Stories of My Bi Journey
This is a collection of my experiences starting as a Bi curious woman and then declaring myself to be Bi. The stories now are of my Bi Journey, with lovers both Bi and Lesbian, and includes stories of the Bi/Lesbian party group I am a member of and the parties I attend.
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Happy New Year 2022
Posted:Dec 31, 2021 8:44 am
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2022 10:56 pm
Hope we can move past all the difficulties of 2021 into a new and prosperous 2022! Happy New Year to all my followers and visitor to my blog. Please watch for a new series of stories with 4 parts titled My Foray Into BDSM. Enjoy the following New Years themed pictures some by the talented Olga Korolenko.

Christmas COVID Cheer 2021
Posted:Dec 25, 2021 5:04 pm
Last Updated:Dec 30, 2021 5:56 am
Merry Christmas to one and all.
This is a picture from last year on this site. I do not have the member information and do apologize to them but what creativity within BDSM and what a wonderful Christmas Tree!

Please see Photo 1
Casino Night, A Female Cop, and That 96 Camaro
Posted:Dec 18, 2021 7:44 am
Last Updated:Dec 31, 2021 6:55 am
The posting of this story is the second due to the inspiration of Jules90 recent post, All good things her blog, Delving the Jules. This story is also about our collector 1996 Z-28 Chevy Camaro SS, cherished memories of our cars, my ex-fiancé, me, a date night in northern New Mexico, and a female police officer.

It is fair to stay that I have been fortunate to own or have access to several outstanding automobiles over the course of my life. I came of driving age in the early seventies when muscle cars were born out of the thirst for raw speed and the dedication from the auto industry to NASCAR and their appetite for speed and performance. In Europe, the rich and famous were tied to Formula One and the European auto industry, milk, and high-class well-dressed sexy women. While in America, Ford and Chey, were tied to NASCAR and the rising middle class, Budweiser, and beautiful women dressed in bikinis, T-backs, and/or Daisy Mae cut-offs showing a little ass with reviling tits tied in white blouses.

My ex-fiance, Susan, had her rules, her own thirst, and carvings when it came to the vehicles she or I purchased. Mainly, that there had to be a break in period. Many of you that have purchased new cars know of the manufactures suggested break in period, the careful driving and maintenance of the car over the first one thousand miles. That was NOT Susan's rule. Her rule was much simpler. We had to full on fuck in our new cars within the first month of purchasing them. This rule was enforced with any car that was new to us, used or fresh off the showroom floor. We enforced the rule, breaking in new cars, SUVs, and pickups, in rest areas between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, open fields in the mountains surrounding Santa Fe, in the National Forest in pull over areas or camp sites, in my company's parking garage, out on Albuquerque's west mesa, along country roads, while driving up or down I-25 between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, or on I-40 east or west of Albuquerque.

While we had some awesome vehicles that provided some cherished experiences the most rewarding, the most cherished was from this beautiful collector's 1996 Z-28 Chey Camaro SS cheery red convertible. This car demand attention, it was all about raw power with its new generation corvette engine, and sex appeal was its theme, people drooled over it, girls and women wanted rides in it and on it, they orgasmed in it from the roar and vibration of the engine cruising through and into their pussies, and men they loathed over it knowing the fuck machine and beast it was.

This story took place in the fall, about this time. I was to attend a charity golf and casino event benefiting the local chapter of a national scholarship program and because it was a casino night, I was permitted to take a date. The event was to take place at Angle Fire Ski Resort in northern New Mexico. The first night would be the casino night with silent auction and the golf tournament was to follow the next day at the resort's course.

We left Albuquerque midafternoon with a clear blue sky on a comfortably warm day, so the top was down on the Camaro. We took I-25 to Santa Fe at speeds toping ninety, then slowed down between Santa Fe and Espanola, and even more so for the drive towards Taos alongside the Rio Grande River on the two-lane mountainous road while watching for river rafters. Just south of Taos we took the loop to take us to Angle Fire, a curving, two lane mountain road, a fun road for the sporty Camaro. When I cleared the last Ponderosa Pine into a straight-a-way lane that past the Vietnam Memorial I took the right hand turn into the community of Angle Fire. As I drove down this road, I did not notice the speed limit had changed from fifty-five, which I wasn't doing anyway, to thirty-five. I did notice the police car that pulled behind me, but the light bar was not on, so I continued to the turn to the resort. I soon saw that the police car had also turned but still no lights. I pulled into the parking lot and the police car also turned into the parking lot, still no lights flashing. I pulled into a parking space, the police car past me and turned into the parking space beside me, Susan set up, removed her knee from its position of leaning against the windowsill, and her foot from the dash to the floor. As I was getting ready to rise the top, the door opened on the police car and a clear firm female voice said, nice car! Susan and I turned just in time to see a blonde-haired head rising above the blackened window and door frame of the police car. It continued till we saw the most beautiful set of blue eyes one could imagine, followed by a small perfectly shaped nose, and a gorgeous set of lips. I watched as she placed her fingers on the window frame of the Camaro and started to walk around it while letting her fingers feel its coolness, I watched her ass in the passenger side mirror as she walked the length of the passenger side. She had a lovely firm pear shaped ass held tightly in her tan police uniform slacks, the view of the waistline was distorted by the wide belt, holstered gun, and ammunition clips, pepper spray, and night stick which were hanging from it, but it also gave her a look of power while adding to her sexiness. As she turned the corner of the car, her fingers still lightly touching the car, I shifted my eyes to the driver's side mirror and found framed in it a view of the officer's cove and could make out the faint line of her pussy lips. I didn't release my eyes from the mirror until she was standing beside me and requesting my driver's license, registration, and proof of insurance. She then said, as a statement not a question, you know you were doing fifty-seven in a thirty-five zone. Without waiting for a respond, she followed, are you here for the weekend and the charity event? I replied we were and that we are sponsors. She then told us that we had a really nice car while she was sliding her hand over the windowsill and she said don't leave any food or drinks in your car. The bears have been known to rip a convertible top to pieces if they smell anything inside. She handed my paperwork back to me and said, have a nice weekend, I hope you enjoy your stay.

As she started to walk away, I said thank you. Quickly followed by, we'd like for you to accept an invite to a drink tonight. Susan repeated the invite before she could respond and when she did it was simply, really? I replied, yes really. I said, Officer Mathews this is your decision, we'd like to show you our appreciation for your kindness. Offering an excuse, she said, I don't get off duty until eleven. I assured her that Susan and I would be up, in the casino room, and that she was welcome to join us. Officer Mathews offered a second excuse, I don't know I'd have to come in my uniform and before she could say another word, I told her that Susan and I would notice her then. She laughed and said so will everyone else. I told her not to worry about it and handed her my business card with my cell number and told her to call before she comes if she likes. Either way, I am sure it will be fine.

AT eleven ten I was beginning to believe that Officer Mathews was a no show. At eleven seventeen I was corrected as the room had a shift in dynamics. Every man was dressed in either a suit, sport coat and slacks, or a tux. Every woman was dressed in some type of evening dress from a black cocktail dress to a formal evening gown, well almost every woman! Leslie Mathews, Officer Mathews, enter the hall in uniform her jewelry, her deputy sheriff's badge but she had removed her belt and all it's accompanying hardware which resulted in showing her tapered waistline. Her hair was pulled back and tied while she had on only the slightest amount of makeup. Still there was not a woman in that room that displayed more raw or authoritative sexual appeal. As she walked across the room toward our table Susan and I both stood to greet Officer Mathews. As we hugged, she whispered in my ear that she felt a bit out of place and uncomfortable. She and Susan were about an inch a part in height, but both were of athletic build. Before I even asked Susan for her help, she had taken Office Mathews by the hand and was leading her out of the hall.

