A Day at the Spa....  

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1/10/2022 10:37 am
A Day at the Spa....

I found a mens spa to check out for relaxation. Seems pretty nice with alot of amenities. I will take you on a tour of what I see here..

You walk in the main entry where you present an ID and pay a fee for a private room, if you desire.
You get buzzed in. There is no public entry into this place.

Going in on the left is a counter to get your towel or other necessities you may need. On the right, in the open area, is weight lifting machines and treadmills. Atheletic attire required, but most are pretty scanty for visual effects. Moving in further, is an open area to watch tv and grab a snack, maybe have conversations. And there, is a door leading to the outside courtyard. The area has a ten foot privacy fence and pretty big hot tub. Nice place for sunbathing in the buff, get a blowjob, a handjob or what ever else you can get into, in the great outdoors.

Straight ahead, is two sets of stairs. Going up and going down. Lets go upstairs first.

Heading up, you can hear loud music playing. The kind of music you find at Rave parties, fast beat, really active. Probably the music to cover the sounds of activities going on here.

Stepping thru the doorway of the second floor, its pitch dark except for the black lights down the hallway. There are individual small rooms, to which you get a key when checking in.
I am walking, looking for room 22. Apparently there are 25 up here. On the way, I pass a couple of guys leaning against the walls. Both wearing only a bath towel and flip-flops.
I had to turn sideways to pass. As I did, my ass got groped. I turned and looked, he smiled at me, I smiled back.
May be a prospect of a future hook-up. I continue til I find room 22. I open the door to find to be about 5 x 9 in size. There is a bed about the size of a cot. One small very dim light on the wall and an end table for your stuff. Even with the loud music, i can hear voices, grunts and groans of the adjoining rooms. I can only visualize what might be going on.
I get undressed to my birthday suit, wrap my towel around my waist, put on my slippers. In anticipation of what awaits me, I was already getting hard.
I left my room, locked it up  and headed to see what or who I could do. I ran across that guy who groped my ass, and we started talking. During our little small talk, I glanced down at his towel. He had a bit of a tent showing. He noticed me looking and open up his towel, exposing his sweet cock.
I moved toward him and reached in to get a feel. His cock was nice size and already on the way to erect. I reached lower, grabbing
his plum size, low hangin balls.
He put his hand on my shoulder and said, lets go to my room. I said, ok...
Once inside, he closed the door only part way. He said, let the others watch.
I am not much on showing off, but, here goes.
We were standing facing each other. I felt my towel drop to the floor, as did his. Without a word, we both reached out for the others cock. We began stroking each other. I was  starting to get hard, but he was way ahead of me. His shaft was firm and throbbing, hot to the touch. He put his hand on my shoulder and pushed down. I took it as a signal to suck his cock. I wrapped my wet lips around his cock and slid my hand under his balls. He pushed his legs apart for better access.

I happened to look toward the door. Sure enough there were two guys watching us. I decided for a better view. I pushed him to sit on the bed. I pushed his legs open wide and knelt down. All in a smooth motion, I had his cock down my throat. He let out a deep moan.
I pressed my hands on both sides at the base of his cock to stretch the skin tight. I began bobbing up an down slowly on his hard shaft.
I looked again at our viewers, they were both rubbing themselves thru their towels.
His cock was so hard and already beginning to emit those telltail juices. He stops me, lifts my up and says, lay on the bed, I wanna sixty nine.
I did as he asked, layed down, my cock sticking straight up. He moved around, straddled me with his cock in my face and mine in his. Right on cue, we began suckin each others cock. Was some pretty hot action. I heard those guys say things like, fuck yeah, suck his cock, thats so hot.
I reached around to his ass and began to finger it. It seemed to make him suck my cock even harder.
Suddenly, he pulls cock out of mouth, and says, wait, wait, not yet. I guess he got close to cumming.

I sat up and said, you wanna fuck my ass to cum..
He said, god yes, I do.
Without hesitation, I got on all fours. My ass in the air and open wide. I felt him on his knees coming up behind me. He put one hand on my back, the other guiding his hard cock to my target.
I feel him pushing his cock inside my ass. The guys by the door were cheering him. Thats it, fuck that ass....
I thought we were at a race, seems he was pumpin my ass as fast as he could. Just when it all got started, he tensed up and blew his load. Was over and done well before I could get into it.
When he stopped moving, I moved forward, slid his cock out of my ass. I stood up, grabbed my towel and walked out with my still hard cock, in disappointment. I went down the hall to the showers to clean up. I am thinking about going down to basement to see if I can find another  adventure.
Done with my shower and dried off, I started talking to another guy. He says there is more activity downstairs and invited me to join him.

The lower level is dimly lit like upstairs. There are less rooms but they are bigger. The hallways were a bit more busy. Lot of spectators.
There is an open area that has seating all around the room with a sling chair hanging in the middle. I am told this is the party room for<b> weekends.
</font></b>We walked into another room to check out activities. There were two massage tables, both occupied with those recieving blowjobs and hanjob massages. In the corner is a bench with a guy slumped over it getting his ass fucked. In the other corner is a slanted table where a guy is held be restraints and a pump being used on his hard cock.

There are two sling chairs in this room. I walked up to the first one watching him get fucked in the ass. He reached out, pulled me to his head. I pulled my towel off, put it on my shoulder. Just as quick, he had my cock in his mouth. In no time I was hard as a rock again.
I began fuckin his mouth as I watched his ass being pounded. His mouth was wet and hot but I wanted his ass.
The guy finished pumpin his ass full of his hot cum. Now I'm takin my turn. I positioned my self between his sling spread legs, guiding my hard cock.I looked at that hot hole, drippin and oozing with cum. I pushed my cock in his waiting hole  balls deep. It was still tight but oh so slippery with hot man juices.
I began sliding in and out of that hot cavity im a slow methodical motion. I was enjoying every inch of sensation. I could feel his hole squeeze my cock in responce. Yeah, this is how you fuck ass.
He started pushing his ass against my cock with a little more intensity, so I grabbed his legs and pumped a litlle faster. Even wet and slippery his ass was, my cock was getting so hot from the friction. I started feeling those familiar tingles in my balls. I slowed my rythem a bit to make it last. I had an audience pushing me to unload in him. That pushed me over the edge. I felt orgasm surge thru my body. My ass clinched and I started pumping my cum into his ass. My cock kept jerking, one after ther other. My audiance was cheering as my cum oozed out around my throbbing cock.
I stood there a momment to catch my breath, his had this big grin on his face. I stepped back, pulled my cock out and a big glob of cum hit the floor. As i moved away, another guy stepped up into position, buried his cock deep in that ass.
It seems gangbangs are pretty common. Wow, the day is still young wondering what else they offer here.....

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