Lovers Long Overdue  

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Lovers Long Overdue


Dan’s day could not have been any more peaceful and fulfilling. He had just spent the past few hours on a morning sail out on the harbor, feeling the fresh air flowing over his warmed skin. He needed this time on the water, this time away. What made it so fulfilling was that the boat responded and cut through the water as an extension of his mind, of his hands, of his command. The energy of the wind was harnessed by the energy of his mind. When he was sated, he piloted ‘Windswept’ around and back to the harbor.

It was a warm spring afternoon, the kind where the windbreaker was tossed below, the bared arms soaked up the sun, yet the sunscreen was close by. Even before he left the dock, the shoes and socks were tossed below.

As he doused the sails and engaged the inboard, the protected inlet cut off the waves, all was smooth again. He slowly motored back toward the dock, turning corners and finding the slip. He piloted ‘Windswept’ in the channel and gazed upon the docks. He quickly fixated on a young woman standing there on the dock. Dark hair, a sweet figure, a light summer sundress and the whitest of sneakers on. The rest of the marina seemed abandoned, save for this creature of beauty put before him.

Piloting the craft was an instinct for him and his gaze never left her. He was not even abashed about it, for she had locked eyes on him. What he didn’t realize is that she was looking at him before he noticed. It didn’t matter.

He quickly broke his gaze and dropped the throttle, easing ‘Windswept’ into the dock space reserved for the craft. With deft precision, he reversed the prop and the boat stopped on a dime, hovering in the space. He again lifted his eyes and she was still watching him intently, a hand up blocking sun from her eyes.

Because of her place on the dock, she was much closer now and he could see more. Her sundress was form fitted and gracefully complimented her feminine form. Amazing smile... and such beautiful green eyes, sparkling in the sunlight. He also looked upon her body and noticed that her dress was more of a head-turner dress, showing how blessed she was with cleavage. No doubt the man in her life was a happy man. He hazarded a flirtatious smile at this woman of amazing beauty, never taking his gaze off her form.

He started to slowly stand up in the cockpit, making ready to grab a dockline, but he stopped once more. Looking down, he realized he was now standing with an erection pressing at the front of his trunks. What’s more, his act of looking down made it obvious he was aware and now she was aware! How embarrassing! He immediately sat back down, flushed with shades of red. His flirtatious smile was now an apologetic smile, crushed at his own animalistic betrayal. He was mortified, but could not take his eyes off this gorgeous woman.

She slowly strolled from her position just a few slips down right to the base of his dock, now within talking distance. Yet, no words were spoken. He was transfixed. ‘Windswept’ was oblivious to the moment.

Dan looked down from her eyes and noticed her hand, originally by her side, was now slowly clasping at the skirt of her sundress and lifting upward. Did she have an itch? He couldn’t stop watching. Her milky thighs were in view beneath the short frills. His smile softened, his heart quickening. She didn’t stop though, still lifting. He was rapt in the moment. This was more than an itch, this was a moment of communication he did not see coming. In a few seconds, he could see her bared pussy in the fresh sunlight. His heart pounded, seeing her beautiful womanhood as a gift to just him. Her way of lifting only allowed him to see. Without thinking he was biting his lip in desire.

Suddenly he realized that his erection, while embarrassing at first, was an unintentional signal that she needed at that moment. In response, he stood back up, unabashed this time, letting her see his response. Her hand that lifted the skirt was suddenly pressing upon her mound, a finger slipping inside and disappearing. He gulped, but acted in kind by moving a free hand upon his bulge and rubbing slowly to match her motions. ‘Windswept’ held steady in the water before her.

She removed her finger and let the skirt drop. He stopped rubbing, but was transfixed at her display. She raised her wet finger to her lips and allowed her tongue to gracefully lick. Dan could feel his body aching with desire and let out a gasp of desire. He knew she could hear him, but he wanted her to hear him.

