A simple schoolgirl  

Softnsweat 49T
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11/24/2021 8:19 pm
A simple schoolgirl

I am a sissy, and that means I have my ways. Not that I want to be a bad girl, but I love me some dick. After all, every girl needs to pray. I mean, I will never be a saint, and bad girls finish first. I just can't help but want a man to stick his hard, enormous dick up my ass.

After all, I am a schoolgirl, and I worship dick. I plan to do it all night long. Making love has never been something to be avoided. That's the point of an adult sleepover. Of course, I don't want to sleep. I just want to be spanked, I want to play dress up. I want to be punished for being so naughty. I want my man to have his way with me.

Of course, I am going to get what I want because I like to swallow some fishies. I want my man to fuck my breasts. After all, that was the point of wanting to be so large.

I want him to teach me the ways of love. Oh, how I want to worship my boy-toy. I am just an ordinary schoolgirl. I want to seduce my teacher.

Go_Down_Cowboy_2 60M
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11/24/2021 11:01 pm

Good Evening, Darlin. You listed your measurments as 36G!?! Wholly Smokes...I'd love to see those sweater puppies!

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