My road to Perdition  

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1/8/2022 6:20 pm
My road to Perdition

Following my head spinning meeting of Patti did I question my ability to remain loyal. I had never met such a self aware, self confident woman before in my life. She actually scared me a bit. Throughout my early life, I had always been the one in control of my situation, always confident in my direction and thought of myself as a forthright person focused on the right thing. Now there this dark sliver appearing in my psyche. My thoughts of Patti caused a schism in my clear opinion between right and wrong. Now there a blurred line, beckoning me to step in and experience something I never used to worry about, infidelity.

Advance a couple months to mid summer as I enjoying a trip to the lake with my . A bunch of our college friends were due up as my girlfriend had just graduated. I a year behind her. We tried to see each other as much as possible between our CT and NY worlds as we both still lived at home. This a great opportunity for us all to see each other and bask in our summer freedom. Even though we lived our separate lives during the summer, I never strayed. Our party hit full swing and we were forward to the extended time away from our summer jobs, fun abounded as the<b> music </font></b>pumped and the drinks flowed. All of a sudden a surprise visitor appeared, Patti showed up. She alone on this trip as she had ditched her former beau and flying solo. My heart skipped a few beats since I hadn't seen her since our last encounter. All of my girlfriends friends knew her and mobbed her at the door. When she got to me she gave me a bit of a cool reception in her hug, more friend-like versus her last words to me.

The night progressed well and we enjoyed the camaraderie of each other, then came my moment with Patti I tried to play it cool and her eyes told a different story. She looked around and reached out to hold my hand. "So Jim, how have you been since we last saw each other?" My reply cordial. "You know, I meant what I whispered in your ear, don't you?" She said with a sly look, "It didn't feel that way when you got here," I replied. She shot back, "You don't everyone to know do you?"."Know what?" I replied quizzically. "You know what" she whispered.

The night proceeded on and more alcohol flowed to loosen things up as we swayed to the music, time drew the night to an end. One by one people started pulling their disappearing acts and the crowd thinned out. My girlfriend had the longest drive and she one of the early departures. The evening boiled down to Patti, myself and another couple. After a few more cocktails, they couldn't hang with us and they retired for the night leaving Patti and me as the sole survivors. "You to watch some TV?" I queried. Patti said sure as she settled onto the couch and patted the cushions next to her. I complied like the in heat that I . On went the TV, we didn't much attention to it as we began to chat, instantly Patti changed the subject to sex.

Patti as blunt as a sledgehammer. "So, what's this I hear your girlfriend can't get you to cum from a blowjob?" She blurted out. I a bit taken aback by the comment. "What the hell, do you girls talk about EVERYTHING?" I answered. She chuckled, "You know there's no secrets between friends, well maybe one or two" she said in a sultry voice as she traced her finger along my thigh. "I'll bet I could get you to cum harder than you've ever cum before", she challenged me. Truthfully, I hadn't had a whole bunch of girlfriends prior to my current one. Along with fewer girls, I didn't have a litany of sexploits to fall back on. I never really had any woman that could make me cum with her mouth. It always the warm up, never the finish. This challenge from Patti intrigued me as I knew she a animal. My resolve to stay faithful gone.

She leaned in and kissed me with a long slow burning hot kiss. The one that touches your soul. Her hands roamed my chest and torso. She whispered in a breathy voice in my ear, "I wanna suck your cock right fucking now". My cock swelled instantly, straining against my pants. Her hands rubbed my thighs as my hips pumped upward in anticipation. She traced the outline of my cock begging to be freed from the confines of my jeans. With a pop of a button and the release of my zipper Patti had access to my now hard coc All bets on fidelity were off. "Mmmmmmm, you're such a big boy" she mused as she slowly stroked my throbbing manhood. My head fell back as she moved her mouth to my organ. "Relax Jim, I'll show you how it's done, you're gonna cum so hard for me." Her tongue traced the underside of my cock slowly from my balls to my head. I let out a gasp as her silky mouth enveloped my swollen head as her tongue swirled my circumference and her hand slowly stroked me. I lifted my hips to push into her wanton mouth. She pulled back, "Not so fast baby, I'm in control here" she went back to work teasing and licking my head as she tightened her grip on my shaft. She took me deeper into her mouth as she added a second hand stroking and twisting her grip. She pulled off my pants and knelt between my spread legs. Her wet mouth had full access to my balls. She spit on her hands and squeezed me harder as she stroked and sucked. Faster, faster until I ready to explode, then she pulled off and squeezed the base of my diamond hard cock to throttle my explosion. My hips twisted and I gasped trying to hold back the river of cum building up. I settled back down and Patti again went back to work, relentless in her passion. She only broke to urge me to fill her mouth with my cum. I gripped two handfuls of the cushions as my head thrashed. My hips pumped up to meet her mouth with each deep stroke. Soon I felt a complete loss of control, my head spun and I stammered out, "Oh fuck, I'm gonna. cCCCCUMmm!!!" Patti slid a finger in my asshole and hit my prostate. KABLAM!!!!! I erupted like Mt St Helens down her throat. It as if I'd never stop cumming. I came the hardest I'd ever cum in my life, so much cum she couldn't contain it in her mouth as it ran out all down her chin and all over my balls. I had to put a pillow over my face to squelch the howl of my massive orgasm. Patti dutifully sucked out the last drops of my lust and cleaned me all off. "That's how it's done" she smiled as she wiped away the last remnants of my seed from her face.

It took a few minutes before my legs stopped shaking before I could stand. The whole time Patti stroked my thighs and fondled my still half swollen member. "Damn Patti, you're so fucking sexy. That the most incredible orgasm I've ever had". She beamed with pride as she looked up with her sexy bedroom eyes. "We haven't even fucked yet, you haven't felt anything like you're gonna feel" she gave me a quick suck and led me off to bed, "Sweet sexy dreams Jim, we've got lots more fun ahead of us" A long slow deep kiss sent me Into one of the deepest sleeps I ever had.

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