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The Very First Time... 😊
Posted:May 20, 2019 12:20 pm
Last Updated:Jul 22, 2019 10:27 am
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I drove through, my old neighbourhood, over the weekend. All... has changed. But... I thought of a childhood memory...

I recalled everything clearly, as if it happened yesterday. It was late August and summer, was passing by too quickly. The afternoon sun blazed... through a bright, hazy sky. It was humid and clammy. Even if you stood still, you'd sweat, the type of wetness, would stick to your eyelids. day, surprised me. SHE surprised me.

I was a , barely ten. She was much older than me - eleven and a half. We lived on a, brand new street , just behind a thick forest. There were plenty of interesting things, to discover in there. The older boys, were always building small, "make believe" forts and mazes, out of tape and large cardboard boxes - once held new fridges.
She was my best friend; the girl next door - literally . We were bored. It was too hot to go for a bike ride. We'd run out of things to do... and games to . Summer, had taken its toll, on our imaginations.

She had an idea and motioned to me. "Paul.. let's go to the forest."

I followed her. We entered the cool shade of the trees and made our way, towards the cardboard fort; the one in the middle of forest. We stopped the flimsy doorway, labeled - "Frigidaire". Her question to me, was a simple one. All I had to do, was answer it . The cicadas, buzzed impatiently... while I thought, of what to say. My stomach, felt like a kaleidoscope of butterflies, were nesting there. I knew... what I wanted, to say.

Ahh... you know... never mind. It was a long time ago. She moved away the following winter. I never saw her after . But that day... I'll never forget - THAT day! I was ten... and she was eleven and a half.

They've built an apartment block complex, where that forest used to grow. There were some , playing outside, as I drove by.

When you were a ... did you have a favorite or special place to play?
Whatcha y'all havin' for dinner?

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Once It's Over... It's Over... Isn't it... 🤔
Posted:May 16, 2019 12:13 pm
Last Updated:Jun 10, 2020 6:08 pm
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She was... a perfect view. A woman, I would have been proud... to have draped, over my shoulders. She was standing tall... my height. Her black dress, hugged every subtle curve, of her body. Anyone would notice, her 'better than perfect posture'. You know... the type you'd see, in gymnasts or ballerinas? Her eyes, were deep, brown pools. I could loose myself, in those. I looked away. I was slightly taken aback... when she turned to me and spoke.

"You were here first. Go ahead. I'm in no rush," she smiled.

"Neither am I. You look, as if you're on you're way to somewhere."

"No. Actually... I'm on my way back ... from somewhere," she nodded.

I took a step closer. I put my energy drink and nature bar, on the counter... next to the cashier and reached for my wallet. I guess... I must have created a slight breeze. She looked amused, as she spoke.

"You're wearing the same cologne, I bought for a boyfriend... once."

"Really? He sounds, like a lucky guy!" I replied.

"He was... lucky, for a while," she laughed. "I've moved on. Now... he's just a friend. Someone, I once knew."

The cashier, stood there and watched us. No one else, was in the store. I pulled out my credit card. She spoke again.

"Actually... I just accidentally, ran into him, at a restaurant. It was his birthday. A friend of mine, tried to get us back together. What a mistake. HUGE... mistake!"

"I know what you mean," I replied. You could have just sent him a card, or called him," I tried to make a joke.

"For me... once it's over, it's over. And I'm not into, touching someone, over the phone. I pushed away. He's still pulling," she feathered a stray hair, from her eye brow.

I'd paid. I waited, while she did the same. Reaching into her purse, she pulled out her wallet. "Pump number four."

She paid, then turned and brushed my arm... as she spoke.

"Nice meeting you. I really love ... that cologne. Don't give it up."

Flashing a silken smile, she strut her way out the door. I watched... as she stepped into her car.

Something she said, struck me. Is it possible, to touch someone... over the phone? If I was her 'ex' ... even a phone call from her, might keep me going.

I was halfway to my car, when I realized something. Damm...! I'd forgotten to buy, a Lotto ticket. I trudged back inside. I looked at the clerk, behind the counter and frowned. He looked back at me, grinned a wide grin and spoke.

"Lotto ticket? I didn't want to interrupt."

Is it possible to build a relationship; to 'touch someone', over the phone?
Is there a second chance, once you've said goodbye?

My usual question: Whatcha y'all havin' for dinner?

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She Stood In Front... Of That Mirrored Window...
Posted:May 13, 2019 1:31 pm
Last Updated:Jun 1, 2020 11:12 pm
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The guy in front of m.e , ordered; "Grande, Iced, S.ugar-Free, Vanilla Latte with Soy Milk," and then... he smugly, stood to the side. He had perfectly coiffed hair, sported a tie and jacket... and a trimmed, six day beard. He was, a typical hipster. They all look alike, don't they? I glanced at him and grinned. My turn; "Medium coffee," I announced, to the barista, with the dark green apron. She poured my coffee. The hipster waited.

