Am I weak for this?  

RCirca 42M  
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8/16/2021 5:47 pm
Am I weak for this?

What really gets me going is knowing my partner is getting off. Sometimes when it’s someone new I tend to ask for direction to make sure they get there. But I wonder if this move is “weak” and signals a lack of confidence. I’m plenty confident but it doesn’t really matter what I think if the other party has a different perception. Would love to hear thoughts on this…:

CL_Love 49M/48F
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8/30/2021 7:31 am

I don't think you are weak. I think you are considerate. Nothing worse than a guy that THINKS he's doing all the right things and isn't even close. It is kind of on her to give feedback, but many women don't because some guys' egos simply can't take it. I always see it that at least he CARES that I'm having a good time. I appreciate it when a man can read my body well enough not to have to ask but I would rather him ask than just fumble about and not even getting close.

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