My covid job  

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10/25/2020 6:01 am
My covid job

Covid has been a pain in everyone's life in some way or another and it for sure turned my life upside down. I am my mothers primary care giver and I live with her. When It I had quit my job in customer service to keep her healthy but low and behold I have found a new opportunity with chaturbate. My channel, for a single solo guy, is really picking now. I'm amazed at how ,any guys and gals out there love be degraded. It's a skill set that I do have in spades and it's been fun as hell boot.

I sound proofed my room so I wouldn't be interupted with outside noises and sunk some pretty good money into the hardware that I now have. My only worry is I'm going to be doing so well with chaturbate I won't want to quit. How do you tell a woman you stroke you<b> meat </font></b>on camera and degrade people in private for money? Maybe I will find a good woman that want's complete love and romance and maybe doesn't mind my cam work.

Always go with your heart. PaddleMan71's muse group is the link to my erotica fan group.

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