I took my cup and walked to the bar stools, right by the counter near the front windows. The brilliant morning sun, was streaming in; but the tinted glass... kept things nice and dark and cool. Downtown traffic was snarled. People bustled this way and t.hat. It felt good to be sitting there. I was early for work. This moment of peace and tranquility, was a much appreciated change, from my usual morning mayhem. My hipster buddy, sat next to me, a few seats over. Then he realised, his laptop, was too large for the counter. I smiled sympathetically and he fucked off... to a table seat, somewhere behind me.

People are funny. Have you ever observed them? I sipped my coffee and watched everyone, scurry by. They were running for buses, waiting on lights and stopping to chat on their phones. There were the brave ones, who texted and walked... with their heads down. This city, has a bylaw against t.hat. I've never once, seen anyone get a ticket. Then... SHE appeared in my view.

She might have been in her early thirties and she was... beautiful. The type of look, found on magazine covers. Her aura, had men gawking. I watched, as distracted guys, barely brushed by lamp posts. I smiled as they bumped into, the people in front of them. I noticed other women, did a double take, when they looked at her. She could have stopped traffic, but it was already, at a standstill.

At the light, she turned and walked towards my window and stopped. At first, I thought, she might be l.ooking directly, at me. I was about to wave. Then it dawned on me - she was l.ooking at herself. She was l.ooking at her reflection, in the mirrored window. She undid the top button of her blouse and nudged her breasts. She adjusted her short black skirt and pulled up her nylons, from deep between her thighs then all the way up, to her waist. Peering closer into the glass, she wiped, a presumed smudge, on her lips. I could see the color of her eyes. They were silver blue. She placed a tuft of her brown hair, neatly, behind her ear. The light turned green. She turned around and moved on.

I collapsed back into my seat. Her pretend entourage, followed her. She manœuvred her long slender legs, across the street. The ones approaching her, spun their necks, to get a second look.

I wondered... what it must be like, to be t.hat beautiful. I've read about the advantages, attractive people have in life. Better jobs and salaries; better seats on the subway. Do you believe those myths?

I looked at my watch. I was going to be late... again. My hipster buddy, hadn't liked his beverage and was making a sour face. He was out of his seat, and trudging over, to the poor g.irl, in the dark green apron. As I stood u.p, from my seat, a friend from the office, paused by my window outside. It was Steve. He waved at m.e . I waved back. He can see m.e?

"Wow... " I thought.

People are funny, aren't they? T.hat woman with the silver blue eyes, was funny. And you know what? I.m ok with t.hat. I wondered, if she passed by this coffee shop every day. I'd see... tomorrow.

Do you turn your head and stare at someone good l.ooking ; or are you, one of them?
What's for dinner today?

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It Was A Hot and Sticky... Sexy Quickie... 🔥😊
Posted:May 9, 2019 12:54 pm
Last Updated:May 13, 2019 2:35 pm
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Summer is around the corner... Adventures are brewing.

We were up at the cottage. It was summer and it was hot. We were following a forest path, toward the river, on our way for a swim. The shade, of the pine trees cooled our sticky bodies. Lynn suddenly turned to me.

"Let's make love! " she giggled.

"What... here? In the middle of this trail? " I asked.

"Over there. In that little clearing," she pointed. "It'll be fun. No one's coming," she replied as she pressed her bikini clad body, up against mine. She draped her arms around my neck and planted a wet, kiss, on my parched lips. She tasted great! My swim trunks were down around my ankles and I spread my towel over the pine needles, in seconds. 

Lynn slipped off her bikini and threw it to the side. It landed on a fern. I barely had the time to admire her nakedness, before she lunged for my rigid cock. She wrapped her hands around my shaft and tickled my balls with her long nails. I was throbbing. We kissed. My fingers, gently fluttered up and over her breasts and erect nipples. I slipped one hand, between her legs. I could feel her swollen clit, as I pushed a finger, into her warm wet pussy. Neither of us, was in the mood for any fancy foreplay.

"This was going to be, a hot and sticky, sexy quicky," I thought.

Lynn got on my beach towel on all fours. She pointed her vagina in the air, and beckoned me with a wiggle of her cute ass.

"Come to me Paul. Fuck me baby!" 

I quickly knelt down, and grasped her waist. Gently, I pushed the swollen head of my cock, past her slippery pussy lips and into her. We both let out a gasp of pleasure. That first plunge, just takes your breath away doesn't it? My body was tingling, from head to toe. I knew Lynn was feeling the same way, when she arched her back and clutched the towel with both hands. She pressed her face forward and moaned. I could already feel her legs trembling and her pussy twitching, as I thrust my hips forward.

"Paul.... you feel, sooo good, inside me."

Suddenly, we heard loud voices coming towards us. We froze! I realized, that we were less than a dozen feet, from that trail. A gaggle, of people, were approaching us... along that path. We had no time to hide. We heard their voices and laughter getting louder and louder. Lynn and I looked at each other in panic.

