Naughty Massage  

Rough81ryder 41M  
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12/28/2021 2:31 pm
Naughty Massage

I walk up slowly behind you, letting my fingertips wonder their way from your toes to your back. I start to stretch your back out with one hand on your lower spine and push it towards your shoulders as the other hand grazes your leg, allowing the finger tips to lightly tickle your hairs. As they return towards your back, they make a detour into your inner calves and thighs. The process is repeated a few times as I move your hand up your back and I repeat the cycle on your other side when I am done. I drizzle a little oil on your butt so that I am able run them from yoru lower back, down your crack and into your inner thighs. I repeat this several times until I can tell that you are getting just a little bit excited. I gentley guide your legs to spread out a little further apart and move you closer to the edge of the bed so that I may inspect you a little closer. It must be a little dark because I have put my face within tongue reach of your hole to make sure it’s ready for what’s coming next. My touches cause you to rear up on your knees a little bit to make it easier for me to check the other items in question. I check everything. At this point, I can either start to thoroughly enjoy your body with my cock or I can roll you over and I can thoroughly enjoy everything about your balls first. I start with the top and let my tongue explore your shaft down to your balls. I take your cock into my mouth so i can feel it harden inside me. After I know what everything tastes like. The veins, the tip, I want to know where every tingle on you is. I work my way back to the top and begin to take into my mouth as far as it go.

Before you tell me it’s time, I want to climb on top of you and ride you for a few miles. When you to get off, I jumped down to my knees and stick my tongue out, ready to catch what you have to give me for all of my hard work.

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