-needed boost my inner sexual goddess. I love these weekends! Lots of sex and connecting with my husband, and meeting new people. Sexually I am feeling adventurous and daring, which is a out of my norm but a vital part of exploring my fantasies. My fantasies changed since the last time I felt this way. Our communication and the urge explore more ways fill this feeling of having my husband watch me get freaky with another person. The thought of him getting hard by watching me on my knees, suck and slobber all over another man's cock, well, it drives me crazy. Then add on sucking his cock at the time, having both of them shoved into my mouth about makes me cum without<b> touching </font></b>myself. I love how my sexual needs and wants change and grow into something, so arousing my orgasms are explosive. This new sensual, naughty, seductive but submissive role I am taking on is so fucking ! I love !! I love our unique ways of expressing ourselves without judgment. So now we are tossing around the idea of two men while he watches. I was thinking something like me blindfolded sitting in the backseat of the car naked, waiting on a person to slide in and let me take advantage of them as my husband directs my every move. Man, I'm so wet just writing this. So it's break time for me now, lol, and I will keep you updated. I hope you enjoyed the piece of -my real.

Always remember my motto.
-If in doubt, spit on it.

my motto:
XOXO StayingKinky2

charrolastrofunM 63M
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2/1/2022 5:33 am

It would be great to have an update on how it is going for you. DId you have the backseat blind-fold scene you wrote about?

charrolastrofunM 63M
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1/27/2022 6:34 pm

You are the ideal hotwife. What a great adventure you are on, collaborating on your desires!

Leegs2012 49M  
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1/27/2022 3:29 pm

Love it!! Very Nice!!

mutualbenefit69 47M
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1/18/2022 7:47 pm

I don't mind riding in the backseat. Blindfolds are fun, really ramps up the excitement with the sensory deprivation. I volunteer.

boobwhisperer69 59M  
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1/16/2022 1:22 pm

Slobber baby!!!!!!

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1/16/2022 5:12 am


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