Crouched as we were on that forest floor, the only thing blocking the hikers' view of us, was a large cluster of three foot tall, green ferns. My cock was still throbbing, deep inside Lynn's pussy, when I whispered into her ear. 

"Don't move a muscle or make a sound. They won't see us." I lied to her. They'd see us...

I squeezed her. My arms wrapped around her breasts in an effort to make ourselves smaller. I leaned my head against her smooth back. Lynn, had other ideas. She pushed her ass back into and against my cock. She wiggled it from side to side and up and down. She mashed her pussy into me, with all her skill. My eyes rolled back into my head. I was so.. fucking... close to coming. My cock twitched inside her. I whispered to Lynn again. "Stop... fucking... around. Don't move!"

I gingerly lifted my head and peered through the ferns to see the hikers. They approached us, two by two and three by three. "Oh shit!' I thought..." Here we go..." 

Lynn chose THAT exact second, to push us both, to the edge of cuming. With the muscled walls of her velvety cunt, she gave my penis, seven or eight , hard, tight, squeezes - as it lay there, buried and trapped inside her. I lost count of how many times my dick twitched in response. Was it six or seven... or a dozen? I recall seeing stars and my brain washed over, with this tingly haze. I closed my eyes. The hikers were right next to us, but in my state of mind, I really... didn't give a shit !

I could see their feet. My silly cock... twitched three more times. THAT... was the sensual tipping point, for Lynn. She arched her back, and whipped her hand across her mouth, stifling a moan. For added payback, I gently caressed her swollen clit. Lynn instantly grabbed my hand in hers and froze it there. She dug her nails, into my wrist. My cock throbbed and I felt Lynn's pussy twitching, repeatedly. We had edged ourselves to the brink of orgasm. We paused there - hovering, almost floating.

All the while, those hikers trudged by us, laughing and having a merry time. They were oblivious, to the carnal show, they might have had.

Eventually, we heard their laughter echoing further and further into the distance, and far into the trees. My breathing resumed. Lynn exhaled loudly. She looked back up at me, with her twinkling blue green eyes, and smiled.

"Ooooops.", was all she said, and she started laughing.

I held her waist, and looked down at her. There was a fat mosquito, biting her bum. I slapped it hard - with my open hand. Lynn let out a loud yell.

A squirrel in the branches of the tree right next to us began chirping. I presumed he wanted the 'show' to continue. . . and so did I. Hopefully.. without any more interruptions. Who the fuck goes hiking, in this heat?

Ever been caught or almost caught outside?
What's for dinner?

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There Was Naked Bowling... On Thursdays... 🤗👍
Posted:May 6, 2019 12:31 pm
Last Updated:Jun 10, 2020 6:10 pm
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A couple of weeks ago, I was on a business trip, in a very... very... small town. Dinning, late one night, I found myself - in the only restaurant, still open. I was eating cold fries. The sweet scent, of 'urinal mints' (from the nearby washroom), almost... overpowered - the smell, of stale beer and cigarettes. Sounds, of bowling balls, cascading along polished floors, smashing through wooden pins... smothered my thoughts. I pondered a question.

Would it be possible, to get my burger served, before I finished my fries?

A pair of bowling shoes, suddenly plunked themselves, on the counter, right next to me. My hazy thoughts, were interrupted. A whiff of leather and sock... and foot, blended in subtly... with the aroma of mints, from the bathroom. My cherubic new friend, smiled at me and lit a cigarette, as he leaned forward and spoke to the cook.

"Hey Tucker... Ya wanna make me a burger... ta go?"

Tucker nodded and in a flash, that meat... or whatever it was, was sizzling, on that blackened grill. Now ... I knew Tucker's name. I felt empowered. I kinda... raised my hand meekly, as if I was in grade two math class.

"Hey Tucker. How's, MY burger doin'?"

Tucker turned to me and with the quiet, nonchalance, of a man who'd already completed, a great task, replied.

"Oh, your burger? It's been ready for a while mister. I just had it, warmin' for ya." And he pointed to a dull red lamp... way down, at the end of the wall. "Figured y'all wanted to wait, till ya finished your fries first. That's the way, most folk here, eat it," he grinned. Then, he turned and pressed a metal spatula, flat down, against a grey patty - with all his might.

I stared at Tucker's back, and blinked. "Sure. Why the fuck, would I want to eat my burger, with my fries?" I thought to myself. Tucker, motioned to the petite waitress, in the pink dress. Quickly, she walked over with my burger.

The plate was put, right next to me. She wore lavender perfume and makeup... fit, for an opera star. "Ya new in town? Whatcha y'all doin here?", her green eyes twinkled, as she smiled.

I thought of telling her the truth. That I was here, on business. That I was fucking stuck here, for the next week. But I didn't. I just replied the way I knew most people would. "Just passin' thru. Just passin' thru," I smiled back. I was startin', to sound like them.

