Funny sticker on pump  

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10/7/2021 10:49 am
Funny sticker on pump

I went to murphys express for gas. There was a sticker of biden pointing at gallons n price n it said biden did this. I had to laugh. I ran errands for groceries and went to crystal shop to ask what it was they gave me for free gift. She said crystal glass. I bought string to make a bracelets out of my chip crystals. I went for tacos at a shop n bought over priced flaming hot cheese puffs n funyun onions for my . Never seen those. No deliveries except one out of my way and upstairs at apts so not worth the gas to do. Ever since i got 1st moderna shot my hands have broke out in blisters and i get migraines often. After 2nd shot it wasnt so severe n often but its happening again. They itch blister pop gross. They hurt more n looked worse right after first shot though. Google says it is a reaction but mostly for women. Pharmacists said affects everyone different. Found out at work yesterday they gonna us 2.00 extra hr on certain sat n sun through nov and dec. Better than nothing but it should be every shift ever day since we have to put up with so much bs from people with attitudes that wont stay out of our faces. Had to play with myself last night. Held off for 3 wks. Was that sick of men n lost interest. Sad. Last week ex (the one i was crazy for n we had great chemistry but he wasted 7 yrs of my time n is not emotionally available n said he wasnt married but sure acted like it. Never available nights or<b> weekends. </font></b>Never met his family or went to his place. )texted n i told him to grow up n come at me with all hes got in every way or leave me the hell alone forever. He said he would for my happiness. I have been settling my entire life and done with that. Ex fiancee (acts like a baby. He is a gentleman but i aint his mama. He was ok but i didnt love him i loved that other loser. Sex with this one was horrible. back to texting me he misses me etc. Mailed back necklaces n ring n they got stolen from mail so someone is giving their nice ring and black diamond necklace n infinity necklace. Uncle got outta pen n found jesus so i get go to church speeches. He called and had me laughing so damn hard. My one uncle took him clothes shopping n led him in womens bathroom on accident. Luckily lady didnt freak out but he ran out. Other uncle took him for bpots in womens section on accident. Those goofy men cant be trusted. I was laughing so hard. He said i should have picked up phone on half a ring. I laughed because nope not when i do not know who it is. He kept saying looks like i needed him to go to tx to whoop my butt n straighten me up n i just laughed harder. He is too funny.

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10/7/2021 4:24 pm

hang in there lady

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