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Women, Men, and Pool Play
Posted:Sep 19, 2018 12:00 am
Last Updated:May 4, 2019 3:32 pm
When I was much , and I would go to late night bars and clubs in downtown Montreal, I found myself (on one occasion) , having to go for a . I briskly walked into the washroom and chose the only urinal available - right next to the sink. I didn't know it the time, but it was a 'co-ed bathroom' .

I figured THAT , when a woman (my age), walked of the stall and began washing her hands, in the sink - right NEXT to . She also thought, it might be a good idea to have a conversation, so she turned to (while I had my hands full ), and proceeded to eloquently, express her admiration and jealousy for the fact that; men could standing up. She might have previously enjoyed a drink or two - not sure. that point, I had a rather hard time, concentrating on what I was supposed to be doing there. She glanced down at me (a no-no in urinal protocol), smiled shyly, and walked .

Later, I introduced myself to her. I clearly recall - her name was Chantal. I found , (amongst other things), that she worked as an 'hair dresser ', and she had a brother, living in Greece.
CAN women standing up? Of course they can !
SHOULD they standing up?
It depends on WHERE they are !
Here is ONE example where women might standing up.

Statistics that 19 % of men and women admit to peeing at least once, in a pool. Olympic swimmers (including Michael Phelps) even admit to it. In fact, in an average 2,000 gal. pool, over 20 gal. of was measured. That ratio goes up, even higher, in tubs.
Do you guys and girls ever visit pools or tubs... and think about WHAT , you're swimming in?

Do ... you women, standing up? (And you know where, you can do that - right?)

19 % of all of us probably, even... ughhhh... omg ... never mind. How could we ? (lol)

What about all those fish and dolphins and whales doing 'everything' - in those lakes and rivers and oceans...
. .
.. .
Do You Prefer Penises or Pussies ?
Posted:Sep 17, 2018 11:50 pm
Last Updated:May 4, 2019 3:30 pm
I was reflecting about things , this early morning, as I looked around 'blogsville' , and 'erotic stories' and 'magazine', and the 'chat rooms', and 'live vids', and generally perusing the infrasphere that is this A F F messed up ' cluster fuck' , bug filled website, and I thought ; rather than busting my balls writing something marginally witty, or humorous or erotic (such a waste of three syllable words and perfect punctuation) - why wouldn't I just ask a simple question ?

So. . .
What are you guys doing to amuse yourselves today and what do you think about travel?

Amongst other things , I'm off to the Passport Office, to get a renewal form. My passport expired 5 years ago . My daughters travel more than I do. Wow ! I don't like to travel, but only because , I hate crowds of people. If I won the $200 M Lotto, I would go to Egypt to see the Pyramids, and pay $1,000,000 to the 20,000 people that had bought tickets that day - just so they would stay the fuck away, and I'd have the place to myself !

(P.S. No pics of penises or pussies here. . it was just a 'teaser' title . . . whatever. Message me on my blog Mail box - I'll send you one. )

This is a pic of that marina I like to hang out at. The slushies are in my cooler - behind me. Uhh ... yep. . ..
.. .
The Perfect Tease
Posted:Sep 14, 2018 6:04 am
Last Updated:May 4, 2019 3:27 pm
What did I really do in August? Well... here is how I spent one day.

It was a beautiful, calm and peaceful, late August evening. I was the only one parked there, at one of my 'usual' spots at the marina, enjoying the setting sun and watching a very small flotilla of sail boats, as they lay sprinkled, on the lake horizon. In the far distance a powerful jet ski 'screamed', across the mirrored water, toward the shore. In brief seconds - it had arrived !

A handsome, tanned young man and an athletic, stunning, and equally tanned woman, (both perhaps, in their late twenties or early thirties ) were sitting with youthful confidence, on that purple and white 'water beast'. It flew in at full throttle towards the landing ramp, to the right of me, sprayed a wall of foamed water, twenty feet into the air, roared to a stop and then... drifted toward shore. He turned off the sound system, which had been thundering. Silence... reined again... on that tiny... peaceful... inlet dock. A small plume of bluish, white exhaust fumes , filled the air and moved leisurely... towards me. I coughed.

The massive, sport jet ski, soundlessly floated inland, those last few feet. With precisioned execution, he was first to jump off the machine, wade into the water and stride toward the parking lot, to his left. She then (toes pointed), gently stepped into the knee deep water and grabbed hold of the tow line at the bow.

"Babe... I'll be back in five.", he called back to her.

Hands on her hips - she waited for her 'man'. Her long fingers and red painted nails, combed through her wind tussled, dirty blond hair, as she flipped her sun glasses up, to perch securely, on the top of her head.

Her 'man', soon reappeared and slowly backed up his trailer, which was hitched to the large, black, flat-bed, four door pickup truck he drove. The extra large chrome rimmed wheels, eased down the ramp and into the water.

"Babe... Throw me the line please."

She quickly threw him the tow line and he effortlessly pulled their craft out of the water and onto the trailer. His lanky muscled body, moved swiftly as he secured their machine to the motorized winch, while it buzzed to attention. The only interested witnesses watching all of this - were three dockside seagulls, a pair of floating ducks, and me.

She greeted his success with a languid kiss to his lips, as she clasped his face with her hands. He in turn, grabbed her bare, slim waist with both hands, drew her closer and kissed her with equal passion.

She stood by, while he moved his truck, up and out of the launch ramp ... turned right and stopped directly behind my car - not 10 or 12 feet away. He continued to secure their craft tightly and firmly, with nylon cords, as water dripped off the trailer.

"I am going to dry off.", she announced to him.

I had been standing by my car, near my open trunk. I reached into the ice filled cooler, for a chilled bottle of water and popped the cap. She never glanced at me as she walked to the rear passenger side of the truck, and opened the door. I could see that the black leather seats were littered with bags and clothes and towels.

Feeling rather self conscious and very much like an intruder in her space, I walked back to my front seat, sat down, and sipped my water. I turned my head towards my rear view mirror and continued to watch her with curiosity.

I noticed that she wore a skimpy red bikini that seemed painted on her body. She climbed up into the back seat and, unable to stand upright - crouched there, bent at the waist, at a 90 degree angle, while that back door - lay open. My view included the spectacle of her perfect bum and that exquisitely shaped triangle, between her legs. That truck door - still remained open.

She then, poked her thumbs into the sides of her bikini and much to my shock - slowly (and I mean... very slowly), peeled away the only cloth, protecting her modesty. Inch by inch she leisurely lowered her bikini and finally (as it sprung free, away from the grasp of her tight bum and thighs), revealed a perfectly, puckered pussy. I was stunned... and embarrassed for her - but I continued to look. Did she know that she was directly in back of me?

She was shaved bare, and her cute pink vagina, was a sight. As if on cue, a seagull flew by my open window and squawked - perhaps at me... in disapproval ? She then grabbed a towel and gently, and carefully, dried her bum and her legs and her toes and her 'woman parts' with lingering patience and diligence. Sliding her towel between and into her pussy, she made sure she was dry.

