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6/1/2021 2:08 pm

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Staying with the saga of trying be recruited by an awesome company and facilitating their recruitment of my former colleagues, last night was the group session between the two. It was an opportunity for the folks at my former company be properly introduced what I hope will be my next and last employer. Because of my twenty plus years in the industry, I was already familiar with this organization, but I learned more detail of their strategy, business model, etc. and I want work even more.

Returning the actual point of this entry, I have say I left feeling much fuller, for lack of a better term, than I entered the meeting. No, wasn't because of the awesome cookies in the conference room, rather from my interactions with my former colleagues. After the meeting broke up, we all hung around in little groups, catching up, gossiping, and networking with our perspective new employer. During that time, at least half of those present made a point of coming over me telling me how good was see me. What made me feel full inside was the manner in which those sentiments were conveyed. One would expect a bit of pity or solidarity, from my being unceremoniously hosed out of my job, but that wasn't it.

What I felt in those words, their tone, and accompanying body language was genuine respect. While that may not sound all that earthshattering, it meant a great deal to me to know the impact I'd had on my former colleagues. To know that I hadn't become an afterthought, now that I'm gone. If you read my entry on being a threat, you also know I'd been deprived of such validation, after being ejected from my dream job, which made last night even more meaningful.

If you want a moral or underlying , perhaps 's don't ever think your respect and admiration for someone doesn't mean something them (unless they're a narcissist).

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6/1/2021 2:09 pm

Because sloths don't have incisors, they trim down leaves by smacking their firm lips together.

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6/1/2021 8:10 pm

It sounds well deserved.

New2Midlo replies on 6/2/2021 8:44 am:
I'd like to think so, as would anyone else in my situation.

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