First time's a charm  

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1/8/2022 10:31 pm
First time's a charm

Upon returning home, I wasted no time in calling Patti I had to be with her. Her hold on me was so strong, I couldn't resist her. We spoke and set up a rendezvous at the earliest possible date. My mind burned with the desire to have my way with her. She was all I could think about as I replayed my tremendous orgasm over and over in my mind. Every time I pleasured myself, it was Patti's body, her sensual mouth and her control over me that powered my loads again and again. I was obsessed.

The weekend arrived and I was hard the whole ride there. I arrived early and checked in. I nervously paced and constantly checked the parking lot for her. My mind raced, it was so wrong to be doing what we were doing, but I needed to be with her just like I needed to breathe. She pulled in and I walked out to greet her feeling the strain of my hard on against my shorts. She greeted me with a deep kiss and a lingering hug. &quotI've been thinking about you all week", she advised. She felt the bulge in my shorts and smiled, "I see you're thinking about me too". We quickly made our way to the room and barely made it inside without ripping our clothes off. I was so turned on, I could barely focus. Our mouths filled with each other's tongues as the door gave way into the room. I kicked it closed as we tumbled toward and onto the bed. We wrestled for control as our clothes were flung in all directions. We couldn't be naked fast enough.

Patti ended up on top of me, her muscular figure trying to dominate me. I laughed as I overpowered her and rolled her onto her back My kisses moved lower and lower, stopping to suckle her perky tits as my hands found her smooth naked pussy. She was soaked. As I worked my way down, she volunteered that she couldn't stop masturbating all week. She begged for me to taste her sweet pussy. I wasted no time as I split her sweet silky folds with my firm tongue, tasting her sex was intoxicating. I circled her swollen clit with my tongue and thrashed my head back and forth. She responded by grabbing fistfuls of my hair and driving her pussy onto my filthy mouth. I strayed even further to give her a rimming which made her squeal with delight before I went back to give her the vigorous tongue fucking she was begging for. I found her sweet spot and concentrated on it as she moaned and cried out as she approached her first orgasm. Her breath came short as she stammered out, "Fuck, 'm cuuuummmming", as she arched her back as her sinewy muscles tightened as she shook uncontrollably. I though she'd rip out my hair or break my jaw as she furiously fucked my face. She twisted and turned as she settled into the big wet spot she'd created. She recoiled a bit as she became ultra sensitive following her powerful orgasm. I didn't let up as I continued my pussy assault until she curled up in a ball.

She pulled me up for a cum flavored kiss, her hand found my now throbbing cock She looked me in the eye, pure lust in her gaze, "I need you inside me, fuck me with your big cock!", She said through clenched teeth. She spread her legs for me without releasing her grip as she rubbed the head of my cock between her soaked folds to ready herself for me. I wanted to drive myself balls deep into her but she could only take a little of me at a time. Slowly and deliberately I pushed myself inside her. Her cries of pain and pleasure filled my ears as she pulled me into her until I was feeling her cervix. She was so tight, it felt as if she squeezing me with both of her hands. "God, you're so fucking big, so hard. Yes, give me that cock, I need it so bad", she exclaimed. I withdrew and thrusted slowly as her cries filled my ears. She locked her legs around me as I picked up the pace. My arms wrapped around her lithe taught body tensing with each thrust. I felt so hard at that moment. I propped myself up with one arm and grabbed her by the back of her head and forced her to watch my thick, hard veiny cock stretch her soaked pussy with every thrust. "Fuck, look at that, it's so fucking sexy, so fucking hot!". I released her head and thrusted deep into her and she writhed and howled out, "Fuck me God yes, Jim fuck me you hard motherfucker, gimme that cock", she cried out. I started pounding her, "Take it, fucking Take it!!, Cum for me Patti, cum all over my big hard dick". Patti cried out and dug her nails into me as she shuddered as her pussy throbbed and she shook violently as she squirted all over me. Shrieking and writhing hard as I pulled out and rubbed it all over her drenched pussy.

She was like a rag doll as I tossed her back down onto the bed, her eyes still rolling in her head as I grabbed her hair and presented her my throbbing cum soaked organ in front of her face, I grabbed her by the hair and told her "Suck it you dirty slut, taste your cum on my cock!". Her eyes rolled forward as she grabbed my big dick and greedily began to suck me, fast and hard. I pumped my hips into her mouth as she choked and gagged. I felt like an animal at that moment, I'd never acted like that before in my life. It was if I were acting and saying these animalistic things because of her, she was drawing it out of me. I fucking loved it. I pulled out of her mouth and lifted her in the air. I suspended her over my manhood. Her gymnastic skill came into play as she reached back and guided me inside her. I impaled her on my rock hardness. Up and down I raised her as her tight pussy gripped my cock She rode me hard and fast and pulled in tight. "I want you to take me from behind, that makes me cum so hard," she whispered in my ear. I put her down and spun her around. Her pelvic tilt allowed perfect access to her sweetness. She braced herself with her hands against the wall as I slid inside her from behind. She howled as I began to thrust, lifting her onto her toes with each thrust. It only took a few more thrusts to push her over the edge for another powerful orgasm. Her legs buckled as she shook again. I lifted her in my arms and carried her back to the bed. She begged for a break as she wriggled around on the bed. I wasn't having it.

I lifted her legs over my shoulders as I sucked and hummed on her swollen clit. She cried out as I persisted in my face fucking of her swollen pussy. She pushed me off and rolled me onto my back. She braced herself on my<b> chest </font></b>as she ground against my cock, "I want that cum Jim, you're gonna give me what I need. I want you to cum in me, fucking cum inside me!", she demanded. With a tilt of her hips, I was inside her again. Slowly she ground back and forth. "Are you gonna ride the cum out of me Patti, you gonna take my cum?",I huffed out. Her head fell back, "Give it to me, fuck yeah, I need it!!", She exclaimed. I felt the cum welled up in my balls. "Take it! Take all of it, ahhh god yes I'm gonna cum!!!! " I felt her pussy squeeze me hard and throb as her body tensed and her contorted face belied her orgasm. Our voices formed a chorus of ecstatic delight as we came together. I came so hard it felt as if lightning were coursing through my body we thrashed hard against each other then we locked in a vise tight embrace as wave after wave of our orgasms shook our bodies. We coasted to a sweaty stop as we huffed and puffed ourselves into a heap on the bed. We both needed a recharge before round two.

The completion of that act of infidelity has forever influenced me my whole life.

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