Should I have given a shit that she was twenty something? Should I have ventured out of my car and closed that truck door for her? She WAS, much younger than me, but I was suspicious ; 'Perhaps she was fucking with me?' I looked at my side mirror and smiled when I read - 'OBJECTS IN MIRROR ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR'.

Not quite finished, she leaned further into the cab to reach for something, trapped on the other side of the seat. I tried not to look, but I was now a prisoner of my own arousal. My view of her was explicitly expanded to include a perfect view of her pink little bum hole. As well as of that dark mysterious vacuum between those gently parting lips of her vagina, as it grew wider and darker. She continued to bend over in that back seat. Her bum wiggled from side to side while her pussy blinked at me incessantly - begging me perhaps, to walk over and help? At that point, I realized that I was either an unintentional voyeur or perhaps - an intentional 'one' , in her little 'game' !

She eventually unfurled a flowing, flower printed sun dress and slowly, leg by leg, stepped into it and pulled it up her thighs and over her butt. She gingerly tiptoed backwards out of the truck, stepped out and onto the parking lot, and turned around to reveal two, very perky and perfectly 'handful sized', plump round breasts. She leisurely, grasped the shoulders of the dress and slid them up and over her small brown nipples, adjusting the fit with both her hands. She was finally, fully clothed.

At that moment her 'man' caught up to her and clasped his hands on her ass, pulled her towards him, and kissed her.

"You look hot babe ! ", he gasped to her.

She returned his kiss with equal lust and fervor as she eagerly grabbed his cock through his shorts. He laughed, pulled her hands away, let her go and walked to the driver's side of the truck, where he opened the door and sat down. She pushed the back door of the truck shut, and opened the front passenger door.

I decided to step out of my car. I wanted a much colder, bottle of water and I needed to stretch - uhhh... my legs. She climbed into the front seat and closed the door. The diesel truck rumbled to life as she lowered her tinted window. I stood there watching.

Then, seconds before the truck inched away - she turned to her right, looked at me squarely in the eyes, smiled slyly and winked. Before I could even react - she had lowered her sunglasses over her eyes and turned her gaze forward.

The truck, and the jet ski and THAT girl - slowly eased down the tree lined road and out of the marina. I quickly popped the cap of that ice cold bottle of water and took a sip. 'Hmmmm... That was a really nice truck ! ' I thought. 'Ummm... Yep... Really nice !'

I shook my head, took another sip of water, and looked out at the lake. A seagull flew overhead, screeching ... at me?

©September 2018 Paul P.
So ...
Have you ever teased someone who you knew, was watching you ... and what did you do?

What should I have done, instead of playing her game ?

. Submitted to the 'September Virtual Symposium ' - Under the topic : #44 'What did I really do in August. . .
Virtual Symposium Group . .
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The Porcelain Doll
Posted:Sep 6, 2018 4:26 am
Last Updated:May 4, 2019 3:25 pm
Occasionally, we formulate an image of a person, and who we THINK they are. Reading people is a skill.

From the moment he first noticed her, he had been mesmerized by her stunning beauty and could only imagine that she also possessed, a kind, and loving soul to match. Although she resembled a porcelain doll (with short blond hair and stunning blue eyes), her skin, would have been warm to his touch - had he been close enough to caress her. She was, he concluded, unlike any other woman he had ever - (almost) met. He closed his eyes tightly, and finally, imagined that he had mustered up enough courage to approach her and say hello.

As he neared her 'space', he inhaled her perfumed scent and it filled his nostrils with a desire, for long walks along a sandy ocean beach.

"Hi. I see you here all the time. My name is Paul, and what's yours? "

She looked at him and blankly stared. Then, inexplicably, as he stood there in front of her, she seethed into a furious, roaring rage - he could not believe, was ever possible. Her screams filled the air as she closed her eyes, and clenched her fists and pounded her thighs with all her might. His ashen face reflected his shock and horror and it was so astounding and overwhelming - it was truly a nightmare ! Certainly this could not be the woman, he thought he would one day, love and adore, and spend the rest of his life with. How could she be?

Suddenly, he felt a strong hand squeezing his shoulder.

"Hey Paul... Paul ! They called your name. That's you, right?", his friend Mike jokingly yelled into his ear above the morning din of that crowded coffee shop. Paul opened his eyes, and blinked, and then blinked again. His 'Porcelain Doll' , stood some twenty feet away, laughing and smiling and talking with friends.

"Hey... buddy... what's wrong? You look like you're in a daze and you've seen a ghost ! S.nap out of it. Go get your coffee. ", he laughed heartily again, as he pushed him forward, towards the counter.

"Paul... Mr. Paul ! One Large, Triple, Venti, Half Sweet,  Non-Fat,  Caramel Macchiato !" , chimed the tall girl behind the counter, as if to the syncopated beat of a song.

He rushed up and grabbed the large cup from the girl's hand, smiled meekly and turned around. They had messed up his order, once again. He had ordered, a ' Small, Double, Double ', but he didn't care ! He was getting out of there, in a hurry.

"Hey Mike... I'll wait for you by the car, OK?", he waved to his friend.

And with that, he turned and gingerly, tried to weave his way through that tightly packed mob, and out of the shop. He lowered his head so as to assure himself, there would not be any, eye contact with his 'Porcelain Doll' . In spite of his calculations, all other lanes of passage were soon blocked, and he came dangerously close to her, until...

"Ooops." she giggled, while she steadied his arm, as it gently nudged up against her blouse and her plump left breast.

"You're in a rush this morning? I see you here all the time. My name is Debra, and what's yours?", she smiled brightly, flashing white teeth that blinded him momentarily.

"Oh... Hi... Yeah... My name is Paul. I am late for a meeting. Gotta run."

He lifted his elbow up from her breast, turned and quickly ran out the door and to the car. Finally, he leaned back against the car door, relieved that he had escaped. He wasn't sure if he should share that coffee shop 'waking nightmare' , with his psychiatrist - or not. He'd think about it. Much calmer now and away from that frantic caffeine boutique, he slowly exhaled and took a leisurely sip of his large drink.

'Oh my gosh!' , he thought to himself, while glaring at his cup. 'This stuff tastes like crap. Who drinks this shit?'

And at that moment, Mike sauntered up to him - car keys jiggling in his hand, sipping his coffee.

"They fricken messed up my order, again dammit ! Hey Paul... Whatsay we give that other coffee place... down the street, a shot tomorrow ... huh?"

Paul looked at Mike, and then back to his own drink.

"Ya know Mike? Let's give these guys one more try. Maybe tomorrow, they'll get it right.", he laughed.

Paul smiled to himself thinking ; 'Maybe tomorrow, he would get it right...! Yep... Maybe tomorrow.'

©September 2018 Paul P.

So ...
What's your beverage or food of choice to start your day?
What do you order when you go to those coffee/ specialty places?

