Wall of Shame - Nope: Hall of Fame  

PattiBannon 46T  
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9/8/2021 10:28 pm
Wall of Shame - Nope: Hall of Fame

Now I know that I'm beating up on a lot of you guys, so I decided to highlight an exceptional message that was sent to me a few days ago. Lets take a look at this Hall of Fame DM:

"Hi again. Just sending you one last message and then I'll leave you alone. Give me a chance, I promise I won't disappoint. You're the only person that I am chasing on this site, and I meet all of the criteria listed in your profile. We're a perfect match! And you are one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. Do you like kissing? If so, I'd love to come over and kiss you for hours, although it would be so hot we would need to put our mouths on other areas of our bodies (just turned myself on!). I have many other playtime ideas for us to enjoy as well. Hope to hear back from you."

OK, lets break this down in the hopes that some of you WOSI can learn a thing or two. Firstly, spelling, grammar and punctuation are on point! Trust me, this matters! Then there is the overall tone. Its polite, but he gets to the sex stuff down the road. Good strategy, start slow, then hit 'em with the dirty talk. A big point winner comes in towards the end. Its subtle, and only I could pick up this sly move. When he says "(just turned myself on)" he is directly quoting my profile. He used this same tactic in his prior message. He took the time (Like 30 seconds) to read my profile, and adapt his approach to get my attention based on that intel. This is one crafty MFer!

I wanted to praise this boy and his message to show the readers that I'm not just a cold hearted bitch that is hatin' on all the horny fellas here.

***** Now here is the twist, and you all get to decide the outcome. Although this is a great DM, I didn't respond to it. I've got no real good reason not too... So what I'm going to do is open another poll here on the WOS and let the people decide. Do I respond, or not. Its just that simple!!!

LT_Dan_USN 54M
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10/19/2021 11:42 am

Too Funny! I guess I would say that I am a people watcher and it is interesting to see how others approach people on here.

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