I probably should have said no...  

Sharinrosey 30F  
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10/1/2017 9:44 pm
I probably should have said no...

I am starting to realise what everyone was saying to me when my hubby and I first started all this about having to keep our sex lives separate from our everyday life. It has been a bit of a bumpy road for me and a recent work do I went to showed I still have a lot more to learn!

The one thing we had agreed to was his work colleges were always off limits to me despite some of them being very hot looking and I always felt I was being deprived by hubby not letting me fuck some of them despite their promises not to tell a soul.

I have always been a huge flirt whenever I had the chance to mix with them and I think my hubby making a career move to another company tipped the mood a little with these guys probably thinking they just may not get another chance with me.

We were at a bar having a few drinks and as usual my hubby was very drunk and being a complete pig with his hands wandering all over my body displaying me to his work friends. Some of the guys were kind of protecting me from my hubby’s behaviour but mostly they were really being just as sleazy taking every opportunity they could to have their hands on me.

I was a little annoyed at my hubby because he kept trying to get me to hook up with some guys at the bar I had been talking to earlier but I just wasn’t really in the right frame of mind for any fun because I was trying my very best to behave myself in front of all his work friends.

The night dragged on with his work friends getting drunker by the minute and my level of sexual excitement increasing at the same rate from all the suggestive remarks that were being thrown around aimed directly at me. The night moved from several bars and ended up back at our place with most of my husbands soon to be ex colleges in tow. I think most of them were more interested in trying their luck with me rather than celebrating the night with my husband.

There was one guy Jeff who was very interested in me and didn’t leave me alone the entire night but he did have a bit of competition so the entire night I felt like the rope in a game of tug of war being pulled from one guy to another.

My husband ended up fast asleep on the lounge and it was by no accident there were five of his friends still in the house with their attention firmly fixed on me. The sexual tension from them all wanting me was just so tempting and it was something I had wanted to happen with Jeff for so long! They kept hanging around and it got to the stage where I had to either kick them out of the house or fuck them because although nothing was said directly and openly the thoughts were definitely going through everyone’s mind. I am certain these guys would have known what the situation is between my hubby and I but because of the promise I had made I had always stopped short from having sex with any of these guys.

I had arranged a ride for them and we were waiting in the front entry for the cars to show up which seem to be taking forever! With each second that passed by seeming like a life time with these guys as I stood there leaning against the low divider wall listening to the silence that hung in the air with the mood being of absolute intense sexual anticipation.

I really felt too scared to move because I was certain if I did they would all literally pounce on me and fuck me right there! I could hear my husband snoring in the next room and I really don’t know why but I was feeling really nervous being in this situation. I wanted to have sex with these guys and I knew for sure these guys all wanted to have sex with me but I really wanted to try and do the right thing with my husband and keep my promise not to have sex with any of them. I stood there leaning against the divider wall nervously picking some lint of my black dress too afraid to look directly at anyone when I heard the first car turn up outside. I took a massive sigh of relief and started to breathe again as two of the guys went outside to the car. I could tell none of them wanted to leave but I knew what I would end up doing if they stayed any longer so I was glad they were going as I gave Jeff and the other two a goodbye hug when the second car turned up.

They were only gone for a minute when Jeff came back to collect his wallet he had left on the kitchen bench and as he was about to walk out the door again I gave him another goodbye hug which somehow turned into a goodbye kiss! With the front door still wide open and Jeff and I in full view of the guys in the car outside I couldn’t stop myself any longer as my entire body tingled at his touch. I had my husband snoring his head off in the room next door, I was being touched and fondled at my front door by a man I shouldn’t even be with and the whole thing was on display for the guys in the car and anyone passing by on the street!

Jeff had his hand up my skirt and in between my legs in a flash wasting absolutely no time working his fingers deeper and deeper into my drenched pussy. I simply couldn’t help myself even though I knew what I was doing was completely against what my husband has always told me! Jeff asked me if I wanted the other two to come back inside and without even really hearing what he said I just answered yes and before I knew what was happening I was being pinned against the divider wall with Jeff pushing my hips onto the top of the wall and lifting my dress exposing my dripping pussy to all three standing there.

Jeff quickly undid his trousers and with his vein popping rigid cock in his hand I could feel the head of his cock pushing along the slit of my wet pussy searching for the moist hotness to engulf his cock. He was a little drunk and had several goes at trying to slip his cock into me but when he did it felt incredibly fantastic feeling the pressure of his hot thick shaft sliding into me. I couldn’t help but let out a little yelp as he did and tried to stay as quiet as I could as he continued to fuck me against the wall.

These guys must have been thinking all the rumours they had heard about me were true as they watched Jeff vigorously fuck me shaking me like a rag doll as he plunged himself into me at an incredibly fast pace. It seemed like only seconds had passed when Jeff suddenly started to shake and then shuddered as he emptied himself deep into my pussy then started to apologise for getting so excited so quickly!

I kept telling him it was okay and not to worry about it but he seemed to be really disappointed he had cum so quickly and I was now being taken from him by the other two. I was really worried about waking my husband so I took the other two into the main bedroom with Jeff following along behind where they both wasted absolutely no time at all fucking me in the doggie position on the bed. After they had both cum there was a bit of a lull with the sex and it seemed they had already had their fun and couldn’t be bothered anymore but I certainly didn’t want it to stop there so I started to suck their soft cocks and kept doing it until they were all hard again.

The sex only improved from there as they seemed to really enjoy letting them fuck me in ways I would be certain they would never get to do with their partners. They left after about an hour and although I know I should really tell my husband what happened that night I still haven’t done so but when the time is right I will let him in on the little secret I hope those guys are keeping between them and myself.


camperdude_69 61M  
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10/2/2017 12:34 am

very nice

eeyore696 66M
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10/2/2017 2:31 am

would love to be there for just one of your adventures would be fucked awesome .

RobK2006 54M  
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10/2/2017 1:20 pm

Once the guys had each cummed in you once, they probably had more stamina to fuck you longer without cumming right away. Although cumming early will always be a problem when guys fuck you because you are so hot.

RobK2006 54M  
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10/2/2017 2:33 pm

What kinds of ways did they get to fuck you that you think their regular partners wouldn't let them?

Sharinrosey replies on 10/3/2017 8:32 pm:
It was probably more the manner in which I encouraged them to fuck me that would have been different

SingleItalianGy2 50M  
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10/5/2017 9:48 pm

Some times things just happen in the heat of the moment that we can't control....but as long as everyone had fun.....no foul. Thanks for sharing

funguyyqr 31M

10/20/2017 7:21 pm

Hot story.

RobK2006 54M  
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11/1/2017 5:58 am

I wish me and five of my male friends were partying with you right now. Taking turns fucking you. I'd be moaning while you sucked my cock while another guy pounded your pussy hard. After he cummed I'd take my turn and get my rocks off fucking you.

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