"Well... you'll be wantin', to see the 'old church', before ya leave. It was built in 1890," she beamed at me, proudly.

I had an hour for lunch: maybe I could squeeze in, a visit, to 'that' church. I took a bite, outta my burger. It was cold. Maybe I could spend, an hour lookin' for a better place ta eat. Yep...

My cherubic friend, grabbed his wrapped, hot burger off the counter... and with his other hand (the one holdin' those shoes) waved goodbye to me. It was too late, to block my nose. I reached for a fry, and waved back at 'im.

The waitress with the pink dress and brown rag in her hand, kept eyin' me, as she went table to table - wipin' them. Someone... just got a strike. I heard people yellin' and hollerin'. Tucker smiled and waved to a group of women as they passed. Come to think of it, I don't recall seein' one person who ever frowned ... in the whole time I was in that town. Must be a happy bunch of people, livin' here. Must be the kinda town, that grows on ya. I know one thing... most folk - eat somewhere else. Tucker trudged to the men's room. The waitress in the pink dress shimmied up to me.

"Ya know, Thursdays... we got 'naked bowling' here. It's much, more fun!" She smiled. "And I don't know why, y'all wanna eat here. It's my night off tomorrow. If ya want, I can show you where I go. It's way better. And they serve ribs."

I looked down, at my cold burger and fries. And then, back up... into her green eyes. I love... ribs! But what's that thing she said, about 'naked bowling' ?

What's the point of this story? Naked bowling? Small towns? Civic pride? I need a new job? Who knows?
Whatcha y'all gonna have for dinner?

Why am I, still talkin' in this accent?

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Ever Share a Pizza... With A Naked Cowgirl? 🤔
Posted:May 2, 2019 2:09 pm
Last Updated:May 6, 2019 10:48 pm
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It's "Throwback Thursday", right? I wrote this an hour ago. I hope this counts. Hey... I just got back from a week in the boonies... good to see y'all!

Lisa held Bobby's hand, as they walked across the gravel parking lot. They crunched quick rhythms, with their boots. Dim yellow cabin lights, barely cast shadows, across grey wicket chairs, as they sat... in front of, weathered... brown doors. Crickets chimed their progress... as they both stopped. She let go of his hand and flipped her long, blonde hair, to to the side. She watched, smiling. He unlocked the door, flung it open and grinned back at her.

"It's like that same dive, we stayed at last time," Bobby proudly announced to her, laughing.

Lisa walked in, paused and looked around.

The walls, were nailed with cheap, pine boards. The floor, was covered in a worn out, maroon carpet. You could tell... where people liked to walk. The double bed, had a faded blanket thrown over it; it's floral motif, had seen better days. Facing the bed, was a framed print, of an oak tree, in a meadow. And bolted to the dresser, with a thick steel chain... was a bulky - 'RCA Color TV'.

"Who would want to steal that," she laughed. "Feels like I'm back, in the eighties," Lisa giggled.

She turned to him and kissed him. Then pushed herself from his grasp. Hurriedly, she flung her cowboy boots off her feet, up in the air and to the floor. She unbuttoned her plaid shirt and threw it onto the bed. Her jeans were halfway down to her knees, before she'd even reached, the bathroom door. She pulled those jeans down to her ankles and with a flick of her hand, dropped them over a chair, right next to the lamp.

Bobby, walked toward the phone, on the dresser.

Lisa, walked into the bathroom and flipped on the light.

The lime green walls and ceiling and floor... made her squint. She pulled off her lace bra... and two, perfectly shaped, perky breasts... were released. She pulled open the shower curtain. She could hear Bobby, already ordering, the pizza. 

"Hey Lisa... You want a Coke or a '7 Up' ?"

"I don't care Bobby. Coke, I guess."

She peeled off, her white panties and put them on the counter, next to the sink. Then kneeling on the floor, she opened the faucet and watched, as the water poured... into that old, green tub.

Her satin smooth, moon shaped ass, pointed towards the ceiling, as she leaned forward... to check the water temperature. Tiny pink folds of her pussy, poked through that small space, between her thighs. And her little bum hole, wiggled a bit, as she turned the faucets... this way... and that. This delicious view, was much appreciated, by Bobby, who stood there, naked... right been behind her. His cock was already... starting to grow.

"Hey babe. Come here. Give me a kiss," he spoke.

Before he could catch her, she'd stepped into the tub and faced him... smiling coyly.

"I'm dirty and stinky Bobby. Come here and wash me. I need your help. There's some spots... I just can't reach.

Bobby looked at Lisa and smiled. Damm she was hot! "That fucking pizza guy, better not rush over here," he thought. "Lisa looks real dirty... Yeah... she's gonna need... a lotta cleaning up."

(I wonder what happens? Lazy writer!) ..
Do you like to take a shower or are you more of a bath person?
What's for dinner tonight?