He engaged the prop on ‘Windswept’ and nudged the craft aside, so her rail was within inches of the dock. He waved the young woman aboard. She deftly kicked off her sneakers, strolled over and dropped in. He couldn’t believe the moment, as if someone else were in control of his actions. Perhaps someone else WAS in control, but he didn’t want to be anywhere else.

He stood in the cockpit, silently regarding her frame. In an instant, instinct kicked in as the word ‘goddess’ filled his mind. No words came to his lips. She stood before and merely presented herself, arms at her sides.

His hands dropped everything. A boathook fell to the cockpit floor, a dockline dropped out of his grip and the tiller was abandoned. All that mattered was that this woman who had his every shred of attention stood before him on his level. He cupped her face in his hands, gazing into what he finally discerned as green eyes and then kissed her in silence. ‘Windswept’ remained steady by the dock. His tongue parted her lips, slipping inside and tasting her for the first time. She moaned, arms wrapping around his neck and holding him gently.

Dan could feel her form pressing into his. He distinctly felt her loins pressing into his bulge, but also he felt her breasts pressing. She had his full attention. This was no longer a desirous flirtation between two strangers, but building into a consummation of long overdue passion.

She broke the kiss, gasping in her desire and looked up into his eyes.

“Let’s go back out, Daddy. We need this”, she breathed upon his neck.

She could feel his heart pounding through his chest. All she did was smile up again. He gently released her face and trembled. A hand instinctively reached down and re-engaged the propeller, backing ‘Windswept’ away from the dock for the second time this morning.

They remained steadily on their feet, swaying softly to the motions of the boat. Out of the dockage area and approaching the breakwall. She pulled him close and whispered in his ear, “Just over there”, then softly kissed his earlobe. Another moan from him.

“I’m Dan”, he barely stammered out, still trembling.

“I’m Natalie” she replied.

“Nice to meet you, Natalie”, another soft kiss on her lips. She released him as he steered ‘Windswept’ over to an isolated spot near the breakwall.

“Nice to meet you, too, Dan.... Daddy”, smiling with a wink.

He almost lost his composure but remained steady as he killed the engine, dropped anchor over the side and tied them off.

“Are we safe now?”, she pressed.

He nodded, checking the anchor line for tension. He leaned over the edge to just check to see if there were any big rocks underneath. He really needed this to break his gaze on her and pinch himself.

He turned back around and noticed that she sat down on one settee in the cockpit and was looking up at him, smiling.

“This is a good location, daddy”, the fresh wind blowing over the breakwall. She untied his trunks and tugged them down. He groaned at this new sensation, having not felt this in years.

“Heeeere you are...” gently pulling out his shaft from behind the trunks, kissing softly on it’s head.

Nearly buckling his knees, he let out a deep groan.

“Hold steady, daddy”, kissing up and down his shaft. The flow of air over his exposed loin was heightening and awakening his senses. Her hands reached around and softly gripped his ass. She opened her mouth and engulfed his entire shaft, going nearly to the root, then softly closing her lips around him. Another deep groan.

“Oh god!” he could barely make out.

She softly sucked on his meat, drawing back to the tip. She could taste his musk on the skin.

“We need this...”, more kisses on his now glistening cock, “just the right size... not too big, not too small, but oh so thick...”.

She looked back up to him, locking eyes on his, before she opened her mouth and let him watch his cock disappear inside her. For a second time she closed her mouth to give his whole shaft an explosion of senses. She savored this thickness he gave her. This time she moaned, sending vibrations into his loins. His hands reached down and fingers laced in her dark hair. She sucked eagerly feeling his shaft growing in ever harder stages. She kept her eyes locked on his.

Natalie felt pleasure in controlling his pleasure. She felt a burning ache being satisfied when she felt his manhood enveloped in her control. ‘Windswept’ was their love nest now.

She released his cock and nudged him backward. He sat with a thud on the settee across from her. She raised up from her side and gently lifted her skirt once again.