I played blackjack, nursed a drink, and checked on our silent auction items. After thirty-five or forty minutes I decided that I should check on Susan and Office Mathews and left the hall for our suite, taking with me a bottle of Champaign and glasses.

As I entered the room it was obvious that they had intended return the hall. There the couch laid Officer's Mathews uniform, one of Susan's navy-blue business suits and a pale blue blouse, along with, Susan's black cocktail dress. As I opened the double doors the bedroom, I opened , a naked Susan laying between the legs of a naked Officer Mathews. Susan's face was buried in Officer Mathews' cove, Susan's hands clutching Officer Mathews' hips, pulling her pussy towards her face, Officer Mathews' feet were resting Susan's back, her knees bent, and both women were in the throes of ecstasy; Susan moaning and Officer Mathews' begging Susan not stop.

When I had entered the room, I had let the double doors lose and when they closed together with a bit of a bang Susan and Office Mathews jump, startled! Officer Mathews grasped her firm, naked breast, covering her erect nipples while her face flushed red and turned towards the windows away from . Under my breath I laughed at her modesty, she was a gorgeous woman, dressed or naked. Susan rolled onto her side turning toward while licking Officer Mathews' pussy juices from around her lips and upon her lips, she blushed a faint pink and offered an apology, of sorts. D, I'm sorry, we were going come back but, Leslie wanted take a quick shower, when she undressed, WELL FUCK, look at her, I couldn't, FUCK D, we weren't just going buy her a drink, we're we?

There in the bed were two beautiful women, both blushing, both unsure. I turned Officer Mathews, who by the way was not doing anything further cover herself, and said, Officer Mathews, Leslie, nice meet you and offered her my hand. Leslie uncovered her right breast and took my hand. This gorgeous woman who was sexually beautiful in a mysteriously powerful way had metaphorized into an enchantingly and alluringly exquisite woman. Susan kept stammering about how sweet her pussy tasted, how amazing her mouth and lips tasted, how wonderful her nipples felt in her mouth and sweet they tasted, how tempting her firm ass felt in her hands, and then she blurted out, FUCK, D, you have got taste her! I looked down at Leslie, whom I had pulled over the edge of the bed and her face was turning a bright red, but her eyes were blazing and lustfully inviting.

I looked down at her beautiful body, her state of embarrassment, her nipples had softened, their color had returned the natural skin toned shade, and goosebumps had started to form on her arms as her body temperature was changing, becoming cooler. I reached down taking her soft nipples between the forefingers and thumb of each hand, pinched them, twisted them hard, and pulled Leslie from the bed. Leslie moaned, hard and then yelled, FUCK as I was bending kiss her. Our mouths met, my right hand released her nipple, sledding around her back support her, and Susan, she moved into us taking Leslie's nipple into her mouth and began suckling her tit, her left hand slipped between Leslie's legs, and Susan's fingers started eagerly fucking Leslie's pussy. I could hear the sloshing sound of Leslie's wet juices surrounding Susan's pumping fingers, I sit in one of the chairs across from the bed and told Susan for her and Leslie to put on a show for and did they!

Leslie spent the weekend with Susan and . Susan backed out of the golf tournament to have more fun with Leslie. She did get to drive the Camaro taking Susan to a couple of her favorite seclude areas in the forest and mountains. When I returned from the tournament the room was empty and I took a shower to prepare for a planned ranch party which was another sponsored event. When I came out of the shower, I could hear the muffled sounds of Susan and Leslie, the sounds of two women getting it on. When I stepped into the bedroom, I was welcomed by an amazing sight, Susan and Leslie locked in a sixty--position feasting on each other's pussies. Susan waved over the bed and when I was standing next it and these two gorgeous women, they each grabbed a hand and arm pulling me into a pile with them. Susan pushed me over onto the other side of the bed while Leslie pinned my shoulders to the mattress and spread herself over my face in a reverse cowgirl position planting her beautifully shaved pussy over my mouth. Susan spread over my cock, holding it at the base, and sank her wet, warm pussy engulfing it with a moan.

Immediately Leslie was ordering Susan to fuck me harder, encouraging her to lift herself off me withdrawing my cock from her and then to drive down on it impaling herself deeply and Susan was commanding Leslie to shove her sweet cunt deeper into my mouth. To feed me her sweet cum! Leslie soon demanded that Susan turn around in reverse cowgirl position so that she could watch her fuck my cock, to be able to see it sliding in and out of her fuck hole covered in her cum. Leslie kept demanding that Susan fuck me harder, deeper, and empty my cock into her until Susan had drained my seed. Susan stood, Leslie reached around Susan grabbed her ass cheek, pulling it, while her other hand pressed against her opposite thigh holding her , and started licking Susan's pussy lips. I could hear her lips, and tongue smacking as she cleaned Susan's pussy, followed Susan's moans, and then Leslie's sucking of Susan's and my mingled cum from Susan's pussy. Susan was flushing juices and our cum from her pussy, feeding it to Leslie, and within minutes was squirting her nectar of the gods down Leslie's throat. Leslie as fucking my face wildly, posting and down just like riding a , and then everything stop, she screamed, FUCK, FUCK , and let go of a stream of her own nectar. She settled over my mouth and fed it while moaning and crying with Susan watching and praising her.
When Leslie fell the bed almost top of Susan and I, Susan was giggling and told Leslie; you're not done yet sweetie. I want you to clean D's cock and I'm going to tell you how; he has a gift for you. Leslie moved next to , lovingly took my softing cock into her warm hand, licked the tip of the head and piss slit, and Susan said. Now slip the whole head into your mouth without pulling his foreskin back and clamp your lips around his shaft. With my cock's head swelling in her mouth, my shaft hardening she followed Susan's instructions to perfection while moaning in pleasure. Her mouth in position, Susan told her to keep it clamped around my shaft and pull the foreskin down, Leslie went crazy. She was moaning, licking, sucking, and slurping. When Leslie had pulled my foreskin down, she had released a wall of Susan's and my mingled cum that had collected beneath the ridge of my cock head and the sack of foreskin. Leslie pulled my cock from her mouth and beaming said, fuck, that taste so good! Before Susan or I could say anything, Leslie dropped her head back down taking my cock back into her mouth and her tongue began swirling around the engorged head of my cock, cleaning every tasty morsel, every drop of Susan's and my cum from it.

All of us, Susan, Leslie, and I had an amazing weekend thanks to a speed ticket not given and that sexy 1996 collector's Z-28 Chevy Camaro SS convertible, like Leslie said, a really nice car!

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Happy Thanksgiving
Posted:Nov 25, 2021 10:49 am
Last Updated:Dec 30, 2021 5:55 am
Happy Thanksgiving to all my followers with a few apologies!

Apology number one; sorry it's not a turkey but the play on bondage and fifty shades of grey where just to hard to resist.

Apology number two; to those followers from across the pond and any others that may not celebrate Thanksgiving, but hopefully we all have something to be thankful for.

