Tired of this social distancing  

PantiedMale55 66M
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8/16/2020 2:39 am
Tired of this social distancing

this point I don't go other than to work (am lucky so far in that it hasn't caused my place of work to shut down), the grocery store and maybe Lowes or Home Depot if I need something. Other than that I pretty much stay home. I know it's for the best at this point in time and will continue to do so but just want to blow off some steam about it I guess.

I think a lot about finding a friend or small circle of friends where we could hang out and watch a game, play cards or just watch TV and when the mood hits, we could enjoy each other. I've never played in a but I would think 3-5 guys including would be very entertaining if everyone clicked and got along. The problem with this is first...finding that friend or circle of friends and then one of them being able to host which is a big problem as we all know. For as long as I've been on this site and others, it's always timing and hosting and that's after you've found a potential 'play partner' or partners. I wish I could host but in my case it's just not possible. The other problem is being able to communicate on the site as they really limit that.

I feel that a lot of other members that view my full profile or just the pop-up profile feel I may be fem acting or looking and that might help in certain instances or hurt in others but the fact is I am not fem looking or acting and not trying to be. For those that are that is fine with me as not here to judge. only into wearing panties as a fetish and enjoy others that wear also or if you don't then that's fine too. I just know I enjoy seeing a nice hard cock in panties or otherwise. I am also not a kisser or cuddle type person as I am not attracted to men...I am attracted to cocks to put it bluntly.

As far as M/F couples is concerned I would not be interested in topping the wife if that scenario came about but would be interested in the female watching as I sucked her bf or husbands cock. I guess there is a bit of exhibitionist in me that would enjoy the humiliation of sucking off a cock while in my panties with a female watching...or if other males were watching. I guess I could be watched if I went to a ABS or such but not really into a of strangers, I'd rather be in a situation where I had at least communicated via email or messaging and got a feel for the other person(s) before I acted on any play as I do want to play safe and stay that way.

I guess rambling a bit here so will end it for now as I may edit and add to this post from time to time, but PantiedMale55 is waiting on you so give a shout.

PantiedMale55 66M
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10/24/2020 4:10 am

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Hello and thanks for reading my post(s). Hopefully you've had better luck on the site lately than I have but guess with the Covid thing no one is really doing much. Take care and good luck! ...\8

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1/9/2021 2:13 pm

I'll test that claim and enjoy every minute

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