“Yours, daddy, all yours”, then climbing forward and straddled him.

He couldn’t believe this moment. Her green eyes were looking into his soul, her body lowering down over his shaft. He reached out and gripped her by the waist, guiding her ever so gently down to the tip of his shaft. What he didn’t see is that she was positively dripping in passion. She closed her eyes as the head pressed upon her pussy.

She groaned and bit her lip, “ohhhh d-daddy”, then nodded in silence.

His hands pulled her down, his cock sliding inside her aching walls. She let out a yelp, but could feel herself conforming to him. She ached for this moment. The years of not feeling a man inside her ended in this gentle violence shared between them. She was filled with desire, with need, with completion and with a new connection not felt in ages.

“Baby girl!”, he hissed, feeling her tightness clamping around him in a heat reserved for lovers. His hands, firmly around her waist, began to shake. Her instinct took over as she rocked her hips and ground herself into him. She felt her womanhood pressing into him, taking every inch deep inside.

One hand reached up behind her back and gently pulled down on the zipper between her shoulders. She moaned at his initiative and allowed her shoulders to shimmy off the top of her dress. Her full breasts spilled out, offering him her beauty, passion, desire. There was nothing left to hide between them.

Dan’s hands pressed into Natalie’s back, urging her breasts closer. He leaned in and suckled at her nipples, round and perfect. His mouth greedily sucked at her softness as she bucked on top of him.

All pretense and gentility were powerfully cast overboard as they consumed each other’s bodies in aching lust. Their fears and frustrations ebbed away like the ceaseless ripples created around ‘Windswept’. She ground into him, he thrust upward into her. They couldn’t stop what was coming.

Natalie was feeling something coming ever closer. She couldn’t wait. She bucked harder on him, her swollen clit rubbing into him with every stroke. Her moans reached higher tones. She gripped his head.

He exploded deep inside. She felt it. His shaft pulsated, releasing his burning flame deep inside her. Dan groaned deeply as the pulsing triggered her last stroke. Natalie closed her eyes, as the first wave of climax washed over her. She shook. His arms wrapped around her and held her body against his. She whimpered. He cried. Wave after wave of pleasure wracked their bodies. The ripples from the boat stopped.

They held each other in silence, not wanting their bodies to depart. He remained deep inside, his arms around her back. She savored his warm cum inside her womb, pressing her breasts to his face.

How long they stayed there, locked in completion, was unknown. Her dress was up around her waist, her torso exposed to him.

In silence, he looked up at her and saw this woman collapsed into him. No other words we needed. He gently lifted her, and carried her down below....


Through the cabin he carried her little frame. She moaned a pleasant tone, clinging to his neck. He set her on her feet before the fore berth and just smiled.

“Arms up, baby…”, he commanded and she lifted her arms over her head.

“Ooooh Daddy”, she moaned as up went her sundress, baring her before him. It was then he realized that the sundress was the only thing she was wearing. The shoes she had kicked off were now resting back on the deck. Oh wait! She had some sexy red lipstick too. He was thunderstruck at the fact that this amazing beauty was now standing before him, in all her perfection.

She reached behind her feeling the edge of the berth, and hoisted herself on, sliding back. He tossed off his shirt and shared an equal count of clothing as she.

All this time, all this lost time without such a compliant lover left him without a hope in the world. Here she now lies. The desire once again rose in him as he climbed up over her. She parted her knees as if on cue. Her knees rose higher, admitting his torso closer. Her smile was unchanged, wanting this just as much.

Not a word was spoken as his head found its way to her lips once again. There was no hesitation this time. He thrust inside her, pushing to the root. Her gasp was a delicious release, admitting him without choice.

“Oh, fuck, daddy….”, she squirmed and moaned. Legs wrapped around him, urging him stay. He held himself at full depth, savoring her womb, her muscles stretching to accept. His gaze was down upon her breasts. She was tugging and kneading at them in delight.

