Looking for love? Soul mate? How stupid! On this site?  

Somebodynew1 67M  
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12/17/2021 8:15 pm
Looking for love? Soul mate? How stupid! On this site?

I on this site about years ago and it a really good hook up site! Nobody for a relationship this all about sex! If you’re for love on a site like this you’re a loser! It’s almost like you can’t even cook up on this site anymore because it’s filled with so many AI BOTS, Back in the day you could cam with somebody, get each other off chat on a regular basis and I have to tell you I probably hooked up with at least women in a year and a half some became really good friends. For the price I to get onto this site I could’ve just joined a porn site and watch the videos! Half of the girls from Columbia Venezuela etc. they’re all on a site called chatter bait! You never even had to feel obliged to tip anybody on this site! This is not the site I used to be on! I have chatted with more artificial intelligence botts I’m here for information from you! I do not recommend this site to anyone! So stupid I’m out $0 and I’ll never be on the site ever. Free porn on the Internet is better than this site! And that’s my blog if that even is a blog I don’t even know what a blog is!!!JOE

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