A new direction  

Sharinrosey 30F  
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1/20/2018 4:22 am
A new direction

I have been really surprised just how eager people are to catch up with me even though I did sort of leave them without saying anything about why I wasn’t willing to be their on call anymore. It was my hubby’s jealous streak that did bring a stop to my overly promiscuous behaviour because what started out as a bit of harmless fun did start to get quite serious.

He said he was feeling left behind because I wasn’t really including him in the sex anymore and he mostly felt he was being totally excluded especially with the gangbangs when on more than a few occasions he would miss out completely because of other commitments he had.

He’s right and I do feel bad about how I have behaved but I have been forgiven and moving forward we are both a lot more experienced now and know how to handle things differently in a much better way than we have done in the past.

I guess it really is all about good honest and totally open communication between partners for this type of thing to really work as there truly is a labyrinth of emotional pits that anyone can easily fall into and unless each partner is fully open to listening to the other then major problems can really split the relationship in two just as ours was starting to head in that direction.

For anyone who has been following me they would know by now my hubby absolutely loves to watch me have sex with other men but very rarely joins in and even if he does I will normally suck his cock until he fills my mouth and he almost always whispers he loves me when I look into his eyes and swallow the load of cum he has given me from the excitement of watching me do what I absolutely love doing too.

I still find it a little hard to understand why he loves watching me fuck other men so much but I also love it probably even more than he does so we are both enjoying doing what we do for each other and will continue doing it until either one of us wants to stop but I really hope that day never comes.

My hubby loves to watch men dominate me during sex and really gets off watching me being held down and fucked hard in group situations. He loves it when I beg for their cocks and can see the excitement on my face when I know they are just about to cum all over my face. I sometimes wonder how he can kiss me afterward knowing so many other men have cum over my face and lips but he always tells me he gets really excited just thinking about it.

It’s almost like he needs to get his fix to watch me fuck someone else and if he doesn’t get his fix when he needs it he can get quite moody and a little distant. There has never been a shortage of men willing to have sex with me and I have never said no to anyone who wants to have sex with me especially if I have been drinking so this isn’t the problem for us but the issue we seem to be facing now is finding men who are suitable for what we want as a couple.

I am looking for men who love being super dominate in the bedroom, who only always want to be in total control and aren’t afraid to get a little rough with me. I am looking for physically capable men that have the stamina and skills to make the sex just as enjoyable for me as it is for all of them. You don’t have to be super good looking or muscular just confident and capable. I have been with very old guys who have blown me away with their touch and left me feeling totally legless and some young guys who have almost fucked me to death achieving the same result.
I Don’t like being stood up and cancelled on at the last minute and I don’t like selfish lovers who cum in 2 minutes then walk off!

If your someone who thinks you are more than capable to satisfy me and are comfortable having sex with me while other men are there then I would love to hear from you especially if you are a very dominate alpha male who loves being a little rough with women who also love it a little rough just like I do.

This doesn’t mean I’m not interested in everyone else but this is what we are also looking for in the immediate future xxx


kinkyguy2perth 62M

1/20/2018 6:14 am

Chat or message me. I would be happy to join a group session.


Trapper69 65G  
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4/23/2018 9:24 am

Be careful you don't push your husband away too often...... Playing with others without him involved or watching can have a very negative affect on your marriage. I've known many wives who got out of control with their lustful desires, and ended up losing their husband. You can push a man just so far. There's an old saying that is very true....Couples that play together, stay together.

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