When Gun Control is a Good Thing  

New2Midlo 52M  
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5/11/2021 4:10 pm

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5/12/2021 10:19 am

When Gun Control is a Good Thing

Preface - this one looks like someone in a trailer park wrote it, but it's my fuck it tactic of getting around the damned Heated Affairs stupidity.

Despite our relationships being destroyed by manipulation from their borderline mother, I still feel some emotional attachment my former step youngin's (see previous post Down in Flames I. Rather than subjecting myself the ultimate vulnerability of reaching out them, I sort of keep an eye from afar. In today's society, that means occasionally popping by their social media accounts.

The one of note today comes from my former stepdawter, who posted to see if anyone knew someone who could sponsor her for membership in a gun club, back in Pennsylvania (where I lived until separating from her mother). My initial thought was that I could drop a quick email to one of my shooting compatriots and get her sponsored into the club to which I previously belonged. The idea of helping her brought a bit of joy, for the brief moment until I realized how much of a mistake that would be. If you've read the Down in Flames entry, you know that my dawter has become a borderline, just like her mudda. Those who are unable to regulate their emotions and occasionally wander into sociopathic waters probably aren't what I would consider responsible gun owners.

So, I remained silent and silently wished her well.

New2Midlo 52M  
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5/11/2021 4:10 pm

No pew pew

bime4you 66M  
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5/11/2021 5:52 pm

I'm a gun owner myself and have hunted and shot at targets since I was 10. I am also a firm believer in sensible gun control. Most gun owners are safe and responsible. Many are on the edge or should not own a gun. We do need universal background checks on every sale. I would be in favor of an owner's registration. It could make a background check faster and more complete. The second amendment gives us the right of gun ownership but no right is absolute. Any gun owner can be law abiding up until they pull the trigger. Then maybe yes, maybe no.

WyoCowboy7751 68M  
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5/12/2021 6:22 am

HOW would a Universal Background Check be performed when a fair amount of Illegal Guns are bought or Sold on the Street The ONLY Way that ALL of my guns are Registered is Insurance thru the NRA & Home Owners !!! My Concealed Carry , although NOT Required in My State also forgoes a Background Check !!!

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