His rhythm started, being full strokes out and then back in. He completed the stroke with a firm press to her clit. She gasped. The rhythm building, her gasping rising to keening, higher pitch with each thrust. Her breasts rolling with each thrust. He maintained his rhythm, enjoyig the view of her distorted face her body wracked with his wanted violations.

“ooooohhhhh, fuuuuuck”, she shuddered, then tensed.

He felt her body freeze, her womb tightening down on him, his ceaseless thrusting taking her over the top.

Suddenly she caught her breath and screamed out, “ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod!!”, until her breath ran out. But he never stopped stretching her captive pussy.

She flung her arms out to her sides, gripping the sheets. Her words then evolved into a crying “Oh DADDY! Oh god!”, but this did not slow him.

He continued pumping himself inside. He felt her little body underneath him responding to his every move.

Another minute had passed when he lifted one of her knees and rolled her over to her side. Her lower leg straightened underneath him. His trusting resumed, but found greater depth inside her. She grabbed a pillow and wrapped her arms around it, wanting this to never end. He resumed pounding her. She gasped over and over.
He admired her breasts, now lying compressed against the pillow.

“Daddy! Fuck! I’m cuummmmmmmmingggg”, and she tensed again, She went silent as her<b> third </font></b>climax exploded inside her. He felt warmth against his stomach as she squirted on him.

He stopped his thrusting, loving the fact that she had released her musk upon him. Together they were releasing long overdue desires. animals locked in union.

He then reached down and lifted her hips, to which she quickly presented herself, ass up, head down. Even in her steady response and desirous complicity, she trembled…

She moaned and whimpered in anticipation, knowing he was not done yet.

Once again his meat slipped inside. She cried out, exasperating pleasure. His hands gripped her hips firmly. She knew he was about to release inside her.

“Daddy! Give it to me! Fill me up!”

His hands left impressions on her. His cock plunged in once more. She groaned into the bed, rising to a howl as her stretched her again.

His hands held her in such a grip that she couldn’t go anywhere, left or right, up or down. It didn’t matter, there’s nowhere else she’d rather be.

‘Windswept’ shuddered again, pushing more ripples on the water all around.

In only a matter of a few more thrusts did his loins again release. She felt his pulsing and she shuddered one final time. Her back arched in receiving his heat. Her grip on the sheets slowly released. She collapsed in a heap.

He backed out of her and started to stand up straight. His shaft glistened in the heat of the cabin. He felt all the pain, all the frustration flow out of him. The beauty of her feminine form was splayed out on the berth before him. He trembled and felt tears flowing. She looked up to him, then squirmed herself around to the edge of the berth and dropped her head off the side, opening her mouth before his spent shaft.

He smiled and leaned forward.

“Really, baby girl?”, wiping away tears.

“Let me clean you, daddy”, nodding.

He slipped his soft, wet and spent manhood to her lips and she suckled gently on him. Her lips graced him. She savored the mingling of his seed and her own musk. She knew this is a blend of love. She cleaned him and loved him, all in a simple act.

She released him and then squirmed her way back on the cushion. He lie down behind her, silently cradling her against him. She moaned, feeling him come closer. A hand reached around and cupped her breast. Their spent bodies relaxed as they drifted off to sleep.

‘Windswept’ fell silent as the ripples ended.


They barely stirred, the body heat between them fending off the cooling air. With the anchorage being in protected water, they barely stirred. Dan was the first to open his eyes. His mind cleared and he immediately remembered the savage lovemaking under the sun. Now the sunlight is gone and he is still close to this beauty to whom he released his frustrations.

He lifted his arm from over her and she moaned softly. Another smile and he again closed his eyes. He drifted off again. For how long, he does not know. The next time he awoke, he felt her kissing his tummy. She kissed with soft and gentle touches. Natalie was intent on his pleasure, focusing on his moment of vulnerability and touching her lips to him over and over.