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It Is My Last Day Here... Take Care... 🙁👍
Posted:May 1, 2019 1:17 am
Last Updated:May 5, 2019 4:50 am
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Happy new day! *FrankeeZee here, but not for long. This is my last post for Paul. He's back, but he's letting me write, this one... last... blog- for him.

About an hour ago, I was fast asleep in front of Paul's television, on his couch: the 'Weather Channel', will do that to me. Paul had asked me to pick up his mail, water his plants and just check on his place.

His home, is in the middle of a flood zone, and the spring flood this year, hit critical levels last week. The houses all around, are either flooded or damaged and the water... keeps rising. Paul's place, wasn't touched. If he owned a fucking wide screen and had Netflix , I'd like it here.

Anyway, like I was saying...

About an hour ago, Paul quietly, slipped in through his front door; like some sort of, fucking ninja. Then... he crept, up to the couch (where I was snoozing) and violently shook me, while screaming and yelling, that we had to evacuate - due to the rising flood waters. Do you have any friends, who are assholes?

After his laughter had subsided, we exchanged the usual pleasantries. He told me, about how boring, his week was. I told him about what he'd missed, here in 'blog land' . And that's where we are. I'm drinking a coffee he made me and, I'm outta here. Paul seems to be pleased, that I didn't burn his house down and that his plants, are still green. All's well with the world. Except for one broken dish... that I'm not mentioning to him.

"OK... Frankee... I love ya buddy, but it's time for you to go. It's late and I'm tired. Thanks for all your help, but it's time to leave."

I looked at Paul and blinked. "Well... can I just finish my coffee?"

"Sure... sure... Do you want a chocolate chip cookie with that? Or... I have some cheese cake, in the fridge."

"Ahhh... you HAD, some cheese cake in the fridge. It was great," I looked at Paul and smiled. It WAS great!

"You know Paul... I don't understand you. Sometimes... you can be such a nice guy. And then - BAM... you flip on a dime. And you turn into this mean guy, who I just don't know. What's with that?" I looked at Paul and blinked again. Paul looked at me, thoughtfully and spoke...

"I don't know Frankee. I have this button... deep inside me. I don't know when it'll be pressed, but when it is... stuff just comes outta my mouth. Aren't you the same way?"

"No Paul. I don't think so. Now... I understand, why your wife left you though. You should consider taking, an anger management course."

I was about to say something else, but I never got the chance. Paul took my coffee, poured it into a clean 'Micky Dee' cup, put a lid on it, shook my hand and led me to his front door. Now... I'm sitting in my jeep, about to press 'enter' on my laptop and let this last blog of mine ( his ) ... fly. The lights in Paul's house, just went dark. I guess he went to bed.

Sheesh... ya think it was something I said?

Do you have an alter ego or character trait that you keep hidden ; or are you an open book?
Oh yeah... whatcha having for breakfast today?

I'm outta here. Take care y'all. Thanks for stopping by. I'll still stick with MY sex site though. It's safer over there. Nobody
yells at me.

*FrankeeZee is a member and top blogger, of ™FOGCAF - Friends Of Good Clean Adulterous Fun ...

That picture in the blog, is of a street, close by Paul's house. Last Friday... you couldn't cross it by car. There was 3 feet of water running through it. 'Click' on the pic to get a full screen view.

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The Physics of Copulation... and Why It Fucking Works
Posted:Apr 29, 2019 1:13 am
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2019 8:01 pm
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Happy new day! *FrankeeZee here... again. Paul is not answering his phone and the texts I'm sending him, are being returned, 'undeliverable'. And that's ok... I'm a trained professional. I'll manage this blog for him. I think...

Ever come up with a great blog idea and then, reverse engineer it? That is, write something that fits the title, you had? That's just, what I tried to do, with my blog title here and... I fucked up.

There's nothing, that I could find on the net, that would explain, the physics of fucking. There's an erect penis... right? Then there's usually, a moist and willing vagina... Put rigid, round device 'A' into wet slot 'B'... that's the most I found. No theories, angles, formulas or physics of any kind. Oh... I did find a diagram. That's for those of you, who might be fuzzy, about the whole process; given that it's been a while. Anyway, I did find something else - about 'reverse engineering'. Listen to this...

Ever hear of this guy - Gary Vaynerchuk? Neither did I, before I had read an article about him in, 'Business Insider'. By the age of '35', he had become a multi millionnaire. Today he has a net worth of '$167 M'. That's not, a huge amount, but it's about '167' million dollars, more than me. You know what he attributes his success to? Reverse engineering!

When I say 'reverse engineer', I mean the following. He suggests we all, go back, step by step... from that 'big dream', we all have - to this, very, moment, in time! And... we figure out what the steps are - moving backwards. How we get there and what we need to do. Sounds simple enough, right? He took his father's '3 million dollar', a year wine store and turned it into a '$60 million' per year venture; amongst other things, that he's really... really... proud of.