Apology number three; to any chickens that may be offended, upset, or any other negative emotional effect this picture may have caused. (Damn..., why do we have to be so political correct?)

Apology number four; goes without say after apology number three..., to any turkeys that have been emotionally scarred for any reason.

Apology number five; to me, WTF..., should have kept my opinions to myself.... Anyway..., HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
Coffee and Cream
Posted:Nov 11, 2021 11:43 am
Last Updated:Nov 21, 2021 5:42 am
It is finally going to happen! She has asked to fantasize about what I want her to do to me, for me and with me. She reminds that she is a sub, that she’ll do anything I want, and that she wants me to take control of her but not just physically. She wants to take control of her mentally as well. I must confess that since she made this request my pussy has been in a continuous state of drenched cream, covering my swollen lips, running down my thighs, and even dripping from, splashing against my legs, and feet. As I do not wear panties it has caused a couple of embarrassing moments to grapple with. Thankfully both were with women. One a former girlfriend and lover. The other a woman whom I had set up a meeting with several months ago prior to contracting COVID. She is a member of the of ALL women's Bi/Lesbian party group that I party with, but it was our first meeting. The meeting took place at a coffee shop in my hometown, a shop that I had selected because it has great coffee and more so for the fact that it has a lady’s room that can be deadbolted. My original plan was to meet her and for her to eat my pussy in the lady’s room. The original plan had nothing to do with Sandra but on this and with the upcoming meeting with Sandra she was all I could think about, in truth ALL THAT I WANTED, and my pussy was flowing like a full roaring river, a total flood of my juices running out my swollen pussy down between my ass cheeks, bathing my puckered asshole, and covering my soft enter thighs. Anyone could see the droplets of juices speckling my calvas and the top of my feet from my drippings. I and my skirt were a mess!

As we were setting there my new friend laid her hand on my thigh and squeezed it sending a shiver into my wet, pulsing pussy and…, she whispered OMG Shelly. Her fingertips had pressed into the soft, drenched meat of my enter thigh and were now covered. She said, she hoped I was thinking of what we could do to each other. I didn’t reply I raised my coffee cup to my lips lowering my head while closing my eyes and instinctively opened my legs. She withdrew the hand that squeezed my thigh and raised her juiced covered fingertips to her lips while her other hand crossed over her body, between my spread legs, and dove into my soaked pussy, spreading my lips forcefully, and began an assault upon my swollen G-spot. I kept the coffee cup pressed against my lips, my head tilted down, my eyes closed, biting my lower lip sucking it into my mouth in a reward less attempt to cover my moans and soft suppressed cries.

I knew that within moments I would be ejaculating, squirting my sweet nectar of the gods all over my new friends, now deeply personal friend’s, fingers and hand. I knew any of the other patrons that were watching, I was not looking to see who may be watching, would know that I was being finger fucked right there in the coffee shop. If they had any doubts, I knew the aroma of my pussy would confirm it beyond such doubts…, OH FUCK…, she is relentless…, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK…, OH FUCK.

She pulls her fingers from my soaked pussy and my ejaculated is dripping from them. To hide her covered hand she clutches her fingers, her fist into a ball, grasp by the wrist with her other hand and pulls up from my seat. She calls the waitress over to tell her we will be returning and not to clear the table or give our seats up and she pulls towards the lady’s room. Once in the lady’s room she locks the door behind us and shoves against the sink counter. She drops to her knees, pushing my skirt up around my waist, drives her and tongue into my wet pussy. She licks, cleans my pussy and turns around pressing into the counter while bending forward she spreads my ass cheeks bathes my crease and puckered asshole, fucking it relentlessly with her tongue, driving the tip further into my ass with each forceful thrust. She finishes by turning back around spreading my legs and cleaning my nectar from the inside of my thighs…, but…, FUCK! I cannot stop it…, I cover her in …, all to her delight.

We return to our table to a few glances. Our waitress comes over, steps between our chairs and while facing and talking with my new best friend she drops a napkin into my lap. I can see handwriting on it and a smiley . I unfold the napkin and the note simply said; I want you! I tasted your , OMG! Followed by a phone and the smiley face.

I smile! My gorgeous Sandra, my sub, is already paying dividends! I tuck the note in my skirt’s waist pocket. Is it wrong for me to have cum all over this woman while lustfully thinking of Sandra and how I want her to eat my pussy, how I want her to fuck me, to lick my ass, how fucking much I want to cover Sandra’s face, tits, body with my cum, watch her wantonly lick my cum from her fingers, how much I want to watch here squirt, to play with her pussy, to suck her breast, to eat and fuck her…, OH FUCK…, I’m WET…, HERE I GO AGIN…, OH FUCK…, Sandra!

I’ve provided a detailed description of my gorgeous friend, Sandra, before…, this time I’m just going to give you more pictures and let your mind draw its own conclusions and develop your own fantasies after all the mind is the largest sex organ. So, use it! Dream of eating and fucking Sandra or watching her and I eating and fucking one another. Create your own fantasies using the pictures, this story, put yourself in my place or my new best friend’s and masturbate. Better yet, read it to your love, watch her masturbate, coach her in fucking her G-spot, watch her orgasm or squirt and then clean her pussy. Let you mind run wild and enjoy your rewards.

To Sandra…, well…, KISSES & LICKS ! I can’t wait till we are both between our spread legs and enjoying our rich, sweet, treasures. I want to taste every inch of your magnificent, gorgeous body. I know your body will be a cornucopia of savory rich flavors and I want to experience those flavors, all those different taste from your toes to your head and back again. I want to linger over your breast, kissing, licking, nibbling, and sucking them while making the connection between your nipples and your clit. I want our tongues to languish in our mouths, exploring, tasting, and caressing your amazing lips feeling and tasting their full richness. I want us both to work our ways to the other’s treasure, to bathe our tongues in the rich abundance of our nectar. I want to explore your gorgeous cushiony G-spot and your firm, tasty clit with my tongue, and fingers to watch you release, enjoy, the reactions to a total body orgasm, and…, I want to taste your cum , the splendor, the full sweetness! Feed my hunger…, quench my thirst…, till we both are satisfied.

Thanks for the Memories, Jules!
Posted:Nov 1, 2021 6:55 pm
Last Updated:Dec 25, 2021 12:35 am
The posting of this story was inspired by Jules1590 and her recent post, “All good things…” on her blog, Delving the Jules. If you have not visited her blog you’re missing out on a wonderful experience. Jules is gorgeous, sexy, erotic, and desirable in very sense of the word. She is fun to converse with via her blog, chat, or messaging. She has an erotic mind and a passion for her own sexual pleasure as well as that of her followers through provocative erotic thought, graphic artwork, and the written word. Her blog is one of the best we have found and enjoy. While she has not requested this endorsement, we encourage you to enjoy Jules 1590, her mind, her picture, and her provocative, erotic mind.

As I said this story or at least the posting of it was inspired by Jules1590 recent post, “All good things….’ and more specifically a question she presents at the end of the blog posting. That question: “Do you have a favorite car that holds cherished memories?” The story is about “cherished memories” around a car, a collector’s 1996 Z-28 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible, my ex-fiancée and myself, and a date night.

