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10/7/2016 9:13 pm

She strips down naked in front of the mirror. Twisting and frowning. A slap here a jiggle there. Her body is no what it used to be. Instead of a nice waist line and tight abs, she see stretch marks and love handles. Turning to see her back, instead of a nice tight back, she sees back fat rolls and an undefined ass. God there is no way anybody would think this body is beautiful. Unless they like big books. That she has plenty off. Of course they are not as perky as they were years ago. They have been stretched out and used. Raising will do that though. Now they sag and hang halfway down her torso. But wrapped up neat where they are suppose to be … they are nice.

She’s a mother, and doesn’t really like what it’s done to her body. Granted, she could start working out, hiking, walking, biking, or something out of the normal. But with , it’s hard to find time even to breathe, let alone work out.

She sighs, and turns on the hot water tap. This is one of the days where the house is empty of , and husbands. Where she actually has time to relax. A nice, long, hot shower sounds wonderful to her. She lights some candles and lines the countertop with them. She reaches in and tests the water, oh, too hot, and turns on the cold water. Ahhh, just right. She flips the switch and the water cascades out of the head of the shower. Perfect pressure. One dainty foot at a time, she steps into the shower and tries to relax. She leans under the water, letting it cascade down face and her body. Eyes closed, she tries to forget who she is.

The bathroom door creaks, and she thinks nothing of it. The house is old, and creaks for no reason all the time. Eyes closed, she reaches for the shampoo behind her, and realizes she’s not alone. Her eyes snap open and her heart races. Sigh of relief, its just him. His taunt body shimmers under a day works of sweat. He’s come home early, and needs a shower also. He pushes her hand away and lathers his hands with her shampoo. She turns around and leans her head back. Strong hands massage deep into her scalp, relaxing her even more.

As she dips her head under the water, his hands slowly move down her back. Not seeing the imperfections that she does. He reaches around and pulls at her nipples. She sighs. and pushes her ass back towards his cock. He’s starting to stiffen. He starts kneading her voluptuous breasts. Her breathe catches in her chest. His hands feel amazing. She starts to feel him against her ass, pulsing, wanting inside. She bends over and places her hands against the cool tile wall. The water falling straight onto the small of her back.

He wants her. She wants him. He nudges her feet apart, and grabs himself. Two quick pumps and he’s ready to go. He spreads her wet pussy walls with the tip, and slowly eases into her. He rests there, balls deep in her slit. She’s starting to tremble. One hand reaches for a nipple and pulls on it. The other heads south to her clit. He starts caressing both with the same rhythm.

She starts to pump him slowly with her pussy lips, using the muscles from Keggles to pull him bigger with each thrust. Pretty soon he can’t take it anymore. He grabs both ass cheeks and starts pounding her under the waterfall from the shower. She shudders and screams with pleasure. Just a little more, a little more. She loves it from behind and rough. His large cock filling her to the brim over and over again.

She can start to feel him get close to his edge and starts to focus on hers. She reaches down and starts rubbing her own clit. Fast circles. Her fingers matching the pounding of his cock in her pussy. He’s climbing, she’s climbing. Faster, faster, harder, harder. The only noise is slapping bodies and falling water.

Oh he’s doing it. Hess hitting the spot. She screams lout and hard, and collapses into the wall. He’s not done yet, and continues to pump. Harder, deeper. He’s trying to break her in half. Suddenly he goes ridged, grabs a chunk of her hair and pulls very hard. He cums like a fountain inside of her. They both fight for air as they fall down from their orgams together.

proteus_2a 56M
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10/8/2016 12:20 am

I love the pace in your story my lady
The reality check of the intro matched with
the hot sexual description

Interesting writing - will be watching for more


Contipatrio 68M
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10/8/2016 3:35 am

I like the way you write. You are very good at this.

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