©September 2018 Paul P.
Happy National Coffee Ice Cream Day! . .
.. .
My Naked Job Interview
Posted:Sep 3, 2018 12:48 pm
Last Updated:May 4, 2019 3:22 pm
Here is a good safety tip ; check and double check and then tripple check , what you're doing, when you send attachments, in an email. Here's what happened to me when I got careless.
My buddy Mike, called me up last week and gave me the heads-up, on a new job opportunity, in the company he works for. It was for a 'Web Content/Social Media Director/Marketing Content Provider', which (roughly translated), meant - 'creative writer of a bunch of stuff'. It sounded like it was right up my alley. I'd held similar positons in the past, so I thought - 'Sure, let's go for it!'.

I submitted my CV via the corporate website and in less than a day, Melanie, from 'HR' , called me up and we set up an interview for the following day, in the late afternoon.

Melanie (an attractive, blond haired , curvy woman in her mid to late 40's), greeted me as I walked into her office. The interview (although surprisingly thorough) , went as well as I expected, so when she asked me if I had any sample writing to provide, I pulled out a vanilla folder with a printed copy of four examples of blogs and stories that I had written.

Melanie looked at me and immediately spoke .

"Actually, if you could, send them to me via an email attachment, that would be better, since there will be more than a few people reading it and some, are off site.", she said smiling.

"No worries." I quickly replied. "In fact... I can send them to you from your lobby before I leave. You'll have them in a few minutes."

"Great! The sooner the better! I look forward to receiving them. ", she replied as she stood up. We both smiled warmly and with a firm handshake, I exited her office.

I looked at my watch. The interview had taken longer than expected. I had planned to pick up my from her office and go out for dinner.

'Damm...! ' I thought to myself. ' I am going to be late.'

I sat in the arm chair of the lobby, pulled out my cell phone and started rummaging through the folders that contained my written words. I then noticed that the 'Data Icon' on my phone was not lit - no service! The lobby had Wi-Fi but I needed a password. I approached the lobby receptionist however there were several other people ahead of me. I waited as patently as I could while glancing furtively at my watch, repeatedly - hoping somehow, time would stand still. The password was - 'Hello'. 'Really... ?', I thought to myself.

Finally, sitting back down in that chair, I fumbled around trying to find my blogs and stories. Eventually ... success. I quickly composed the email, hurriedly attached four various stories and blog posts, pressed 'enter' and waited until the message 'completed', appeared on my phone. I then headed out to pick up my .

'I might still make it.', I thought.

I actually arrived slightly ahead of schedule and so I waited for my in the parking lot of the company she works for. Quite pleased with myself (all things considered), I opened up the email that I had sent - just to be sure all had gone well... and it had. However... to my horror... I noticed that I had accidentally included one of my 'erotic stories' (from an adult sex site named... (yep) - A F F), amongst those that I had attached. It was a story called - 'Lust Amongst the Pines'. All of the color drained from my face; I was white. Mind you, it's a well crafted, lusciously descriptive and erotic story that's well paced and humorous - but it's NOT appropriate as a sample for a business review of my writing skills. I clasped my head in my hands and thought, 'Oh well.' I was disappointed in myself not to mention, more than slightly embarrassed.

Early the next morning I received a phone call from Melanie in 'HR'.

"Paul?", she began. "Melanie here. I just wanted to say that we've read your content and we'd like you to meet with our 'Principals' . Can you come by this afternoon?"

I was in shock. 'They are calling me back? Wow!', I thought to myself.

"Uhhh... Sure... This afternoon is fine. Yes. I'll be there. ", I couldn't believe it.

Melanie greeted me in her office, prior to introducing me to the 'Principles', of the company, however her demeanor had changed. As I sat down in the chair in front of her she smiled coyly and began.

" Your stories and blogs are very well written. Especially that one where that couple is caught making love in the forest by those hikers. So descriptive and real. I thought I was there.", she smiled and grinned from ear to ear.

I must have turned several shades of red before I stammered a reply.

" Well, I hadn't intended to send THAT one. It got in there by mistake and... "

" I figured that much. ", she interrupted me. "That's why I deleted it from the email, prior to sending it along to the others. It's really quite good though. Then again, I've read all your material before. " she continued.

At this point I was speechless." Ummm... really? I don't know how you could have read anything of mine before?", I replied, stammering.

" Well, aren't you posting to that adult site? Your blog is interesting. Well ... anyway... when I read it, I realized that you might have made a mistake.", she continued. The twinkle in her eyes caught my attention.

I wanted to ask her a question. I wanted to know what her 'User Profile Name', was. I wanted to ask her quite a few things. I never got the chance.

" Let's introduce you to the others, shall we?", she said as she stood up. "I'll be looking forward to your next blog post." she whispered to me in a playful and hushed tone.

I am not sure if I'll get this job. Thank goodness for Melanie's intervention, and yet my curiosity about her has me more than intrigued - as she anonymously 'pervs' me ! Perhaps there will be a third interview? Melanie (not her real name by the way), if you're reading this - Yo girl ... message me... Lol...

©September 2018 Paul P.
So ...
What is your most embarrassing or worst social media horror story?
Have you ever pressed' enter ', and then regretted it?

Happy Labor Day !

Here's a link to the story that I submitted by mistake to Melanie... Lust Amongst the Pines . .
. .
Accidentally In Love
Posted:Aug 23, 2018 10:17 am
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2020 5:38 pm
(... WARNING.. If you're not into emotional, short stories - don't read this one ...)

It was miserably cold, windy and snowy and just an abominable spring day in Montreal. His bulky, calf high snow boots, pulled him forward as he trudged along that slushy path through the park, and toward that bench. The wool tuque he wore was firmly drawn over his ears, with barely a tuft of his grey hair poking through. His puffy winter coat was zipped up to its highest points and his pockets were filled with his partially frozen hands. The gloves he wore, were not doing the job they were intended for. The frosted glasses perched on his nose, were brushed with sleet and he hunched his shoulders lower, as he approached 'his' bench.

When he arrived, he was surprised to find someone sitting there - an older woman, perhaps his age and much like himself, she was bundled, up to her eyes.

She looked at him as he slowed his progress and politely, she moved to the far end of that wooden bench. He nodded to her, sat down and tried to straighten his posture, up against the backrest. She nodded towards him , remained quiet, then turned, and gazed straight ahead. They both hunkered there in silence (neither saying a word) , watching the snow fall and listening to the distant din of city traffic, the erie echo of far away car horns, and a wailing police siren. Periodically, a car would hurtle it's way along the road in front of them, and past that large, old maple tree, and then curve its way round the bend. Neither bench partner looked at the other.

Then, as if choreographed, they both stood up at the same time, and slowly and apprehensively headed along that path - in the same direction. They looked at each other and smiled meekly.

"It's miserable weather, isn't it?", he declared shyly.