If you have followed any of my stories and more specifically the lake or Sea doo stories than you know my ex-fiancée, Susan, her athletic body, her killer legs, her tight firm ass that could stop anything in motion that was fawning over it, ogling over it, okay fuck, stripping it bare, lusting in its panty less firm roundness and cheek creases, her gorgeously shaven pussy, her perky tits, pale pink nipples, her seductive lips, her hazel eyes that flashed sexual awareness, desire, and cum fuck me intent. her faced was framed in shoulder length sandy colored hair, and her fun nature, and up for almost anything energy provides a social freedom that results the possibility of sexual adventure.
As to the car, what more can be said than it was a 1996 Collector’s Z-28 Chevy Camaro SS Convertible with new generation Corvette engine, and a cum fuck me or I’ll fuck you appearance. It was candy cheery deep red, with a long shapely body, recessed lights framed in black, scoped hood, a slanting windshield that gracefully merged into a black low hugging convertible top, but which was hardly ever up. We lived in Albuquerque; our nights are made for a top-down convertible driving. Our destination this night, from the west side to Old Town and the restaurant the Melting Pot, then to Pope Joy Hall for the performance; All That Jazz, and back home. This night had been planed for at least a month.

At the Melting Pot we always reserved our favorite table. It was reserved out of our devilishness, our sexual playfulness, and knowing that Susan would be wearing a short black dress that hit the top of her thighs sans any panties. The Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant, but far more was dipped into and covered in a rich nectar than just meats, vegies, fruits and cakes for a pleasurable and rewarding taste; Susan’s nectar of the gods…, was very rich, tasteful, and enjoyable. It was here that Susan made her first plea. Running her hand up the inside of my thigh and fondling my cock a move that the couple next to us were watching, leaned into me while looking into the eyes of the woman whose eyes were moving from Susan’s hand working my cock to her eyes, she whispered…, let’s skip the musical! We didn’t resist the fondued chocolate dipped strawberries and assorted other deserts, Susan’s hand continued chocking and playing with my now hard cock, and our watcher, the woman at the next table, now somewhat blushing, would not or rather refused to take her eyes off the performance Susan was putting on with her hand and my cock, her eyes, and her mouth while seductively eating her dipped strawberries. Susan was fucking this woman!

As we left, I noticed Susan reached out and touched the hand of the woman who had been watching us or more so Susan and her devilish performance, followed by her dropping her business card on the table. Nothing was said but as Susan moved out from between the tables and I followed I looked down over the woman’s shoulder and saw her placing Susan’s card in her hand clutch. We continued out the restaurant and walked to the parking garage. Susan was almost in my jacket she was leaning into me so hard and she again pleaded, lets skip the musical. I am the Jazz fan and hesitated, so Susan upped the ante. As I opened the door she stepped away from the Camaro and told me to get in the passenger side, followed by instructing me to recline the seat. She again made her plea…, while allowing her dress to slip down her body to the parking structure lot. She performed a brief striptease, shoving her ass towards me, spreading her cheeks, her fingers pulling her wet, glossing lips apart, showing me her love hole, her swollen clit, then quickly she spun around, reached behind her unclasped her bra throwing it in the back seat, dropped to her knees on top of her dress, and started pulling my cock from my slacks demanding we FUCK…, right THERE…, right THEN!

She continued to fuck me there on the top level of the parking garage, the cool night air enveloping her body, hardening her nipples even with the flow of heat between us, the night lights of Albuquerque glowing and reflecting all around, and when she reached her climax, she pulled from my erect cock exposing its shinning sheath of her sweet nectar. Susan pleaded again…, lets skip the musical…, I don’t want to go…, I WANT TO FUCK! How fast can you get us home?
I pulled out of the parking garage with Susan sucking her sweet nectar from my cock as we drove down Rio Grande to I-40. At the Big I, I-40 and I-25, I headed north towards Santa Fe as Susan raised from my lap and slipped her dress over her head covering herself from her shoulders to her waist. There racing northward on I-25 Susan planted her spread bare feet on the Camaro’s dash, her legs uncovered, her dress bunched around her waist, while her wet pussy seeped juices onto the leather seat, she began to finger fuck herself as we passed cars, pickups, and SUVs. I don’t know that anyone noticed us other than as the racing Camaro convertible driving northward. They may have on the exit ramp to I-25 and the entrance lanes to Paseo del Norte and they may have only seen Susan sucking her pussy cream from her fingers but the view I had only made me drive all the faster.

I may have missed out on “All That Jazz” but the drive, the view was outstanding…, as to the fondue…, it was extremely sweet, tasty, and very satisfying. As to that candy cheer red Camaro…, well…, there is another story about a charity casino night at a ski resort in northern New Mexico, Susan and I, a speed ticket that wasn’t issued, and a beautiful blonde female cop. However, that is another story.

As to Jules, thanks for inspiring the memories.

To the reader and for your enjoyment, this is the link to Jules blog.

Wet Dream or Just A Finger Fucking Fantasy?
Posted:Oct 26, 2021 9:52 pm
Last Updated:Nov 2, 2021 7:32 am
Posted this story on Heated Affairs's Erotic Stories section because we usually get more comments there. We had over 1600 views so we'll see how it does here. If you enjoy the story we'd love for you to leave comments and we would love to hear more comments from women. KISSES & LICKS, Shelly.

I woke this morning my bare ass resting in a pool of moisture that had saturated my sheets. My p-jay shorts were removed, my pussy lips were swollen and wet, and my clit was engorged with the hood having been retracted, and a stream of cream was flowing from my love nest between my cheeks and merging into my puckered little rosebud. The worst part was not knowing where my p-jay shorts were…, well on second thought not really…, not knowing how I had cum to be laying in this mess and condition was also a concern…, and then fuck…, I am so unbelievably horny!

I think I’m too old for wet dreams, but I know there has been no that I would have fucked or allowed to fuck me. Now I am thinking I must have had a wet dream or finger fucked myself while slumbering in a very hard sleep. As to any dream I know of cause. I have recently struck upon an online friendship at Heated Affairs and believe me she is the type of individual would or certainly could dream of. She is amazingly beautiful, intelligent, wonderfully funny with a great sense of humor, and an incredible sense of wellbeing and kindness. With those attributes I can think of no else more appealing or totally sexy. Still I am aware that all of that may mean nothing to you horndogs both and female that want to know how gorgeous she really is and that you want this descriptive picture of her to get your blood boiling, your cocks hardened with pre-cum dripping, you ladies want you nipples hard, your clits swollen while pushing its way through your hood, and your pussy tinging, while building moisture to start a flow of your cream between your lips, down into the crease between your cheeks, and pooling in your puckered little rosebud. Here it is but understand it is somewhat difficult to know just where to start.

She has the most devilish set of lips and the most angelic set of eyes, perfectly shaped nose, rosy full cheeks, and a beautifully balanced chin. The creases and the curves of her lips are well defined leaving a faint trace into her cheeks. The edges of her lips appear deeper, rich, and give to an upturn that highlights her smile drawing you into her warmness and easing any aggression, discomfort, or anxiety that you may have. Her Philtrum and Cupid’s bow is well defined as is her Vermillion border and the light providing shading and shadows that will pull you into her lips resulting in your deep consumption, desire to plant your lips within her heart shaped ones to taste them, to feel their warmth, to create a mood and effort to become a part of her. Her upper and lower lips are balanced within the Golden ratio of perfection as God intended when he first created women, they are the essence of pure beauty. They say that a woman with Heart Shaped Lips and very prominent Cupid’s bow and full lower lips are strong willed and independent which overflows into her sexuality and while she is a sub it is displayed within that sexual preference in her desire to meet every whim, fulfill every demand and command of her mistress weather the sexual proclivities and slutty behavior is for her mistress own pleasure or that of another individual. Her independence is tempered by her own desire to belong to her mistress and yet is within that independence she finds the strength so she can be physically and sexually pleasing not to herself but all around her, it is part of what makes her so FUCKING HOT!