I don't have a father, who owns a three million dollar a year business. Do you? I also won't get back... the six minutes that it took me, to read that article. I've just saved you six minutes of your life. You're welcome!

Reverse engineering, is the process, by which a man-made object is deconstructed to reveal its designs, architecture and to extract knowledge, from the object.

Can we extract any useful knowledge from this blog up untill now? I don't... fucking know. I do know this... today is another day and another day is good!

There you go. Another blog in the books and no one was hurt. I told you I'd make it through, till the end.

Is it possible to reverse, any negative effects of this blog?

Stupid question time...
What do you think about misleading, book, magazine article, or blog titles?
What did you have for breakfast?

*FrankeeZee is a member and top blogger, of ™FOGCAF - Friends Of Good Clean Adulterous Fun

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Paul is Gone... and Has Left Me In Charge - Here's My BDSM Adventure 😱
Posted:Apr 25, 2019 1:05 am
Last Updated:May 2, 2019 9:56 pm
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Hello everyone. *FrankeeZee here. Yes... I know. You were expecting Paul, but he's on a business trip and won't have the time to blog. He's asked me for my help, so... writing this blog for him today. I ... (of course), one of the top 200 bloggers on my sex site; number 193. You're all, in capable hands. Don't worry! Everything will be fine.

First off.... I'll tell you how I work. I don't post cute emojis. I know Paul likes to do shit. Not . If you're expecting emojis... perhaps, you should start reading.... someone else's fucking blog.

Secondly... Paul has left me, with a complete set, of HIS 'Blogging Rules', supposed to follow. Let read, this out to you. By the way... Paul, is a fucking control freak.

Here goes... "Paul's Blogging Rules" : (My comments are in the brackets)
1. Keep swearing to a minimum. (easily fucking done)
2. Don't post sexualy explicite pictures. (well... sucks)
3. No BDSM stories. (damm... too bad)
4. Keep erotic stories classy and tasteful. (classy? WTF ? )
5. Use descriptive language and flowery adjectives, wherever possible. (who's got time to read fucking adjectives? )
6. Try to sound measured, thoughtful and politically correct. (well... 's , most of the time.)
7. Keep the length of the blog under 500 words. ('s... going to be a challenge)

All righty...
I have to say something here. After reading Paul's rules again, I now understand, why Paul is failing... as a blogger... here on this site.

I had this really, interesting story planned for today. It would have been about, what happened to me last week.

My hobby is video filming. Through a contact, I met this eclectic group of sexophiles. They were; 2 Dommes, a sub, a tranny, and this midget - or dwarf or whatever, is fucking politically correct. I guess he was their manager. He's the one who carried the checkbook. Yeah... it was a slightly messed up visual, right? Anyway... they were looking for a camera man, to film one of their BDSM, bondage scenes. They were going to , two hundred bucks for a couple of three, hours work. They promised some bonuses, if I agreed to do the editing as well, so I agreed. Off we headed, to a space they had rented, down near the Plateau : it's a hipster neighbourhood in Montreal. We got there and I started to set up a my equipment... when... the tall Domme, with the black hair came up to me and...

Oh... hang on a second... hang on a second.

I've reached the word limit, Paul has set up here. I only have a few more words left, till I 500. Damn...! It was a really story and it got totally, out of control. But I mean , in a good way. I was also, going to post some wild pictures.

Well... ok then. I hope you had fun. Until next time. I don't think I messed Paul's blog . It can't get any worse, than it already was... can it?
supposed to ask a question here? WTF?
What do you think of Paul's stupid blogging rules?

I don't know... What did you eat for breakfast? .

*FrankeeZee is a member and top blogger, of ™FOGCAF - Friends Of Good Clean Adulterous Fun

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The Easter Bunny... Got Laid... 🐰😱
Posted:Apr 19, 2019 1:31 am
Last Updated:Jun 10, 2020 6:22 pm
Note : A F F is deleting words in the text. Please be patient.

I sat there in my kitchen, behind the keyboard of my laptop and stared at the ticking clock - hanging on the wall. Damn... an hour... and nothing, had come outta my brain or been typed, on the screen. The doorbell rang. I let *FrankeeZee in, sat back down and continued my consternations. FrankeeZee poured himself a coffee and sat down, beside me.

"Hey Paul, you're not writing your blog, are you? It's Easter weekend, for fucks sake! Take a break and shut it down. Nobody gets on sex sites, on Easter weekend. Everyone gets religious. They all see their families and and grandkids and pretend they don't fuck or masturbate."

I looked at FrankeeZee and blinked." Did you shut your blog down? "

"Oh course Paul. I'm not getting back on my site, till Monday. I don't wanna go to hell!"

"Well Frankee... I think I've already got enough points accumulated, that I've earned the 'speed pass'. And the elevator I'm on..... ain't goin up. I've got nothing to loose," I looked at FrankeeZee and then peered back, into my screen.

"Paul... You mean to tell me that you, don't believe in God? Woah.... you ARE, going to hell bro! I feel really, really, sorry for you."