“Good evening, little one”

“Good evening, daddy”, she briefly smiled, then returned to her kisses.

She softly slid her hands down to his thighs, sliding softly up and down, slowly coaxing him to part his knees. His knees gave her room to move in the cramped area. She rested her head on one thigh, focusing on his penis, just mere inches from her face.

“So beautiful”, she murmured. Natalie resumed kissing his thighs, slowly inching toward the base of his cock. His anticipation brought stirred the blood in his shaft.

“Daddyyyyyyy… You know what I want”, whispered in a whining tone.

Her kisses were loud, treating him to an auditory thril. Slowly she touched on his root.

“Ooooh, daddy… Forget everything and give me your cum….”

His head fell back on the berth, his eyes closed. She softly opened her mouth and moved in. One hand held up his cock, pointing at her in eagerness. Slowly she sheathed his cock, not closing her mouth until his head touched upon the back of her mouth. The moment her lips closed down, the warmth of her mouth reached him and he moaned deeply. His audible made her quiver inside and she moaned in response. In fact, she had to open her mouth once again and gasp, letting out a whine.

She slowly drew up to his head and swirled her eager tongue around his head. Another groan of animal pleasure.

Natalie felt his shaft grow in her mouth. She was encouraged by the effect she had on him and savored his musk. Involuntarily, her free hand slipped between her own thighs and found her dampness. A finger slipped inside. She sucked, kissed, swirled on his cock, while her other hand was sliding in and out.

She bobbed slowly and felt the blood engorging him to full thickness. Her lips and jaw were parted significantly, but eagerly Natalie engulfed him, stroke after stroke.

She stopped for a moment and relaxed her throat, allowing him to slide deeper. Her lips slid to the base of his cock. Another groan from Dan. He squirmed, but stayed in place. Her fingers were also rubbing over her swollen clit. Another slow ascent back to the head and another loud kiss.

She felt herself rising in pleasure, her heart beating faster. She returned to the depth, wishing she had refreshed her lipstick. She so wanted his load, her head returned to a rhythm to release him.

Sucking louder, rubbing faster.

“Ohhh, god, Natalie…. Ohhhhh”, he was getting close.

She increased her motions, but never did her suction relent. All one could hear was the occasional air slipping past her lips. Her fingers trembled inside her, anticipating his climax.

Then it hit. Her mouth sensed pulsing. His mouth opened agape, his very essence being coaxed by a loving woman. She wanted him and she meant it. Wave after wave of hot jizz rewarded her as she eagerly swallowed. Within seconds, she was also shuddering by her own hand. She felt her thighs warming with a squirt. It was too much and she opened her mouth, gasping at the bodily response. She tensed, then let out a cry of ecstasy, his cock now pressing beside her cheek.

She collapsed on him, feeling the heat of his body underneath her. The cabin was dark, yet they knew exactly where the other was. His ears rang, his body limp and once again spent.

A few minutes of silent bliss and then she rose up, kissing his mouth.

“I’m hungry, this time for food”

He immediately sat upright, agreeing to her summary. In the past several hours, they had not eaten and now it has become apparent.

Dan donned his trunks and shirt, then came back out to the cockpit. Everything was right where he left it. He switched on the cockpit lights and started up the inboard. It rumbled to life. The air was fresh, the wind in the day had ceased and the waters were mirror smooth. He quickly pulled up anchor and stowed it. As he stepped back to the helm, Natalie came up from below, back in her dress and looking as gorgeous as ever.

She gave him a knowing smile, the secret that only two lovers share between them.

Natalie sat beside him and pressed her head into his chest. She savored his warmth.

Dan wrapped his arm around her and kissed the top of her head.

“Thank you, Natalie. Thank you for being here for me. You opened my heart.”

She nodded in silence. Then she looked up and gasped, just now noticing the millions of dots of starlight overhead.