Her eyes as I stated are angelic, astute, beseeching, displaying her intelligence, while they are dark a deep rich brown nearing black, they are bright, blazing, and flashing the reflection of light. Not can you discern her intelligence, but she has an unhidden, unbridled playfulness and sense of humor which is reflected in the gleam of her eyes and her beautiful smile. I warn you, however, that she is the consummate total package. Her gorgeousness is not held or confined to her facial features; she has the body to match. No, she is not an Amazonian Queen like Wonder Woman or my Emily nor her friend Amy with her amazing abs and muscular body. If, however, you desire to see beauty defined in picture just simply look no further than Sandra’s profile pictures. I would suggest the following pictures in her Private Album. First the in white square neckline and sleeveless dress. Look at how the material clings to her prefect breast, how her stomach is flat and once more how the material embraces the curves of her toned belly, and I wish how we could see how this dress must hug her ass. Finally look at her toned arms absent of any fat. FUCK…, looking at this picture now I want to let my hands flow over her body, feeling the coolness of the fabric, the shape, the form, the curves of her body. I want to lustfully fondle her breast and flip her hair from her lean neck to kiss, lick, and nibble its firmness. I want to uncover the beauty of her nakedness, the treasure of her body, to feast on it, to linger in her refreshment and to pleasure her. The second…, well know that writing about the first got me wet and this second is going to push me to have to take care of my horniness; yes, I will have to finger fuck myself or grab my dildo and plunge it deep into my wet, sloshing pussy, pounding my pussy into orgasmic pleasure. Even so it will not satisfy my lust for her, oh…, sorry. This second picture shows her toned legs, her gorgeous calves and her curvature thigh muscle with a hint of her hamstring muscle moving upwards from her knee. Her Roger Rabbit Lady in Red Dress like ass and damn…, how that dress is gripping her ass…, just like I want too…, FUCK! That open back, OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK…, how gorgeous is this woman! Guys if your cocks are not hard and dripping pre-cum than I’d question your manhood and women if your pussies are not swollen, wet, with your clits being pushed beyond your hoods…, then I am at a loss of words…, I mean FUCK…, I want to kiss and lick every inch of her stunning body! And still it goes beyond that I want to be FUCKED by her beautiful intelligence, to ravish my body with her thoughts, eat my pussy and my puckered little asshole with her demanding, angelic eyes, and I want her devilish lips to set my nipples, my belly button, my pussy and puckered rosebud on fire to have her cool my body, the fames of passion with her caressing, soft, cool hands and silky fingers as they drift over me creating goosebumps as my skin in response to her amazing touch. I want ALL of her to FUCK me to new heights of unbridled LUST, to consume me, and to make me her own possession! Someone she can steal away to experience a new role of being both mistress and sub enjoying the pleasures of being able to demand sexual obedience, command sexual release, behaviors, actions, pleasures from both sides of the continuum using her intelligence, her beauty, and her body for the fulfillment of both of our commands, desires, and fantasies.

I look down between my legs and subconsciously my fingers have filled my swollen slit, they are pumping into my wet, sloppy cunt, fucking into me in a come-hither motion, my juices are sputtering out of my hot hole and splashing into the lake gathering under my ass. I am thankful that I made the trip to Big Lots and purchased those wonderful mattress pad that keep mattress both clean and dry but is going to cause both my ass, pussy, and legs to chaff but then there is an answer for that too so I continue the assault on my spongy G-spot. My fingers press against it in unison with my thoughts on the pleasures we will provide each other, the fucking of our bodies, building the pressure in my skene glands, fucking my wanton cunt. Getting lost in my own dreams of lust I push my hips forward forcing my ass into the air, my feet press into the bed creating my body into a bridge, my arm is arched as my fingers stab into my pussy thrusting, pressuring my throbbing G-Spot. My shoulders, neck, and head indent my pillow as my juices start to flow from me like a roaring waterfall splashing into the expanding lake soaking my beddings. I feel the force of her beautiful body spread over my face, grinding her sweet soaking pussy into my mouth, feeding me her creamy nectar of the gods! OH FUCK…, her cum is rich, full, and sweet…, perhaps the sweetest I have ever tasted…, FUCK…, I want more. Then my thoughts are turned to my G-Spot, MY PUSSY…, OH FUCK, FUCK…, OHHHH FUUUUCK!

The contractions started deep within my pussy pushing forward shoving my cum before them and pulling with force behind. I can fill the wall of cum gushing though my glands, FUCK…, the force is amazing…, as my cum expands my walls..., forcefully swelling the walls, oh fuck…, FUCK, my clit is on fire, twitching, swelling…, OH SHIT…, FUCK.., YES, the release…, OMG…, YES, YES, YES my tiny slit opens…, my ejaculation explodes from me erupting like old, Old Faithful…, skyrocketing. It is like the first time I ejaculated on my own…, when my cum shot from my pussy hitting my right foot but this is building. FUCK…, I can fell a second wave building, just starting…, YES, YES, YES…, I pull back and forcefully shoving my contacting cunt forward forcing the second wave down the same path…, OH FUCK YES! Sandra…, gorgeous Sandra is doing all she can to hold her position spread over my face, forcing her intoxicating, gorgeous pussy deeper into my mouth, her knees are shoved into the pillows and bed…, …, my eyes widen…, OH FUCK…, my tongue feels it…, her pussy is sucking my tongue back deeper…, FUCK YES…, RELEASE…, GIVE IT TO ME…, FUCK…, FEED ME…, and she does! There is no question…, Sandra’s cum is the sweetest cum I have ever swallowed. She was right she is my LICK-HER, I am drunk, intoxicated and already addicted…, I WANT MORE for her, her body, her pussy, her sweet, sweet nectar! GIVE IT TO ME, SANDRA!!!!

Well.., FUCK! Something wakes me, my fingers lodged deep in my drenched pussy. I don’t think there is a dry spot on the bed…, LOL! My Sandra is not in my bed…, FUCK…,it was a dream, a finger fucking fantasy, but now I want her all the more.

The pictures are of Heated Affairs member Sandra. If you enjoyed the story and the pictures please leave a comment. Be creative, fun, kinky and/or sexy and we will respond in kind. Kisses & Licks, Shelly.

Note of Thanks!
Posted:Oct 5, 2021 8:17 am
Last Updated:Dec 30, 2021 5:57 am
One to thank everyone taking the time to review the Erotic Artwork, voting, and leaving a comment. We've made no decision at this time as to which pictures we may end up purchasing. Our billiards room has a lot of full length picture windows and while we live in the country. Our house faces the main road into our little valley. We have some other demands prior to purchasing any new artwork..., like window coverings or putting off our first ALL women's Bi/Lesbian party. AND, that just won't work as it has been all to long since the last party, LOL.