"It's our typical spring here, right?, she acknowledged. Then - she quickly added, while pointing with a mitted hand ; " There is a coffee shop along that road there, would you like to join me for a coffee? I think we could both use one. "

He looked at her, and agreed. "You're right about that. I'd love one! "

One year later ( to the day), and coincidentally - the weather hadn't changed from the previous spring. However, this time, they both walked up that path in the park - together . Her hands were firmly locked around his arm and he gently clasped them, in his.

Before long, they found 'their' bench and sat down. She leaned her head against his chest as his arms grasped her far shoulder, pulled her close and shielded her against the blowing wind and snow. Soon however, tears welled up in her eyes, as she looked up into his. She inhaled deeply, choked back a sob and sighed. He looked down at her and lovingly, tenderly, kissed her. Tears spilled down his cheeks, as he closed both his eyes. One year ago, they first met and had fallen in love. They had rarely felt such happiness in their lives. As a consequence of that accidental meeting, they had managed to repair their broken hearts and had finally found a partner with whom, they could share the love they had to offer. Love they had bottled up and thought, was lost forever.

Fourteen ago on this day, her teenaged , and his teenaged , were killed on that road, right there - just by that maple tree - when their cars accidentally collided together.

Snow and tears blinded them both, as they hugged each other steadfastly. Only the sound of snowflakes falling, filled the air around that park bench. They held each other tighter than one might think possible - tighter than you could believe... afraid to let go !

©August 2018 Paul P.

Have you ever lost someone in your life? How did you deal with it?

Tell me about that special person.

August 30 is National Grief Awareness Day !

A big hug to anyone who has lost someone. May the memories of that person live in eternity!
.. .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Sex With An Alien
Posted:Aug 16, 2018 4:56 am
Last Updated:May 10, 2019 5:03 pm
Do you find that there are enough jokes and laughter in our every day lives ? Perhaps, not always.

Today is that one day in the year to make up for it by celebrating 'National Tell A Joke Day' . Don't feel comfortable with telling a joke? Start off with a few 'one liners' or a 'knock knock' joke. From morning till night, let's laugh! Laughter has been proven to extend your life and provide a better quality of life. Try it out today and every day and see if you won't become a happier person and as a consequence, make all those around you happier as well !

... this husband and wife are abducted by Martians, get stripped and then get huddled into separate rooms. The wife meets the naked male Martian, but she's obviously not impressed.
"It's too small", she chirps.
The male Martian taps his forehead three times and his tiny one inch penis grows to over 9 inches in length. The wife grins.
"But it's too narrow", she complains and frowns again.
The male Martian, gently tugs on his ears three times and his eedee beedee penis grows to over 8 inches in girth. The wife looks lustfully at the Martian's member.

Several hours later, the husband and wife are safely transported back to their home. The wife is exhausted and beams with a languid, satisfied and breathless smile.

"Well... that was something special ! ", she gasps, grinning ... still out of breath and quite spent. "How did it go for you?"

"Awful ! Just terrible ! ", her husband replies . "I have such a splitting headache. That female Martian just kept smacking my fucking forehead and yanking on my damm ears."


Let's hear your best jokes and let's have a smiley day! . .
. .
Sex and Fish in the Office
Posted:Aug 14, 2018 2:34 am
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2020 6:03 pm
Many of today's business offices are choked with so much paranoid and excessive 'political correctness', that you are likely to get reprimanded simply for scratching your groin or passing gas, let alone for making a veiled sexual reference. There are still some offices though, that didn't get the 'memo' and maintain a more open, relaxed ambiance .
The conversation that afternoon, in the office kitchenette, drifted towards sex. Bob, the twenty something stud, opened the discussion by bragging about his 'hot' , weekend. Evidently he had serviced his new 'love' , endlessly and repeatedly, to multiple orgasms. He had supposedly lost count of how many orgasms he'd had - but he clearly remembered that it was more than four.

Betty, (the stocky short haired, mother of three), who was sitting next to me , got up from her chair at my table, and went to check on the fish stew, that she had been reheating in the microwave, for the last eight minutes. Steve, (recently separated), tugged at his tie and brushed his grey hair back through his fingers, and, reluctantly, dug into his cheese sandwich. Mayonnaise , oozed from the bread at the top, and it looked like there might have been a piece of lettuce sticking out from the side. Sally, who was in the seat in front of me, quickly stopped eating her spinach salad, snapped the lid back on her container, wiped her fork with her napkin, and excused herself so that she could finish some report that was, supposedly 'way past due' .

Mike and Linda and Debbie (a trio in their thirties), were sipping coffee (leisurely dripped - from our one cup, 'Designer Coffee Machine') , and joined the conversation.

Betty's fish stew was done and steaming, and it was almost as if we were all eating it with her - although it was only a simple portion, prepared for no more than three or four people, or five at the very most.

We all agreed that women past the age of forty or fifty, undoubtedly, have the advantage over most men of a similar age, when it comes to sexuality. Whereas many men are preoccupied with - performance anxiety issues, erection endurance fear, and overall concerns about stamina, women are more preoccupied with 'vaginal tensile strength' , 'tummy plumpiness' , and gravity issues, with respect to 'breast perkiness and overall sagginess'. The men in the room, scoffed at those concerns and sanctioned any and all warm and wet vaginas, in spite of anything else happening to a woman's body. Bob was especially adamant, and descriptive in his praise of those pink, languid vestibules of lust. Linda listened intently and fidgeted in her seat - crossing and uncrossing her legs. I smiled at her and she blushed.

We also acknowledged (in between our mouthfuls of nourishment and sips of coffee) , that frequency of orgasm, and post orgasmic recovery time, was an issue with most men, and yet surprisingly, not a concern at all, for the multi orgasmic, 'ready in five minutes' , women in our midst. The women in the room also claimed, quite emphatically, and with much sympathy and empathy, that they could live with a 'reasonable' delay from their partners. Betty had her mouth full and had nothing to say.

Someone (perhaps Linda), asked me for my opinion on a related topic - premature ejaculation. The tiny crew in that kitchenette , paused, and waited for my comments. Except again for Betty who was digging her fingers into her mouth, trying to pry out a fish bone, that was stuck between her back teeth.

I began... "I can have an orgasm as quickly or as slowly as I wish. Unquestionably , if I am driving alone and stopped at a red light, then I am talking about a mere minute or so. In the bedroom or wherever my girlfriend and I happen to be - I will take as much time as I want. Of course the exception, is when I am at the bowling alley with my girlfriend, on the weekends - that can take all night and sometimes forever ."

We were all surprised when we heard Betty, clear her throat and ask; " Why is that Paul? Why does it take you forever to 'cum' at that Bowling Alley when you are with your girlfriend on the weekends?"

I looked at her and replied , "Because that's my weekend part time job and every 20 or 30 seconds or so, I have to run to one of those stupid lanes and reset the fucking pins!"

Betty raised and lowered her head knowingly, and compassionately smiled at me. Steve, with his mouth quite full with a half chewed cheese sandwich mumbled ;

"Sure! Yeah . . .That makes sense."

