To: Stupid people, Virtu-signaling, and those with an axe to grind.  

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1/27/2022 1:23 pm
To: Stupid people, Virtu-signaling, and those with an axe to grind.

So we got hit this week with a guy we had friended and given contact info to with the "You're a bunch of racists because you have a preference for black men." Our first thought was, how fucking ignorant, this person clearly didn't read our profile all the way through, nor did they even bother to read our blog. Our second thought, was... Why the<b> fuck </font></b>would someone lecture us on here as if we were racists and wanting to lump people into categories. FYI our preferences are nobodies business except ours. I (Teresa) happen to like black men, well hung men, and men with the nerdy look and glasses. Gabe happens to like Women with larger breasts, Asian women, and Submissive bisexual women. We both like younger women (18-25) who are bisexual, and Gabe likes watching me with younger well hung guys... Couples? We enjoy meet ALL types and races/mixes. So fucking what? These are just preferences, not set in stone. We like and enjoy people of all races. Gabe has hot-listed and friended several mixed and black women we''d LOVE to play with. (Sexy as all hell). We DON"T JUDGE PEOPLE BY RACE OR CREED. PERIOD. FUCKING DOT. Race is a fact of life, it doesn't make anyone better or worse. I (and Gabe for that matter)happen to like BBC because of the skin contrast. Gabe likes Asian and dark skinned women for the same reason. But we don't think we're better than them, or that they're just a tool for our sexual gratification.

Now what really torques us is that the judgmental Karen who whined about this was a white guy who we had contacted because we liked the look of him, I wanted to meet and possibly play. He clearly felt intimidated by the fact that I also enjoy sex with well hung black men, and although I'm not entirely sure, as I can't and won't ask that ignorant fool, I suspect he probably felt inadequate after seeing the pics of what I have played with in the past. So what's he do? Defaults to "You're a bunch of judgemental, divisive, racist scumbags..etc..." Our reply if you do read this is FUCK OFF AND DIE IN A FIRE... How dare you, you arrogant prick! Judging us by what we clearly listed as a preference (and JUST A PREFERENCE). I suppose you don't have a type, right asshole? You'd date a 600lb woman or an anorexic skeletor, or some sore covered bug-picked meth-head, because "we're not supposed to lump people into categories" Right? We call bullshit. We don't judge people by race, religion, politics, education, income, or weight either, we just aren't attracted to those who are "fluffy" or "thin" beyond a certain point, or who happen to be un-hygenic, or are on substances harder than MJ. (If we have friended you you are what we're attracted to). We're also not attracted to Cross-dressers, Gay males, and Trans-gender who haven't gone most of the way. But we don't judge them. It's all cool. Whatever you like? There's someone for you. I have had black men specifically ask me to call them "Nigg*r" while we<b> fuck. </font></b>They got off on the race-play taboo kink. Neither of us would ever call a black person that word outside of sex-play and even during, we only did so because we were specifically ASKED TO. To play to THEIR KINK.

This is a sex site, we all come on here for something different and exotic, If you want politics and social commentary? Go on talk radio, twitter, face-borg, or some other social media site. NOT HERE. It's because of assholes like this guy that many good people leave this site and never return. It's because of arrogant, self-righteous, virtue-signaling jack-wads, like this pathetic little cock-drip that good women and couples have left here in droves.

Sorry for the rant, but this kind of thing really pisses us both off. We clearly stated right in the 1st part of our profile that "WE DO NOT JUDGE OTHERS BY RACE OR COLOR OR CREED, ALL ARE WELCOME". And yet, here comes this fool, trying to prove to himself how much "better" and less judgemental he is than us.

nysngl 42M  
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2/8/2022 12:09 pm

So good to see there are still decent people in the lifestyle!!

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