Just don't know how a bunch of cowboys and farmers driving by our house would react to seeing a pool room of naked women playing pool or getting it on with each other. To be honest thought..., there are a couple of cowgirls that I wouldn't mind joining us, YUMMY!

If you have any idea as to how those cowboys and farmers may react please share them in the comments. Once again thanks to all, hugs to the guys and as always KISSES & LICKS to the horny, wet women!

P.S. Hope you enjoy the Billiard pictures! K&L-Shelly.

Which Erotic Watercolor
Posted:Sep 12, 2021 3:58 pm
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We're going to purchase some Erotic Artwork for our billiards room and for the enjoyment of the ladies that attend our Bi/Lesbian parties. Give your input, which watercolor do you like?
Kisses are prohibited - Titled.
I fall in love with a dead boy - Titled.
Anna Dart Watercolor, no title.
Steve Hanks, Titled, Holding Her Moment.
Steve Hanks, Titled, Centered.
Steve Hanks, Titled, To Search Within.
Steve Hanks, Titled, Like an Angel.
Steve Hanks, Titled, Love for the Unattainable.
Anna Razumovskaya, Titled, Untold Story.
Anna Dart, Titled, Sweet Dreams.
6 Comments , 28 votes
Purchasing Erotic Artwork Please Vote
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Last Updated:Oct 5, 2021 9:02 am

We're going to purchase some Erotic Artwork for our billiards room and for the enjoyment of the ladies that attend our Bi/Lesbian parties. Give your input, which black/white pictures do you like?
Anna Dart B/W
Anna Dart B/W
Anna Dart B/W
Anna Dart B/W
Anna Razumovskaya B/W
Anna Razumovskaya B/W
Anna Dart B/W
Lila Vovk B/W
Anna Dart B/W
Lila Vovk B/W
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New Year’s Eve Party – A Lesbian Fuck Fest!
Posted:Sep 5, 2021 12:16 pm
Last Updated:Sep 26, 2021 4:11 pm
I have been asked by some readers and online friends when I first started attending the Bi/Lesbian parties. This is the story of the events that led up to my attending my first party with my ex Lesbian girl friend. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the makings of this story and if you do enjoy please leave a comment. Ladies..., as always KISSES & LICKS!

New Year’s Eve Party – A Lesbian Fuck Fest!

Talk about being caught off guard. I had been trying to set a threesome to explore some mild bondage play with Rachel, Emily, and myself for several weeks. I am the newbie to bondage.

Rachel and I had recently done some reverse roll playing where she showed me what type of things, she liked done to her in respect to punishment and bondage. It was the best experience ever of having my ass eaten by anyone. She used such force with her tongue and held me so firmly continuing to fuck my ass until I both came and squirted. To say I was wet would be an understatement; I was drenched from clit to ass, down my legs, and it was a good thing she had double layered towels as they were soaked.

Emily and I met at the hospital while I was having some testing done. She is employed by the hospital to take blood samples. While doing this we struck up a conversation about the usual things two women would which led to the eventual questions of dating and if I had ever been with another woman. We slept together several nights with things moving at a snail’s pace as it was not until about the third morning that I awoke to Emily fingering my pussy until she got me off and then proceeded to leave me and the bed heading for the bathroom to take a shower. However, on her way she made a point of my watching her suck my juices and cum from each of her fingers. Then without any warning our pace was jettisoned to star track speed, I mean fuckin beam me up Scotty, as I awoke the next morning to having my legs tied spread eagle to the foot post and Emily tying my last wrist to the last headboard post. I freaked having never done any bondage and Emily and I not having discussed this. We stopped seeing each other.

How did it come that I was trying to set a bondage threesome between myself, Rachel, and Emily? After the above experience with Rachel, I was to perform the same acts on Rachel that she had on me with the added caveat of anything else I wanted to do. Whatever it was she would do it, no questions asked. I talked to my bf and he suggested I call Emily and ask her to be my coach. Emily would enjoy the pleasures that I would, and she would reap the reward of having Rachel do anything she wanted.

The plan, go to Rachel’s house have her change into her favorite outfit, leash and collar, white knee-high stockings, black bobby socks, black pumps, cuff her hands behind her, and cover her face in a head mask. Drive her to Emily apartment complex, help her out of the car, remove her coat and lead her to Emily’s apartment by her leash with her beautiful naked ass, her shaved pussy, and perking tits in full view of anyone who maybe looking out their window or walking by. Once to Emily’s apartment present her to Emily with an introduction of Emily as my teacher and give Rachel over to Emily’s full control. Well, the bitch refused to get in the car! In fairness to her she did not know about being paraded through Emily’s apartment complex naked and cuffed or being presented to Emily at her door in the same manner. Still, she had agreed to do anything. When she found out the details, she was disappointed and wanted to do it but it was too late. We sat another date and fuck Rachel was on the rag and no I am not a blood sucking pussy licking vampire.

That led us up to New Year’s and I sent an invite to both Emily and Rachel for us to spend the Eve together. Emily was new to the area and may not have plans not really knowing a lot of people, I am a bit of a loner, and Rachel, well she’s a slut so any bar with both men and women would work just as well for her horny pussy and wanton asshole. Emily accepted I think before I even hit the send key as an affirmative reply came back immediately and nothing from Rachel. It turns out that Rachel decided to go her own way which meant that she would be drunk and fucked by whomever but that’s okay. I simply wished her a Happy New Year and hoped she’d have fun.

I called Emily to discuss the possibilities of what we could do and see if she had anything that she would like to do. Her reply was to have dinner at her favorite place around six and to go to a party that some of her co-workers were having. While I am a loner, I could sense that she really wanted to at least stop by the party for a while. I dressed accordingly, as that was what the call was for anyway, short black skirt that barely covered my ass and pussy, a beautiful blue woven sweater with an open weave and matching stockings that came to just above the knees with black four and half inch heels. No, I did not fail to mention my undergarments. It is hard for a woman of my size to find sexy bras and I am blessed with firm tits. As I wore no bra, I decided to wear matching panties, ha, ha!

Emily was late picking me up but fuck; she looked awesome dressed very much like me. She had chosen a short black skirt perhaps just a bit longer than mine but showing off her beautiful athletic long legs, showing her golden skin all the way down to her black high heels. For a top she wore an open blouse just below the clasp of her bra which showed a bit of sexy lace cups and her small but beautiful cleavage. As me she wore a small amount of makeup, with a light pink lipstick; as opposed to my red, and her hair was as usual straight. So, the evening was set we went to dinner and then the party…, OMG! This was no traditional office party!

Emily drove us to a house and upon parking you could not help but notice the number of cars. Ringing the doorbell, it was answered by the hostess. A beautiful petite blonde…, wearing an open sky-blue satin robe, matching sexy medium blue lace bra and panties set where the bra was pushing up her small but gorgeous tits, with the round tops of her Areolas and just a hint of her pink nipples displayed. That bra led to a beautiful stomach which seemed long, but my eyes could not help following down to her panties which were again medium blue strings that attached to the smallest amount of lace fabric that covered her lips and disappeared between her shapely thighs. I found myself helpless but to follow those legs all the way down to her feet and stilettos. FUCK, she is saying something! I’ve been eating this gorgeous woman with my eyes, I mean, shit…, she is my type, petite and beautiful, well, all but for being blonde and still that’s changing too, but I feel the heat rising in my face and cheeks as my eyes, fuck can’t help it, follow back up her body to her face. There to meet me was the most beautiful ice blue eyes staring into my hazel eyes followed by her lips parting into a gorgeous smile knowing that she had caught me lusting after her body. Emile had already entered the house and was just smiling at me! As I stepped into the house the hostess opened her arms and hugged me pressing her amazing body into my breast and even leaning her face briefly against them. She then led us into the living room and OMG!