The others plainly nodded in agreement, first to each other and then to me. Just at that moment, Richard (or Dick - as we all called him), the 'Interim VP Marketing' , gingerly walked into the room, looked around, and timidly mentioned that the meeting scheduled for 3 o'clock, had been bumped up to 2:30.

We all looked at him and fell silent. I packed up my half eaten, meat loaf sandwich and the rest of the group, bundled their food remnants as well . All except for Betty - she was eagerly munching on her fish stew. We waved and left her there and she smiled and waved back. She worked in 'Payables'.

©August 2018 Paul P.
So ...
Do you ever get into discussions about sex at work?

What do you think about fish stew (or any other smelly food), at the work.
. .
....................................................................... .
. .
He Craved Her Gentle Touch...
Posted:Aug 7, 2018 6:33 am
Last Updated:May 5, 2019 4:37 am
I don't write a 'Regular Blog'. I post, 'easy reading' , simple, erotic stories. However, what if, I were to share deeper personal thoughts and ramblings, about random themes with you? What would my blog resemble?

It's been almost 4 months now since I got on 'A F F' , chose my user name, and pressed 'enter' . I had no idea what I was doing. I was intrigued, as this site just seemed to 'smell' of the thick scent of musky sex - sort of like what your bedroom might smell like, the morning after , while your lover still slept, next to you. It looked alluring and risky and some people walked around naked and that was exciting and cool.

I started this blog, posted stories, and I began 'watching' other bloggers. I noticed that although some blogs may have seemed simple enough on the surface, many bloggers shared subtle, intimate details of their lives, including the heartbreak and sadness that they'd suffered, and broken promises they'd endured. Others shared concerns they had, about where their lives were heading, and about their jobs and their families.

Regardless of what they wrote about, they all shared their thoughts and musings with this huge, curmudgeon data base of naked and half naked 'friends' and 'watchers', for one reason ; they wanted to touch them, and they wanted to be touched , by the right people, of course!

Today , I accidentally stumbled upon a blog post, from 20. The blogger, a woman in her early 50's, had been diagnosed with level four, terminal bone cancer. All treatment had been abandoned and she was waiting. I read her very... last.. post , where she spoke of never getting the chance to watch her two daughters graduate, or get married or to see her grand . She explained, how sad it was that she was leaving this earth, before her parents. She spoke about her life and how it was ending too soon. I was compelled to read her other previous posts. I wanted to get to know this person. I could barely see anything, as tears blurred my vision and emotions choked my throat as I thought of my own, two daughters. She was a real person, her name was Debbie , and she died in 20.

This site is full of 'real' people, and if you spend enough time reading someone's blog, you'll probably discover something deeply personal about that blogger. It's smeared on their hearts and souls, like that stain you just can't remove, and it surfaces in the words they write - whether they realize it or not!

I might one day, be one of those people who feel open and comfortable enough to be able to share something worthy, and personal with you. Instead.... for now... I'll be the guy by the lake, sipping those frivolous frozen Jello vodka slushies , with an empty, welcoming chair, next to him, stringing and shaping random words together, and I'll be pretending that this is just a 'sex hookup site' . Perhaps that's all this site is - but today , as I reflect, it seems more than that.

I'll probably title this blog in a suitably misleading fashion and include a random naked picture of some sort, because, I am shallow and I'd like a few 'views' on this blog post ... Yep...


Do you think this site is more than a trivial sex hook up sex site?

What about your own blog... Do you share your personal thoughts or do you keep it trivial and more impersonal ?

Please share your thoughts.
.. . .
. ..
Lust Amongst the Pines
Posted:Aug 2, 2018 1:46 pm
Last Updated:May 9, 2019 9:55 am
What happened on a steamy August day, when two lovers and their lust for each other, converged in a thick pine forest? Well . . . .they didn't play chess!

I waited for Lynn. . . I was wearing my swim trunks, towel in my hand, and flip flops on my feet as I stood under the shade of a large pine tree. Raising the ball cap I wore, I wiped the sweat off my forehead . The air was thick and hot and muggy and so typical of an afternoon in August. Cicadas took turns from all sides, as they relentlessly, unceasingly, buzzed.. Lynn and I were spending the weekend at my summer cottage and we were headed to the river to cool off. I'd been standing and waiting, for more than a few minutes now - and was growing more and more, impatient. A mosquito had just landed on my thigh - I smacked it!

"Lynn, are you ready yet? Come on! Let's go !"

And as I said that, she bounced out of the house (screen door slamming behind her) and ran up to me.

"Ok. I am ready."

With a quick kiss to my lips, she turned and started to walk towards the road. I stared at her bikini clad bum, as it wiggled from side to side. Quickly, I ran and caught up to her and pinched her butt.

"Hey...! ", she jumped and laughed.

"I know a short cut, through the forest. Let's take it. ", I said.

It wasn't long before we were under the shade of the thick pine forest, walking on a soft bed of needles. Without warning, Lynn abruptly stopped and turned around towards m e and with those twinkly blue green eyes and that mischievous look she often got - and blurted out;

"Let's make love! "

"What - here?"

"It'll be hot. ", she replied as she pressed her almost naked body against mine, put her arms around my neck and seduced m e with her patented wet, lustful kiss. She tasted great! My swim trunks were down around my ankles and I spread my towel over the pine needles in seconds.

"My my... Aren't we in a rush?" , she laughed as she looked at my already growing, chubby friend.

Lynn and I were always horny, but this hot weather seemed to have put a super heater to our lust and took it to the next level. Lynn ripped off her bikini and threw it to the side , where it landed on a fern. I barely had the time to admire her perky breasts or her sleek naked body before she lunged for me and my now, rock hard cock. She wrapped her hands around my shaft and over the head of my penis and tickled my balls with her long nails. I was already dripping wet. She kissed me and then left my lips , looked down at my cock and smiled admiringly. My hands caressed the nape of her back and then my fingers gently fluttered up and over her breasts and erect nipples, while my other hand slipped between her legs and along her swollen clit and into her pussy. She was soaking wet and I knew, neither of us was in the mood for any foreplay. The forest air was dense and humid and sweat was pooling in tiny droplets on my forehead. This was going to be a - 'hot, sticky, sexy, quicky' - for sure! Lynn got on my beach towel on her knees, pointed her ass and her cute wet vagina in the air, and lovingly beckoned me with her sultry, hushed toned, invitation.

"Come to me Paul. Come here baby!"

I could have cum right then and there, just by the way Lynn spoke those words. I quickly knelt down, and grasped her waist. In our horny, excited state of minds, we knew it wouldn't take much, to put us over the top. So when I gently pushed the wet swollen head of my cock, past her pussy lips and into and along the walls of her steamy vagina - we both let out loud gasps of pleasure and closed our eyes. 'My gosh, that first plunge just takes your breath away.', I realized. I was so deep inside Lynn, that I could feel her cervix. My body was already tingling, from head to toe. I knew Lynn was feeling similar ecstasy when she arched her back, clutched the towel with both hands and pressed her face to the ground and gently moaned. I could already feel her legs trembling and her pussy twitching. That's what lust will do to you - it bends time and space and reality.