‘Windswept’ slowly made her way back to the dock. Upon entering the slip, Dan stepped up and tied on. While he was hanking on the cleat, he looked over and noticed Natalie doing the same thing, on the other side.

She even gave him a crisp report “Starboard secure, Captain Daddy!”

His mouth fell open. All this time he knew nothing of her sailing knowledge and here she probably knew as much as he did!

“You!”, he smiled back, “Remind me to spank you later.”

She squealed with delight at this prospect.

He climbed up to the dock and extended his hand to help her up. Together they found her sneakers on the dock and then made their way to a marina restaurant.

Natalie, smelling the food coming from inside, piped up, “I could eat the ass off a zebra.”

He gave her an astonished look, then “I’ll ask if they have that”, smiling.

They held hands inside, spying a small table against the wall.

“Over there, Captain Daddy…”, pointing.

They made there way to the wall table, sitting side by side and looking toward the rest of the dining area. Menus were brought and they looked over the offerings.

A few minutes later a stocky waiter came by.

“Hi, I’m Luke. Usually I’m in the kitchen…”, he stopped. He was a little shocked, because here was a couple sitting before him, nothing unusual, but this man was rubbing between her thighs! Natalie giggled, knowing what he saw. Even so, she presented herself as if this was matter-of-fact everyday fun.

“...but tonight I’m serving. Can I get you something to drink first?”

“Water, fish and chips and a bowl of chowder”

“Are you sure you don’t want the liver?”, Luke countered.

“Water, fish and chips and a bowl of chowder” Natalie spelled out slowly, shuddering at the thought.

“Make that two”, Dan added, “And slap whomever cooked liver tonight”

Luke disappeared, but only after having lingered at the table, gaping at Dan’s hand rubbing her clit. He couldn’t see under her hem, but he knew where the fingers were going.

A moment after Luke disappeared in the kitchen, Dan noticed that several eyes were now peering at them through the kitchen door porthole. He smiled.

“You’re amazing, you know that?”, he nuzzled into her.

“Oh, god… right there.. No, you’re amazing, daddy”, flinching from moment to moment.

He knew the kitchen crew were gawking from their safe distance.

Natalie ground into his fingers, pressing into them as she felt a little surging inside. Her eyes fluttered, hands gripping the table.

Cheers of approval from the kitchen.

In low voice, Dan asked her, “How many times do you think you can cum, baby girl?”

“I don’t know, but that was one more”, smiling a crooked, spent smile.

Soon Luke came out with a tray. Waters… two plates of fish and chips.

“Seriously, these are on the fucking house. You two are incredible and the guys are buying!”, Luke smiled down at them.

Dan and Natalie just looked at each other and smiled.

Luke backed away and left them to their meals. In another ten seconds he came back sheepishly.

“Forgot my tray”, then disappeared back in the kitchen.

With their stomachs now ruling the moment, they ate their dinners, leaving very little behind. Sated, they look at each other.

“Had enough, baby girl?”

She smiled back and belched. The kitchen roared in reply.

Dan’s mouth fell open, but he applauded her display.

“God, you’re wonderful!”

Dan conspicuously pulled out cash and placed it on the table, paying both the check and the tip.

They got up from the table, the eyes watched from inside the kitchen. Natalie straightened out her dress, checking that all was good.

Back to the dock they strolled. Several times Natalie looked up and gazed again at the stars.

“Daddy, can we go back out to the water? This time far out to the deeper water?”

“Sure, baby love, we can do that”, squeezing her hand.

“Good. I want to look up at those stars, all night. Make love to me so the stars can see…”

That’s all he needed. Before the night was over, ‘Windswept’ once again rode on anchor in deep waters, a soft summer breeze whispered over her deck as two lovers consummated in full view of the night sky.

After that night, every year they came back to their favorite anchorage and made love, 'Windswept' being their home on the water.

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