"Look... It's just a blog Frankee. I was going to write something funny.... to amuse those, who don't celebrate Easter. I have a title... it's called; The Easter Bunny... Got Laid. "

FrankeeZee's face turned ashen white. "Paul... if you post a blog, with THAT title, you'll get crusified, by all your fans. You'll never recover. Everyone on your site, will iggy you... forever. Don't do it!"

I thought for a moment. "OK... ok... You've made your point Frankee. I never knew that you, were so religious. I won't post anything."

"Good thinking Paul. Now close your laptop and let's get outta here. There's this brand new strip club, that opened up in Laval. I heard that it's fantastic. The women there, are sooo... fucking.... hot. If we hurry... and I drive like a nut, we can still catch Happy Hour."

I looked at FrankeeZee and just sighed. I didn't have the strength to say anything. Besides..... I'd heard about that place. The free buffet they serve, is to die for. I shut my laptop and grabbed the keys to the house.

"Alright Frankee... let's get outta here. I'm fricken hungry."

Are you celebrating Easter this weekend or do you have other plans?

Bonus Question : How's your week been? What's up?

*FrankeeZee is a member and top blogger, of ™FOGCAF - Friends Of Good Clean Adulterous Fun ..

Happy Easter to all! 😊 .

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She Told Me... I Was Lucky... 🍀😉
Posted:Apr 18, 2019 1:51 am
Last Updated:Jun 10, 2020 6:23 pm
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It was bound to happen. In a city, of over four and a half million people, odds were good. It was only a matter of time, before I accidentally, ran into a fan, of MY, 'A F F' blog.

Last week, I was headed downtown, to meet my oldest for dinner. Her choice and her treat. I brought the wine - a very nice Brouilly... her favorite. There's no quicker way, to move around this town, than the bus and subway. If you ever visit, leave your car at home. Traffic is a mess.

I had 20 subway stops to navigate and the train was jammed, with a mélange of rush hour commuters. I was lucky, when I spied an empty seat. It was at the end of a bench, lined with a bunch of women. I nestled down next to one of them. She was younger than me, smartly dressed, wearing a white, ruffled blouse and a black, leather skirt. Her head was buried, in a laptop. The subway system here, has free WiFi.

I casually, glanced over to her (on my right), as one might innocently do... while riding the subway. Alright... so I'm nosy. To my surprise, she was on that sex site... 'A F F'. Then I took a closer look. She was on, MY blog. Well... that, was interesting... to say the least! I kept trying, not to stare. But I was curious to see, what blog post she was reading. Unfortunately, I wasn't very subtle. She noticed me, moved her laptop to her chest and glared at me.

"Oh. I'm sorry... I... I didn't mean to be rude. I just noticed, that you were... on that web site. I happen... to KNOW, that blogger," I smiled.

"Reeeelly? Lucky... fucking... you!" she declared, in a loud, sarcastic voice. Then quickly, she tilted her laotop, completely, so that the back of it, faced me. It ... was a 'Dell'.

That... pretty much, shut me up. I never had a chance to continue, with any polite banter.

The other riders in the car, stared at me. I grinned back at them... sheepishly.

The rest of my trip, was kinda awkward. I focused my eyes on the dirty grey floor. I turned to the left, once... where inches from my nose... was a man's groin. He wore Lévis, button down jeans. I couldn't help but notice them. It's the same brand, I wear. I preferred... to look at the floor.

When it was her stop, she squeezed by, and glared at me once more. Her boyfriend, who was standing next to her (and whom I hadn't noticed), grabbed her hand and gave me a dirty look, as well.

"Ahhh.... a boyfriend. No wonder, she didn't want to talk," or so I preferred, to believe.

My stop came. I got up. That guy, with the Lévis in my face, took my seat and smiled at me. I walked out through the sliding doors, trudged along the subway platform, then rode up the escalators and finally... strode into the street. I felt, somewhat relieved.

I hoped, my ... had picked a good place to eat. She always did... and I was starving.

Do you ever look over the shoulder, of random people, in random places; or is that just rude?

Bonus Question: I was carrying a bottle of Brouilly, What type, wine do you prefer ?

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I Just Wanna Stop... and Tell You What I feel...
Posted:Apr 16, 2019 8:11 am
Last Updated:May 17, 2019 4:00 pm
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Everyone has had, someone they've loved, or perhaps... someone they thought - they loved. I had.

It was '1979'... my band was just starting out. We were young, arrogant, confident.... and fucking talented. We thought we were on top of the world. When we'd p.lay a.t dances and events, they'd always have a table reserved, for the band and our 'guests' - our girlfriends. Privileged young ladies in their prime. They were dressed to the nines and proudly strutted, into a hall... as if they owned it. They walked with as much sass, ass and style... as you could possibly imagine. Everyone knew them as... the "band widows".

