First Blog - Losing My Virginity, Expirementing, and where I'm at now.  

RedXXXMale 24M
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8/17/2021 7:46 pm
First Blog - Losing My Virginity, Expirementing, and where I'm at now.

This is my first blog so excuse me if it's not up to your kinky standards yet, I will get there. For now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the story of where my sex life started and how it has progressed if you care to listen. If not, I am sure you can find something you are interested in on the World Wide Web.

Let's go back to my first time in a sexual experience. It was with a girl I had a crush on at a younger age (elementary school) and we quickly found out how fun roleplay was, but it never went beyond touching and kissing.

Zoom a few years into the future when I am in high school and the only two things on my mind were Success and getting laid. (Oh how far I have come)

I was smart in high school, not hot (that thankfully is coming to fruition now haha) and I had asked out 20 girls before one said yes. the one that said yes went to a few concerts with me and although she was quiet there was an obvious physical attraction for each other.

She was Latina, fun, and I was already in the clouds before getting in bed. I wasn't even remotely ready as we put it off for so long. We had to drive to the gas station to get condoms and I remember my young self throwing a pack of skittles in with it to make it look less suspicious. (I think it really did the<b> trick </font></b>at the time haha)

Got back in the car, made a 10 minute drive a 5 and before you know it, I was ripping her clothes off I was ready. She had beautiful perky tits I could lick and suck all night. I just followed what I remembered from pornos and found my tongue running from her tits to her clit. It all felt so natural for my first time.

Nothing felt natural for me the first time besides being a nerd and then sex.

When I finally got inside though, I was too excited about the moment and ejaculated quickly. To my surprise I just stayed hard and wanted to keep going, so we did.

Sex was fun for awhile with the one partner, but she went and found herself a girlfriend thinking I wouldn't want anything to do with it. She was wrong, but she was gone before I could let her know.

Finally graduated high school successfully losing my virginity and starting to become the man I push myself to be, I went out into the world exploring. I wanted to learn how to be an incredible man in an out of bed. Funny thing is, it takes a successful man outside of bed, to be successful in bed.

What do I mean by that?

A lot of my pleasure now comes from me getting healthier, fitter, and better at anything and everything I set my mind to. Sex really does feel that much better when more effort goes into it not just in the moment, but up to the moment. You can certainly tell apart the people who prepare themselves properly for pleasurable sex and those who don't.

The sex gets better as I explore. Although I am not gay, I did learn a lot during my time experimenting. To keep it short, I couldn't get turned on by men. I wanted to give it an honest try and made sure I was with someone I'd be comfortable in the moment with, but i'm just not wired that way.

I'm still very much so exploring, but I do have a good idea of what I like. I'm a rather giving person in and out of bed and like to spoil and indulge the partner I'm with.

I've enjoyed women couples in need of something to ride and am very respectful to partners boundaries.

Age is only a number, pleasure has no bounds.

I've kept myself clean over the years regularly checking for STDS and making sure I wear protection with new partners. I got my vaccine as well to make sure I don't put any of my partners at risk.

I'm really happy with the sex life right now and Heated Affairs is always finding me fun new friends to play with!

If you read all the way, thank you for sticking around. Shoot me a message and ask me some questions if you have any about the blog or any topic in general.

I always enjoy chatting with new people

agelesssexylegs 78F  
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8/18/2021 11:51 am

Well you young do tend to get over excited as many a time i have had to calm a handsome toyboy down from getting frustrated and prematurely ejaculating over me,secretly i love he has as does my ego a world of good at my tender age but yes they have no problem with their stamina,most can stay hard,others do get a little bit of extra attention from me,either using my hands or my mouth and give them oral,others enjoy me scooping up their ejaculation with my fingers off my legs or minidress and licking them as seductively as i can,usually put their fear at bay and they certainly last a lot longer the second time

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