"Oh Paul. Baby. You feel sooo good inside me.", she moaned softly.

Suddenly and without warning, we heard loud voices coming towards us. We froze in shock! I realized that we were less than 10 feet from a hiking trail. A gaggle, of what sounded like, 20 or more adults, were approaching us, quickly along that path, and we had no time to hide. We heard their voices and laughter getting louder and louder and Lynn and I looked at each other in embarrassed and humiliated panic and fear. Crouched as we were on that forest floor, the only thing blocking the hikers' view of us (besides the birch and pine trees lining the trail) , were a smattering of large, three foot tall, green ferns. They would surely see us. This was going to be bad. My cock was still throbbing deep inside her when I whispered into Lynn's ear.

"Don't move. Don't move a muscle or make any sound. They won't see us."

I lied to her - they would see us. I hugged and squeezed her and my arms wrapped around her breasts in an effort to make ourselves smaller. I leaned my head against the silky smooth skin of her back. She, ' pretended ' to help as well, as she pushed her ass back into my groin and ground it from side to side and up and down, and in a circular motion, mashing her pussy into me, with all her skill. My eyes rolled back into my head. I was so close to coming as my cock twitched inside her. Perhaps Lynn didn't understand what I had said. I whispered to her again, but this time, I used an angry assertive tone while I commanded her, not to move a muscle! She had never listened to my commands before and I should have known she wouldn't listen then. I slowly lifted my head and peered through the ferns to see the hikers quickly approaching us, two by two and three by three. 'Oh gosh!' I thought... 'Here we go. ..'.

It was at that moment, that Lynn chose to push us both, to the very edge of our sexually aroused limits. With the toned wet muscled walls of her hot vagina , she expertly gave my engorged penis, seven or eight , hard, tight, squeezes - as it lay there, buried helpless, throbbing and trapped inside her. I lost count of how many times my penis twitched in response - was it six or seven, or a dozen? I do recall seeing stars and my brain tingled. I tightly closed my eyes, and winced in pleasure , as I felt the waves of sexual bliss , roll over me. The hikers were right next to us, but in my 'sexually hyper-sensitive ' state of mind, I really. . . did not give. . . a shit ! I could see their feet - and some wore hiking boots. And of course, just at that moment , my silly cock twitched three more times. It was the tipping point for Lynn as she frantically whipped her hand across her mouth, and muffled first one moan and then another. Just for added payback, I gently caressed and massaged her swollen clit. Lynn instantly grabbed my hand in hers and froze it there, while she dug her nails into my wrist. My cock throbbed and I felt Lynn's pussy twitching repeatedly. We had just edged ourselves to the brink of orgasmic nirvana - and we paused there - hovering, almost floating. All the while, the hikers walked by us - totally oblivious to the carnal explicitness available for their viewing pleasure , just feet away.

Finally the last of the jolly trudgers had trudged by, as we heard their laughter echoing further and further into the distance, and far into the trees. My breathing resumed and Lynn exhaled loudly as her body went limp. Lynn looked back up at me with her twinkling blue green eyes, and smiled.

"Ooooops.", was all she said, and she started giggling.

I held her waist, and looked down at her and blinked. I suddenly noticed that there was a large mosquito resting on her bum. I slapped it hard - really hard , with my open hand. Lynn was startled and let out a loud yelp!

A squirrel in the branches of the tree right next to us began chirping. I presumed he wanted the 'show' to continue. . . and so did I !

©August 2018 Paul P.
So ...
- Have you ever been so aroused that you didn't care if you were caught by anyone or not?
- Have you ever been caught by strangers or family , like Lynn and I almost were? Share your stories... please.

Oh and here's a safety tip... You're never truly alone in a forest. There's always at least one squirrel, ready and waiting to perv you... Lol

Lynn was always being naughty.
This story was submitted to A F F Virtual Symposium Topic - Hot August # 43 . .

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Caught Naked By The Shore
Posted:Jul 16, 2018 5:24 am
Last Updated:May 4, 2019 3:04 pm
On that hot, steamy and sultry July evening, I sat there in my red, fold out picnic chair, (with the dual cup holders) and looked over the lake, as tiny sail boats dotted the horizon. Waves gently lapped up against the rocky shore.

Happy hour had (theoretically) ended, yet I still had a surplus of frozen Jello-vodka slushies packed in the cooler next to m e . The gentle, warm and yet cooling breeze, blowing in from the bay, could easily have hypnotised your soul, if you let it - so I let it... Or was it the Jello slushies? I wasn't sure.

A short distance away, the bell in the tower at the nearby church tolled eight times. It's soothing chimes echoed accross the shimmering water and then through the shaded park where I sat. The participants from the yoga class on the grass nearby , clapped their hands in approval and recognition for the diligent guru who had been leading them, and they all began rolling up their mats.

It was only appropriate, while in my 'Jello haze', that I asked myself the most relevant question I could think of at that moment ; How has that site (Heated Affairs), changed my sexual outlook? It was an interesting question. I took another sip of my Jello-vodka slushy, fired up the cell phone and logged onto the A F F site - for inspiration.

I flipped through some naked pictures of women and couples and then I 'clicked', on my own 'Profile', to (shamelessly), see what the viewer count was on my Album titled - 'Dick Pics For the Curious'.

Unbeknownst to me, two women (slightly younger than I was) , had paused to admire the lake. However, they chose to stand right behind me - as I sat there, in my chair, with my brilliant cell phone, lighting up the early dusk sky, with pictures of my dick! It was true, that I was hogging four feet of the view of the lake, on that strip of the shore. However, there were another five hundred yards of shoreline, where they might have chosen to pause.

At first I didn't even notice them and I can only imagine for how long they had stood there . It was only when I heard one of them make a comment to her friend about my pictures, that I turned around. They both looked at me and then with broad and bright smiles, feigned shock, and horror, all the while giggling between themselves. It seemed to me that they had been enjoying 'Happy Hour', somewhere else, prior to their lake visit.

"We didn't mean to look, but...", the shorter brunette started to say, still smiling.
"Are those pictures of you?", she continued, while grinning and quite obviously impressed.

"I don't think they're appropriate for i n s t a Gram though.", the taller blond woman chirped, and they both started laughing together.

Prior to my joining this site, I might have been horrified, mortified, or even embarrassed and shy. On that evening with those two women standing next to me, staring at my phone... I started to get a little 'chubby' .

Yes - one thing this site has proven to me is that some women, have the same desires and needs as men. And if you are patient and confident and have a great sense of humour and are marginally articulate - meeting new women and enjoying their warmth and company is a challenge that one can playfully and successfully face.

I had a cooler, full of Jello-vodka slushies and the sun wasn't setting for another hour. I greeted the two women and quickly ran to get two more lawn chairs out of the trunk of my car. I'd just made two new friends.

I'll let you know how this whole thing went down, another time. Yep... What was the question?

©July 2018 Paul P.

