Sensuality Exchange - “Sex is an Act"  

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1/8/2021 8:42 pm
Sensuality Exchange - “Sex is an Act"

Sex as most know ,
largely a Biological Process.

An Intimate Connection…
coupling of mind, emotions and senses.

Grow the strength of your partnership’s connections while empowering your relationship through sharing and fulfilling your partner’s desires and needs.

Sex education most people received are basics of how not get pregnant and elementary instructions for not getting a Sexually Transmitted Infection (S.T.I. formerly S.T.D. [Sexually Transmitted Disease]).

Nobody was taught how treat a partner sexually, intimately, or as a loved-one (or as a person for that matter). Help with that, I have compiled what I thought be helpful and correct intimacy sharing, sensuality and sexual relationship information.

There is an abundance of misinformation out on the web, so this is why I try filter through expert sourced knowledge be as accurate as possible. This information isn’t intended be used as a replacement of professional medical advice or counseling. See your trained and licensed professional for that… this is simply a collection of information out and life experience.

My focus on is on – female couples, even though much of the information translates across bodies in different types of relationships. are different types of bodies, personal needs and desires. These can’t be addressed in basic overviews of information presented here. In many situations sources of information for posts are sited with a site link. Visit many of these sites for more information. If this site doesn’t fit your needs for your preferences, is a vast number of sites find in searches online. Be certain that the sites have believable content and don’t appear have an agenda provide you with misinformation.

Sensuality Exchange.

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