Nobody... in the hall would ever, approach them. To talk to them, would be a "no - no". They sat there, stoically. Soaking in the vibe and stroking our egos, when we'd take a break. Always reminding us, how great, we were playing. Regardless of any fuck ups on stage. They were our Queens... and we were their Kings.

At the time, there was a song playing on the charts, written by a Montrealer, named Gino Vannelli. He wrote this song called, "I Just Wanna Stop" . I only danced this song with her, once. It was in a huge hall and the DJ working with us, played it for me. We held each other, as if we were afraid to let go.... as if we were going to be together, forever.

Of course... t.hat never happened. Things moved on. Coincidentally, today I watched the morning news and they had Gino on, promoting his set of concerts here - in Montreal this week. More coincidence. Last night, I got a t.ext from a friend, about t.hat g.irl... the one I danced with. I thought about her and this song. Maybe you have a special song t.hat reminds you of someone. I hope you do. It's one of the best feelings in the world. No matter how long, or how short, t.hat feeling might have lasted.

Yep... I hope you do!

.................. .
Here are the lyrics... and the U Tube link... is a.t the bottom of the page. Check it out and perhaps, you might feel the vibe I felt with her... so many y.ears ago...

Gino Vannelli
"I Just Wanna Stop"

For your love
When I think about those nights in Montreal
I get the sweetest thoughts' of you and m.e
Memories of love above the city lights
Ooh, I tried so hard to take it
But oh Lord my heart won't make it

I just wanna stop
And tell you what I feel about you babe
I just wanna stop
I never wanna live without you babe
I just gotta stop
For your love

When I think about the way the world must turn
I get the saddest thoughts for you and me
Memories of life and times go on and on
Ooh, I've tried s.o hard to forget it
But oh Lord my mind won't let it

I just wanna stop
And tell you what I feel about you babe
I just wanna stop
The world ain't right without you babe
I just wanna stop
For your love

Ooo, I've tried so hard to take it
But oh Lord my heart won't make it

I just wanna stop
And tell you what I feel about you babe
I just wanna stop
The world ain't right without you babe
I just wanna stop
For your love
or search... Gino Vannelli I Just Wanna Stop

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FrankeeZee... and... The Brazilian Wax Challenge... 😱
Posted:Apr 15, 2019 12:52 am
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2019 10:01 am
This weekend, *FrankeeZee and I, were huge food court, the West Island Mall. The enticing aromas, of coconut Thai chicken, and BBQ ribs... and Szechuan shrimp, filled the air. I kept eyeing watch. Is 10 am too early for lunch? FrankeeZee's laptop was open and as usual, he was working on his blog.

"Hey Paul... do you know any places do a 'Brazilian Wax', for guys?"

I looked buddy and blinked. "Why the fuck, would I know anything about ?"

"I don't know. You're into kinky stuff. I'm doing some research into women and the time they spend, taking care of their bodies. It's part of 'Woman's Self Series'. I'm going check it for myself, next weekend. Wanna come? It should be fun. I dare you! " he said, grinning.

FrankeeZee always played, a little left of center. I'd think about it. FrankeeZee continued...

"I'm including a section in my blog, about female masturbation. I read an article by Caitlin Moran. She writes for Esquire and Cosmo. She wrote a book called - How Build a Girl ?"

I looked FrankeeZee and shrugged.

"Oh yeah... you don't read books, do you Paul? Anyway... very interesting stuff. Did you know women masturbate as often as men? And they start at a age. You should read, what this Caitlin woman, writes. You might learn something. It might also give you, some blog ideas. I've been reading a few of your blog posts recently. You're really scraping, the bottom of the barrel Paul. piece on ancient Dildos... seriously?"

I looked FrankeeZee, and blinked again. "So what are you going do? Teach women how masturbate?"

"No... would be Paul. I'm just going remind ladies, it's alright masturbate. Slut-shaming is just wrong. In fact... it's all right admit they do it. Let's face it... many girls never figured how manage a clitoris, until they were well, into adulthood. Can you believe it? Poor women."

I was about to nod, in agreement... when FrankeeZee, jabbed me in the ribs.

"Oooo... Paul. Take a look the woman, by the Thai food counter. gosh!"

She was, a stunning woman. Spring had arrived in this city and she was dressed in a beautiful, floral dress.

"Hey Paul... Watch laptop. I'm gonna get some Thai chicken."

Before I could say anything... he had jumped up from his seat and was casually, bounding towards food counter.

I pulled FrankeeZee's laptop towards and googled; 'Brazilian wax Montreal' . Holy crap! Tons of locations flashed up on the screen. There was one place, about 5 minutes away. "Hmmm..."

Eating right, is a huge thing these days. When is it too early, to eat a big lunch; or should one eat whatever, whenever one feels like it?

Bonus Question: Have you tried waxing or are you more of a - 'just keep it trimmed', kinda person?

*FrankeeZee is a member and top blogger, of ™FOGCAF - Friends Of Good Clean Adulterous Fun

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