This story was submitted to the -
Heated Affairs Virtual Symposium #42
How Has This Site Changed My Sexual Outlook?

So - Has this site changed your sexual outlook and how? Let me know.
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. .
Mama's Boy ! ... (based on what she told me)
Posted:Jul 2, 2018 1:21 pm
Last Updated:Oct 27, 2019 10:31 am
Bobby, held his girlfriend's waist and slowly opened the door to his dark, silent home. Bobby was a tall, good looking 35 man. He was intelligent and had a great job as a Security Guard at the local mall. Looking at him, you would never know that he was born without 8 of his fingers. He was also missing a large portion of his tongue. Birth defects to be sure - but challenges that Bobby faced - head on.

And yet, he lived with his doting mother, who did everything for him. She washed his clothes for him and cooked for him and cut his food up into little pieces for him and tied his shoes for him - sometimes . In fact, she often, did things for him, that he was perfectly capable of doing for himself. Yet, he always let his mother help him, whenever she wanted to. Bobby was a grown man, but he had some issues - that he was working through. Bobby and his girlfriend, walked into the dimly lit living room. There was no sign of his mother. She must be asleep, they both thought. The coast was clear.

Bobby's girlfriend, Deborah was a beautiful, slim and sultry twenty nine brunette, who had been waiting for this moment for months now. She knew they were heading upstairs to Bobby's bedroom and she was trembling with anticipation. Slowly, they tiptoed up the creeky stairs.

Bobby led Deborah into his dark bedroom and commanded her to take her clothes off and lie on his bed. She did as she was told. Bobby bundled up her clothes, sniffed her panties, and put everything into a neat pile on an empty chair next to the dresser. He blindfold Deborah with a silk scarf , and then, took off his own clothes. The bed creaked as he lay down beside her. They could both feel the heat of each other's bodies, as skin touched skin. They were both ready. He was as hard as he could be, and she was already moist and her pussy was throbbing.

Blindfolded and naked, she spread her legs and waited impatiently on the bed, in the dark. The only sound she heard, was her own heart beating and their breathing, as they inhaled, then exhaled each other's scent.

"Bobby! Pleasure me with your hands. Touch me ", she finally pleaded.

The bed rustled and squeaked and she soon felt a pair of warm, soft, palms , gently massaging her breasts and body and thighs until her nipples were erect and her vagina began tingling. Her dripping, hot juices, flowed in tiny, tiny rivlets down along and out of her pussy and into the crack of her bum.

"Oh Bobby. Touch me with your thumbs !", Deborah sighed and moaned softly.

The bed squeaked and rustled again, and she immediately felt a plump digit gently enter her wet vagina. She felt that familiar inexorable tingling as her engorged clitoris was expertly and deftly played with and stroked and teased until stars, filled her covered eyes and her knees began to twitch.

"Oh Bobby!"

She moaned again, as she arched her hips and tilted and rolled her head back, deeply into the soft pillow. Her pussy and her spine and her whole body and every part of her skin, tingled.

She would be unable to withstand this unbearable and heavenly much longer. Her mind and body were in ecstasy, and on fire and her loins and wet throbbing vagina ached for that familiar release - only a convulsing, mind numbing orgasm could provide.

"Oh Bobby. Baby... please, please! Use your mouth. Please make me cum!", she begged, as her toes curled and uncurled and her legs and knees shivered and quivered.

The bed rustled and creaked again as Bobby shifted next to her. Suddenly - she heard the unfamiliar and thundering voice of what could only be, Bobby's mother, bellowing, right, beside her.

"Bobby... move over, damn it! I can't REACH her from HERE !"

©July 2018 Paul P.
Have you ever dated a Mama's Boy?
Do you help your out or do you let them work things out for themselves ?

Your comments are most welcome..
. .

. .
Cowgirl In Heat - Motel Shower
Posted:Jun 8, 2018 7:42 am
Last Updated:May 4, 2019 2:43 pm
In Chapter 1 (see the blog below) or click here Cowgirl In Heat Wet Kiss - Kelly was on her way to the Calgary Stampede when she met her ex boyfriend Bobby, a truck stop. They both rekindled an o.ld and very hot romance and walked hand in hand along the dirt and gravel road, towards his room, in a dusty Motel...

Chapter 2 - Motel Shower

They finally stepped up to his Motel room door. Kelly let go of Bobby's hand, flipped her long golden hair to to the side, smiled, and watched as Bobby, held his key. He unlocked the door, smiled back at her, and flung it open. She walked in.

The motel room was vintage "80's Kitsch". The walls were lined with vertical, cheap, dark stained pine boards. The floor was covered in a worn out, thin pile, dark maroon carpet, and the double bed had a large blanket, printed with a brilliant floral motif. Of course - facing the bed, was a framed print of a large oak tree in a meadow. And lastly - bolted to the dresser with a steel chain , was a bulky 25 inch CRT - RCA Color Television'.

She flung her cowboy boots up in the air and to the floor and unbuttoned her plaid shirt and threw it onto the bed. Her jeans were halfway down to her knees, (revealing her white, bikini panties), before she'd even reached the bathroom door and she flipped the jeans , with a flick of her foot, onto the bed as well.

Kelly, walked into the 'lime green' bathroom, and pulled off her black sport bra, to release perfectly shaped, perky breasts. She tugged open the shower curtain, as she listened to Bobby - in the bedroom , who was already on the phone, ordering the pizza.

"Hey Kelly...", he yelled to her, "You want a Coke or a Up?"

"I don't care. Coke, I guess.", she called back.

She finally flung her white panties on the floor, and kneeled on the edge of the tub to open the faucet and set the temperature of the water. Her perfectly smooth, moon shaped white ass, pointed towards the ceiling, yet her pussy was barely visable through her tightly squeezed thighs. This exquisite view, would have been much appreciated, had Bobby been behind her! He was still on the phone. After a minute or , she was finally convinced , that the water, was perfect for her.

The olive green tub she was about to step into, was equipped with those black rubber strips, glued to the bottom. She pointed her toes, eased her naked body into the tub and reached for the nozel to turn on the shower head. She closed her eyes and let the warm, magical liquid, splash over her blond hair, over her head and her closed eyes and across her breasts, and eventually down and between her thighs and long legs . She allowed the warm wetness to caress her body and - envelope her soul! 'Oh my God, this feels so good!' , she thought to herself, as that glorious rush of hot water, cascaded over her nakedness.

When he first touched her she was shocked and startled and she opened her eyes.

"Oh my gosh. What are you doing here? I am naked! Get out! ", she protested in mock horror and laughed as she greeted him with a hug . He reached for her and held her close, as the water cascaded over both their bodies. His penis was inflamed and engorged and she felt its warmth, up against her stomach, as she was held in his embrace. She could also feel it, pulsing and throbbing, and even as the water, poured over her back she could feel his precum painting her belly.

