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12/11/2021 3:18 pm
What I'm looking for.

Extra info.

I'm As you have read I'm open to meeting Couples, M/W, MM, FF single / female curious about Trans (?); that are for anything from NSA, fuck buddy, friend with benefits. If I and any combination turns into a long time thing great.

Let's face it, you can't find everything you're into, want to try, or just flat out enjoy in just one person or in one profile on this site.
So I'm when I meet with a single or a couple Male or female that are open to engaging in what kinks we both enjoy and I don't worry if I don't get my other needs met, I believe other aspects I'm interested in will get addressed with someone else.

Just as I have friends who like to turn a wrench and weld, while others who don't care for the industrial arts, but do enjoy sci-fi, movies and books. By having well rounded friends, I accept what it is they bring to the table and I find enjoyment in what we do share.

I'm lucky enough to have a wife who also shares in this philosophy and has given me her blessing to peruse my sexually. My wife's also my "Wing woman". Just as I make sure there is time for her hobbies, she also makes sure I have time as well for "my hobby".
As we Are members of the "sandwich generation" balancing work, and our aging<b> parents. </font></b>So I can't address thought, "Looking for now" requests. However with a little heads up it works out well, I get, "Time to go play", and she gets to time for her art activities without horny husband. My wife prefers not to know the details, as long as she knows I'm safe, where I am, that if needed she can get a hold of me in an emergency.

I find its best to meet couples and individuals sexual wants where they are and go from there.

I've noticed is that the fetish category on this site pretty generalized and lumps a lot of varying degrees together without the ability to expound upon them. Things like; would they rather do the fetish of have them done to them, Its important to know what side of a fetish someones interested in.

Take care, stay safe, Paige

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