Men can sometimes be selfish pigs!  

Sharinrosey 30F  
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9/16/2017 10:07 am
Men can sometimes be selfish pigs!

I don’t normally like to say negative things about the men I’m with but on this occasion I really do feel quite justified in telling my story with what occurred with some guys my husband and I met at a bar very recently.

I met these guys at one of our favourite places my hubby and I like to frequent whenever I’m feeling a little slutty and want to do something special for my hubby.

As you all know he loves watching me flirt with other men and gets so horny when he sees me let them touch me without a care in the world how or where they touch me and the more I let men exploit my body with an audience the more turned on my hubby gets as he watches me from a distance tucked away in some obscure spot of this establishment. There are plenty of little tight areas to let men take advantage of me with my hubby walking past every two seconds watching them get further and further making me wetter and wetter every time I think of my hubby witnessing me being the naughty girl he seems to so enjoy allowing me to be.

On this particular night I had been worked into a frenzy of sexually depraved thoughts as I was passed from one guy to another throughout the night for my hubbies viewing pleasure. I know he had already masturbated himself to a release several times in the toilets from watching me practically fuck my way through half the men in this place with nothing more on than my blue dress. Once men there realised I wasn’t wearing anything other than that the amount of guys getting a free feel of my pussy was quite intoxicating.

My hubby was so excited from watching me all night he could barely wait for me to ask several guys that I had been teasing for most of the night back to our room to fuck me. The place we use is quite close by and I arrived with these three other guys in tow before my husband had a chance to get there via the bottle shop. These three young guys weren’t interested in waiting for my hubby to arrive with the extra drinks I wanted him to get for us and as soon as we walked through the door they were all over me!

I did ask them to wait for my husband to arrive but I don’t think they were really all that interested because of how impatient they were to fuck me so without really having a say in it I had been stripped bare and was on the bed being fucked from behind with the other two filling my mouth with their rock hard rigid cocks.

The music had been turned up a little and to be completely truthful I was so wrapped up with what these hot young studs were doing with my body I kind of lost track of time and forgot all about my poor hubby. I would have been in there for quite a while having sex with these guys when I suddenly remembered my hubby and went to the door to see if he was still there waiting to come in but he was nowhere to be seen.

One of the guys told me he could hear my husband earlier banging on the door for ages and calling out but he and the others were more concerned about fucking me than doing the right thing and letting my poor hubby in to join in with the fun. I felt so guilty forgetting about my hubby and I was really quite upset at these selfish guys for being so mean to him. I was almost going to kick them out but a phone call later and some very apologetic grovelling had me back on my hubbies’ good side and shortly after my hubby was with me again watching every dirty little thing I was doing with these guys.

I felt so bad about how I treated my hubby I let him tie me up later in the night and both he and one other guy with the other two just watching repeatedly fucked me in both my pussy and my bum with an array of vibrators and dildos my husband loves to use on me.

It does feel fantastic but I still prefer to have the real thing inside me.

So the point I am trying to make is I really do love my husband and although some men out there may think poorly of me for doing some of the things I do with the many men I do them with everything I do I truly do for both his and my pleasure.

Well, most of the time anyway.


Aus4770 52M
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9/16/2017 1:54 pm

My cock get hard every time I read your blog. Would love to see some pics to go along with your blog. Keep having fun

RobK2006 55M  
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9/18/2017 5:37 am

I can't tell you how horny I would be getting a chance to reach up your dress in a dark corner of a bar and stroke your pussy. My cock would be aching it would be so hard. I'd love to be one of the guys fucking you later on.

Mic1040 62M
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10/3/2017 2:51 pm


I loved reading your blog. Knowing all those men fucked your holes made me so hard. I had to masturbate a few times and make myself cum.

Thanks for your erotic stories.

Michael xxx

Sharinrosey replies on 10/4/2017 6:57 pm:
I am really happy you love hearing about my sexual encounters and I think its really hot you love getting off thinking about me having sex with all the men who fuck me

06cuckold 59M
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1/28/2018 9:51 am

I need to meet a woman like you to cuckold me.

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