He reached for the bar of soap. Moving with experienced precision , he lathered up his hands and began his mission. Slowly, down, and then up, her legs. He started at her ankles and ran his foamy hands up her right leg, and between her milky thighs and brushed against her pussy lips, oh so lightly, but just stopped short of where she wanted his fingers to be . She moved her hips, but, he avoided her thrust. She squirmed a little more desparately. He then continued with his soapy hands, on her left leg and buttocks - and inner thigh, and again just barely touched her pussy lips. She shuddered and an excited chill ran through her body. He continued to avoid her- 'friend', and she shivered and sighed and threw her arms around his neck.

"Stop fooling around Bobby! Please, just make love to me. ", she laughed , amidst the gentle roar of the cascading water. Her words were lost in the din of white noise as steam rose and began to fill the room.

Lathered up again, he, smothered her breasts and erect nipples and chest and stomach and back, with more cleansing bubbly, rich soap. His hands moved smoothly against her silky body. She felt herself tingling everywhere. He lifted her arms and gently, massaged and cleaned her smooth arm pits. She laughed and giggled and squeezed her arms to her sides.

"Stop! " she screamed, laughing. And he did, but then whispered in her ear...

"I'll have to wash you more. You're dirty everywhere! ", - and she looked into his dark blue eyes and she let him - and he did! He ran his slippery hands and fingers up her perfect ass and along her cheeks and and then with digit, just barely into her tiny puckered ass hole. She winced, and smiled, and laughed . And then he moved his lathered hands and fingers forward to her hairless pussy. He rubbed his hands up and down and across her swollen clit and down her labia majora and minora, and he continued along, all the other named parts of her vagina. She closed her eyes and even above the sound of the shower spray, he heard her moan. Every part of her skin was quivering and electrified, in anticipation.

She arched her hips and moved her thighs - to meet his hands and fingers. She sighed and tilted her head back. The warm water, slid off her long blond hair and slippery wet body, as would, hot butter off a broiled steak- an appropriate, analogy for an Alberta steak house !

Finally, she opened up her eyes and grabbed the bar of soap out of his hands and smiled a mischievous smile - "Enough! My turn!", she commanded him in mock anger, as she pushed and twisted his body up and around and underneath the shower head. He smiled and raised his arms in resignation. His rock hard cock was pointed straight at her. She looked at his erect penis in amusement and smiled at him.

"Ohhh. He missed me? ", she giggled at him and then enveloped her soapy hands and fingers around his throbbing shaft and head and balls and massaged his manhood. He closed his eyes and leaned forward and kissed her. She met his kiss with her mouth parted and her tongue, eager to taste him! She had full control of him and he acquiesced to her power! Even in the steam filled room she could see his eyes roll back in his head and she felt his body quiver to her touch. She relished her control and smiled as she squeezed the head of his cock!

Her hands eventually left his dick (dangling so to speak), and she continued exploring his body. She washed his muscular arms and legs and back and ass and with agonizingly slow movements. She rubbed her hands across his thick, toned chest. Every once and again, she'd grab and caress his dick and balls, just to feel him shiver. She was enjoying the feel of his body as much as he enjoyed being felt. He was the man she remembered. The man she'd fallen in love with... so long ago.

Bobby, finally, and impatiently, pulled her hand to a stop, and slipped the soap out of her hands and threw it to the floor of that steam filled tub. He reached for her thigh and lifted it off the ground. With his other hand, he explored her throbbing, engorged clit and pussy. It was her turn to be dominated! She closed her eyes, arched her neck backwards and surrendered to him. Lightning bolts of pleasure surged through her loins. His movements were slow and deliberate as he entered her pussy with his fingers and even as warm water cascaded down both their bodies, he could tell that her cunt was soaking wet with her slimy love juices. She moaned again, into his ear and held onto to his neck, as if for dear life - quite oblivious of the warm water, that was drowning her sighs.

With both hands in one powerful yet gentle movement, he then lifted her body around and towards the wall of the shower, and raised her thigh again. This time he didn't use his digits to explore her - he slid his cock into her, in one, quick, agressive motion! They both gasped! As warm as the water from the shower was - her pussy and his cock felt hotter to each of them! They paused and both of them caught their breath- but not for long .

His thrusts into her were hard and deep and she felt every inch of him inside her. The water from the shower was now just a numbing liquid, that neither of them attention to. As they both approached a climax, she grabbed his neck with her hands and pulled his mouth towards hers. The explosion they were both nearing, came in ever increasing waves of pleasure that neither of them had felt for . As she kissed him, he came first and she inhaled his breath as he gasped into her mouth. She could feel his cock shuddering inside of her and she clasped it tightly with her pussy. And as his twitching cock slowed its pulsing , she finally came as well. She groaned loudly and her knees went weak and she thought she would fall. Then, she felt him lift her off the floor of the tub, and press her back to the wall, as wave after wave of
electricity and ecstasy filled her body and mind. She clung to his neck and gasped for air. It was minutes before either of them would move. The only sound they heard was the beat of their hearts and the shower water falling, and splashing into the tub below them. The only thing they saw, were each other's eye amidst the steam.

They kissed gently once and then again, and then Kelly asked in a soft voice, "Am I clean enough yet, my love?"

"You were never dirty to begin with, my dear ...", and he kissed her again, his tongue exploring a part of her mouth so deep, he doubted he'd ever been there before. "But going to a cold shower after this! ". And they both began to laugh.

"We'd better get out", Kelly finally said sadly. "The pizza guy will be here any minute".

"Oh yeah! The pizza guy", Bobby replied, as if reality had finally taken grasp of his mind again. They scrambled out of the tub, and into the steamy surreal world of this green bathroom. Grabbing towels, they slowly dried themselves off.

Kelly smiled to herself as she watched as Bobby took the large towel and dried his arms and legs and then, his still chubby cock and balls . 'How could she have lived without this guy for ?', she thought.

She was just buttoning up her jeans up when there was a knock on the door- 'Pizza guy' .

They enjoyed the pizza and laughed and shared and reminisced about times and friends and remembered places. As she had promised Bobby, she didn't stay the night. Her rodeo was being delivered to Calgary and she wanted to be there when they unloaded him. It was only another 45 minutes into the city.

They hugged and kissed once more, the door of the motel room as she picked up the keys to her truck, off the dresser , and waved goodbye to Bobby.

"I'll be in Calgary late tomorrow. I'll give you a shout when I get in OK?", he waved to her.

"No problem. We'll go out for dinner. There are some great restaurants in the city. My treat, this time", she laughed, turned and trudged along the crusty, dusty gravel road . As she approached her truck, she turned and took last look back the motel. Bobby was still standing the open doorway. Light from within the room, framed his lean, tall body. He waved her and she smiled, and waved back. 'It was going to be a great summer!', she thought to herself. 'Yep... A great summer!'.

©June 2018 Paul P.

If you haven't yet read Chapter 1 , then please do, (click here Cowgirl In Heat Wet Kiss
to find out how this whole thing started. sure they will have other adventures together.
[size 3 Have you ever made love in the shower... or at least, thought about it?
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