There in the living room were mingling women, only women! There were between ten to fifteen women, some chatting with one another, others kissing, and still others kissing with hands roaming over breast, hips, asses, and pulling legs up to caress bare skin and maybe even slip between legs and moist lips. Being a loner, I was a bit uneasy which Emily later told me she could tell by my grip on her hand. Apparently, it was getting tighter and tighter the further we walk through the house.

Emily and I still holding hands, tightly, walked into what is a den or playroom and again all women. Another ten to fifteen beautiful women, of all shapes and sizes, it was like a buffet and there were women opening sampling the goods. We found a couch and set together, I think I was almost in her lap, just watching some of the things that were going on. That is when about six women came up to us, some knew Emily and they chatted a bit, but all turned their attention to me. God, I felt like fresh meat in a butcher store. Every one of these women, most of them attractive, wanted a shot at turning me from being bi to lesbian. Each one told me they knew they could, oh fuck! I honestly think Emily was enjoying this torment. However, the longer we sit there the more relaxed I became, NO NOT THAT RELAXED! Fuck.., I haven’t been in an FFF threesome yet! Still, I do have to admit my mind kept wondering back to the blonde hostess, oh…, fuck what have I gotten myself into?

We only stayed a bit longer but damn-it I was soaking wet and that is hard to control for a woman that does not wear panties, thank goodness I did this night. One look at Emily and you see that she was a bitch in heat! Her nipples were damn near ripping through her blouse. That didn’t help me either as I wanted to kiss, lick, bite, and suck on them. We were still holding hands as we walked out and even our hands were hot. On the way to Emily’s place, I promised I would go to the next party in February…, oh fuck, what have I done?

By the time we got to Emily’s the car smelled of sex. Not only had the party aroused both of us but our own bodies were arousing the other. The aroma of our pussies filled the air. Both of our nipples were protruding through our clothing, we were giggling and talking about some of the hot women, including that smoking hot petite hostess and it was all just making us hotter and hornier.
When we closed the door to Emily’s place, we were like two wild cats on their prey. We were literally tearing our clothing off the other. Emily shoved me to the couch and pushed my skirt up to my waist burring her face and tongue in my soaking wet pussy. No kisses, no licks she was intent on fucking my pussy, she just thrust her tongue into my love nest, cupping it and scooping as much of my juices up into her mouth as she could take. She swallowed hard and came right back to my pussy this time her mouth closing around it taking all of my lips and clit into it and sucking the juices into her mouth. Without releasing my pussy, she again swallowed and then she forced her tongue in me, between my swollen outer lips down into my love hole as deep as she could. Finally, she slid her mouth, lips, and tongue upwards between my lips and clamped on my hood and clit while ramming two or three fingers into my begging pussy. She began an assault on my clit and G-spot fucking both. She was fucking my clit between her pressed lips, even raking it with her teeth…, OH, FUCK! Her bent fingers were pressuring my G-spot, pounding it and building the pressure within my glands. I raised my ass off the couch, pushing it towards Emily mouth, lips, and tongue…, OH, FUCK! I tried to hold my release to build the pressure, my legs were shaking uncontrollably, the contractions we too strong, almost hurting, that were building in my pussy, in my glands, over my G-spot, and moving into my stomach…, OH FUCK, FUCK YES…, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. FUCK…, the release felt…, SO FUCKING GOOD, the pressure that was forcing its way through my urethra was amazing…, I screamed at Emily…, don’t stop, PLEASE don’t stop…, keep fucking me…, yes, fuck my G-spot…, please make me squirt again! Oh shit…, yes! Fuck…, here it cums again, Emily is pounding my sloshing pussy and sucking my clit.., OH FUCK, YES!

I love how my orgasms and ejaculations, squirting becomes more intense with the second, third, and fourth; as well as having a lover that knows my clit and G-spot are only the avenues to making me continually squirt or become a river of cum! The slightest touch of my sensitive engorged clit can trigger a deflating orgasm, it is painful at first, and Emily knows how far to take me, to suck my clit, tease it and then refocus her attention to hammering my G-spot. Fuck…, she is again pummeling my G-spot with her fingers. Fuck…, building the pressure in my glands, my contractions, my spams have been chained together from my first orgasms and squirting. It is only the tightness of which my legs are clasping Emily’s head, legs that are uncontrollably and rapidly quivering... The contractions within my cunt and stomach are overwhelming, as I look down at Emily latched onto my pussy, tongue licking my lips, sucking my juices and her fingers massaging my G-spot has me in a daze. Fuck…, it’s like I’m in another world and something is within me overtaking my body causing these spams! Oh Fuck…, my mind turns to animalistic thoughts and desires, OH FUCK…, FUCK YES! Emily is totally fucking me; she is sucking my clit…, FUCK. My legs shot out shaking, my back arches off the couch, OH Fuck…, my eyes roll back as the contractions take over my body running in waves from my pussy, from Emily’s mouth fucking me, up into my tits, my heart is pounding, my breath choppy and I’m gasping for air. FUCK…, the pressure, I can’t hold it, OH, YES.., FUCK, FUCK, OH FUCK…, I’m cumming! Tears stream down my face, my gland explodes forcing my cum to expand my urethra…, OH FUCK…, the pressure, the release YES, FUCK…, it feels so amazing rushing down towards Emily. YES, Fucking YES…, it jettisons from my pussy OH, FUCK…, I hear Emily’s moans as she is swallowing my cum, sucking my cum into her mouth, savoring my taste…, OH FUCK…, FUCK ME!

I open my eyes to what my mind has been experiencing, Emily tenderly kissing and licking my pussy, cleaning my cum from my enlarged lips and within my pussy. My body is limp, exhausted but fully satisfied but for one desire…, Emily’s pussy and that fucking hot hostess! They say payback is a bitch and while this payback is going to be enjoyable, I’m the bitch that is going to deliver!

Fantasy Cum True at White Sands National Monument
Posted:Aug 23, 2021 3:57 pm
Last Updated:Sep 27, 2021 9:35 pm
This is not a story of My Bi Journey. However, since I currently have COVID again and am not enjoying any of my group's Bi/Lesbian parties I thought I would post some of my partners stories of his past experiences. This is a story about his ex and him several years ago that took place at White Sands National Monument in south central New Mexico. I hope you enjoy it and the pictures accompanying it.

Have you ever wanted to fuck a gorgeous woman under beautiful clear blue skies on white sandy dunes?

For a moment imagine the women in the accompanying pictures are as beautiful as the woman you’re with. It’s early fall the temperatures have stabilized to a dry comfortable range, your driving a fire engine red vintage split-window ‘63’ Stingray with windows down and a beautiful petite brunette wrapped in a white downy soft blanket wearing at the moment sunglasses and a visor as a defense from her long hair blowing around her and into eyes from the wind rushing through the ray. As a tease, and she is, she leaves the blanket slightly open partially revealing her wonderfully firm breast, her toned abs, just a hint of her shaven pussy, and the top of her thighs as the blanket wraps around and between her legs. A gorgeous contrast to her tanned toned body wrapped in her soft blanket! You are in New Mexico driving between Alamogordo to Las Cruces having just descended from the cool fresh mountain air surrounding Ruidoso and now in the dry desert air of the White Sands Missile Range and a route that will take you directly by White Sands National Monument.

Running with the 327 fulling open, cursing at a steady ninety and listening to smooth jazz, currently Chris Rae’s “Arbitrage” the words ring true, “This is the naked truth”. Christina seeing the sign White Sands National Monument allows the blanket to fall from her shoulders, her glorious breast fully exposed into view as she bends to reach between the seats into the back of the Stingray to get her cut offs, t-shirt, and running shoes. She pleads, oh fuck; D, can we stop you know how much I love seeing the dunes? With that word, Fuck, playing on the idea and images of a beautifully naked Christina lying with her legs spread open, her tanned body contrasted atop that white sands and the fulfillment of a fantasy we have both discussed, how could I say no. I take the right into the entrance.

Christina is like a , clamoring to visit the gift shop, the museum, to take it all in even though we have done it like a hundred times before. Couple that with, it will be full of the “after school begins” tourist crowd, those sixty and over many with judgmental eyes looking with disdain at Christina in her running shoes, cutoffs showing off her amazing tanned, long, athletic legs, barely covering the curvature of the uplift of her firm round cheeks, while hugging tightly her soft pussy and with a top band that just hits above her mound. Her breast and hard nipples draped in the clinging material of her mid drift t-shirt, with her pierced navel and tiny waist on display. Of course there will be those other eyes as well, the lustful ones, of old men dreaming on days gone by and oh how they would like to fuck Christina. Followed by the comical slap or tug of clothing by their wives pulling them away and out of the view of Christina. As we I can feel those lustful eyes watching Christina as she runs, with each step her muscles contracting and retracting, flexing just as her pussy does around my cock when we fuck, and as she cums the “ray” she does not stop her as she leaps over the door frame through the window into the seat. I wonder how many old frats watching just blew their load. Christina now seated turns to me with her dark hair framing her face, her gorgeously intoxicating smile and beautiful glistening blue eyes she pleads for me to hurry even though I am but just a few steps away.

Out into the dunes we drive a laborious thirty miles per hour and follow the winding road, Christina begging to stop at every turnout but I am looking for with the right one, either a couple or no cars. As I park in one of the turnouts on the backside of the park I tell Christina to bring her blanket and I think for the first time she realizes what this visit is about as I see her eyes light up and a devilish grin cross her lips, and she simply says, I fucking love you. With the blanket tucked under her arm we walk past a few couples knowing that they will not venture beyond the first or at most the second dune. We stop just past the crest of the third dune with Christina laying the blanket down, we embrace and kiss and as we break away from another she peels off her top freeing her wonderful breast, slips of her cutoffs, and lays down on her blanket which has blended into the white sand while kicking off her shoes. I am looking down on what is perhaps the most amazingly beautiful site I have seen in my life. Her long dark hair framing her face, falling upon and past her shoulders, her tan body contrasted against the shimmering white sand, her gorgeous smile and beautiful blue eyes beckoning me into her outstretched arms. Whispering please fuck me!

As fast as I could I stripped my clothes off and fell between her legs my tongue lashing out at her inner thighs, my lips kissing her soft skin, nibbling her thighs while listening to her whispers of yes, oh fuck yes, my pussy David, my pussy. As I sucked her outer lips into my mouth I enjoyed her taste and her moans, and cries when my tongue parted her lips and slid deeper into her velvety softness, lapping her nectar into my mouth while her legs circled around my head pulling me further into her wonderful love nest. I retracted my tongue sliding it up her beautiful wet slit targeting her swollen clit once more hearing her cries of oh fuck, yes, ahhhh …. faster… fuck yes as I drive fingers into her pussy searching for her G-spot. When her moans still a whisper but a little louder, increasing as I feel of her G-spot, it’s firmness over the surrounding flesh, and the arching of her back pushing into my tells me I’ve hit pay-dirt I begin the assault of pressure upon her G-spot and cover the whole of her pussy sucking it deeper into my mouth. With in short order I hear her muffled voice crying FUUUCK YES… FUCK and she erupts into a flood of sweet juices.

Having to quiet her, because sounds carry in this desolate landscaping, we roll over and together her sliding me pushing her down she easy fills her wet pussy with my cock and our long discussed and dreamed of fantasy of fucking at White Sands beneath the beautiful blue skies continues. Christina is a masterful fuck and rides me with passion. I at first take in this site with her raising hold the head of my cock just inside her while contracting tightly her pussy around it then retreating downward to take as much of me into her wet swollen pussy as she can and repeating gaining faster and faster speed she abruptly stops again holding the head of my cock just before it slips out of her, contracting it hard, she moves into an erect position and starts to slide down my length. She settles upon my cock and lifts her arms clasping her hands behind her head entangled in her hair and begins grinding her pussy down trying take the last of me into her. Fuck, she’s gorgeous, her body is covered in a light dew of sweat glistening in the sunlight, her eyes closed as she bends her head slightly back moaning and crying fu… fuck… it feels… so… fucking good. I reach up and take her firm breast and hard nipples into my hands pulling on her sensitive nipples and watch as she bites her lower lip and moaning. She lets go of her head, her hands clasping briefly my wrist as she continues to grind my cock into her pussy but now adding a rocking back and forth motion. Her breathing is heavy, as she runs her hands down her belly over the ridges of her damp hard abs continuing she runs a single long slender finger into her pussy to make contact with her G-spot. With my flexing my cock upward as deep into her as I can and her grinding it downward, rocking back and forward, her finger digging and pushing hard against her G-spot she bends forward toward me, her breathing becomes hard and faster almost gasping for air, I see a tear roll down her cheek and listen as her moans increase her body trembling, knowing there is no restraining her cries now, she begins to cry fuck, fuck yes… oh, ohhhhhh, shit,… mmmmmmm, FUCK and she stops clamped down on my cock, her body ridged, motionless, and I feel her flood of juices covering my cock and running from her into my crotch, between my legs, down my ass and onto first her blanket and then into the white sand.

She holds still feeling the contractions deep within her pussy moving throughout her body, I watch as every inch of her is trembling and then she falls forward collapsing unto me her arms circling my head, her lips kissing my and repeatedly saying thank you, that was FUCKING wonderful, thank you. I warn her we need hurry as her cries I am sure carried some distance and who knows who may be appearing any minute. She reluctantly reaches for her cutoffs, flipping any sand from them and slips into them followed by the same actions with her t-shirt. Then playfully and while laughing she kicks my jeans a few feet away so it’s no easy task of just following her actions. She stands there laughing watching me half naked retrieving my jeans, no time to shake the sand from my jeans I slide them on but do take the time brush my feet off prior to pulling on my cowboy boots. Together we pick up the blanket, shit it’s soaked and caked in sand, we fold it and walk arm and arm with her head resting against me back to the ‘ray’. Over the sound of the engine coming back to life, I ask her; how many privates she thinks will be jacking off while watching via the military satellite our fantasy cum true. At first her beautiful blue eyes get big then she smiles, starts to laugh and happily says… oh FUCK!


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